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epic and cool :)
Excadrill is a very aggressive Pokémon in the wild and also very strong, like his preevolución Drilbur keeping the great resemblance, once captured and trained since childhood this Pokémon can get much respect you get respect and it is impressive to see that a rival is stronger than them because their huge ego blinds him to the dangers and that makes them think they are the strongest, leaving them to evolve a kind of metal crest on his head, tilted slightly forward, as is intended to raise its claws with it and thus becomes its form drill, your drill has evolved and is able to cross an iron sheet. It is very useful for building tunnels. The way that certain attacks typically used to drill or dig as (among others), also his blue stripes become red to evolve, is very agile and can learn a wide variety of attacks, there are rumors that some mountaineers, hikers and miners have been digging the long, narrow tunnels in mountains or in places somewhat "isolated" from humans, and that these tunnels can take you to the center of the earth where there people build their own city / maze.
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Hey, I'm a guy with a small youtube channel, I wondered if I could use this image to go with my new remix?????
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bruh is ready 2 fuck shit up XD
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Oh the destruction I've reeked with this one. Whenever my stupid starter couldn't cut it, this guy(in my case gal)would bury EVERYTHING! The angling and detail really makes it look fierce ^_^
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I'm not sure what's going on with those diagonal lines on the right, but they really create a sense of speed!
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I can't comprehend how much talent you have my friend, Absolutley amazing!
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thanks so much :)
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yes :D thanks so much :)
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this is freaking amazing! great job!
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thanks so much :)
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Parece una cruza de Wolverine y Juggernaut! este chico es genial! Hoy pasaron el episodio donde Iris lo atrapó en Pokemon Black&White; fue amor a la primera escarbada.
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Freaking cool.
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omg YES EXCADRILL! :love:
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nice picture (and epic)
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me gusta :D
jejej juego mental ? XD
De veras es de la tanda de Epic :D
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Whoa, very cool indeed! That's a great battle stance, too. Nice job! :D
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thanks so much :)
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Wiii!!!! :D Es tan monoooo ~
Me encanta >w<
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