Why Is Your Work Being Declined?

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This is a really easy question to answer: the work is not being placed in the right folder.

The two biggest issues are mature content and fanart. Mature content belongs in mature content no matter what medium it is.

Now for fanart. I don't have the time, nor do any of the staff, to check every artist comment section or all of the tags or other groups you submit to. I have an easy method that tells me on deviations if they've been placed in the fan art section or not. We don't know every character. It's impossible. Check out the example down below:


When you hover your mouse over a deviation waiting in a group queue line, you'll see that little tag with the name, creator name, date, and category all lined up. When I see fan art and you've not placed your work in that folder here in AIP, I WILL decline it, and tell you to resubmit to fan art.

I suggest if there is no fan art element, you not place your deviations in that category when you submit to deviantART itself. It will avoid this confusion in not only this group, but others who are far, far pickier than I am.
If your character is from a show, movie, game, or book that already exists? They're fan made. Place them there. If they're just wearing another character's costume like Sakura's outfit, carrying the Necronomicon, or even sporting Harry's lightening bolt scar, that does not make it fan art. You should still say where the costume piece came from, but if they're not a part of that story, they are not fan art.

This makes it easier for us to allow deviations in. Works are only declined in AIP for being in the wrong place or for breaking dA's rules.

This and the mature content are the most common issues we receive. Please be mindful when submitting not just to us, but to dA itself.

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