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Hinata like Belladonna by gekkodimoria
Harry Potter Modern!AU| Devil's Triangle Part 5.3Hermione hummed to herself as she pulled on a pair of wedge heels. She straightened, looked herself over in the mirror by the doorway, and fluffed her hair a little more to get that extra volume. Now she looked perfect.Satisfied, she headed out the door, locking it behind her as she did. The pub wasn’t far from her house and given the beautiful weather - cool but not too chilly - she was inclined to take a scenic stroll. Maybe even listen to some accompanying music as she walked.From her dainty cross-body bag, she fished out her wireless earbuds and tucked them snugly into her ear. As she locked the front gate, she reached into her shorts pocket and scrolled through her phone, pairing it to her earbuds and turning on her latest tunes.The deep sound of a double bass filled her ears as she muttered the lyrics under her breath. Her heels clicked on the pavement in time with the rhythmic beat of the drums and she felt her heart lighten as the music took over her body.Music was the one constant thing in her life that made her happy. Even if her choices to go down that path was fraught with disaster and heartbreak, it was the only thing she could turn to and know that it would never betray her.Each chapter of her life was associated with a piece of music. Each memory, a song. As she walked past houses that resonated with laughter and raised voices, all she could hear was the electronic shredding of the guitar from her earbuds. It filled her with adrenaline and she pumped her legs faster until the urban neighborhood dissolved into beautiful countryside.As if on cue, the music ended and switched to a soothing piece. Hermione relaxed her pace and took in the idyllic scenery. Birds chirped in the distance, their melody a nice complement to the tinkling piano keys that sounded in her ears. Seeing that no one was around, she skipped and did a little twirl on the empty sidewalk. Giggling, she felt free and away from prying eyes. No paparazzi, no reporters, no crazy fans. She should come back home more often to do this. Maybe churn out more songs this way too.Soon the music came to a stop. She waited for her phone to shuffle the next song, eager for something more heart-pumping. But when the shrill whine of a violin pierced her ears, her breath caught in her throat. Flashes of a tall and skinny man shrouded in shadows burnt into her eyes. She hissed sharply and gulped for air. Why was this song still in her phone?? She could have sworn she had wiped it from memory. Never mind that. She stopped and dug into her bag with trembling fingers. No wait, it wasn’t in her bag. Tears welled in the corner of her eyes as she frantically tried to scramble her mind together. She pushed her hand into her shorts pocket, finding her phone. She fished it out and slammed her thumb down on the “Pause” button. Instantly, the chilling music came to an abrupt halt. A shaky breath escaped from her lips as her shoulders slumped. With the absence of the music, a deafening silence enveloped her. She looked up, suddenly aware of how quiet it was. There were no cars, no sound of civilization. The birds had stopped singing.Hermione pulled the earbuds out and hurriedly stuffed it in the other pocket of her shorts. Her wide doe eyes flitted from left to right. The tall trees that lined both sides of the road suddenly seemed evil and menacing, boxing her in. She wanted to run - run as fast as she could - but her legs refused to budge.Then a sudden stab of ice lanced through her. A chill spread down her back as she felt a pair of eyes roam down her body. Her hair raised on end at the invisible touch. A cold draft tickled her exposed skin and she shuddered involuntarily. A whimper broke from her lips.Her head swiveled slowly to the back. Fearful eyes drifting down the road, it stopped on a male silhouette in the distance. Hermione’s breath hitched. The unknown man was slightly plump and standing stock still. Arms by his side, he seemed to be staring at her.He unnerved her. She opened her mouth to scream but nothing came out. Petrified, she watched helplessly as he walked towards her. He moved silently and with purpose, almost as if he were toying with her.Her heart pounded furiously in her ribcage until all she could hear was her own heartbeat. Beads of sweat formed on her forehead, trickling down her cheeks. She bit down hard on her trembling lip until she tasted the coppery tang of blood. Barely a few metres away from her, his silhouette caught the last glint of the sun through the gaps in the trees. A familiar face stared back at her and it took her several seconds to recall who he was. Sighing in relief, Hermione rubbed her chest to soothe her hammering heart. She could barely muster a smile under the now-sweaty texture of her skin. Using the back of her hand, she wiped the sheen off her forehead.“Oh Percy.” She laughed shrilly, her nerves still in a wreck. “You scared me. You should have said something.”The plump teen gave her a curt nod, his eyes hidden by the long bangs and not really meeting hers. “Sorry Ms Hermione.”“Are you headed to town?”“Yeah. My mum sent me on an errand.” He looked at his feet, his voice low.The conversation came to an abrupt halt. Having recomposed herself, Hermione studied the awkward teen. She recalled him as being the odd one out in her class. Isolated and an outcast. She presumed the others picked on him too, given his demeanor.Outside of class, it seemed he dressed more sloppily - with a sweat pants and slightly stained tee. She guessed he wasn’t the kind to care about appearances either way. Noticing him shuffle from one foot to another, she followed his gaze to her exposed thighs. Instinctively, she took a step back and slung her bag to the front to cover a little of her skin.