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General Guidelines of Submission

Original text by TheWiccanWay, amended by Doppelgangergang.

Merry Meet all!

:bulletblack: DO put all your work into the folder which represents it the most. Here are a few guidelines in order for you to have a general idea of what a folder represents. If you have any questions, please do send a Group Note. The moderators do check the sections often and help move pieces to the right places, so don't worry about having a piece in the wrong section.

:bulletblack: DO write something OF INTEREST relating to PAGANISM into your art piece's comment box, OR ELSE IT MAY BE REMOVED. This especially goes for Nature Photographs, Jewellery AND Cartoon/Illustration Drawings. I am rarely lenient on this.

:bulletblack: We have an open-blog system for all members to use! We live by the Habit of Enlightenment, so write a blog and tell us your thoughts, questions, concerns or experiences! We would love to read and respond to them. Please be thoughtful on what goes on your blog. Ideally, a blog should invite other people to discuss on the comments. Creating a blog for the sole purpose of advertising (without permission) is discouraged.

:bulletblack: DON'T send in multiple pictures of the same thing, like several shots of your altar or different angles of a tree. Some images may be so detailed that they'll need several shots and this I will take exception on, but please be more thoughtful to the space you take up inside our Archive. Should there be multiple photos submitted when not necessary, I will choose to preserve the best picture with the most detail and remove other submissions.

:bulletblack: DO note me at TheWiccanWay if you have any problems.

:bulletblack: DO stick all sales pieces into the SELL and be WELL folder IF the Enlightenment you write as part of the image piece IS NOT more interesting then it's size and worth! It will be moved if not delete.

Thank you everyone and don't worry if you feel like you've broken the rules with previous submissions because you haven't. Keep 'em coming hard and strong guys!

Need to talk? Leave a comment or note me at TheWiccanWay and I promise to do all I can to help.

Any inappropriate or questionable pieces? Send Doppelgangergang a note with a link to the submission in question to give it a check. You could also note him to inquire about removed pieces.

Did your submission got removed from the group? Head on here to see why, and how you can resubmit it.


Got a spare point? Wanna Donate?

If you have a spare point sitting around and wish to donate then check out the donation pool on TheWiccanWay account.

It's dedicated to supplying subs and rewards for the group and the members only and not for any other reasons.

Gallery Folders

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Meditation and Prayer
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Divinities, Deities and Ancestors
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Mature Content

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Garments, Jewelry and hand crafts
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Winning Contest Pieces
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SELL and be WELL
TalesOfTheGods And Practical Witchcraft Mgazine by AzimuthsDigitalArt
Statues, monuments etc
Shrine of the Sword by Uruk1

Newest Members


Chat Room


The All-Things-Pagan chatroom is a small corner for members to discuss anything of their liking. (Though standard dA rules apply.)

If you want to tell people you are in the Chatroom, please make a blog saying

-WHO is in the chatroom at time of making the blog
-WHAT time you entered and when you are thinking of leaving (a rough time is fine)

All chatroom notice blogs will be cleaned up by me later.

Thank you and blessed be
Happy Samhain everyone. i am very happy to announce that i now offically found myself a deity. My deity is Skadi i love you all and hope you have wonderful fiests. I will be spending my day with Skadi bc i have no one to celebrate Samhain with. So if you are reading this thank you and make moon water if you want.
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Den Mother





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