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Antenette MYO's Open!!

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 31, 2018, 10:43 AM
Being a Little Shit

CSS Skin

Hello! MYO's of Antenettes are open now!!
You can also order one made by me
Comment or note All-The-Fish-Here (me) if you're interested!

In order to make one you must tell me first and send the points!
Please do not add any traits you didnt pay for, if you want to change anything after you've made yours and its been approved,, let me know! 
I keep track of all the antenettes made so once yours is done I will be adding it to the list with your username tagged as well so please give me your characters name! 
and of course join the group first, members are automatically accepted into the group. 

Antenette Ref by All-The-Fish-Here
Check out the ref first please!
Antenettes can have fun coloured hair but super bright hair is dyed and not natural
Muted tones like the red on my oc Jenna are considered natural.


The base antenette (All common traits) is 500p or 5$

Adding an unusual trait is +75p or 0.75$

Adding a rare trait is +100p or 1$

Adding a legendary trait is 150p or 1.50$

For example, Start with an all common traited antenette, 500p
You decide they have no neck split which makes your total 575p instead of 500p
same with the other traits! If you want to trade your common trait for another after you've finished
let me know! I'll be more than willing to let you switch it for another common.
You can upgrade traits! Say you paid 575p for the antenette I exampled
then you decide a week later you want her to have 3 eyes, just let me know and then send the points
(once I approve) easy peasy.

Examples of Antenettes!

Mama Fish
Contact me for commissions or anything of the like <3

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