“Hey.” She brought his attention back to her face. “I guess you need to make a move?”Percy’s eyes shot up and he nodded his agreement. He mumbled his goodbye, turning to walk past her. She watched him go and after a minute or so, reached into her pocket for her earbuds. Time to destress after that unnerving experience.When she looked back up, Percy had stopped. She couldn’t see his eyes from that distance but she could feel his eyes on her. That same chill coursed through her veins as she felt his invasive touch on her skin. It burned her. She wrapped her arms across her chest, feeling exposed and vulnerable. But before she could say anything, he turned away and continued down the road. She shuddered as she saw his shadow disappear into the distance, glad that he was finally out of sight.Pressing the heel of her hand to her forehead, she felt an oncoming headache. Was it possible for such a young boy to have such a malicious aura? She was reluctant to believe that. Maybe she had just imagined his lecherous gaze. He was only a teen, a shy and awkward one at that, she reasoned. Besides, she had just relived a bad memory and must have been more sensitive. Yes, that must be it. She shook off the nagging thoughts and pushed the earbuds into her ear. Time to refocus, drink herself silly, and enjoy her night with Harry.
TF: ROTaB- R0: Ballad of Humanity Pt.1Meanwhile, Across the known universe.Countless lightyear from Cybertron, beyond the depth of space. A planet floating around a star system, roughly smaller than Cybertron. Population over different species from land, sky and the sea with over 97 percent of liquid water; some are salty while other are fresh from rivers, lakes, lagoon and pond but all were locked away inside of a glacier or even polar cap on south and north hemisphere. This planet had many names such Erde-Tyrene, Midgard, Blue Planet, Dark Planet, Gaia, Terra, or Erda but the natives called its true name as Earth. In a distances from Earth's moon, there is an old space bridge behind the dark side, and started to open a portal. As the portal remain open before closing back, the Ark and the Nemesis came out but they were damaged from the battle. However their ships began to drift toward Earth's gravitational pull, both vessels starts to spin out of control and yet they continue to fight against the Nemesis. At the bridge, the other Decepticon are managed to keep the Nemesis from falling into orbit. "Hull damage: 20.6 percent, weapons system's still operational." said the Lieutenant of the Decepticon who's name is Jetstorm as he's part of the elite group of the best of the best fliers, known as the Seekers. They tend to mostly, though not always, share a common design. They are led by Megatron's Air commander and Second in command, Starscream who declares that he has come too far to be denied, and no one will be able to stop him from achieving Megatron's goal (only for him to succeed by his command).Meanwhile, in a river-margin forest in an otherwise savanna (wooded grassland) landscape at Aramis, Ethiopia. Located in Southwest Africa, there are a bunch of hairy ape-like creature were busy eating leaves, bug, nuts and fruit until they saw a debris falling from the sky, thinking they might be shooting star but it's not. Back in Earth's atmosphere, the Nemesis burns up in its descent to the Earth's surface, while the Decepticons onboard are violently thrown about their bridge. Starscream and Jetstem are both thrown into disarray over their predicament, and the Nemesis soon crashes in a lush jungle on the surface before Starscream order Jetstorm to fire on propulsion system. "Their propulsion systems have been destroyed, Commander Starscream." Jetstorm reported. "Destroy the Autobot, I want them all dead now." Starscream replied. As the Ark takes heavy damage, A blue female autobot named Chromia regain her conscious as she tried her best effort to destroy the Nemesis but the weapons system are offline. In her final moment, Chromia order Teletraan-1 to reroute all power to the weapon by ejecting all protoform stored in the stasis pod before firing on the Command desk, engulfing Starscream in a fiery explosion. In retaliation, the Nemesis destroys the Ark with a giant blast, sending them hurling down to surface and despite her best efforts to keep the Ark from falling into orbit, As both vessels start to spin out of control and crash toward the surface. The Autobot ship embeds itself in the side of a volcano while the Decepticon crash into the swamp and sunk down to the floor, entombing the robots within in stasis for million years.Four Million Earth Years LaterThese creature known as Australopithecus began to evolve into Homo Habilis, Next, there was Homo Erectus, and Finally, they evolve into the first Homo sapien also known as Modern Human. Though the world was new to the humans, they started to migrate all over the Earth; replacing other hominid populations in areas they colonize, most notably Neanderthals, which they interbred with (every human outside of Africa possess a tiny amount of the Neanderthal genome).Then the Toba eruptions had reduced their population severely and thus a genetic bottleneck began, hence the small differences (genetically speaking) despite their differences. At the end of the Holocene epoch, the rising temperatures began to accumulate to denser woodland. Humans had wiped out megafaunal species prior to the rise of agriculture. Agriculture then became common and the population density across Earth began to rise rapidly. Despite this humans