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Commission Info!! [NO POINTS]Hello everyone! I'm open for commission and I'm in need of money to help a friend of mine who wants to go to college, tend my sister's needs as well as something I can give to my parents for help. I hope you can commission me as I'm in need of clients!Note that I'm always open for commission though there are times that I'm not available therefore I would suggest if you would ask me or if you like, watch me so you'll be given heads up by my status updates.I will also update this commission info from time to time. I might adjust the prices, the rules and more!, ART SAMPLES ,Check more in my gallery if you want more samples, as well as my old art account if needed., WHAT I CAN DO/ WHAT I CAN'T DO Humans Animals Kemonomimi/Fury Couples or groups (depending) Fanarts and OCs Comics Light NSFW Hardcore NSFW Mecha Discomforts Weird fetishes Realism Overly/complicated detailed stuffsI might have forgotten to mention some things so it's best if you ask me first if I'm alright with it!, MODE OF PAYMENT GCash PayPalPreferably GCash but rest assured I also accept PayPal! No, I won't be accepting points!!, PRICES *Will be using both USD and pesos currency. USD has been converted to pesos and the amount in pesos have been adjusted*, Headshot - $6/₱300Bust - $8/₱400Half body - $12/₱650Full body - $15/₱800Lineart only - $3/₱150Lineart w/ flat color/light shading - $5/₱250Fully rendered piece - $13/₱700, Chibi art - $9/₱500GIF/ animated icon - $20/₱1,120Note: Just add all of the prices you're going to order! (e.g. you wanted a fully rendered headshot therefore the prices would be $18/₱950!) I'll also add up fee if I'm going to draw background which only cost $5/₱200! As for the chibi art and GIF/Animated icon, it's automatically rendered and no need to add it all up just like the above mentioned, though if you would like to request something, go ahead and tell me. Price is doubled per character. Feel free to ask if something confuses you! We can still discuss the prices and negotiate whether I should lower it a bit if interested! , RULES First come first serve only! Obviously, I'll do the commission work who ordered first, I'll show you a screenshot of an excel file on what number you are so you'll know when I'll do yours. Don't worry, I will always inform my clients if I'm done with others or not! Payment first before doing the commission! I know that there are other clients who are scared of being scammed and I swear, you can trust me as I genuinely dislike breaking people's trust! I also fear to set "finished product before payment" since I experienced after I show my complete/half of the work, I won't get paid as per agreement before where I set sending a sketch first to the client to know if I'm doing it before being paid since I don't want them to think I would scam them I have the right to decline! I think we all know that artists who open commissions also has the right to refuse a request or anything that they dislike from their clients No refund! Like I said, I don't scam people but if you wish to change something to your requested commission, feel free to do so then we'll recalculate the prices of your new desired changes! Please respond to our messages! I think we all know communication is the key and I value it a lot as I want to gain trust from my future clients. I get that we have our lives and we are busy, same with me as I am a college student who's trying their best to keep their scholarship and be part of honorable but if I sent a WIP (in case if the client wants to change something or I want to know what they think) and I haven't gotten any respond for 2 days or more, I won't continue it not unless you finally responded. I value my time and I don't want to waste it if the other party refuse to cooperate with me. Feel free to send more references or any ideas! I genuinely love and appreciate it if the client want something specific and I don't mind doing it for them Do not claim my [commissioned] artworks as your own!! Like seriously, doing art is hard and takes a lot of time and effort Respect my time and privacy! I'm a busy college student but I can assure you, I will always give you a heads up about the commission piece so you won't have to worry. Usually the time I'm able to finish an artwork is around 2-5days, depending on how easy or hard the work piece is, as well as my depending on my time schedule and my mental health. I genuinely dislike being spammed in messages despite telling them I'm busy or there's an emergency., That is all everyone!! I hope you commission me and if not, I would appreciate it if you repost this journal to your timeline or other websites to help me advertise and find my clients! My friend from Twitter is also open for commission, feel free to check on her! She makes lovely arts!
Hi everyone!
I want to show you my works, cause I suggest to do commissions in the future.
Here're some
Valentine's Day by GodzilaZeven   [CM] Sorrow Goddess by GodzilaZeven   [CM] Naughty Bun Bun by GodzilaZeven  
thank you letting me join I rely appreciate it but I have a question wut do you do here I am vary new to this web site pleze reply back I check this every day
Fan art with original characters and canon characters, in which folder???