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Who will give me a gift? :D…

Please, Santa :D

my new instagram

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Navy by all17
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Anyone on ?
Hi! I created a new folder: Special Favs, during the week I add to this folder works that I think are special, and awesome. Thank you for these wonderful pictures!


Reclaim My Place by EmilStojekSky High by VerticalDubai
Sunrise at the Pier by nxxos
bloody sunset by MaclunarGreetings from Planet Bespin by VerticalDubai
Giants by VerticalDubai
Floating Ice by m-eralp
Dolphins by Vitaly-Sokol
Cloud City by VerticalDubaicloud 10 dubai by almiller
Horizons by OlivierAccart
The Tre Cime di Lavaredo by JamesRushforthCinque Torri in bloom by JamesRushforth
Awakening of a World by OlivierAccart
Sunrise over Cappadocia 9 by CitizenFreshSunrise by m-eralp
Beauty Abounds by Oer-WoutPlane Trees by carlosthe
self-portrait by niwet
The luminous landscape pt.17. by realityDreamGood Morning planet Earth by niwet
Snake landscape by JPawlakThe Lonesome Tree by Unkopierbar
summer dreams by MaximovM
where the wildflowers grow by vampire-zombieDance of the bluebell by Muse1908
this is to end in fire by collien
Tower Bridge by crazycrashAtlantis by VerticalDubaiMy wild by strangeposse
silence snowfall by Snowfall-lullabyDeath tree by mjagiellicz
the guard of forest by shade-plGolden EYE by AlexGutkin
. by jkrabOur Meeting Place by ElyneNoir
that is warmed-over cabbage by leanleanPaulina III by PhotoYoung
The End by Art-Has-SoulAgonys Morning by Catosan
breathe in, breathe out, live on by CatosanM. by Amatorka
slashing the clouds by BelcyrPiotrDubai Burj Khalifa by xMEGALOPOLISx
DUBAI AQUARIUM by Ssquared-PhotographyDubai - Sharks love You by xMEGALOPOLISxDubai SHARKS by xMEGALOPOLISx

Dubai Aquarium by xMEGALOPOLISx
reach for the light by ZanaSoulleaving point despair* by AlicjaRodzik
Wharariki beach by EbruSidarOn the sunny side of the street by StephanePellennec
I could go back by esmahanozkanCircled by Emmatyan
____|____ by lomatic
Tropical by Hengki24Paradise Circus by DariaPitak

See you next week!

here:… ;)
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Hey! :icondahub: is giving :points: to people who watch, give llamas, and fav other people's work

You can also be featured if you donate some 

So visit 
dAhub now! :D
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Points glomp 
A series of journals in which I thank you all for your Donation! Points 

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Hi, I'm proud of my success, so I want to share this with you. 


book---41mKpK1pSQL. SY344 BO1 204 203 200 larg by all17
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Points glomp 
A series of journals in which I thank you all for your Donation! Points 


:glomp: remake :iconlillianevill: :glomp: remake 

Foggy Forest by LillianEvill

Swamp by LillianEvill

Enchanted Forest by LillianEvill

Into the Silence by LillianEvill


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Whai hai thar :hai: 

I'm already here on deviantART 5 years, during those five years, I have found here a lot of inspiration, great photographers, amazing works. but I also had its heyday, the time for self-admiration haha:

all17 has 63,272 pageviews total and their 503 deviations were viewed 427,245 times. all17 watches 633 people, while 1,143 people watches all17.

Overall, their deviations received 4,703 comments and were added to deviants' favourites 39,728 times, while all17 commented 6,232 times, making about 3.41 comments per day since joining deviantART. This means that all17 gave 13 comments for every 10 received.

The deviation with the most comments is .: autumn ladybug :.   .: autumn ladybug :. by all17
 with 189 comments, and it is also the most favourited, with 2,161 favourites. The most viewed deviation is autumn 7 
autumn 7 by all17
with 33,783 views.

My Daily Deviation:

Given 2009-11-25

Given 2012-10-13

Thank you all for everything, favorite, watching, etc. This is important to me, I appreciate it. You give me enthusiasm for further work. Thank you again, that you are! I greet! :heart:


SAD NEWS: My Premium Membership is over, time passes quickly! ;(

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My favourite - Mar 2014

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 11, 2014, 4:30 PM
Imprints by IvanAndreevich
Summer night by m-eralpIced lake by m-eralpReverie by bluesense/ by RonnyEngelmann
one of a kind. by Sea-of-IceUntitled by Sora-Kodofall by GeoArcus
Fields of Gold.. by Khomenko
sun by ezorenier Marigold Days by arefin03
Alley of dandelions by WojciechDziadosz
Peeling Back the Dark by Jacob-RoutzahnUncle Tom House by PawelUchorczak Rays and shadows by Morgan-Loustay calm by esmahanozkan
winter warmth 2 by photoflakethey go home at dusk by NikolasBrummer<da:thumb id="380049364"/>
..rains.. by LostOneself
im here and im not anywhere by LostOneself without even breathing by LostOneself were only here through pain by LostOneselfWild Flower by beyondimpression
Solitude by NataliaDrepina Beauty Craze by manuelestheim<da:thumb id="417567908"/>Botanic She by hennatea

Hipster Chair by sandas04
tekst alternatywnytekst alternatywnytekst alternatywny


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And Happy New Year!

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 24, 2013, 8:40 AM
merry merry by all17

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Thank you Santa!

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 20, 2013, 1:27 AM
Christmas Emote 

Thank you very much anonymous Santa Claus 
for 3 months Premium Membership! 


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Points glomp 
A series of journals in which I thank you all for your Donation! Points 


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I Got You by IndigoSummerr  Melody of the Fall by IndigoSummerr
Follow the Path by IndigoSummerr
Shining Through by IndigoSummerr  .My Saviour. by IndigoSummerr
Hold On by IndigoSummerr
Red Twins by IndigoSummerr



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Nod Hello everyone, I decided to do a little contest! Nod 

Bullet; Green You must make for me a cool new avatar! 
Bullet; Red May be made from my photos but not required!
Bullet; Blue Make avatar that will be associated with my work! 
Bullet; Yellow Things you must do to Make Me Happy? This avatar must be oryginal, only!
Bullet; Orange Send your suggestion in the note!

  • Winner PRIZE:
  1. Points 50 points! 
  2. Journal Drawing  Individual journal for you, with your works of course!
  3. +fav , Added to my devWatch! , :bademoticon: !

Contest runs from NOW until DECEMBER 20!

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tekst alternatywnytekst alternatywnytekst alternatywny

Eerie by Parallel0gram 700 by ElyneNoir
Road through foggy pine forest by gmarv1n Went Dreaming by nina-Y

Tracks in the morning fog by AtomicFireball33

Autumn's Carpet by ursularodgers

November song by iNeedChemicalX   Homepath by iNeedChemicalX  
Endless road by meganjoy Fogged, inside and out by Moonlight-Traveller
Autumn Rain by FlorentCourty  Fog Lamps II by CrawlingGirl  
These Woods Breathe Evil by 0IZ 
Fo13B by VincBlack

Body in the fog by Ev-Averynelle strade by 44gatti

Your works are awesome, I love everything where is foggy weather. Thank you for yours beautiful and a high level photos! Clap
By the way, we are already in December, wait for the snow but first buy gloves so as not to freeze your fingers when taking photos!Snowflake 

  • Listening to: 77 bombay street