Reiteration of Rules and Other Such Things

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Hello, dears.

I know some of the staff here haven't been as active as well could be. I'd been hoping to have perhaps had more help, though I am appreciative of what I have. Why I'm making this journal now is to reiterate some of our rules.

The most important one I tend to find broken that results in your work being declined is something submitted to the wrong folder. If your work is mature content in any way, especially if it needs a tag, it belongs in the Mature Content folder. No arguing with staff or anything of the like. That's where it goes.

Secondly is fanart. I see this as an issue often as well. If it's fanart, place it in the right folder. Especially if you've labelled it as such. Not all staff will automatically know who or what a character is from.

Lastly is fan made versus original characters. I know many people who think the two are one and the same. I personally don't feel that way seeing as the character was created with an existing fan base in mind. If your character is going to act as a character for an existing show, movie, book, or otherwise known franchise, it belongs in the fan made character folder.

I don't like repeating myself and I don't like having to decline works. So please pay more attention in the future.

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