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Reflection Wallpaper 2

Another take on the reflected wallpaper idea. Download for full size (1920x1200)

All of the frame content was filled with 18 BEAUTIFUL wallpaper crops of work by =casperium. I strongly recommend you check out her space wallpapers, as they are top-notch work.

(Edit 1): Removed white horizontal line, adjusted reflection levels.
(Edit 2): Fixed uneven centering and changed from 1300 to 1200px height.
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1366X768 PLZ!!! :icon0inucryplz:
where do i go to download this
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Click the thing on the right that says "download image". that pulls up the full size image, then just right click and save as
I love the look, but when I click download, it just opens up image viewer...
Wait... I just realized how stupid I am.
Wallpaper = desktop background
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next time you do a reflection wallpaper please record a toturiol(cant spell it) so i can make my own :) ill give you credit on whatever skin i use this one for
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This is amazing O-O
:D Nice.. nice!
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Weather pokies. Me gustan.
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Amazing piece, I think it'll be my background for a while. (Not many last more than 3 days)
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I found this a long time ago and it was my wallpaper for months. I'm still in awe of it.
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Yeah, it seems to be a favorite for many. Thanks
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Stunned. Very nice work!
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*sets as walpaper* :+fav:
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