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This is a group dedicated to art work inspired by the online game World of Tanks. Or anything else related to armored warfare. All are free to join and contribute, furthermore please visit us on our youtube channel:…
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Dec 11, 2011

North America

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World of Tanks

495 Members
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This groups main focus is World of tanks and armored military. At the present moment anyone can join and most contributions are excepted. However no extremely obscene material or anything that could be perceived as inappropriate. Above all have fun and enjoy yourself! :) BTW Anyone Can Join and we all would love it if u would invite your friends so don't be shy.

Limit the screenshots submitted to 1 a day
No trolling that can include but is not limited to making fun of others game play, artwork, or opinions.
Also submit any and all work to featured.
I'm doing a new OC about the cold war.  It takes place in an alternate present setting.  I need a bunch of characters for this and I figured I would ask the tanker community for character concepts. It can be any gender. Any rank and any crew position and can be as clean or R rated as u want it to be.  I'll give u credit for the character Ideas and all and u can even draw it if u want. Or just provide a pic off Google of what he or she is supposed to look like. (just so I can have an idea). U can send me the idea in the comments or by private msg. Oh one more thing. Please provide the nation of the character.   nations that involved either NATO or WARSAW.  or if u want to be supper creative u can make up a third party militia but I would need to know its back story too.

Some concepts will be subject to changes to fit specific stuff.  If I ever make money off of this somehow...idk I guess well cross bridge if we get there.  Even if ur concept is modified u will still get 100% credit
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The tank concepts folder is not accepting any submissions (tried adding a speculative Jagdiger model). I have placed it in models, but feel that it would've been more fitting in the other folder. Oh well... 
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New Group for World of Warships. I need art and members…
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Hello im justin and I was wondering if I could join your group I was an artillery player on WOT before my PC broke down anyway I was hoping to join and please let me know what the verdict is so ya have a nice good bye :D ps I play wot blitz
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Anybody have a platoon accepting new members in world of tanks blitz?
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