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el pez

An old sketch I found on my vaults. I did it years ago. I made the first version on 1998 black and white. This color version became viral over the internet. I have even found other versions made by other artist, and some others just erase my sign and claim it as their own ja ja. I guess when you release an idea over the internet it belongs to the world
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oh wow.. this artwork is always around facebook
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Great illustration, which is being shared around FaceBook without any credit to you!
Such things drive me crazy...
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ha ha! I was sick of it but then I learned to live with that, thanks!!
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Wow.. This actually made my heart jump. This is really actually beautiful :) I think so anyway. It's exactly what i needed.. Might even set it as my destop for awhile, if that's alright by you?

Btw. I've discovered another personal fave artist of mine. :D Your art is fantastic! I really love your style, but then i really don't know what that means because your style varies so much.. Then, i love ALL your styles! But especially like the cartoon-y girl set as your avatar right now.. & the whole piece of where that's cropped from.

You're very talented :) Thank you an keep it up!
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:blowkiss: I'm flattered, thanks!
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i like how it feels like theres a pause in the picture
very funny! hahaha
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I love this!
ps Hello! I bring greetings from reddit! :iconyaayplz:
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Oh man. XD What a strange twist of fate THAT is. :D
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lovely colors.
Wow, this is really beautiful and ingenuos, I love it, excellent...
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thanks a lot!!
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If I saw someone just about to commit suicide when I was, I'd definitely stop. That's just too odd of a moment to pass up. This is a wonderful piece of art! :D Woot!
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oh no no please! just a regular suicidal
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Im proud of you!!

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he he!...thanks a lot!
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