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Spirited Away 2

Version 2. fixed
Chihiro & Haku. 10 years later...)))

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Sebastian you've changed man
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Haku is gorgeous! :lovesquee:  Fantastic image! Clap 
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If there could be a Spirited away 2 movie I'd be so happy!
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This is beautiful. I love these two.:) (Smile) Love 
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Very beautiful, very surreal...and this is from an anime? Ha, with the pose and smile, I can't stop thinking, "Look, ma, no hands!" Can't get over the soft features on the dragon, especially it's face, it's a very beautiful dragon.
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Oh, great! My first anime. Now I wanna watch it again...
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Oh my god. OH MY GOD! You just made my day with this epic-- I have no word, AMG! *dies*
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I love this dragon design. 
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Wonderful coloring job you done here!
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Whimsical♥ Awesome.
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Fantastic! Spirited Away is a beautiful movie and so is this well-rendered interpretation.
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Oh my god, the atmosphere is so dreamy and serene in this picture. I love it!
Loved the movie as well.
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Haii Everyone !!! I'm Nella and I LOVE Spirited away!! Like Dead serious!!
Well I found This fanfiction the one that made me go like "AWWWE THAT
MAKES SENSE!!" Its Cute.Anyone thats a Big fan of Spirited Away you will LOVE
This Fan fiction.It takes place when they are still young and it starts when she Leaves
I'm Not going to say more but All I Got to say is...ITS AWESOME!!
LINK ~>…
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omg i love it, love the dragon and details, amazing work
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wowso clear!!! Brilliant!!
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A really stunning work...
Well done.....
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Very great! This reminds me of the early 90's where they would take the original anime packaging artwork (like the very Japanese or cutesy art style from the original game) and redraw the cover in a more western rendition, like make the characters more realistic and gritty or whatever. I don't know what I'm saying ;p 
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