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Rainbow Eye by allahlovesme Rainbow Eye :iconallahlovesme:allahlovesme 5 0
Chapter:1 The school starts
Tabia's PoV:
Well it was 6:39 when my mother woke me up to school. I was having a stupid dream anyways. My sister went to change in the bathroom first. I on the other hand, too lazy to get from the bed. Well my mom came again and started shouting at me. I quickly ran in bathroom as my sis got out. I quickly brushed my teeth and washed my face. I then wore a blue shirt till knees and a black pair of pants. I did everything quickly and got out from the washroom. I quickly made my bed and my sister's bed. Finally I applied cream on my face and wore my scarf ( I'm a Muslim). Anyway, I was ready so I went in the lounge were my father and mother were having breakfast. I usually don't have breakfast. The time was 7:11 am and we were in the car at this time. My heart raced as we drove towards our school. Well the thing is I was kind of scared. Why?, you ask.
It's because I was abused a lot just because a of a person! Ill tell you about him some time. As we got nearer me and my sister, our exci
:iconallahlovesme:allahlovesme 1 1
The ASIA Misery!
I am going to write a story it's basically about my life (well kinda) and well other stuff!!! I hope you like it !!! :)
:iconallahlovesme:allahlovesme 0 0
You asked me why?
You asked me why I was crying
You pretended that you don't know anything
You asked what happened to me
You gave a innocent smile
Ask what didn't happen
Why do you pretend that you don't know
I've lost everything
I lost my sanity
And still you ask what's happened
It happened all because of you
I shouldn't have loved you
You tortured me to my limit
Made fun of me in school
Now the guys taunt me by your name
And your after my best friends cousin
Have you forgotten me already?
You stupid person
Can't you see what I'm going through?
How can you be so cold?
I gave up everything for you
I tried to be the person you wanted me to be
But now all that is long gone
I want to cry all night and tell everyone what you did to me!
But you threaten me !!
I will take revenge!
That I swear!
Ill make your life miserable like mine!!
:iconallahlovesme:allahlovesme 0 0
The Day
The Day you died
On that day I cried
Cuz we were tied
And it seemed right
I felt so high
I came alive
Just to be with you tonight
I needed your love
I needed your time
When everything's wrong you make it right
But now your not here with me
Death came to part us
Cuz what we were doing didn't seem right
Nobody wants us happy
But I don't care
I will and with all might try my best to stay with you
Cuz I have this feeling and it doesn't go away
I just want to express it out before it's too late
Maybe I made a mistake and waited
I didn't know you'd leave me so early
Just when everything was going right
I scar myself every day and night
I cry your name out loud
But you don't seem to reply
:iconallahlovesme:allahlovesme 0 0
The sharpness of the silver diggers
Cuts open the fair rocks
With every strike the cuts get longer
Making way for the thin river to flow
A thin red river flows from the fair rocks
Taking the misery with it.
On every single cut I curse
The one who put me in this
:iconallahlovesme:allahlovesme 0 0
Two things
People, places, things don't matter
Height, age, color, doesn't matter in love
But two things matter
Fake and True love
:iconallahlovesme:allahlovesme 0 0
Why? .....Why....Why?
Cold eyes stare at me
As I walk through the corridor
Questioning eyes glare at me
They question why?
Why did I do this to myself?!
I ignore them and their questions.
I can't keep up with them anymore
A stinging pain reaches my head
So strong I fall to my knees
The voices cloud my mind
Why...why...why they whisper in my ears
I don't know I finally shout grabbing my aching head
I try to get up, but somehow a force keeps pulling me down
I fight with my might, every inch of my body struggles
Suddenly the eyes vanish and I'm in a black space.
I see a light at the end.
I run but the questions pull me back into the Dark.
I pull myself away! No more I shout and run towards the light
I suddenly trip and the light vanishes, my hopes crushed
I failed to reach my destiny or
........ destiny failed to reach me
:iconallahlovesme:allahlovesme 0 0
My feelings
I always feel weird around you
The way you talk, the way you walk
Mesmerize me
I don't know how to describe this uncertain feeling
Maybe it's just a phase, maybe it's just a mere crush
I can't understand! My heart races when ever it sees you
I lose control
I want to confess this feel right away
But I'm not sure yet
I'm scared, that I'll get rejected
I don't seem to try to control myself around you
I want to unleash myself on you
But I can't cause our paths don't seem to collide with eachother
I want to run away and hide these feelings
But you follow me anywhere, any place, any time
I wanna break free from the chains that pull me towards you
I know you don't feel the same around me!
