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The Game

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I didn't invent better name of picture, sorry :D 
Commission for AlaskaDrawing and her character Siren and Typhon (Sibs) 
Little bit I gamed with ligthing , I enjoyed it very much :heart: 

I hope you like it :heart: 
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Aidenblue2Student Traditional Artist

Can I use it in my desktop in my computer?

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Aidenblue2Student Traditional Artist

This art is amazing! New watcher!

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This title made me lose the game, good artwork though

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This is spectacular work! I like the wonderful colors, effects and characters anatomy!  Well done!La la la la 

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KalfyHobbyist Digital Artist
this is awesome! I love how you do backgrounds. The atmosphere and everything is so warm and vibrant <3
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AlaskahlaHobbyist Digital Artist
Ah gosh I'm absolutely in love with this picture. It's beyond beautiful, every little detail blends together to create such an awesome result! The background, first of all, is incredible. The dark forest around contrasts in such a pretty way with the light that's entering the clearing. The poses for Siren and Typhon are great, they genuinely look like they're having fun, the expressions work perfectly for the actions that are taking place! Your style looks really good on them, super realistic while at the same time incorporating their detailed designs in a clean way. I honestly can't keep from continually staring at this, the whole piece is a gorgeous scene. And gosh, I also LOVE the way you draw scales, they're super smooth and shaded well. Thank you so much for taking on this commission, it's perfect!! 
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GremWiserProfessional Artist
there is little room for games :) (Smile) 
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Wonderful work, you can see how much effort you had to make for this work.
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What a terrific piece! As usual, I absolutely adore your style. :)
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BiohazardiaStudent General Artist
Ahhhh alright this is fantastically beautiful! I'm the owner of Typhon (the dragon on the right), thank you so much for adding those tags on Instagram ^_^ Alaska just showed me the final product a couple of days ago and it's amazing! It's my current desktop background right now and I'm so glad, this is seriously gorgeous. I really love how you rendered Typhon and Siren, you really brought out that sibling bond between them with their playful body language and expressions! It's so cool that they are still very wild and dragonlike but you can clearly see the expressions of fun and play in their faces and motions. I'm also really impressed how you rendered their designs too, both quite complex characters but you can clearly see the similarities between them given they are brother and sister! ^_^ 

And those dapples of light are super pretty, brings the picture together! The bright greens and blues work very nicely together, and it's so  cool how the trees around frame the scene. Your texturing in the leaves that make up the bushes are fantastic, and those little crosshatches you add are so nice for strengthening the detail. Thank you again for such a gorgeous work! 
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YeOldeOysterHobbyist General Artist
Oh my goodness! The detail on this is stunning! Absolutely amazing!
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Ooo, fun! And the dragons look awesome! :)
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Thumbs up!
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jpoggioHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh wow that's beautiful
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Diamond-CattStudent Digital Artist
Woah! :O Typhon and Siren look so good! You did them so much justice ^^ 
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