still evolved, examples include the reduced size of wisdom teeth, and immunity against lactose. In time, they discovered a material called Bronze which led them to another era as the Bronze Age before entering to the Iron Age and the rise of the Roman Empire., The Iron Age: Circa 51 BCE to 100 AD (Anno Domini)/ First year of a.t.b.The Roman Era: Dawn of the AgesA Roman General named Julius Gaius Caesar had expanded his military army across world (mainly in Europe and the Middle East) and founded the city of Florentia. He rose to prominence for his success in the Gallic Wars, in which he defeated the chieftain Vercingetorix and allowed the Roman Republic to annex Gaul. In 48 BCE, he and his forces entered Rome in the midst of civil war, and Caesar took power as the dictator of the Republic. He then began a series of campaigns throughout Roman territories to secure his grasp until he came upon the Egyptian Princess namely Cleopatra of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt who fell under the beauty of her divine look, she convince him that her own brothers, Ptolemy XIII had exile her from her home but now she desperate to get her kingdom back. However, he would give her support but he's busy dealing with his competitors. This unfortunate new led him into a bit of rage when hear that his rival was killed by Cleo's brothers Assassin, left with no choice but joined forces with Cleo and finally regain her throne. As Ptolemy attempted to escape on a raft with a soldier by his side, he saw One of Cleo's bodyguard, who decided to lower her bow and let him go. He nodded at her, but she merely watched as the boy king's raft was ambushed by crocodiles and he died in their jaws.Years had passed since her brother's death, she and Caesar would get married and had a son named Caesarion whom she raised him in Rome, Italy. As they live happily together, Caesar had heard they have conquer the Isle of Briton which satisfied him that he wish to oversee for himself but this mean that he would have to live Cleo and her son behind. So Caesar promised them that he would return home and be there for his son. Overjoyed of how britain was defeated by the Romans, Caesar ordered his men to siege everything as they raped, pillaged, and plundered the village until Alwin the first emerged from the ash of his fallen tribe and form a strong resistance and repulse the Romans but it was never enough as Alwin was arrested, they locked him up before his execution by crucifixion since Britain is now under control of the Roman Empire. Though Caesar's victory would become his greatest success but short lived as he was assassinated by his trusted senators.Following the the assassination of Julius Caesar, his maternal great-nephew and adoptive son, Octavian set his goals by eliminating All of the Senators responsible for Caesar's death. Meanwhile Cleo hears from the people gossiping about Caesar's death, after hearing this tragic news, she cries in heartbroken until there was a person who appeared before Cleopatra while she was lost in tears. The man who told Cleo that he shall protect Egypt's Ptolemaic Dynasty and her life. As she asked his name and he replied that his name was Marcus Antonius, the Roman General of Julius Caesar. A political and romantic relationship followed, and in the Winter of that year, Cleopatra gave Antony a sumptuous tour of Egypt by boat. By 38 BCE, she was introduced to Gaius Julius Rufio, an former officer under Caesar. On one occasion, she was seemingly disrespected by Rufio, leading Antonius to reprimand him for it and respect the queen in the next meeting.Eventually, a civil war broke out between Antonius and Octavian in 32 BCE. Fearing for her and her son's safety, Cleopatra moved back to Alexandria. Trying to put an end to the Roman Civil War, Octavian recruited Alwin as his personal General but promised him a full pardon and a sovereignty to the Isle, even entitled him as Honorary Protector. This allowed Alwin to take command of his new armies and capture Cleopatra. In 31 BCE, Anthony was defeated by Alwin at the Battle of Actium and committed suicide. With Antony dead and her fate sealed, Cleopatra made her final stand in Alexandria, where she trained Caesarion to fight when the time comes.That evening, Cleopatra finds his son looking to the horizon, as Alwin forces close in. her bodyguard advises them to stay in place while they walk toward the hall to investigate the noise. Suddenly an assailant rushes towards Cleopatra, leaving Caesarion to defend her and ultimately kill the would-be assassin. The bodyguard returns shortly after, and believing him to have been partly behind the assassination attempt, Cleopatra goads her son into killing the guard too. As Alwin rapidly approached, Cleopatra was confronted by a mysterious Cloaked man who introduce himself as a humble beggar back at her palace in the city. There, the Humble beggar implored her to resign to Alwin's victory, She was persuaded to commit suicide via a serpent called the Asp. In exchange, she made a final request to have him take her son Caesarion away from Egypt and give someone to raise her own son. Within mere moments, Cleopatra; the last pharaoh of Egypt, was dead.After Cleopatra's death, Octavian became Emperor and would change his name to Augustus. He even rewarded Alwin by giving his land back and making him Celtic king of the Isle (now dubbed as Roman Britain) as long as he swear loyalty to the new emperor. Moment later, Alwin stumble across Caesarion, Cleo and Caesar's son. Left in a ditch all by himself, Alwin picked him up and asked his parent's whereabouts but no replied. So he decide to raise him as his own son and change his name from Caesarion to Alwin