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Welcome to this group!

This group accepts all art of the best pony-- Pinkie Pie! Feel free to join and submit anything and everything you want of Pinkie Pie. The submissions are unlimited and membership requests will be automatically approved. :D

I'll allow mature content, if it's filtered properly, but I won't allow porn. Also, I won't put your art in my group if either Pinkie Pie or Surprise are not in the picture. Hate-art and pieces that go against DeviantART policies are not allowed either. But other than that, members can submit whatever they want, no matter what style, genre, or skill level. :3

If you are having problems submitting, or other problems related to the group, don't be afraid to comment on this page. ^-^





Pinkie Pie dancing by kero444 Pinkie Pie 10 by kero444 Pinkie and chocolate rain by kero444 Pinkie Pie and Gummy by kero444

I will be happy to affiliate with just about any group! Just send a request. :3


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Fanfiction and Writing
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It's a group for Pinkie Pie x any characters (Meaning, Pinkie x Twilight, Pinkie x Dan and so on)
Feel free to join ^w^
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Fixed! :3
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