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Tired of not being able to find a show in your favorite warhorse discipline? Trying to get your warhorse some quick show experience? All-Warhorses hosts a continuous effort warhorse show! This show is open to any mount trained in warhorse disciplines; bring on your warcamels, elephants, fawnlings, Rukaans, Peegs or any other that you'd like!

Classes will run immediately when five entries have been received OR one month after two entries have been received OR two months after one entry has been received. Empty class spots will be filled by ghost horses (see below). See here for more information on the disciplines. Please feel free to suggest disciplines you would like to see added!

Post your entries for the current round HERE.

Current classes:

:bulletgreen: Quintain Jousting   
-- Spring is here! Wildflowers blanket the fields; reds, oranges and yellows of lantana, mexican hat and indian blanket flowers predominante.
-- Single horse event, no ghost horses required.
--There are multiple kinds of "quintain jousting", any will be accepted. Give your horse some barding for bonus points!


:bulletgreen: Tent-Pegging 
-- Spring is here! Wildflowers blanket the fields; reds, oranges and yellows of lantana, mexican hat and indian blanket flowers predominante.
-- Single horse event, no ghost horses required.
-- You will be asked to retrieve items including a handkerchief, several wooden stakes, wooden rings and pieces of cork using a spear, sword or similar weapon.


:bulletgreen: Trekking (in warhorse tack or armor)
-- Spring is here! Wildflowers blanket the fields; reds, oranges and yellows of lantana, mexican hat and indian blanket flowers predominante.
-- Held in hilly, rocky and wooded terrain. The sun is shining and the brooks are babbling!


:bulletgreen: Mounted Combat (vs another horse and rider)
--Ghost horses should be used for your opponent
--Held in a sand arena with your choice of fence or backdrop
--Your choice of costume/armor


:bulletgreen: Dragon Hunting 
--You can choose the dragon, make sure it is no larger than your horse
--Armor is suggested for safety purposes!
--Held in an open pasture. Don't put anything flammable too close to the dragon!


:bulletgreen: Chariot Race
--You may choose modern tack or historical/costume as long as it is sufficient for safety
--A helmet is required for safety but it does not have to be modern styled
--Held on a dirt track


:bulletgreen: Traditional Jousting 
--You may choose modern tack or historical/costume as long as it is sufficient for safety
--Many bonus points for drawing your opponent (or extra bonus points for rider on a ghost horse)
--Background can be anywhere you like so long as there is some kind of fence separating the competitors



10: Effort
10: Creativity
10: Impact
10: Story (200+ words)
5: Random
5: Accuracy of specified details
+1 each prior show in that discipline, max 5
+5 Advertising the show by poll or journal (one time only per member, only counts towards one class)

(You must provide documentation for all bonus points, we will not count them for you)


Background can be anything you like, it is up to you, but you must include the specified detail.
If less than 3 entries are received, ghost horses will fill the roster. Ghost horses may be auctioned off later.
Headshots/backgroundless entries will be accepted, but will get less points for effort than a complete entry.
Tracing is not allowed. Photomanips are allowed but all portions of the image must be credited.

Ghost Horses:

Ghost horses will fill empty slots if fewer than 3 entries are received in a class. Ghost horses will roll a random score out of 40 points.
Current ghost horses are listed below.
Ghost horses will eventually be sold by the group. If they are available, that will be posted on their references.
If you need an opponent for mounted combat, jousting, or any other event you may use a ghost horse to fill that role.

Ghost Horse - Light Breed: Marwari by bovidaeloony Ghost Horse - Heavy Breed: Baroqueur by bovidaeloony Ghost Horse - Draft Breed: Breton by bovidaeloony


1st place:
20 :points: from bovidaeloony

2nd Place:
10 :points: from bovidaeloony

3rd Place:

1st Place by bovidaeloony  2nd Place by bovidaeloony  3rd Place by bovidaeloony

Finished Classes:

Quintain Jousting March-June 2019

:trophy: 1. The Sun And The Stars with Embroidered
2. Peony (ghost horse)
3. Paprika (ghost horse)

Traditional Jousting March-April 2017

:trophy: 1. Virtute with Armor Does Not A Warhorse Make
2. Esperanza with For his ladies honor
3. Askr with For his ladies honor
4. Aquitaine with Armor Does Not A Warhorse Make
5. Exotic Butters with NOT FUN

Quintain Jousting Jan-Feb 2017

:trophy: 1. Dorado with Quintain Maples
2. Peony (ghost horse)
3. Alamar with Quintain

Tent-Pegging Jan-Feb 2017

:trophy: 1. Dorado with Snagging Rings
2. White Mulberry with Ring Toss
3. Paprika (ghost horse)

Traditional Jousting Jan-Feb 2017

:trophy: 1. Dorado with Tradition
2. Port (ghost horse)
3. Virtute with The Red and The Green

Quintain Jousting Dec-Jan 2016

:trophy: 1. Arram with Stationary Target
2. Port (Ghost Horse)
3. Peony (Ghost Horse)

Dragon Hunting Dec-Jan 2016

:trophy: 1. Paprika (Ghost Horse)
2. Peony (Ghost Horse)
3. Andar with Graduation Day

Warhorse Trekking Oct-Nov 2015

:trophy: 1. Jasper and Celeste with Warhorses and Wildflowers
2. Arram with Wildflower Trekking
3. Port (Ghost Horse)

Tent Pegging Oct-Nov 2015

:trophy: 1. Paprika (Ghost Horse)
2. Arram with To Rend 
3. Peony (Ghost Horse)