II. Generation had passed, the Gregorian Calendar or Anno Domini was established from all over the Europe while the Isle would keep the Julian Calendar but reforge into the Imperial Calendar as it would labeled as a.t.b or "Ascension Throne Britannia".The Dark Age: 645 (AD)/333 a.t.bMedieval Era: The Reign of King UtherMany years after the Roman Empire collapse and the remnant of the Eastern Roman were later reform into the Empire of Byzantine while the Western Roman became the Mediolanum. Back at the Isle of Roman Britain, the Descendant of Alwin II had continue the reign for ten generation until the recent king named Alexander Pendragon and his three sons: Ambrosius, Uther and Vortigern, encounter a group of Nomadic tribes known as Druids who arrived to the Isle by sea, escaping from the terrors of Visigoths and take refuge in forest for the time being. King Alexander noticed something about them and learns that this Druids can performed abilities called the Arcanic magic, a cold and intellectual magic that warps time, space, and though their level of control and mastering it varies between individuals. Upon the discoveries of Magic but the Nomads referred calling them as the Light of Mana, King Alexander offer them peace and gave them sanctuary, by creating a spire for each tribe and villages. From that day, King Alexander had renamed the Isle of Briton to New Britannia. However, King Alexander fell ill due to the plague the sweep across Europe and he passed the title to a worthy heir which would have been Ambrosius instead he chose Uther as his rightful heir to the throne. In his dying breath, he prophesied that a worthy successor from the blood of king will united Britain and bring peace to the kingdoms. Shortly after his death, Uther took the throne and begin his reign for years which depicted him as brave warrior who fought the invaded warlords and Barbarians.Jealous of his brother Uther's reign over Britannia, Vortigern conspired with the powerful warlock named Nox who had the power to conjure a spell and open the portal by summoning an ancient beast called the Dagon and his army of Lucubra which they succeed. Though they have lay waste upon Britannia, Nox and his force allied with Dagon while attacking in every kingdom including the last stronghold in Britannia; Camelot. With Nox's invaded army marched toward Camelot, Uther was given a sword forge by Georgius, the last of the Roman soldier who was bless with immortality until he is appointed by Uther as a knight. He even helped Uther defeat the Lucubra while also defeating Diagon, with both of their sword; Caliburn and Ascalon, carving out Diagon's heart and pinning it to the ground with the sword. They managed to infiltrates Nox's lair during the attack and beheads him after sealing Dagon and his armies, saving Camelot from the destruction of Nox, Dagon and the Lucubra. At the celebration of King Uther's reign and successfully defended Camelot by making the stronghold into a capital. Sometime after becoming King of Camelot, Uther married Isabella, thus making her as his queen. A traditional jousting tournament was held in Camelot before Uther's marriage to Isabella.After discovering Isabella was unable to have children, Uther asked Nimueh to help them. Nimueh agreed and used magic to allow Ygraine to conceive a child. Although Nimueh knew that by using magic to create a life, another life had to be taken in exchange, she claimed that she had not foreseen that it would be Ygraine's life. After Ygraine died in childbirth, her brother, Gorlois, blamed Uther for her death and challenged him to a duel to the death at the battle of Domilic. Gorlois swore that if he died, he'll be reincarnated and have his revenge on the blood of the king. Igraine, Gorlois wife and Duchess of Cornwall was distraught after the fight between Gorlois and Uther, she want to leave but the guard won't leave her. Meanwhile, Ambrosius had learned that Gorlois had a wife and told Uther that his wife may not have conceive a child but he could conceive someone else's wife by conceiving Igraine, making her as his second queen and a wife. The only problem was how is Uther going to conceive her if he cannot get passed the guards, so Ambrosius gather all of the Alchemist to disguise him as Gorlois, allowing him to enter Tintagel to satisfy his need for an heir. After passing the guard, he manages to rape Igraine by deceit as she believes that she is lying with her husband and Impregnated while her husband dies in battle at the very same night. Nine month later, Uther Pendragon later marries Igraine and have twins child, which it is a sign of good luck . As Uther named their child as he would expected to be boys like their father and his brother but what he didn't expected was they're both girls. According to historian of Britannia, the twin girls died after birth and Igraine had also died in childbirth. This leave Uther with no heir, meaning he is unfit to lead Briton and passed the crown to Vortigern as the newly crowned King of Britain and spawn his true successor named Catigerns the Peace-Keeper.14-17th Century (AD)/a.t.b.The First Renaissance and the Age of Exploration.Following the Middle Age, the Renaissance was created to bring new ideas to the darkest hour and some had create the concept of gods as contributor such as Michelangelo with his creation, the Creation of Adam or Raphael with his painting, Transfiguration. Especially, Donatello's amazing sculpture of Saint George but none can be compare to work of Leonardo Di Vinci and all of his famous contraption, paintings, drawing and his prized possession: the Portrait of Mona Lisa.Elsewhere, an Italian Merchant named Marco Polo make his way toward every