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the last of me
drag me to the far woods
to stink and molder alone -
I'll feed the birds and beasts
as worms consume the leavings
perhaps a mushroom grows
if one day some trekking hunter
spies two silver screws -
they're from an operation
repairing a splintered tibia
worth the bicycle ride
[in nineteen fifty-four]?
debatable - on ice
in time - one may be ready
[as death is a part of life]
to accomplish in grace and dignity
silence - the final sharing of self
in thanks for having been
my atoms I bequeath -
forms of life to begin... again
llp - aug2010 - dA
DD - jan14/2019
:iconalapip:alapip 44 63
Mature content
A Red Dragon :iconxlntwtch:xlntwtch 5 13
 DSC7480 Kopie by naalinana24 DSC7480 Kopie :iconnaalinana24:naalinana24 14 3 Dodge This by JonasDeRo Dodge This :iconjonasdero:JonasDeRo 16,548 651 Dystopia by JonasDeRo Dystopia :iconjonasdero:JonasDeRo 11,432 415
a city in australia
i remember
you always said
your favourite animal
was the elephant
to this day
i still don't remember why
it really seems though
there's a sort of connection
between one's favourite animal
and the way they think
for example
i remember
since i was very young
i loved reptiles
at the age of seven
my mother asked me
"Where would you like to have a birthday party?"
of course my immediate response was
i'm pretty sure that place is still around
an indoor little reptile zoo
filled with snakes and lizards and reptiles and tarantulas galore
as a child
i was fascinated
by their curling, twisting, writhing bodies
wanted to be as cool and cold blooded as them
eyes and tongues that darted and flickered
seemed so intelligent
yet stone-still
predators of the small world
birds seem too beautiful to be
their simple yet bright calls
gracefully quick figures
slender feet
whisper light feathers
and above all
the freedom of their flight
all i want to be
is free
i remember you
:icondustysparrow:dustysparrow 5 22
i ask for a drop and a river falls out.
a wind whistle between rib spaces—
maybe i need room
to breathe so build a
bigger house,
an extra floor like a slanted top hat.
it on my skull.
learn to walk with
books on my flat head
because knowledge is heavy
because a lifetime is enough to shrink
even giants
because this is longer than you would expect
and tired becomes easier & easier.
if i open your hands,
could i
fit inside?
i am so sick of the sea,
the ocean only ever
half full.
waiting seems like a slow deadness,
exhibiting twilight,
plum purple stains on
the legs,
i keep walking into the
end of this story only to find it a wall
not a door.
it is the sort of water
where you can only sink.
these sandbag feet were never good
for anything
except tripping and now,
when a river falls out,
maybe i never knew the meaning of heaviness.
maybe i learn the reality
of roots, of being ro
:iconafterspring:afterspring 49 24
lay claim to the wreckage
i am the moon blighted
with flags
from all the times you tried to claim me
as if i never existed without you—
as if i was just darkness without you
but i think you were always hoping
to erase me a little—
make me easier to
swallow whole.
that shark mouth of yours.
you were seeking
a certain shape
so you came at me with scissors.
i still remember
when i visited the doctor
without you
and how you raged like i had disowned you,
how you would barely talk to me
for days
and dodged my eyes.
you told me i
had serpent hair.
such a bitch.
it was your maligning gaze
that turned me to stone.
i gave you every
thing and
you asked for more.
you needed me to be barren, an empty cup for
you to fill;
you wanted to act without impact
while every
thing i did
threatened terrible consequences.
you you you—
i cut gills into my neck
just so i could stop breathing.
my filthy inhales drove you so mad—
poked your raging bull.
you treated exhales like rejection but i
i was just trying to
:iconafterspring:afterspring 13 6
Boat Rental by barefootliam Boat Rental :iconbarefootliam:barefootliam 11 4
the dream (again)
finds me at the water's edge
watching the horizon
awaiting the wave
it swells and it crashes
and swallows me whole
morning, and
i reach for the surface
a dry, waking impulse
i am no longer whole
:icontanyasimpson:TanyaSimpson 16 23
New Year, Revolution and Hands
promises, sharp
morning and frozen grass
melts between fingers
premature sky
quietly bruised, echoes
of fractured wrist bones
silhouettes of
tree branches like funeral
veils, knuckles cracking
omens fly, our
palms are siege engines, no
apologies here
:icontanyasimpson:TanyaSimpson 22 14
 Dsc5789 by naalinana24 Dsc5789 :iconnaalinana24:naalinana24 2 0
Racist Command Theory
There is a concept in theology and meta-ethics known as Divine Command Theory, which asserts that morality and moral goodness stem from god, and therefore whatever a god commands is moral because they commanded it, and every action a god takes is moral because they did it.  What makes Divine Command Theory such flawed concept is that it divorces behavior from its consequences, or from any guiding principle — from its merits, and makes it dependent on whatever some authority says or does.  At bottom, it's an inversion of basic causal logic.  
I've noticed something similar in our political discourse, where people sometimes seek to demonstrate or insinuate that someone is a racist by pointing out that something they said is also something that racists have said. 
You said X.
Racists also say X. 
Therefore, you are a racist.
A statement does not automatically become ra
:iconamericandreaming:AmericanDreaming 13 4
December 2018 Lit DD Roundup
Congrats to all who got one! Keep reading, suggesting, and supporting each other!
Features by BeccaJS
Features by akrasiel
        He'll Take it Black by SubjugatedSandwich  to live on pluto by blanketings  Mother by GDeyke
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This is Not a Poem About Suicide, But- by LightsOnAmara  Neither Light Nor Dark by Tarnisis  The Attic (Additions I) by shadesmaclean  beautiful weeds by wordturner  Something Queer, in your Bed, again by silkshines
Features by BlackBowfin
river.flow by comatose-comet  The Legend of the Seagulls by barefootliam  The Details Of Cursing by All-My-Darkness  Metta by Tiger--eyes  saturated by afterspring  Rabbiting by disquietly  Diagnosis by TanyaSimpson
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Lucy Farr by ThornyEnglishRose  Little Skip and the Angel by LadyLincoln  FFM 2018: Fated by The-Inkling  lightkeeping by LadyBitterblue  :
:iconjessamar:JessaMar 32 13
The Monster - Part 5 by j-witless The Monster - Part 5 :iconj-witless:j-witless 177 18
FFM 2018: Fated
There was no time in the cave at the root of the world. No weeks, no days, no hours, or minutes. The Weaver sat at her loom, watching as mortal men grew and died, and their children rose to take their place. But time did not move for her, and she remained unchanged.
She was not one of the Fates, she did not decide the course of history. The Norns would send her messages through the red threads of fate; a tug here, a severing there, and the Weaver adjusted her work accordingly. But sometimes she wondered what it would be like to truly hold the fate of someone’s life in the palm of her hand.
Time did not pass for her in the typical sense, but she did other things in-between her loom work. She had a small garden, growing in a patch of sunlight that filtered down through the roots of the tree. She cooked, and cleaned, and sometimes she would rest in her small bed at the back of the cave, her blankets the old tapestries of bygone ages. She did not sleep, but sometimes she did dream, a
:iconthe-inkling:The-Inkling 32 36


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The measure of a man
Is not in his measurements
Nor his treasured moments

But in the dents
He beats out

April 2014



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