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Somewhere in the White Void Part II (Patreon)
I could see them kilometers away, North America's infamous glaciers.
As the heli-plane made its final descent, I narrowed my tired eyes to see clearer out the window, only for my muzzle to blur the momentary view. Some of us woke up in awe at the sight. I could see the outline of an Outpost and the tall ruins contrasting the endless tundra. A younger passenger, one who'd never been onboard one of these, let alone flown before, murmured to her tired mother at the distant glaciers. Before I could hear the rest of it though, the plane slowed mid-air and floated down onto the landing pad.
"Good morning, ladies, gentlemen and anthroids, and welcome to the St. Louis Glacial Outpost, the 'Gateway to the North'. Mind the gap when exiting the aircraft."
A 'Gateway to the North'. From what I learned in my training courses, this wasn't always the case Before St. Louis, Denver held that honorable title, preceded by Chicago, then Minneapolis, Seattle and Edmonton over a few millennia. All of them e
:icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 4 0
Somewhere in the White Void (Patreon story)
Somewhere in the White Void
By Nathan Hopp
             Dressed head to toe in layers of a thermal coat, I revved my snowmobile’s engine. It purred to life. I shielded my vision from the intense snowfall until it faded with the sunlight. Speeding out into the cold, lifeless environment, I spotted the excavation site two kilometers away in what used to be London, Great Britain.
            “Armstrong,” my coworker, a cougar in ever sense of the word named Earhart, spoke. “I need you to be careful, like always. Follow the beacon and report back.”
            “Yessir,” I nodded.
            My fingers grasped the throttle again. I glanced in my rearview mirror to see the outpost’s hangar doors close themselves before dis
:icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 4 3
Mature content
Nazis Should Never be Normal (anthology excerpt) :icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 1 0
Mature content
The Shadows of Chicago (Patreon story) :icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 3 1
Mature content
Second Skin (Purgatorio version) :icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 1 0
Mature content
Second Skin (Inferno version) :icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 1 3
Azure (remastered version)
The sad truth is no one dreams anymore, not like we used to. Once upon a time, we fought to create the impossible, but no longer. It’s pitiful the more one thinks about it. One millennium, we colonized continents and discovered how to harness electric currents. Go forward to the next thousand years, and here we are.
“Mikaela,” a voice emanated from my earpiece, “finish up on that current one and head back down. The next shift’ll be here soon to do the rest of your sector.”
Here I was, running diagnostics on one of the many PODs assigned to me before being allowed to clock out for the night. Was it still daylight? Nobody could tell in such a window-less, claustrophobic structure.
My eyes widened, and I shook my hair away to touch my earpiece. “Yes sir! Sorry, sir!” I nodded hastily, finishing the final touches on the POD’s full analysis. “There we are. Now sleep tight.” I chuckled at my grim j
:icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 25 9
Mature content
Hellfire :icondomus-vocis:Domus-Vocis 3 0
Another drop falls upon the floor
A ring that sings within
Opening through another door
A knock between and in
Within the fall the time goes slow
A pause in pain to stall
Fading is life's purest glow
Caught within the call
Another droplet falls away
Darker grows the soul
Somewhere lost between night and day
Shuddering to your whole
Cracks and cuts within your heart
The soul-shine mirror shatters
Where the lines due their depart
And sensibility scatters
A droplet into the puddle fore
Mutilations everywhere
Dripping from your hallow core
Falling from you to there
Absent comfort, absent solace
You begin to think
In a time of purest solstice
As you near the brink
Another drip dares from your heart
Shaking against the cold
Has come unbidden to restart
Pain by: all the years of old
Memory returns, pain renewed
By their absent care
Though giving others smiles trued
The drops don't fade to air
Another drip falls from your hand
Resonating in your soul
Darkness daring its demand
A slowly gr
:iconlarathain:Larathain 39 83
The Geek's Guide To Lit Groups [ A - H ]
The Geek's Guide to Lit Groups Links:
:bulletblue: Groups with names beginning with A - H
:bulletblue: Groups with names beginning with I - R
:bulletblue: Groups with names beginning with S - Z
:bulletblue: The Geek's Guide to Inactive Groups

Created by PoetryOD for TheWritePlace. This list was created because we love and respect the work of other groups :love: and want to make sure that the lit community know what opportunities are available to them already. So we thought this table would highlight in a quick and easy manner the things we believe lit lovers are mo
:iconthewriteplace:TheWritePlace 18 35
Love's Imprint
I still find myself bleeding over the wound you left me, three years later. Some days you are the dull in my fingertips, others you are my inability to look a man in the eye. But mostly, you are my constant distrust. My body no longer feels set ablaze passing by your house, or hearing your name. But my mind remains bruised, even with years to heal and countless short-lived remedies. I've tried the pills, pot, liquor, and even flimsy lovers, but my friends still manage to say they miss the old me. The me that you took away. And between trying to still recollect the shatters of my heart and mind, I can't seem to find her either. No one told me love would do this to me, no one managed to tell me what happens after. If I knew what I did now, I would of saved whatever remaining sanity I had and left.
:iconbathroomstallstories:BathroomStallStories 11 1
The Sprites of Breen Chapter 1 by LittleKing95 The Sprites of Breen Chapter 1 :iconlittleking95:LittleKing95 1 0
i got a red rose
from a loved one.
i snipped off the flower
and kept the thorns,
as she stared at me in shock.
i told her
that I loved her, but that
i would rather be profound
than deceived.
:iconomnibusjeremius:omnibusjeremius 8 2
Love is...
That dusty, old board game on the highest shelf -
Impossible to reach until we are tall enough.
Or perhaps, until a step stool is used? (Alas, however, that is blind ambition!)
But once we are tall enough, and we grasp it,
We find that some parts are broken,
Some parts are missing,
And the instructions are nowhere to be found!
We still play the game.
:iconomnibusjeremius:omnibusjeremius 14 13
I Am Axel (A Poem about discovering my Fursona)
***Hello again, many people remember that read my work titled “Much Love”, that at MWFF 2014, I went to a panel where I discovered more about myself.
That same night, mere hours after I got home, I had a dream about “Axel”.
This was the dream I had about myself and discovering Axel, my fursona.
I hope you enjoy. :D
“I am Axel”
Its dark,
Midnight black.
Where am I?
That noise,
Could it be...sobbing?
Forward I go,
Deeper into the darkness,
Further and further within myself,
Until I come face-to-face
With the source of the sobbing.
Its dimly lit,
But I can see myself.
I am sitting on a wooden chair,
Carved into it are the words I used to think of myself:
Dumb, useless, clumsy, walked-on, clipped, hurt...
My hands over my eyes,
slouched forward;
the sobs swell.
That was me.
The me they’ve hurt.
The me they’ve tortured with taunts.
The me they’ve ignored.
:iconnursal1060:nursal1060 3 11
VORG: Chapter 4
VORG: Chapter IV
      With an intensity-induced uncharacteristic brevity Vorg began:
      “The planet is not yet fully under my control, preventing me from seeking the artefact. It will take more time than we planned.”
      “You were dispatched, not to control the planet, but to uncover the conspiracy of these enigmatic constructs. Dominion is a secondary concern, one to which you may devote yourself after securing our prize.” replied Vorg's benefactor, in a voice before which the universe itself seemed to tremble.
      Vorg had always been curious about the nature of his god's interactions. He had only ever spoken to Lord Absolus via digital link, leaving him unsure as to whether the feelings of mental strain induced by his benefactor's words were an inevitable consequence of the mental discrepancy between himself and the novo-excogitator (the technical term for beings such as lord Absolus, althoug
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