town he encounter including the Middle east and Asia but Polos were not the first Europeans to reach Asia. However, the honor of being the first to explore the beauty of Asia was Portuguese Ferdinand Magellan who had sail across the Indian sea. in his travels, Marco Polo journeys further into the East, reaching to the land of the rising sun also called by natives, Japan and discovers the nation's large deposit of untamed crystal for which called them the philosopher's stone. It was also discover in the center of the Stonehenge, which impedes the research to turn it into the most valuable resource.Month later, An Explorer named Christopher Columbus makes his first expedition to prove the Earth is round according to Nicolaus Copernicus and Galileo Galilei, but he were right at first after sailing across the ocean while en route to India for trades and values until he accidentally arrived and discovered the New world after Leif Erickson. A strange but luct world filled with new resource, more land, and a great opportunity for all of Europe to venture out and colonize the new world.During the 17th Century a.t.b/AD, Elizabeth I of England remained single, but bared an illegitimate son who succeeded her. That son was known as Henry IX who took the throne after her death in 1658 a.t.b (1603 AD) until he was killed by the servants of King Louis XIII, fearing upon what her son would do if he continue the reign, thus the Tudor Dynasty had come to an end. This allowed the next heir such as James Stuart of Scotland ascended to the throne and rule britain after the death of Henry IX., Enlightenment Age: 1700-1775 (AD)/1699-1780 a.t.b.The Great Rebellion: Thirteen's revoltAfter seizing the new world, Spain and Portugal had conquered the south while Frances had claim the Louisiana Territory named after King Louis XIV. As Europe began to seize the new world for their own benefit. The Britain had established the Thirteen Colonies all over half of northeast coast. It's also brought many people of Britain from Puritan to Separatist on a ship called the mayflower before settling their first colony such as Jamestown, Plymouth, and new Amsterdam.Several Generation later, the new world became a hotspot for the European and Asian to live there and start a new life. As the new world was renamed to America which are also collectively called America, are a landmass comprising the totality of North and South America. Scotland and England were unified along with Wales under the rule of King James VI and I of Scotland , forming into one nation as the British Empire in creation of Act of Union. Before long after Britain is united, the Seven Year War was erupted throughout the quarters of Europe and not even the Colonies would survive this devastated war unscathed, especially the French and Indians War as they called it from North America. Five years after the Treaty of paris had signed by representative of Britain and France, allowing the british to cede part of Louisiana, The Colonist of boston grew relentless after being forced to paid taxes due to the lack of Imperial Parliament to govern the colonies by rights of the Englishmen. Eventually, the Colonist begin to riot and boycotting the British supplies but it's still more and more taxation which angered the colonist and made it even worse for British.This led to a darker turn when King George III was crowned as the next heir along with his adopted daughter, Princess Eliza Maria Brayken; Descendant of Henry XI who was assassinated at the age of 31 at the hands of King Louis XIV. Upon the act of King George III, The British fired on the protester and slaughter thousand of them in Boston but this was the last straw for the colonist. So they formed the sons of liberty and dress up as native americans and dump all the tea to harbor as it would remember as the Boston Tea Party. This formed into a resistance and rebelled against the British Empire but due to British seizing the town, the rebel began working at the countryside as they forming an armed militia after organized the first Continental Congress and tried to petition the king of England to cede all tax and interfering the American affair but willingly agree to continue the trade regulation.So King George III sent out his general to suppress the revolting rebellion and wipe out the insurgent at once. At night, Paul Revere; member of Continental Congress, ride ahead to warn the leader that they're coming from sea to sea in Concord and Lexington. This allowed the militia to strike the redcoats as the battle of Lexington and Concord. Overmatch and overwhelmed against 500 militiamen, the Continental Army had managed to capture the city of boston, marking their first step of becoming its own nation. After the battle of Lexington and Concord, the Second Continental Congress was finally organized and the militia were outfitted as Continental Army and appointed George Washington as the Commanding General of Continental Army which later become the Washington's Rebellion also known as the American Revolution. With the American separatist established their power against the British Empire, the American would fight for independence or died trying., 1776 (AD)/1781 a.t.bAge of RevolutionDuring the Revolutionary war, Continental Congress led by Thomas Jefferson; made a draft to the british and showing them that the British shall not govern the people of the colonies but they will governed themselves as a nation of liberty, thus creating the Declaration of Independence and the spark of revolution. Meanwhile, one of member of the revolution named Benjamin Franklin made his way to France while having at least six weeks and could take as long as two or three months of voyage to meet