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The Beauty of Stick Figures - Gesture Drawing by JujiBla
Tutorial - Coloring with Clipping Masks 1/2 by JujiBla
Horns Reference Sheet by AkiraAlion
Artisan Crafts
Stage by PendraegArt
Intertwining Ring Tutorial by harlewood
Clay Donut Charm - Tutorial by thinkpastel
Miniature clay Cookies by thinkpastel
Drawing - Arm Hands
Mini tutorial of Hands Holding by GonzaU
Mini Tutorial Hands Holding 3 by GonzaU
Tutorial How to draw Easy Hands by GonzaU
Tutorial easy hand 2 by GonzaU
Drawing - Animals
Moro - Mink's Tutorials (YouTube) by Minks-Art
Drawing - Body
Tutorial Men' body by GonzaU
Tutorial easy Back by GonzaU
Tutorial women body-01 by GonzaU
Drawing - Cloth
kimono tips because this is still very important by houteian
Masks reference sheet by Kibbitzer
Hats reference sheet 2 by Kibbitzer
Shoes reference sheet 3 by Kibbitzer
Drawing - General
Lackadaisy Construction by tracyjb
12 Disney-like style (Patreon) by Precia-T
Learn Manga: Create your World - Charactercreation by Naschi
Some tips on shading and character + environments by Qinni
Drawing - Historian Clothing
1,000 Years of Vietnamese Clothing by lilsuika
Evolution of Chinese Clothing and Cheongsam/Qipao by lilsuika
Fashionable Lady of Heian/Fujiwara Japan by lilsuika
15th-16th century East Asian Cultural Sphere by lilsuika
Drawing - Ears
How To Draw Ears by Lily-Draws
TUTO - How to draw ears? by the-evil-legacy
Ears reference by Sellenin
A quick trick to learning 3/4 eyes by UnseenIvy
Drawing - Eyes
Screentone Eye Tutorial (Part 3 of 4) by Pixel-Penguin-dA
Screentone Eye tutorial (Part 4 of 4) by Pixel-Penguin-dA
Screentone Eye Tutorial (Part 2 of 4) by Pixel-Penguin-dA
Screentone Eye Tutorial (Part 1 of 4) by Pixel-Penguin-dA
Drawing- Expression
+Expression Meme - Astir+ by goku-no-baka
Drawing - Face
Sketchdump June 2016 [Faces] by DamaiMikaz
Drawing- Feet
Tutorial Feet#1 by GonzaU
Drawing - Hair
Learn Manga Basics Female Hair styles V2 by Naschi
Drawing - Head
Tutorial Easy Side Head by GonzaU
Drawing - Mouth
Lips reference sheet by Kibbitzer
Drawing - Nose
Nose Tutorial by artofpan
Drawing - Shadow
Colored Lights and Shadows - Mink's Tutorials (YT) by Minks-Art
Drawing - Wings
Wings Reference Sheet by Kibbitzer
Drawing - Weapon
Size Comparison - Science Fiction Spaceships by DirkLoechel
Coloring - Animals
Let us draw realistic dragon eye! by Furrirama
Coloring - Backgrounds
TINAT - Quick background tutorial by zero0810
Coloring - General
Color Science - Mink's Tutorials (YouTube) by Minks-Art
Coloring - Scar Blood
Bloody Snow tutorial by Ravietta
Coloring - Skin
Male vs Female Body by kawacy
Coloring - Detailed Process
Painting Tutorial by AntiDarkHeart
Coloring - Process
Sheik Steps by BillyCanvas
Coloring - Eyes
Semi-Realistic Eye Tutorial by Isako23
Coloring - Fabric
Drawing pants vs skirts by kawacy
Coloring - Gems and Crystals
Step by Step - Diamond Gem Stone TUTORIAL by Saviroosje
Coloring - Hair
Hair tutorial by BIOtifulArt
Coloring - Item
Exercise 41 Results: Color Shifting by CGCookie
Coloring - Light
How To Create Glowing Effects by Batwynn
Coloring - Nature
Tutorial - Simple Tree by Velsinte
Coloring - Materials
Wood Floor Tutorial by Yeraa
Coloring - Mouth
Lips Stepbystep by ArtofIndigo
Color Pallet
Skin Tone Swatches by Lizalot
Pose Study
Torso references by Yo--Nashi
Post processing scapes - easy Lightroom tutorial by Francy-93
Character - Female
Evil Queen by Radittz
Character - Male
+ Hikyo - character sheet + by goku-no-baka
manga vs illustration tutorial by mr-rukan-san
Vector-Wallpaper Tutorial by Tamilia
Manip - Basics
Photomanipulation Tutorial - Blending by Olgola
Manip - Fantacy
Create This Amazing Artwork of a Great Enchantress by MariaSemelevich
Manip - Hair
Painted Hair TutorialExclusive by CindysArt
Manip - Nature
Moon tutorial for beginners by BenjaminHaley
Manip - Skin
Advanced Skin Retouching Tutorial by PorterRetouching
Meme - improvmen
Draw This Again: Jan. 2014 vs. Jan. 2016 by chewsome
Meme - Draw this again
Magical Night Before-After by annewipf
Members Tutorial
04 by MiMab
Photoshop Brushes Part One by ceruleanvii
Traditional Art
Little Hero: Exchange for The Sun Release the Moon by kivbuiart
Chibi Tutorials
Let's simple shading - Steps by Hyan-Doodles
Pixel Art
Pixel Tutorial by Kiritanic
Copic Tutorials
Copic Tutorial - Skin by Laovaan
Special Effects
Wefting Tutorial by Neonr0se



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Hi, I'm V. A program I recommend is 'Krita.' It is free and safe to download, and very user friendly. A very close friend of mine told me about this and I love it. 'Krita' is an online drawing software that has tutorials for new users and a simplistic interface. Hope this helps x!
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Digital Painting Tutorial
Digital Painting Tutorial - Eye 3 by Alexander-Black-Day
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I am looking for a good animation software that is free for making gifs.
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Eye Tutorial 1 Digital Painting

Eye Tutorial 1 Digital Painting by AlexanderBlackDay   
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