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Hey everyone and welcome again to All-World-Works! :dummy:
I am a new admin who joined 1week ago.I would loved to know you all better ;)
I choose the best art over 30 entries and believe me,it wasn't easy!
With a little help of Skh-Spra

And yes,the results are ready for the Christmas Contest :below:

Christmas by stellartcorsica

:iconstellartcorsica: Congratulations! You're 6th in our contest. You will revieve 20:points: from Skh-Spra.


Hope by Nairim-dA

:iconnairim-da: Congratulations! You're 5th in our contest. You will revieve 20:points: from Skh-Spra


Christmas tree by Powl96

:iconpowl96: Congratulations! You're 4th in our contest. You will revieve 30:points: from Skh-Spra.



:iconannaarmona: Congratulations! You're 3th in our contest. You will revieve 50:points: from Skh-Spra.


Kingdom Hearts - Merry X-mas by TrustOurWorldNow

:icontrustourworldnow: Congratulations! You're 2nd in our contest. You will receive 100:points: from Skh-Spra.

and last but not least..

Merry Christmas 2012 by Onosaka-Yuha

:icononosaka-yuha: Congratulations! You're 1st in our contest. You will receive 150:points: from Skh-Spra

Thank you all for your entries. It made all of us happy! :)
Have a good day! :la:

Thank you All Of Our Supporters For Making The Rewards ::iconggx-444:

Thank you All Of Our Helpers For Making The Rewards :

Written by your Co-Founder Rock-Hog:iconrock-hog:
You can also help us by donating to Allworldworks You will be doing a huge favor for us! < 3
Feature Website :
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oh for crying out loud!! this happens every time, whenever I become busy with something (like assignments for the university and such), contests like these suddenly appear and by the time when I finish with whatever I am busy with, the contest finishes. oh well... congratulations to the winners of the contest -w-
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Congratulations to all these winners! They deserve the rewards and recognitions they deserve! Alas, I also say good job to all those who entered the competition yet did not make it, I look forward to future competition. :)
Skh-Spra's avatar
YEAH ,...:)
Know it , In future days if we could we will give Rewards to all of our gallery best works ,.....
But not now ,....:)
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Congrats to the winners!
shadowleigh's avatar
Congrats on all the winners!
kworking's avatar
Bravo to all the winners!! :iconcongratsplz:
stellartcorsica's avatar
And thanks to skhkeez for the points :)
stellartcorsica's avatar
Thank you so much I'm glad to be part of the winners :iconkissingplz:
waiting-for-wings's avatar
congrats to all the winners!
BradleyPitt's avatar
Well done to all you winners! :D
Quetzel-Infinity's avatar
Well done everyone ;)
And congratulations as well!
cebinc's avatar
Congrats to all the winners!! Great job!
XIIICeli's avatar
Ametystical's avatar
I didn't have time to enter :(

But congrats to the winners
rainbowolfe1's avatar
AiKurushi's avatar
Wow, great works! Congratulations!
YoshiofRedemption's avatar
Those are awesome! Congrats to the winners!
FlirtingWithInsanity's avatar
Wow those are some lovely deviations. Congratulations to the winners! :D
keeperofthehope's avatar
Congratulations to all the winners ! :)
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