with King Louis XVI to discuss about joining the Continental and aided them in battle against the British Empire. He believe that If the france accepted the offer, they will help out the American win the war. After arriving to Paris, he decided to stay at the Passy for a time being. As Benjamin began to unpack his thing, he heard a knock at his door; he open it and see the british soldier at front of him, fearing that the two Brits soldier are going to kill him before he could talk to the king of frances.However, the two redcoat step aside to make way for one of Britain loyalist sent by King George III himself. "Are you Benjamin Franklin?" The Loyalist asked. "Yes, but who are you? Benjamin responded. "My name is David, David Farnsworth. I'm the Duke of Britannia." He replied. "And what do I own a pleasure?. " Franklin asked. As David reach into his jacket and pulled out an envelope, handing it to Franklin. He open it and read a note as this was an invitation to Eliza's baptism but it's nobility only, which is why David is offering him a title as Earl. "What! Are you trying to bribe me into betraying my fellow American?" Benjamin protest the offer that David had given him. "Mr. Franklin, this isn't a bribe but an opportunity to redeem yourself and all will be forgiven." David pointed out about being loyalty to the Britain. "Hmm, are you imagining what it like to be part of the nobility as this would you would betray the Continental Army suffered in which George Washington will be killed." As David would predicted. "So what's your answers?" he asked. Franklin gave his answer to the Duke and he declined the offer. He hand the invitation back but David told him to keep it, just in case he change his mind. Franklin went back inside and slam the door in a huff. "Who the hell did think he is, giving me a title. I mean there are too many traitors but you know what, screw his offer." He ripped off the invitation and throw it into the fireplace before heading off to bed.In the next morning, Franklin grab his coat and hat before heading to the king. Moment later, the King rejected the offer that franklin has proposed and decided to return to passy as he repack his thing before going to the harbor. As he board the ship, a woman with a green hair appeared and asked Franklin. "So you're head back to America?" she asked. "Indeed, for I've made decision." Franklin replied. "Well I hope you'll win the war, you're gonna need it." She wished him a good luck.In 1781 AD (1787 a.t.b), the Patriot managed to fend in every town but were defeated as the Continental Army are a verge of losing until the final battle in Yorktown. If Franklin hadn't accepted the offer as Earl, the Revolution would be crushed, George Washington will be killed, and he would be trial for defiance. ,This changed everything when the French decide to help the American and pulled back the Redcoat, forcing the General to surrender after raising the white flag while playing the taps. With the treaty of paris was in placed, the Thirteen Colonies were renamed into the United State of America (U.S.A.) and British were faced in humiliated defeats as King George III would set his eyes on France for helping the Americans. Both eastern and western world had entered to the Golden Age of Revolution, with numerous national revolutions taking place, except in the British Isles, under the rule of King George III, who continues to hold absolute monarchy. ,This leads to the formation of the French Revolution where the people had overthrow King Louis XVI after the reign of terror occurs while led the french general, Napoleon Bonaparte. By 1789 AD (1791 a.t.b), George Washington was inaugurated to become the first president of United State and marking the creation of the Revolutionary Calendar adopted to the people of France, Napoleon became the first consul of France Republic and led the formation of the European Union also known as Europia United or E.U.1803-1821 (AD)/1861 a.t.b/RY 27 (After the first years of the Revolutionary Calendar)Napoleonic War: The Humiliation of EdinburghDuring the Napoleon's rule in France after selling French Louisiana to the Americans while Thomas Jefferson becoming the 2nd President after George stepped down, King George grew insane after losing the Colonies and forced to signed the treaty of Amien to the French people by allowing Napoleon rise to power and untied all of Europe except for Holy Roman Empire. He decided to break through Europe's blockade and conquer France, sparking a conflict between British and France that would become the Napoleonic War. With British invaded France, They appointed Napoleon as Emperor of France and restructure as the First French Empire to combat against British. Although, King George feared that the French would successfully conquer british but he made a contingency plan by having his adopted daughter as his heir and would renamed her as Elizabeth the Blood Queen.However, he chose his legitimate son named George IV which upset his daughter after favoring his son as he is born as a king and shall rule as a king including his children. In 1804, Napoleon and his forces made allies with the Holy Roman Empire, Netherland, Switzerland, and the Kingdom of Spain, thus forming the European Union also called the Great Republic of Europia United or E.U. for short. A year later at the Battle of Trafalgar, The Europia United had finally won against the British Empire and Admiral Horatio Nelson, Napoleon began to proceeded in occupy British (assisted by Scottish revolutionaries), which either became a part of the French Republic or had a new puppet government established. Unfortunately, King George ordered his inflirator to disarm all of their weapon and