But in curiosity you follow me
I wander in the streets to get rid of these feelings but I can't.
My heart aches to see you everyday.
Even though you cause me to suffer for no reason
You only look at me as a interesting game that is waiting to be played.
I want to fight off these feelings.
I wanna get rid of
:iconallahlovesme:allahlovesme 1 0
love for us is like
Windy nights, cloudy days are all part of our love we share
Thunder storms, lightning streaks, I feel scared when they happen
Without you, I'm hopeless around you and trying to figure out
What makes me come to you
Is it that your face, your smiles that shine in the daylight attract me?
Or perhaps your love that makes walls around me and make me belong to you?
Maybe it's just my heart that longs for your attention!
When I'm near you I come alive
I get high
I want to be free with you tonight
Come take my hand and we shall fly in the sky, above the clouds
And then we will watch the world from down below us
Like always my hand is always holding on to yours.
:iconallahlovesme:allahlovesme 0 0
Promised lies
You promised me colors of life.
You showed me the the rainbows
You took me to flowery meadows.
You took me to see the lush green pastures
But what you never really showed me was the truth
What you never told me that there will be black!
What you never showed me that how much suffering you caused
For just to make your fantasy world and what you showed were lies
There is no such thing as colors of life without black.
No such thing as fantasy without suffering
I told you I loved you but you responded with another answer
You never uttered sweetness to me.
You were only using me and cheating behind my back!
You never told me that I was the one and only!
Because you already admired some girl else!
When I found out! You shattered my trust, shattered my love
I gave up everything for you my friends, my respect,everything
What you only did was used me to my full potential
Because I seemed beneficial for your lust!
You just used me .... just used me.......
I'm all broken, all shattered no hope is
:iconallahlovesme:allahlovesme 1 0
The quite fallen angel
Everyone told me to be quite! So I kept quite!
The Angels in the heavens told me to be quieter!! So I kept quieter!
God himself told me me to be the quietest! So I kept the quietest!!
I got so quite so quite ! That death itself called out for me!!
I still kept quite not wanting to answer it's call so I kept quite!
I got so quite that God himself started to call out for me!
But then again I kept quite not wanting to answer!
No one can find me now!! Cause I am a shadow of a demon who was once an angel.!!
:iconallahlovesme:allahlovesme 0 0
Um you if you want to read Kamisama Mythology book 2 you will have to go through book 1 first!! It's on Wattpad it's an app or you could use its website , second my account name there is The-Silent-Writer . So if you want to know story of book two you will have to read book one first!!! Good luck :)
:iconallahlovesme:allahlovesme 1 0
Kamisama Mythology book 2
Survival gore  intense scenes
:iconallahlovesme:allahlovesme 0 0
Vinyl, chibi vinyl, Rainbow Dash and her cutiemark by allahlovesme Vinyl, chibi vinyl, Rainbow Dash and her cutiemark :iconallahlovesme:allahlovesme 2 2 my book's character  by allahlovesme my book's character :iconallahlovesme:allahlovesme 0 5


II. Relationship Chronicles
Once he cheats on you, you'll start to feel disgusted about it.
The thought of him kissing another's girls lips is hard to imagine.
More so, thought of him doing the things he does with you-
as he does it with another person,
or saying the words he says to you- to another girl.
But above the disgust, the worst feeling is being sad.
Because after the internal battle, you'll go through with your heart,
Soul and body, all you can do is cry it out.
And cry a lot.
And cry some more. 
You might feel like you want to rip off,
that charming smile of his face that probably captured,
more than a heart,
or break his bones as he did to your ego.
And there goes the worst outcome that a heartless monster
with an attractive darkness does to an innocent lover-
You will still beg of him to choose you.
Choose you over her.
Choose you over the chaos. [Of it all]
Choose you- instead of you, choosing yourself.
