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:bulletorange: JOIN REQUESTS ARE AUTOMATIC There is no need to thank us, or leave a message when joining, though they are appreciated. If you are invited, you may leave thank yous, but they are not necessary. Your contributions and activity are thanks enough.

:bulletblack: DO NOT SPAM THE COMMENT SECTION FOR ANY REASON Whether your art was declined or expired, you want to advertise your work, or you just want attention. You will be warned, your comment reported as spam, hidden, and if it persists, you will be banned.

:bulletred: All forms of art are accepted, but there are rules on how to submit correctly.

:bulletred: Regarding explicit material, if we determine that a deviation's sole purpose is to generate sexual arousal, it will be declined. If a deviation violates deviantART's rules, it will be declined.
There is a difference between an artistic nude, and an image used only to arouse.

Rococospade will be in charge of decline inquiries. Show her as well as all of the admins respect.
If a member blocks a group mod for reasons other than the mod being abusive that member will be removed. If the mod is abusive, please privately report them to MissMonie or Rococospade

• Deviations must be placed in the correct folder or they will be declined. (Example: If your deviation is labelled as fanart, it belongs in the fanart or fan-made character folders whether it is an anthro character or a traditional painting. The same applies to fanfiction).

• Only two deviations can be submitted per day.

• Submission to the featured folder is NOT ALLOWED . Being placed in featured is for deviants who have won contests, or art the admins have chosen to put there. Please don't be discouraged if you're art is never chosen. Everyone has different tastes and see things differently.

• If you want your contest to be exposed, send a note to the group, founder, or co-founders and we may post it. Understand that we do have the right to refuse to feature certain contests for any reason. We may also chose not to feature it on any grounds.

:bulletblack: No bashing or being rude to any other deviants. This will not be tolerated! Art thieves will also be banned from the group, and have their offending deviations reported.

:bulletblue: Enjoy yourselves!

:bulletpurple: This is a list of our (current) folders:

:bulletred: ALL MATURE CONTENT BELONGS IN MATURE CONTENT NO MATTER THE MEDIA. NO EXCEPTIONS. If it's not placed in mature, it will be declined.

:bulletred: The definition of the original character and fan-made character folders goes like this: If your character was made from a pre-existing video game, movie, anime, show, book, or anything that you did not create yourself, it belongs in fan-made characters. I consider an FC and an OC different. I'm not saying one is better than the other, I just personally consider them as something different. (Monie)

:bulletpurple: Please submit correctly. Pay attention, read, ask questions if confused, and be mindful. I hate to decline any deviation as I'm sure my admins do as well. We ONLY decline if it's in the wrong folder or violates dA's rules.

• Abstract (for fractal art or abstract art similar to Picasso)

• Adoptables (for adoptable characters, outfits, YCH poses, and its like. Not to be confused with For Sale Items)

• Comics (At the moment, a place for all comics whether fan art related or original)

• Commission Advertisements (If you have a journal, a chart, or whatever that shows you are open to commissions, it goes here. Do not post finished commissions here.)

• Cosplay (Occasionally character's in cosplay is accepted. Rarely though.)

• Digital Art (For none OC or FC art done in digital media)

• Events (For when the group holds events or contests. Please do not submit here unless it deals with an All-Is-Permitted group event)

• Fanart (For all of your fanart that isn't mature content.)

• Fanfics (For literature dealing with established franchises, fan-made characters, or established franchise worlds)

• Fan-made Characters (For none original characters that exist in fandoms)

• Flash (Also known as animation. Anything that isn't mature content that moves)

• For Sale Items (Not to be confused with adoptables. Anything you want to sell that's a physical item such as necklaces, earrings, shoes, mouse pads, etc.)

• Journals (Unless dealing with commissions, all journals should go here)

• Literature (Fro original literature of any type)

• Mature Content (Anything that is mature belongs here. You may place it here if you believe the subject is mature, but it lacks a mature content label. Exceptions are topless men. That's not mature in most countries.) Gore is also considered mature content. Anything you must label as mature, belongs here whether sexual themes, nudity, violence/gore, language, or ideologically sensitive material.