successfully occupied a small part of France through the help from Russia, Austria, and Sweden. This event would become the War of the Third Coalition as Admiral Nelson made his final order to repel against the E.U. before he was killed in action.Due to losses of the Europia United, King George III managed to success until he was driven mad with power, causing go paranoid through mental breakdown that someone would take away his power before realized that Eliza is behind of all his downfall, So he decided to disposed of her in her sleep and his legacy would endure for years. At night, King George grab the dagger and prepared to plunged her adopted daughter's beating heart but when she wake up and the confrontation initiated by King George resulted in Eliza stabbing him in the chest as fell to the ground. Upon the horror that his children had witness, They blame Eliza for attempted murder and for her crime against crown, she shall be force to do a public ritual of punishment and the Humiliation of royalty by royal decree. It demands a confessed sinner to walk a certain distance stripped of all clothing, exposed to the eyes and jeers of the population known as the walk of atonement.After the incident, Eliza was brought to the cell where she is roughly washed in coal and dirty water while having her long hair cut off. Then, she presented herself to the population of Britain, as they bared to witness her false confession which was planted false accusation. Yet they hackled her as she is no princess but an outcast. Afterward, The guard stripped her clothing and forced to walk a long mile from England to Edinburgh, escorted by the Royal Guards while completely bared naked. The people leering and jeering as they gathered to see her body of shame and take the chance to insult their false princess. As Eliza walks while accompanies by the guards, the nun repeatedly calling out "Shame!" as she keep on ringing the bell to attract people's attention and the crowd boos and pelts her with rotten fruits and vegetables. This event becomes known as The Humiliation of Edinburgh. Meanwhile, Holy Roman Empire was dissolved after they were defeated by Napoleon and reorganized them into kingdom that make it easier for them to govern.A years later, Eliza was sent to the Isle of man prison for remainder before her execution in two week. Sadden and Angered, Eliza renounced her birthright as british as they will rue the day for betraying her. Luckily at night, she was rescued by Eliza's loyalist as they believe that she was wrongly accused through the help of her fiances, Ricardo von Britannia and his friend and subordinate, Sir Richard Hector; Ricardo's Knight. They managed to break her out of prison after Ricardo give her a common clothes to wear as she and her follower left British to establish their own nation by settling in British Canada, killing the British occupiers and brand themselves as Britannian which eventually become the Holy Britannian Empire.Elsewhere, Chancellor Napoleon, George IV who now serving as Prince Regent, and 4th U.S. President James Madison, held a secret meeting at Florida to discuss the rumor of strange relic that contain the power to create life believing to be a powerful tools sent to Earth many years ago and brought advanced technology to humans in the past. This would explain the existence of Manite; some believe it was the act of god while other saying that this could be some mutation. Originally, They thought he was insane but he wasn't wrong.Due to the numbers of Manites popping all over the globes. As they continue to discuss about the relic, a messenger boy have words to the leaders that the British Canada had ceded and reformed as the Holy Britannian Empire. In response, the American went to war against the Britannian in event called the War of 1812. On January 6th, 1813 (1870 a.t.b). Eliza had died childless at the age of early 30s, nominating Ricardo von Britannia as her successor in her deathbed. It was at this time that the "Ascended Thou Briton" calendar was changed into "Ascension Throne Britannia".In a constant battle between American and Britannian, Chancellor Napoleon and George IV stepped to stop them and return them to their status quo and made a Treaty of Ghents as a ceasefire after Britannian had burned down the white house in Washington D.C. but only the exterior walls remained, and they had to be torn down and mostly reconstructed because of weakening from the fire and subsequent exposure to the elements, except for portions of the south wall. Of the numerous objects taken from the White House when it was ransacked by Britannian troops, only three have been recovered. In 1821 (1871 a.t.b), Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo, ending the possibility of reconquering Russia. From there on, he was exile to St. Helen in the middle of Atlantic Ocean where he died in 1825 (1877 a.t.b). His victories and defeats in Europe led to the foundation of the Europia United, albeit he is still remembered as an ambitious dictator or a successful emperor.1840s AD to 1860s AD/1882 a.t.b./RY 64, 72, & 79Nation's RivalryAs America embraced religion and invoke a motto: In God We Trust, Britannia adopted the idea from Charle Darwin that all men aren't created as equal and believe that only the strongest shall surpass the weak and made their version of the American motto: In Humanity We Thrive Through Evolution and Progress. They began a race toward pacific ocean called the Manifest Destiny. At the result, the two rival nation came at a tie when Britannia was struggle to obtain the vast foreign land while the U.S. Fleet called the Black Ship led by Commodore Matthew Perry made his voyage to the Island of Japan, who