Quintain Jousting May-June 2015

:trophy: 1. Lorcan with Smallest of the Brave
2. Paprika (Ghost Horse)
3. Peony (Ghost Horse)

Mounted Archery Jan-Feb 2014

:trophy: 1. RM's Cabin In The Woods with Steady Hands
2. WF's Pompeii 3388 with Ride With Me
3. Csípés with Snow Arrows
4. (tie) DvS Arion du Chateau d'Arc with Mounted Archery
4. (tie) Päivätar with Mounted Archery Entry
6. Noxys with Entry
7. Delilah with Just UsMisty Breath
8. Orchidée with Archery Entry
9. Paprika (ghost horse)

All results will be saved in this journal for record-keeping purposes. Don't worry, we will never delete proof of your placement.
More Journal Entries


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Gallery Folders

1st Place by bovidaeloony
2nd Place by bovidaeloony
3rd Place by bovidaeloony
Dancing With Dragons Second Place Ribbon by bovidaeloony
Breed Sheets
Wispancer Breed Sheet by StarrMountainEstate
Taskanian Njord - Breed sheet by Efirende
Votlend Marcher - Breed sheet by Efirende
|The Equum Bellum| BreedSheet by PixelUniqueorn
Shows with Wahorse Classes
Class 60 War Horse Classes: Halloween Oct. CLOSED by AccaliaRose
Member Warhorse Art


We are a group for all horses trained in the warhorse disciplines, real and fantasy. As a group, we hope to provide a community with resources, shows, and anything else our members might desire.

:bulletgreen: How to Join/Register
:bulletblue: Warhorse Classification
:bulletblue: Warhorse Breeds
:bulletblue: Warhorse Disciplines
:bulletred: All-Warhorses FAQ
:bulletred: All-Warhorses Ongoing Show
:bulletred: Shows with Warhorse Classes
:bulletred: Other Resources
:bulletyellow: Featured Warhorse Breed of the Month

Current Bi-Monthly Show: Mounted Archery
Current Multi-class Show: Dancing With Dragons Warhorse Showcase





We accept affiliation with other discipline groups, equine art-roleplay related groups, and breed groups which might be appropriate to be trained as warhorses. We only affiliate with groups that have an icon.


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YugiohHorses Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
we finally got our battle horses onto our account and i'm super excited * lays on group * :la: but i has questions

first of all it says "they must be trained in warhorse disciplines" so does that mean they have to have training pics? :?

and secondly since this is about, y'know, war, then does that mean violent pics are ok? :noes: cuz I mean... y'know...

and thirdly we submit stuff only as favorites? not actually into the group folders? are they actually "in the group" if they're just favorites? does that mean members/watchers of the group don't see them? ;.; cuz i mean that's kinda sad ;;

so instead of "contribute art" would be it go thru "suggest a fav" ? and if u have normal pics that aren't registration things, do they go under the featured section? :noes:

*runs around in circles*
bovidaeloony Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2018
1) Nope! They just have to have a field in their profile like "Trained in:" or "Disciplines:" that shows they have been or will be doing warhorse things :)

2) Yep, they're fine! A mature warning on the piece would be great if it's needed.

3)  It was set up that way so watchers wouldn't be flooded with deviations but could look through them if they want to. That's a good idea though, I'll add a "member warhorse art" folder to the gallery so people can submit stuff to it. :) 
YugiohHorses Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
yeh i thought about not bothering when i saw that it's only for favorites. :/ cuz i feel like the point of a group is to get in touch with other people who like the same thing, like if i watched the group, i would do so because i WANTED to see warhorse related art or be notified of people who owned horses like that. i don't imagine anyone is gonna look through the group favs unless they are coming upon the group for the first time and checking everything out for curiosity but even then, i tend to not really look at people's favorites... and i can't imagine anyone regularly bringing up all the groups they are a part of just to see if the group added any new favorites lately.  when i found the group i was like aw awesome yay cool! but then i saw it's all just favorites and nothing is actually submitted, no one will see what i post and i won't see anyone else's stuff unless i come to the group on my own to look through the favs on a regular basis... and that was disappointing :'c and i actually decided not to bother after that ;;" except i guess the focus is on related shows and such and that is still interesting but i'm afraid it might not work for us? i mean... we have a lot of warhorses, but they all exist in ancient times ;;" i don't think it'll make sense for us to enter shows where they compete with present-day people unless we make up a time-travel device ( which we've considered just for the silliness and fun of it lol ) but anyways yeh, i had mainly hoped to show them off to people who shared a mutual interested in battle horses ;;"
bovidaeloony Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2018
The group is focused on shows because it was originally meant to to ensure people had a warhorse show to enter whenever they needed one because shows in those disciplines tend to be few and far between. Despite the number of "warhorse" breeds around, I've found very very few people who use their warhorses for anything warhorse related other than shows (and very few are actually active in showing, either XD ) Non-show stuff is totally welcome here but I haven't come across very many people at all who are interested/active with it, in this group or otherwise. (I would love to see more, personally!)
(1 Reply)
RichardsonSquared Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2017  Student General Artist

I've got a new breed that I'm working to get noticed and around! They are a war horse breed of many sizes. 
bovidaeloony Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2018
I've aded them to the list!
RichardsonSquared Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2018  Student General Artist
AcerbusFarm Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2016
I hope this group is still active, because I've mountains of entry sketches waiting to get drawn. Meow :3 Why didn't I know about this group earlier, I'm always late lmao.
bovidaeloony Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2017
Hooray! It took a bit of a haitus but it should be back in action now :)
angry-horse-for-life Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Could you please open up reference submissions? They seem to be closed :(
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