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This is a group dedicated to the making and showing off of your Naruto OCs! Also AU Storys and AU Desings are welcome here. Don't wait to join and have fun! ツ

Please read the rules bevore you start to submit, thanks. (。◝v◜。) ・゚✧
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A Little Spark 8 Adelaide could feel Madara’s stare boring into the back of her head like a drill. He’d been watching her for a long time now and it wasn’t because he feared someone would knife her in the kitchen.Curiosity took hold. She peered over her shoulder, her hands stilling over the mixing bowl. “What’s up?”She was preparing breakfast to thank him for his help getting her the job at the vet clinic. A small gesture of gratitude but a genuine one for the man who’d risked his life for her twice now.Adelaide had realized how wrong she was about Madara. He wasn’t in it for the money. People don’t usually risk taking a bullet if they don’t care.Adelaide promised herself to stop giving him such a hard time…. if he didn’t act like an asshole. Then all bets were off.Perched on a stool at the counter, Madara tapped the edge of his spoon against his coffee mug thoughtfully. “I was thinking…want to get away from the city for the weekend?”The suggestion struck her as a little odd. It made her instantly suspicious. The over-the-top-protective man wanted her to go exploring? She smelled something in the state of Denmark.There wasn’t much room in the apartment’s tiny kitchen, Adelaide moved the mixing bowl to the counter so she could face him directly. She stuck the wooden spoon into the pancake batter and studied his face closely. “What did you have in mind?”“It’s been some time since I’ve played the tourist. I thought it might be nice to take you to visit Kikyo Castle.” He said.Her brows furrowed in confusion. “What’s Kikyo Castle?”“It’s located at Tanzaku Town in Central Japan, near the site of a famous battle from the warring states era.” He said animatedly then back-pedaled when she narrowed her eyes. “If you’re interested in doing some sight-seeing.”Taking a minute to consider, Adelaide whisked the flour lumps out of the batter. “A mini vacay, huh?” Scraping her spoon along the rim of the bowl she set it on a paper towel. “Why not? I can use a change of scenery before I dive into my new job. I’m sick of looking at concrete 24/7.”Madara smiled, evidently pleased by her agreement. “I’ll make the arrangements.”*************************************************************************************The bullet train whizzed by a long narrow platform, the conductor voice’s coming on over the speakers announcing their arrival at the train station. Passengers filed into the aisle in an orderly fashion and began streaming toward the exit.Madara waited politely for an elderly gentleman to hobble by their seats before standing and reaching into the overhead compartment to retrieve their suitcases.Adelaide frowned down at her phone worriedly. “Do you think Izuna can handle watching Spotty and Jet?”He rolled their suitcases out to the platform. “My brother once guarded a prominent millionaire’s teenage daughters. They made college spring breakers seem tame in comparison. He can handle watching your pets.”Adelaide sighed and slid her phone into her jeans’ pocket. “I’m a real Mama Bear where my babies are concerned. I just can’t help it.”“I’ve never had any pets so I can’t relate but I understand being protective of those you love. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for my family. Family is everything to me.”Her gaze drifted to a line of idling cabs waiting at the curb. “Must be nice.”Madara headed in the direction of the cabs. “I know you have a rocky relationship with your dad, but what about your mom? Are you close?”Adelaide considered how to answer his question. Sharing didn’t come naturally to her, but she appreciated he was trying to get to know her better and not treat her like a body he had to keep in one piece. “We get a long pretty well. She visits me every summer. What about you and your parents?”Madara opened the back door of a cab and gestured for her to slide in. “Running Uchiha Securities, I do not have a lot of time to myself. I try to schedule a week every year to visit them. They own a rice paddy farm up north.”“Never would have guessed you come from farmers.” She remarked idly.His eyes sparkled with humor. “What did you think?”Adelaide shrugged. “Oh, the usual. I thought you were the son of a prominent businessman who launched his own star into the sky.”Madara’s lips curled. “Not hardly.” He faced forward and gave the driver directions. “I waded around in knee-high water harvesting rice until I went off to college.”The cab zoomed through the picturesque town toward their hotel. Adelaide marveled at the mix of new and traditional architecture.Plaster and half-timber buildings capped by curved tiles were interspersed by modern steel and glass structures. A towering complex, presumably Kikyo Castle, overlooked Tanzaku Town from a cliff.The driver turned onto a quiet side-street and stopped in front of a traditional Japanese building. Madara paid the driver and off lifted their suitcases rolling them up the flagstone path.Square red cloths scrawled with kanji hung above a wide-open doorway. Adelaide followed Madara inside.Dressed in an elaborate kimono, the concierge shuffled over to edge of the raised floor and bowed. “Irrashimasu.”Adelaide blinked and looked at Madara helplessly. A lot of people spoke English in Tokyo so she hadn’t really suffered from a language barrier, but it appeared that might not be the case in Tanzaku Town.Madara spoke rapidly in Japanese and the concierge nodded toward the left wall at a two-tiered shoe cubby, each slot marked by a kanji.