have an isolationist policy. Demanding to open the borders but they refuse, only for Japan to realizes that they'd fallen behind from the rest of the world and decide to let Perry in after his returned, allowing to make trade through peace and friendship. Especially sharing the amount of Sakuradite, becoming a primary exporter of the material, and produces nearly 70% of the world's Sakuradite to this day.Meanwhile in the United States, the 16th President Abraham Lincoln abolished slavery which resulted to having the southern states seceded with North and South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and Georgia to form the Confederate State of America or C.S.A, sparking the American Civil War. With Britannia backing up the Confederates, Europia started to support the Union in the effort of putting an end to the Civil War. At the same time, a young Manite named Aldrich Bola Misurugi offer some assistance to the empire with Empress Claire li Britannia, Predecessor of Emperor Aurelien, and allowed the Manite to help them increased their empire. In gratitude, she gave him a title and crown as Emperor of his own empire and dubbed the Misurugi Empire. The other Manite had establish their own territory like the landmass in pacific ocean, the desert in South Africa, the mountain range in Nepal, the grassy land in Argentina, and the snowy tundra in Greenland. This formed into different kingdom much like the Misurugi Empire and each of them have represent the aspect of every unified Manite that ever. Five kingdom such as these; The Galia Empire, The Kingdom of Velda, The Marmilia Republic, The Enderant Union and The Rosenblum Kingdom.Together, they formed a bond that can never breaks. This allowed the Holy Britannian Empire to gain the power to topple the American, Britain and the E.U. by wiping them off the faces of the earth forever. But they still have a long way to go as President Lincoln continue to end slavery, So Britannia decide to hire John Wilkes Booth to assassinated Lincoln at the theater in 1865 (1882 a.t.b) after the Confederated State is disbanded and cripple America to its knees. However, the American didn't go down without a fight as they suspect that Britannia had orchestrated the Civil War and Downfall of Napoleon Bonaparte, ever since Empress Elizabeth the Blood Queen invoke her famous last words in accordance of her will: "I do not forget slights to my honor."1910-15 AD/1920 a.t.b/RY 147World War I: The Great European Civil War (the war to end all wars!)Upon the century of conflict, the Early 20th century would be a turning point. This led to American expand their operation under the industrialist, George Nathaniel Altas and his business partner Rosa Walker from a company called the Hephaestus Industries. They began to work on new innovation to benefit the American while supporting the Chinese Dynasty and Russian Empire along with Europia United and African Union. All except for Britannia as they struggle through a period called the 'Emblem of Blood' era, A violent internal feud that occurred within the assassination and betrayals were frequented among the member of the Imperial Family that coveted the throne after Alec la Britannia died. This passed the emergency power to the current prime minister During this period, it fell to corruption when a de-facto leader, Prime Minister Honest who's been pulled the string of an child emperor, Jared Ni Britannia. It is stated that Emperor Jared had won the succession of the throne, due to the Prime Minister's influence and planning.The Prime Minister before him was Chouri, a man that was a kindhearted, but strong-willed and a strong adviser to the former emperor, who desired to return to his homeland to stop the decline of the Holy Britannian Empire. As Chouri and his daughter Spear were heading to Pendragon, Britannia's Capital while riding on the carriage, only to be stopped by The Three Beasts. They proceeded to slaughter the escorting troops, and Chouri was killed by Liver, who chopped his head off. Spear managed to evade an intended killing-blow from Daidara, only suffering a minor wound to the midsection; however, she was then killed by Nyau, who skinned her face off, resulting in her dying of shock. His time has been marked by an increase in government corruption, an economic recession, eroding public order, rampant poverty and great dissatisfaction amongst the people. As a result of the Prime Minister's excesses, there have been numerous uprisings from both inside and outside of Britannia that have decide to tear it down by force. In addition, there have been many defections from the Imperial military, including several generals, and this has led to the birth of the Revolutionary Army, a group dedicated to the Empire's total overthrow the prime minister.Meanwhile, Europe began to suffer a heavy blow due to the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand which was caused by a nationalist in Sarajevo. As Germany, Austria, Hungary, and Bulgaria broke ties with Europia United, They declared war against the E.U. while forming as Central Power. So the E.U. called upon the U.S. Britain, Russia, Italy and China to aid the Allied Power in a raging war against Central Power. All of the countries have joined in except the Holy Britannian Empire as they're about to fall apart while the United State decide to be left alone as they don't want to fight in their war. With new warfare's tech and fully industrialized armies, Europe went into ablazed and lasted for five years until the Treaty of Versailles was ratified. This marked the end of World War I, for good.(If only that were true from the start)To Be Continued.
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