• Memes (All memes unless mature should be here)

• Mixed Media (For mixed images. Traditionally drawn piece with digitally added words or photos with added words. Etc.)

• Original Characters (For original characters)

• Photography

• Photo-Manipulation (Anything that you've manipulated using a program to change photographs in some way. )

• Stamps

• Stock Images (Stock only. Do not post normal photography. Lineart may be allowed from time to time)

• Traditional Art (Any none FC or OC oriented art done traditionally)

• Tutorials

Please post in the correct folders. Feel free to see a more detailed list of the rules here :

Group Info

In AIP, any form of art is accepted so long as it is in accordance to the rules. Please be sure to familiarize yourself with them before or after joining.
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Ferox by coskoniotis
Undead Army by coskoniotis
Purple by MathematicsX
Inktober #5 - Bat Lady by Saphir-And-Rose
AIP Group Events
Behind Closed Doors IX by Novembergirl2016
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Belly of the Beast by FallisPhoto
Adops 2 (4/4 open) by FableWorld
[OPEN] Adoptable auction by keshapeach
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You know what they say... by AWESOME-DAVE-X
Friendly Fire 28 by FableWorld
A burlesque dancer walks into a dungeon... by Grendelkin
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Commission Prices Guides
Commission info by Macodace
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Collab-YCH 2021 #1-2. [CLOSED] by DersvingMoraine
Popola and Devola V - NieR Replicant by rizzyun
Outlast 2 Val Cosplay 24 (Mud Version) by AlexisYoko
Outlast 2 Val Cosplay 25 (Mud Version) by AlexisYoko
Outlast 2 Val Cosplay 26 (Mud Version) by AlexisYoko
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Fullbody commission by MitsuneTheKitsune
Halfbody commission by MitsuneTheKitsune
Michishirube by AshnoAlice
Aelein and Iliya by grim-hatter
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Dead Endings by paperslayers
The Unshaken Outlaw by Jade-Viper
CLANNAD- A Chibi Set by DizzFizz
NGTFA - Jessica Rabbit by ngtvisualstudio
Fanart 2
Samus Aran - Metroid by ArimaTang
Love and Illusions Ch 4 Part 2Disclaimer: I do not own One piece, Naruto, Bleach and Mortal KombatChapter Four: Battle of the ThreeOn the Samurai bridge Sasuke was getting pissed even more than before."I'll crush all of you and the Konoha. Everything!" Sasuke shouted as Kakashi began to realize that Sasuke had became stronger but he sees Sakura was about to kill Sasuke."Sakura don't!" Kakashi shouted as Sakura charges towards Sasuke ready to kill him. She realized she can't due to that fact that Sakura like Sasuke three years ago.Sasuke turns back and grabs Sakura."Sasuke don't!" Kakashi shouted.Suddenly a beam of lighting and a magical staff flew towards Sasuke which he jumps back, while Naruto grabs Sakura which Sasuke sees Jade, Naruto and Aizen."Jade. Naruto." Sakura replied as Naruto puts Sakura down while Aizen and Jade are in front of the two and the magical staff flew back towards Jade which she caught it in her hand. He approaches towards the magical warrior and the traitor."You're timing is better I expected but you guys saved her." Kakashi replied."Sasuke. You need to Naruto is going say to you." Jade replied."Thanks Jade. Sasuke. You and Sakura are both members of team 7." Naruto replied."Former member. In my case." Sasuke replied."You must realize Naruto now. He's not the Sasuke you know. Not anymore." Kakashi replied."Sasuke. Madara told me the about Itachi. I don't know if he was lying but it doesn't matter. What you're been doing. I get it." Naruto replied as Jade and Aizen looks at him."What could you possibly understand. What can you know that any family members know about it. Why don't you just shut up!" Sasuke shouted.'He went completely insane.' Jade thought to herself."I did it just a while ago. I finally revenge on Itachi and mostly Danzo." Sasuke replied.'What. He got Danzo too' Kakashi thought to himself."I never felt this before. I can feel the tainted Uchiha blood flowing through me which is becoming cleansed. Becoming free from this world. Isn't exactly what you three wanted all along. You had always repudiated the