“The room number.” He explained seeing her puzzled frown and pulled out two pairs of guest slippers wrapped in plastic.“We’re sharing a room?”He raised a brow pointedly.Adelaide sighed. Right. Safety reasons.They removed their shoes and placed them in the cubby assigned to them for their stay then donned the slippers.Madara signed them in at the desk and the concierge summoned a woman in a much plainer kimono to escort them to their room.Adelaide’s gaze darted everywhere, drinking everything in. “This is so cool. I’ve never stayed in a traditional Japanese inn before.”Rice paper doors decorated with ink paintings lined both sides of the hall. They passed under a covered walkway facing a central courtyard and stopped at a set of doors somewhere in the middle. A wooden marque beside the doors denoted their room number in elegant kanji script.The maid knelt and gently pushed the doors open. She said something in soft spoken Japanese.Madara glanced at Adelaide. “Do you want some tea?”“Hell yes! Its cold enough to freeze a girl’s ass off out there!” She shrugged out of her jacket and handed it to Madara who hung it in a closet alongside his own.Madara spoke politely to the maid who rose gracefully and shuffled off for their tea.Adelaide studied the empty room, her toes curling in her slippers. “Uh, where are the beds?” A scroll hung on the wall over a low table and a space heater waited to be plugged in but otherwise the room was empty.“The futons will be laid out later.” Madara said, peering down at his phone, reading a text. “Do you want to eat here tonight or go out?”“Go out. I’d like to see more of the town.”In an adjoining room, the maid arranged the tea on a low table and departed. Adelaide cupped her hands around one of the steaming earthenware mugs, nearly sighing with pleasure as the hot drink carved a warm path to her belly. “This hits the spot.”She enjoyed matcha tea, had in fact, been drinking it long before she set foot in Japan.Madara bit into a flower shaped cookie covered in a thin pink icing. “These are orange-almond flavored.” He said for her benefit.He knew she was a bit wary after accidentally eating some of Izuna’s ghost pepper cookies last week.Adelaide nibbled one cautiously, then took a bigger bite. “These are good.”He thumbed his screen and then grunted in satisfaction as he found whatever he’d been looking for. “They have a Lebanese restaurant in the tourist section of Tanzaku. It has four stars.”Adelaide finished her cookie, hiding a grin. Madara was such a foodie. Not that she was any different. It just seemed uncharacteristic for a man who lifted weights and sparred religiously.They finished their tea and snack before heading back out again. Adelaide tucked her chin against the collar of her jacket, shivering. The overcast sky promised snow. An icy wind tugged mercilessly at her hair and slapped her bare cheeks.Fall was shifting to winter, no doubt about it.When she switched places, forcing Madara to the edge of the sidewalk to act as a sort of windbreak against the chilly air he put a hand on her arm stopping her. “Wait a minute.” He unwound his scarf and looped it around her neck. “Here, this should help. We’ll stop at a store and get you a hat and gloves. I imagine you’re not used to the cold weather anymore, living in Hawaii.”“You’re right.” Adelaide admitted, a little touched at his consideration. She burrowed her nose in the folds of the scarf and smiled. “Still, this doesn’t compare to a New York winter. I’ll manage.”They visited a few souvenir shops along the street, Madara explaining it was traditional to get small gifts for family and friends and even work colleagues when going on a trip.Adelaide bought a cat figurine that looked like Jet for Sakura, a set of good luck charms for Izuna, and a box of matcha flavored chocolates for Madara. She also insisted they stop by a pet store so she could get gifts for Jet and Spotty too. Jet got a new catnip mouse and Spotty a fox squeaker plush.Madara got her the promised hat and gloves, adding a thick wool scarf to the pile, then they headed toward the restaurant.They ordered falafel, babaganoush, hummus, and various other Lebanese dishes, ending with baklava for dessert.Adelaide slathered a piece of flatbread with hummus and moaned.Madara chuckled.“What?” She took another bite. “It’s good.”He shook his head and sipped his Turkish coffee. “I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself.”This is the most he’d seen her enjoy eating since she’d arrived in Japan. He felt almost like he’d been starving her with his poor cooking skills and forcing takeout on her. But she’d never complained, eating whatever was available if it was vegetarian.By the time they left the restaurant thick fluffy flakes fell from the sky. Adelaide tugged her hat lower over her ears. “Maybe we can get a cab?”Madara pulled up a driving app on his phone, tapping the screen a few times. “I got us a car. It’ll be a few minutes.”Thirty minutes later, Madara ushered an icicle clad Adelaide into the hotel lobby. He ordered the first maid he saw to bring extra blankets and to set up a line of screens along the courtyard-facing doors to block some of the chill from seeping through the rice paper doors.Adelaide bolted for the shower the moment they entered their room, coming out later in a fleece pajama set printed with sheep, her wet hair twisted up in a towel. Her cheeks were flushed red from the shower. “You should go and get warmed up yourself.”