Because when Him- being intimate with another person is hard for you to imagine,
life is eve
:iconorphicallygenous:Orphicallygenous 11 7
:.[Digital painting] Kitsune.: by HokoriCupcake :.[Digital painting] Kitsune.: :iconhokoricupcake:HokoriCupcake 32 3 Fluid by CeroSigs Fluid :iconcerosigs:CeroSigs 33 1 Dark Souls- The Wolf and The Sword by Dane-of-Celestia Dark Souls- The Wolf and The Sword :icondane-of-celestia:Dane-of-Celestia 76 9 Teddy Bear by Deliquesce-Flux Teddy Bear :icondeliquesce-flux:Deliquesce-Flux 159 0 Eyelid half open by MarjorieChamillard Eyelid half open :iconmarjoriechamillard:MarjorieChamillard 50 13 Bethlehem by Zpya Bethlehem :iconzpya:Zpya 73 16 Yin Yang by darknatasha Yin Yang :icondarknatasha:darknatasha 4,238 207
Poem of a Werewolf
I can feel this beast building up inside of me, 
If only you could know what I can be. 
I always feel it that I am simply locked away, 
There is no escape from this darkness of everyday. 
Can there be no hope for us, 
I've never known a single soul to trust. 
Now I know a feeling of sorrow and sadness, 
Since all of this blood and madness. 
There is no one to love or hold, 
And yet now I wait for my whole world to unfold. 
I can never get through that I am not a mindless creature, 
But nobody cares that you are the ones who make it a blur. 
I was born into a scary world without a father, 
Yet I am a grown man now so why do I bother. 
It just feels to keep this locked away is so rude, 
And letting all of the chains and locks fall to the ground feels so... good. 
I am not afraid anymore to show myself, 
But I can't say the same for how you've pissed yourself. 
The wolf isn't bad and it loves to play
:icondrakowolfborn:DrakoWolfborn 27 20
You hated camping, you really did. The whole, "No civilization, no toilet and no warm house" thing didn't appeal to you. Nor did the whole "Copious amounts of bugs every where."
You weren't an outdoors person. But that didn't matter, your crazy family dragged you along anyway. To a crappy cabin in the middle of the woods. For Two months.
If you forced yourself to be optimistic, you would be glad that it was a house instead of a tent. You might have been happy that there was a bathroom. But you weren't, so you didn't.
"Awww, if you feel so grouchy, why don't you go for a walk?" Your mother piped up, opening one of the boxes that held kitchen items. You looked out the kitchen window, it was dusk, slowly going dark. What a wonderful idea.
Deciding to punish your parents, you left through the back door. All you had to do was become "Lost" for an hour or so, then saunter back home. That would teach them and freak th
:iconostara-frost:Ostara-Frost 1,437 390
What would you do if your were trapped, face to face with a maniacal wolf?
Most people would scream, others would freeze up. It was really good you weren't most people. The moment the wolf had entered the clearing, it's teeth bared and hackles raised, your survival skills had leapt into over drive.
You had run to the nearest tree and climbed up it, moving like a monkey. The dark auburn wolf howled and snarled, trying in vain to climb after you. You stared down at it, trying not to pass out from fright.
Your heart pounded against your ribs, beating at an erratic pace. You locked eyes with the creature and shuddered. It had magenta eyes. You had heard of wolves with icy blue eyes or beautiful violet eyes, but never magenta.
Saliva flew from it's jaws at it snarled a frenzy, scratching and biting the tree. You shuddered each time the wonderful oak was jolted.
'If I live through this, I'll never use anything m
:iconostara-frost:Ostara-Frost 988 315
Two by Dark-Sheyn Two :icondark-sheyn:Dark-Sheyn 10,011 589 Canine Resin Mask: Concept by CanineHybrid Canine Resin Mask: Concept :iconcaninehybrid:CanineHybrid 702 120 Bone Werejaguar PATH TO APEX by ChuckWalton Bone Werejaguar PATH TO APEX :iconchuckwalton:ChuckWalton 3,274 146




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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Hi guys it has been one year since I opened Daviant!!! Anyways I'm a high school student in ASIA( American school of international academics) . I live in Lahore and I'm 14 but gonna turn 15 in Sept !!! Anyways I love to read and write plus draw animations. I have a story on Wattpad and that is Kamisama Mythology !! and My name there is The-Silent-Writer !! So Ill soon also post hear my stories soon as soon as I get hang of this site.!!!


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