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Profile picture commission for Lingondraken , character belongs DragonologyStudent :aww: 

I hope you like it :heart: 
Speedpaint video --- :aww: 
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I love that little touch of dappled light. Does wonders for pulling me into this portrait. <3
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Hi! I'm planning to have a tattoo, and was searching for dragons for the perfect "looking back and smirking" pic. And then I found your dragon. It"s perfect. Absolutely perfect. And it's name? Kaida is a name that means a lot to me. Thank you!

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Fell in love with light and shade at once! Great work
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Your painting skills are very impressive! This is simply magnificent! :love:
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Looking great, Allagar! Definitely did her justice. :)
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Been so long since I logged onto this account but I want say a huuuge thank you for this!! It looks so amazing! ^.=.^
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The scene is really cohesive in showing a unique personality. Like, those wings as a backdrop are so dramatic! So, I agree with Stray-Soul: your work seems to be progressively capturing more to say. Really really great work c:!
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this looks amazing!
I love the pose and the shading, it looks great! ^^
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A very nice turning back and colors.
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Wow, that's amazing!
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Woah, you're getting better and better in this :D
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I am glad, thank you :heart: :D 
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