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EDIT. Folders edited/fixed/added. Please read thoroughly.

Hello, dears. Monie here with some things to discuss about the group seeing as we've gotten several new members.

All-Is-Permitted was founded by my friend HelloSexiParanoiaNoa and given to me when she deactived her dA. I would first like to introduce you to our admins.

As my co-founders, we have RaiseTheSail and Rococospade

Our contributors are heyyoukittychu , Pumpkin-Queen-Ildi and KagamiShinami

If you have any issues, please, contact me, the co-founders, or the contributors. Please note the group only if you have a contest or affiliation request. If you have any other questions, note one of us if it isn't message boards appropriate.

Now, onto rules. I plan to update the section on rules soon, but first I would like to list our current folders with some small descriptions.

The definition of the original character and fan-made character folders goes like this: If your character was made from a pre-existing video game, movie, anime, show, book, or anything that you did not create yourself, it belongs in fan-made characters. I consider an FC and an OC different. I'm not saying one is better than the other, I just personally consider them as something different.

Featured Folder. For contest winners and things the admins place in there ONLY

Abstract. For fractal art as well as anything of the abstract variety such as Picasso.

Adoptables. Auctions for characters or outfits you would like to sell.

Comics. Comic pages. Whether they be original or fan-made comics. (I may make a fan comic folder later on.)

Commissions. For advertising commissions such as offers, price guides, or deviations that have "Example of etc Commission" attached in the name(not the comments, the NAME). This does not include requests, offers for trades, collabs, or the like. (Not applicable to Patreons)

Cosplay. Only cosplay photos are allowed in here. If it is very evident that your character is in cosplay, such as having cosplay in the title, the admins and I will consider allowing it to be placed here.

Digital Art. Anything made with a digital art tool goes here so long as it isn't a fan made character or an original character. Only portraits of living people can be placed in the digital or traditional folders. If the person in the drawing is a character of yours or someone else's, it belongs in the character or fanart folders.

Events. For all events held by AIP.

Fanart. ALL fanart goes here. No exceptions. If it's an anthro, it goes here. If it's digital, it goes here. If it's traditional, it goes here.

Fanfics. Fan-made literature only. If it's original, it goes elsewhere.

Fan-Made Characters. If you made a character from an already made fandom, your character goes here. Again, no exceptions.

Flash. This is for animations of any kind really. Emoticons, short films, games. Etc.

For Sale Items. For your items that aren't commissions. Such as trinkets, jewelry, stuffed toys, or anything of the like sold on etsy shops.  

Journals. For all journals. NO EXCEPTIONS

Literature. For all your ORIGINAL literature. Stories, poems, songs. Etc.

Mature Content. For your mature content and borderline questionable deviations. (Regarding explicit material, if we determine that a deviation's sole purpose is to generate sexual arousal, it will be declined.
There is a difference between an artistic nude, and an image used only to arouse.)

Memes. For memes such as the Draw This Again Meme or any other thing with Meme in the title. Not motivational posters.

Mixed Media. This one is for things that have multiple medias such as a drawing done in pencil, scanned, and the coloring only is done digitally. Or vice versa.

Original Characters: For original characters that are not based off of a pre-existing anime, show, book, or game.

Photography. Anything that isn't cosplay photographs goes here.

Photo Manipulation. Any photograph you've manipulated in some way. Changed a color, added words, added stock? It goes here.

Stamps. For stamps.

Stock Images. For stock usable items. If your images aren't stock, DO NOT POST THEM TO THIS FOLDER

Traditional Art. Anything that was HAND drawn on PAPER that isn't an OC, fanart, anthro, or fanmade character.

Tutorials. Any learning tutorial that you've made belongs here. How to draw, how to make this, how to do this, etc.

Now that we have that out of the way, I would like to see things placed in the right folder. On to the limit.

It used to be 10 a day, but seeing as some members have tried to abuse that generosity by gallery dumping, I've bumped it down to 2. I may raise it, I may not. Kuro has told me that 10 was far too generous before as is.  I never intended for anyone to really post that many, but some people have a desire to dump their galleries in the group.

Everyone deserves a chance to have their art featured here. That becomes difficult when you have one member placing so many pieces at once. I would like if you posted mainly your most favorite piece or when you have new pieces, but if you feel you MUST put it all here, do it over time not the limit every day.

And please don't take this as me being nasty. I'm rather kind when things run how are intended. I don't like chaos in things I work with. It makes something in my head tick incorrectly. I'm a writer, by nature we're insane, humor your dear founder.

Now, other things are that mature deviations are allowed so long as they are marked with the correct filters and do not violate dA's rules. Yes, I myself make many NSFW creations, and have been known to post here with some of them, but do be mindful that if it is too graphic, it may not be suitable to all audiences and place carefully.

Membership is automatic, rights to be placed in the folders are not. Do remember that. And do remember that your founder can ban you if you become a repeat offender of rule disruption or abuse any members or admins. For me, or my admins especially, to send you a note, it should be read and understood to the best of your person because we won't send them without reason.

Do not spam the front page with your contests, offers of raffles, or general advertising. This isn't a "watch 4 watch" or "fave 4 fave" group. I will report the comment as spam and hide it. Don't. Do. It.

Now, on a lighter note, there will hopefully be future contests in the group, and if anyone has any ideas, please feel free to say so here or in a note to me, the admins, or the group.

Once again, I am not intending to sound harsh or nasty, I have just noticed some issues in the group. I like things to run smooth, dears, that's all.

Be mindful of your folders, rules, and other members. Enjoy yourself and have fun!

© 2015 - 2021 All-Is-Permitted
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RaiseTheSail's avatar
Please, please, PLEASE follow the rules. We don't want the experience ruined for others because some people can't read the rules. They are plain and simple. 
IllyDragonfly's avatar
Aaaw, much better, thank you!
MissMonie's avatar
My pleasure, dear. We were having some issues with new members understanding the rules as well as being rather unkind towards our generosity. So I hope I have cleared up any issues.