“In a minute.” He pulled the space heater closer, so it faced the head of the futons laid out on the floor. “There’s tea in the other room and a yukata to go over your pajamas.”The yukata turned out to be a sort of robe. It was soft and comfortable and belted loosely at her waist. While she waited for Madara, Adelaide combed out her hair and braided it. To her surprise, they’d gotten through the day without any arguments. That had to be a first. Maybe their relationship was finally improving.*************************************************************************************Madara climbed out of the shower, tying a towel around his waist as he reached for his buzzing phone. Water dripping down his nose he stared at the text from Sasuke. ‘A new bounty popped up in Asia. 100 million for her dead.’He sat down on the edge of the tub. ‘I was afraid of this after you told me about the assassins’ forum you found the other day. Is there any talk on the dark web about her whereabouts?’‘They know she’s in Asia somewhere. Do you think Indra figured out who she is?’Madara combed fingers roughly through his hair. ‘No. I don’t think he knows. Not yet.’His cousin might be a low thug, but he was also a cunning man. Madara would not underestimate him, not after he sent a shooter after them in the middle of traffic over a perceived slight.‘I’ll keep you posted.’ Sasuke replied.Madara clutched his phone in a white knuckled grip. The wolves were circling, closer to Adelaide than they were before. As much as he wanted to, he could not keep her in the dark and protect her. He had to tell her about this latest development.He changed into a pair of sleep pants and slipped into a robe, leaving it untied. Then he went to find Adelaide. “I need to talk to you.”Adelaide sat hunched at the low table in the tearoom her narrow shoulders bowed. At his approach, she twisted around and looked up at him. “What’s up?”Madara knelt across from her, expression serious. “I need to be honest. I didn’t suggest this trip entirely for a vacation.”She regarded him steadily. “I figured as much.”He stared at her.Adelaide huffed impatiently. “Madara, I’m pretty sharp. If I was stupid, I’d have never made it through veterinary school. I might not understand much about Japanese culture,” She gestured widely to the room at large. “Obviously, but I do know when someone’s hiding something from me. You were acting all shifty yesterday.”“You’re not mad?”“If you’d continued to hide things from me, I would have been.” Her features softened. “But you didn’t. So, no. I’m not mad at you. Besides, people have tried to kill me twice already, granted the second attempt was directed at you, but still.”Madara continued to gape at her. He really did not understand this woman. What happened to ripping his head off? Since when was she reasonable?Her eyes narrowed. “Though, it is a bit insulting to my intelligence that you thought I could be so easily fooled.”There she was. Madara relaxed a bit now that they were back on familiar ground. “I’m sorry.”“Don’t be sorry. Do better.” Adelaide finished her tea and rose. “I’m going to bed.”Madara said nothing, watching her leave. Well. That went better than expected.He caught up on some business calls before he too decided to call it a night.*************************************************************************************Adelaide snuggled closer to the heater, not ready to get up. It wrapped an arm around her waist. Something soft tickled her nose. Hair. Since when did a heater have arms or hair?Her eyelids fluttered open. Still groggy from sleep she found herself looking up at a strong hard jaw, speckled with a faint line of stubble.Her heart did a little flip as she gazed up at Madara and realized precisely who she snuggled against. And it wasn’t a space heater.His eyes were closed and his breathing deep and even with sleep, not aware of her closeness.Adelaide knew she should move away before he woke up, but she was too comfortable. She settled her head back on his shoulder feeling equal parts guilty and relaxed. Just five more minutes. Five more minutes and she’d force herself to climb out of her warm nest and visit the bathroom.Her bladder spasmed. Okay. Make that three minutes. She amended.Adelaide’s legs shifted restlessly.Madara stirred with a groan when her foot brushed his calve.Okay. Time to go.Adelaide hurriedly scrambled to her feet before he was fully awake and darted for the toilet. She closed the door behind her and sighed. Phew, that was close. The last thing she wanted to do is explain to her bodyguard why she was using him for a pillow and a blanket.*************************************************************************************Madara rubbed his eyes and yawned. He blinked sleepily at the vacant spot by him. For a moment he could have sworn…. He rubbed a hand over his face. No. There was no way. She wouldn’t have….What if she had? He flushed at the thought of Adelaide curled up in his arms.Madara flopped back on his pillow and stared up at the ceiling. He was a professional. He shouldn’t be having such thoughts about his client. He had to keep his head clear. If he didn’t, he just might fail to protect her.
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