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Contest: Randomly Winner-Contest ( September 2015 )


Hello members :)

To enter next contest  " Rules " :
1- Join our group,
2- fave :+fav: this blog ,
3- Watch :+devwatch:  one new Supporter you didn't watch before , Then you will participate :)

How does the contest work:

Random Contests Rules
Hello members :)
We are doing some changes in our Random Conests now.
We will do 2 or 3 Random Contests every month, that means more chances for you to win ;)
You need to fave the previous contest to enter the new one. Everyone who has faved the previous contest has a chance to win. We will choose several people by choosing a number between one and the number of people that are participating (using www.Random.org). If we chose your number, you will win 20-50 :points: :)

What do you have to do to participate?
- You need to :+fav: the previous contest here

- Watch one of our supporters below
If you need any help, don't be afraid of asking us ;)

Supporter " Features " List :
The King Of Features "General":
The Awesome Features "Colonel":
The Excelle

If you mostly Forget seeing our Contests , We will remind you for new contests with note , Just Comment " Remind me " ,


This time we consider 20 winners Of 165 Participants . 25 :points: for each one :O  :huggle:


    Our September 2015 (2) Randomly Winners :

  1. :iconleedle12: (number:156)
  2. :iconmaximumride93:  (number:30   )
  3. :iconarc-fire: (number:161)
  4. :iconunicodragon: (number:128)
  5. :iconnennex:  (number:81   )
  6. :iconblackcat34: (number:43)
  7. :icontygerlyla: (number:136)
  8. :iconrokatsu:  (number:29   )
  9. :iconlady-datura: (number:33)
  10. :icongarnet69frost: (number:15)
  11. :iconnikatuwa:  (number:108   )
  12. :iconredvanb: (number:141)
  13. :iconhumanityartwork: (number:120)
  14. :iconwarriorsharpfang:  (number:76   )
  15. :iconpeace1234567love: (number:44)
  16. :iconmeowimavery: (number:69)
  17. :iconkingstory:  (number:140   )
  18. :iconweavercustomcards: (number:92)
  19. :iconaviana-designs: (number:61)
  20. :icongrimmjowrockstar:  (number:51   )
  21. :iconblackdivider5plz::iconblackdivider5plz::iconblackdivider5plz::iconblackdivider5plz::iconblackdivider5plz::iconblackdivider5plz::iconblackdivider5plz::iconblackdivider5plz::iconblackdivider5plz:


       Next Randomly Rewards :  
    1- One Month Premium Member For 1 Person .

    2- 200 Points :points: for 5 Person .


    Supporter " Features " List :

    • The King Of Features "General":



    • The Awesome Features "Colonel":



    • The Excellent Feature "Major" :  



    • The Great Feature "Captain" :



    • The Best Features "Lieutenant":


    • The Good Features "Sergeant":


    :iconshiyahawk:. :iconjaegerpony:

    • Weekly Features "Corporal":



    • Monthly Features "Corporal":



    • Yearly Features "Corporal":


    Helper List

    • :iconsimonetry:.:iconvirtualrenegade:

    Feature Website : www.datino.ir

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I'll join next contest, plz remind me
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Done, and please remind me. :)
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done, please remind me. thanks. ^^Jack Dance 
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Done :la:
Please remind me
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Teemo Emote/Icon Obama eating the Earth (commission) Wild Dancing Irish Man - Jacksepticeye GIF 
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I wish I had something to offer ~ *S* Roses by KmyGraphic  but I wish U all a good luck ~ 
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please remind, i can be very forget ful
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Done! Please Remind me when you can :)!
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done, please remind me . :D
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Done! Please remind me :)
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done and please remind me
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Done :happybounce:  Please remind me :love:
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Done! And please remind me :-)!
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Fact, it is the first time that I do this, and more or less I dealt ! :D
:'l I wait already to be inside 
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Done and done~ and please do remind me :)
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Did the following rules. I'm officially in, I guess.
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