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If you wish to join my group you must be willing to contribute at least three pictures from your gallery for the groups gallery as way of contribution.

Also a donation of deviant points would be much appreciated if you can afford it so I may get enough to turn the group super. So if you feel generous go to this place :icondan-s-t: and donate what you can, any amount will do nicely.

Please note the point donation is only a request.

Gallery Folders

Bv 208 Arrow! by itifonhom
Dunkirk Spitfire by pyraker
Emergerium war : Aryanist Infantry equipment  by Antaktika
Sikorsky VH-60N White Hawk by bagera3005


Female Universal Soldier STOCK I by PhelanDavion Female Universal Soldier STOCK I :iconphelandavion:PhelanDavion 502 57 Colt M4 Custom STOCK by PhelanDavion Colt M4 Custom STOCK :iconphelandavion:PhelanDavion 200 40 Castle of Buda by gab984 Castle of Buda :icongab984:gab984 40 1 Googles by Medjugore Googles :iconmedjugore:Medjugore 2 0 World of Tanks _ StarCrosser 20120816 by K4nK4n World of Tanks _ StarCrosser 20120816 :iconk4nk4n:K4nK4n 3 17 Navy Man by JoeGrafix Navy Man :iconjoegrafix:JoeGrafix 52 13 Rescue At Dawn by JoeGrafix Rescue At Dawn :iconjoegrafix:JoeGrafix 386 64 Desert Rescue by JoeGrafix Desert Rescue :iconjoegrafix:JoeGrafix 242 21 Finnish Soldier Illustration by shank117 Finnish Soldier Illustration :iconshank117:shank117 326 55 First person by fuloljk First person :iconfuloljk:fuloljk 23 26 That's a whole lot of Diplomacy by Gunflame345 That's a whole lot of Diplomacy :icongunflame345:Gunflame345 3 9 Doberman Units mark by trygveblacktiger Doberman Units mark :icontrygveblacktiger:trygveblacktiger 1 0 Helicoptor by Estruda Helicoptor :iconestruda:Estruda 30 3 Aircraft 3 by Estruda Aircraft 3 :iconestruda:Estruda 11 0 Aircraft 2 by Estruda Aircraft 2 :iconestruda:Estruda 21 2


Female Universal Soldier STOCK I by PhelanDavion
Colt M4 Custom STOCK by PhelanDavion
Castle of Buda by gab984
Googles by Medjugore
Sd.Kfz. 9 FAMO by WormWoodTheStar
Schwimmwagen and Kettenkrad by WormWoodTheStar
Sd.Kfz. 251-1 Ausf. B by WormWoodTheStar
Transport to MWP by WormWoodTheStar
Skoda MU-4 - Armored day Lesany by Dukecz
Polish Armour I by WormWoodTheStar
Polish Armour II by WormWoodTheStar
Polish Armour III by WormWoodTheStar
Infantry Fighting Vehicles
At the Business End by magrunemoon
Mount Up, Troopers by magrunemoon
The Trap is Set by magrunemoon
All is Peaceful...For Now by magrunemoon
Armoured Personnel Carriers
universal carrier by Spitfire-MK1
Universal 'Bren' Carrier by OHBark
Light Tanks
Polish Armour VII by WormWoodTheStar
French WW1 Tank FT-17 by SchwarzerBesen
PzKpfw 38 by Garr1971
T-26 Early two-towered version by Garr1971
Medium Tanks
Outclassed by StugMeister
T-34-85 by OHBark
Father and Son by WormWoodTheStar
Sherman Firefly by WormWoodTheStar
Heavy Tanks
Churchill by OHBark
Churchill Crocodile by WormWoodTheStar
Churchill AVRE by WormWoodTheStar
RAVEn order by WormWoodTheStar
Super Heavy Tanks
Maus + PzKpfw VI Tiger by WormWoodTheStar
Teh Tsar by Hagen-Lives
Fear the power by Hagen-Lives
Mighty Maus by Zepherus
Tank Destroyers
Ferdinand by Sputnik127
JagdTiger Tank by Jeger666
JagdTiger by araeld
Hetzer by 2dav01
Armoured Engineering Vehicles
JT34 by dugazm
Armoured Recovery Vehicles
Army Ordnance Museum Unko by Ryan-Warner
13in civil war mortar by warhorse03826
Recoilless Rifles
Atomic Recoilless Rifle by DarkWizard83
Recoilless Cannons
Czekalski 105mm by Kassad86
Anti Aircraft Guns
flak 88. by Spitfire-MK1
Smoothbore Cannons
Armstrong 170mm by Kassad86
Anti Tank Guns
Anti-tank gun by Garr1971
Field Guns
ZIS-3 76-mm divisional gun by Garr1971
Assault Guns
Stug III Ausf E 1 by Garr1971
60-cm Karl Gerat 040 by WormWoodTheStar
Multiple Rocket Launchers
30-cm Raketenwerfer 56 by WormWoodTheStar
Coastal Guns
16 inch Coastal Defense Gun M1 by Ryan-Warner
Disappearing Guns
Battery Randolph 1 by Skoshi8
Railroad Guns

Mature Content

'Heavy Gustav ' or 'Dora' by nucleargeneral

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Hello I am Dan-S-T.
As the Founder of this group I welcome you as a visitor and if you so choose you will be welcome as a member or even a contributer.

If you have any questions about this group whether its to do with pictures or signing up please do not hesitate to ask me or one of my fellow Co-Founders located below.

Should you ask to become a member and your application is accepted I hope you will enjoy your stay at All-Things-Military, a place for military fanatics alike.







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It has been brought to my attention that some people wish to submit pictures into the main gallery but they are not able to.

I am not sure why this goes on so I would like someone with knowledge of this to investigate.
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