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Hi everyone :wave:

Welcome to our new contest! :la:

As many of you know, dear-boy-dream had a tradition to host contests for the group, and here we are again! :party:

What you have to do :

1 - Show us three inspiring artists* and tell us why you like them!  Swingin' On a Star _revamp_ Swingin' On a Star _revamp_ Swingin' On a Star _revamp_

2 - Fave +fav this blog 

3 - Join our group: All-World-Works 

*while we would feel honored if you would consider mentioning some of the organizers, we would actually appreciate if you would do this in another event, as we need to be neutral here.

Deadline: 31st of October


Later Edit: Every participant will receive 50 Catch them points

1 - Points 350 Catch them points ,

Feature from: AndoradaUszatyArbuz, Ellysiumn ++, 

Llamas from: UszatyArbuz


Animated Icon from Amarantheans

 Premium Content code from UszatyArbuz

2 - Points 150 Catch them points  ,

Feature from: AndoradaUszatyArbuz, Ellysiumn ++,

Llamas from: UszatyArbuz


Animated Icon from Amarantheans

3 - Points   75 Catch them points , 

Feature from: AndoradaUszatyArbuz, Ellysiumn ++,

Llamas from: UszatyArbuz


Static Icon from Amarantheans

4 - Points   50  Catch them points ,

Llamas from: UszatyArbuz

Static Icon from Amarantheans

              Andorada, Loxre, Dekra234++ 

Do you have an idea about the next topic for our contests? Note the group!

If you mostly forget seeing our contests, we will remind you of new contests with a note, just comment "Remind me" 

You are also welcome to contribute with prizes if you wish to! :typerhappy:
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If you wish to join the group, Please click join and be patient as we have set the permissions to accept/deny by admins for security reasons until we go through permissions fully!




- Please make sure you submit your art in the right folder! If not, it will be declined and this will waste the admins' time so please don't do it.

-We accept all forms of art (Currently Not accepting Mature art!! )

-IMPORTANT: WORKS posted in Premium galleries or full blurred works it will be declined.

Mature Content

- Mature works of art like nudity and gore are not allowed here. Sexual, Sexually Suggestive, and other Mature content deemed inappropriate will be declined.

This means that we decline:

:bulletblack: Sexually suggestive artwork.

:bulletblue: Topless people (regardless of gender or race), see-through clothes, skimpy clothes, revealing clothes, and suggestively removed clothing.

:bulletblack: Sexual poses.

:bulletblue: Portrayal of implied or outright sexual acts.

:bulletblack: Angles that show off or make the eyes focus on sexual organs (being from the side, from below, front, etc.) or are implied to be provocative.

:bulletblue: Excessive blood or gore. If your artwork entails someone bleeding profusely more than enough to be covered up by a band-aid, then your piece will be declined.

This goes without saying that this applies for artwork featuring males, females, anthropomorphic people, pretty much anything or anyone that can be sexualized in some way, shape, form or fashion.

:bulletblack: We also decline artwork and literature pieces that feature curse words and gestures, such as flipping the bird, the "F" word and any other hatefully charged slang or wording that could be used to harass or belittle people.

:bulletblue: We also decline Journals. If you want to show your literature, please use Stash.Writer. The same goes with YouTube videos in Journals.. Please upload videos on dA.

Gallery Folders

Cosmic transcendence by Ellysiumn
Eternally dreamy by Ellysiumn
Time travelers by Ellysiumn
fantastic flowers by nitrogenia7
Digital Art IV
Mithrandir and the Balrog by Fiantoduri
Hinata like Christine Blaze(Wildstorm) 3 by gekkodimoria
Luffy-color by Hector-Monegro
Gizmo Snacks After Midnight by OGYungLilBig
Traditional Art II
Die Ingenieurin by Whitesekhmet
4157350487912564917632 by C4r1s5a
Big Bird Motherfucker by seanpt
Vika by MeduZZa13
Windows 11 for Windows 10 by niivu
Search by ChanAnoj
Space runway by Ellysiumn
Secret Place by ChanAnoj
Colorfull by GEORGIAART3
Daughter of Heaven and Hell by ArtsyPandora
Light in the darkness by ArtsyPandora
Watching over you by ArtsyPandora
Headshot Meraki  by RainWaterfallsZone
[C] Kelen by Hynvale
Couch Relaxing #3 : Dragon Girl by xMonsterGirlsHideout
Strawberry cow [OPEN]ADOPT AUCTION SB-20$ by Galinasa
Wounded cyborg Commission by AnrhonArt
Sphingidae by Bimep
Thank you for the 500 Watchers!!! by MlpTmntDisneyKauane
Me Shrugging by jackyleo738
Fan Art
Starman - David x Bowie by ridyumna
Berserk by ridyumna
K/DA Akali by Xanas111
Batman by Rex1234ify
Fan Art III
Eureka! Let's Isekai Part 2 Page8 by symptom99
Unusual love by Paskylife
Sam by N0uren
The Mastermind (My Style) by JayZeeTee16
Artisan Crafts
Candy Corpse Demon Pony by LightningMana-Crafts
Dark water by Gallerica
Thinking of violet flowers by Gallerica
Wildflowers and Pokemon (plain background) by LoopTeeLoops
Designs and Interfaces
Birthday Bash Flyer Template PSD Download by satgur
Comics and Manga Pages
Alternate Youniverse by schemantics
Digital Art
Speak. by ridyumna
Film Animation,Flash
Short Drive (Free Game) by Akhdanhyder
Trixie Fixes Sonic (Meme) by MlpTmntDisneyKauane
Like a Monet painting by Nini1996
Traditional Art
Untitled by ridyumna
Mate by DangoFloat
ADOPT | OPEN by chto-to
Tutorials and Resources
Red Hot Rod by PhoenixRisingStock
Untitled by 4thWinter
Manga and Anime
[OPEN] Adoptable Auction 'Sesile' by Galinasa
Digital Art II
Snow lady by smaker81
Fan Art II
Princess Hilda by sinho113
Digital Art III
The Pathfinder Club TCG: Patience by AlexGilBle


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(Open) Adopt Auction #85 Moonflower by Anrig
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[OPEN] Adopt Auction #21 by AlexandraAlV
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Adoptables open!!     
SB: 8$/ MI: 2$ /
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[OPEN] Adopt Auction #20 by AlexandraAlV [OPEN] Adopt Auction #19 by AlexandraAlV [OPEN] Adopt Auction #18 by AlexandraAlV [OPEN] Adopt Auction #16 by AlexandraAlV
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[OPEN] collabAdoptable Auction 'Sesile' by Galinasa
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