Uchiha. I'll help erase the Uchiha from your memories by crushing all of you and destroying both Konoha and Mahō village itself.'This guy is ten times worse than me in the past.' Aizen thought."The severing of all bonds is the ultimate purification. And that shall leaf to the Uchiha's true restoration." Sasuke replied.'Hatred. It is a history of repeated. Which Fennikusu had held but now created Sasuke before us.' Kakashi thought.'Jade. Naruto. Sasuke' Sakura thought."Jade. Naruto. Aizen. Leave this to me." Kakashi replied as Naruto, Jade and Aizen approaches towards Sasuke."Just a little more and I'll know the answer. I can feel it. Kakashi sensei please let me, and Jade along with Aizen do this. I'm almost there and I almost got it." Naruto replied as Sasuke took out his Katana."So you three are next." Sasuke replied."Jade be careful. Don't die on me this time." Fennikusu replied."Aizen. You need to use your Zanpakuto and Hados for this fight." Jade replied."I'll find the answer in this fight." Naruto replied as Sasuke smirked evilly and was ready to attack the trio."I'm going make sure that traitor goes first before you or Jade will be next." Sasuke replied as Jade used her magical staff to summon fire which Sasuke dodged it."Raikohou!" Aizen shouted as he shoots lighting from his hand. While Naruto keeps fighting Sasuke while Jade and Aizen are supporting him.The three flew back with their weapons in their hands and Sasuke took out his Katana to fight them.Jade charges at Sasuke first with her magical staff which she attacks him first."So You're protecting that monster who tried to destroy Katakura Town and Soul Society in the past." Sasuke replied."The monster who you. Sasuke. You killed Dagger's lover Itachi who is your brother. And you killed Danzo. Aizen is not a monster unlike you." Jade answered."I see so you're in love with him. After the things he did to you in the past. Did you forget that he tried controlling you trying to make you kill your friends." Sasuke replied."Yeah. But I ended up breaking Aizen's spell that he put on his zanpakuto Kyoka Suigetsu. I did defeated him but I let him live that Ichigo can fight him off due to the Hyogoku in Aizen. Somewhere later Aizen will change after encountering him. After years of training for three years the me and Naruto completed. Sasuke no matter you talk about vengeance. No matter how hard you try to leave us. That the bond that took so hard to put on. Is isn't something you can't server that easily." Jade replied as she began fighting Sasuke along with Naruto and Aizen."I still don't get why you do this. That Snake Bastard is using you as a puppet just like Fennikusu is doing is to me." Jade replied as Sasuke is about to Chidori on Jade but Naruto came in to use Rasengan which wounded Sasuke a little."You two are going to become Hokage and Mahoukage. If you two got me chasing around. You should use it on your training instead. Right. Jade Naruto." Sasuke replied as Jade uses her magical staff to use Dark flames on him with steel feathers combined on him."You think either me or Jade can save a friend could ever becoming Hokage and Mahoukage. Do you Sasuke." Naruto replied as Aizen uses his Zanpakuto Kyoka Suigetsu on Sasuke."Last time. I spared both of your lives but this time. I'll kill you two along with Aizen." Sasuke replied.The trio stands and faces Sasuke after the fighting. Which they began charging at Sasuke using their weapons on Sasuke which he clashes his katana at them. Sasuke began fighting Naruto along with Jade who is tag teaming with him when Jade jumps back that Sasuke uses his fire breathing jutsu on her Aizen switches places with Jade and began fighting Sasuke. The Uchiha kicks Aizen in the face causing him to flew back but Aizen landed on his feet. Sasuke came behind Aizen which Aizen dodges his attacks from Sasuke's sword."Aizen!" Jade shouted as Sasuke makes his katana turned into a lighting sword which he tries to cut Aizen but the traitor uses his hands to stop the blade from cutting him."Aizen Now!" Jade shouted as Aizen uses his abilities. Which he pushes Sasuke back and tries to attack him.Sasuke slices Aizen but he realized Aizen used Kyoka Suigetsu on him."Hado # 99 Goryūtenmetsu!" Aizen shouted as he summons a large purple dragon and hits Sasuke with great power. Causing the Uchiha to fell on the second floor of the river which Jade, Aizen and Naruto landed on the river.Sasuke shields his katana back and use Chidori."It's time to end this." Sasuke replied as Naruto began using Rasengan, Jade uses her dark flames power and Aizen using his kido.They began charging at Sasuke."You know Sasuke. Me, Jade and I. Our roles could of been reversed." Naruto replied as the powers combined into one to defeat Sasuke.Which Naruto and Jade began talking to Sasuke."Sasuke. Do you remember? Konoha and Jade's village hated me and Jade. Which we hated them back. If that happens me and Jade would of end up like you and Fennikusu." Naruto replied."Especially Aizen the most since he betrayed Soul Society." Jade replied."I was alone just like Jade but I felt there was someone like me and Jade. I was happy. I wanted to be your friend be around you but I didn't. I was jealous of you. You were good at everything. So I decided you'll be my rival. You were my goal. You were always have been. I had nothing but I built bonds which. Jade became my friend that she had a similar past like mine. Even though she hated you from the beginning. And then in our missions as team 7. I kept chasing after you. I wanted to be like you. So Sasuke so I never actually said it before but. But me and Jade are happy for you." Naruto replied."Naruto no matter what you said. I'm not changing. I'm still going to destroy each and every person in Konoha and Maho including You two and Aizen. Either defeat me and become the heroes who saved the village or fall to me and just to be known as a pitiful loser. Those are your only choices." Sasuke replied."We're not going to be losers or the heroes who defeated you. Me and Naruto won't let that happen." Jade replied.Sasuke was wounded due the battle along with Jade, Naruto and Aizen.Sasuke completely used his sharingan too much after the fight he had. Jade can felt pain and her magical powers drained and Aizen used huge amount of kido that drained his soul reaper powers.Suddenly a masked man appeared in front of Sasuke."I thought I told you to get some rest." Tobi replied."Madara." Aizen replied."Nine tails, Dark Phoenix. Aizen. I'll make sure you guys can fight properly later. For now retreat." Tobi replied as he approaches to Sasuke."Wait. Before you go. There is something I need to you." Aizen replied as he stands up and approaches."The battle you Jade had with Jade and Naruto. They were trying to save you from Orochimaru before turning you in his puppet. You killed Danzo and try to destroy both of the villages. I did the same thing in the past after fusing myself with the Hyogoku when I try to destroy Katakura town. If you try to destroy both of the villages you have fight me along with Jade. I will use my Zanpakuto against you if you try." Aizen replied as Sasuke got angry that Aizen said to him."Why do you care so much now?" Sasuke asked."Because I used to be like you in the past. After all the things I did in the past that I'm trying to redeem myself from doing that I completely understand you. The reason why I know that because Jade and Naruto told me about you. No matter what Naruto will never give up on you yet." Aizen answered"I won't change and I don't want to understand you either and I don't plan on being killed. You, Jade and Naruto will be able to die." Sasuke replied."Aizen. Stop. I'll take of Sasuke. You are trying to redeem yourself after the things you did in the past. There's no need for you to go down on Sasuke." Kakashi replied."How can I be redeemed if I'm trying save someone who almost killed by Sasuke. This time I'm going to fight him." Aizen replied."Fine. You'll be the first to be killed." Sasuke replied."Since I know you don't have respect me you did you the same thing with Naruto and Jade." Aizen replied."The conversation is over let's go Sasuke." Tobi replied as he and Sasuke began vanishing."Madara. I'll talk to you later." Sasuke replied as the two disappeared."I will defeat you. Sasuke." Aizen replied as He, Jade, Sakura and Kakashi headed back to the Konoha.
Fan Made Characters
Gift: Sincerity x Valentino by GhostFreak-Artz
For Sale Items
[OPEN] Pride Bandana YCH by NamelessFeline
Sailor Moon Fusion Art Contest!All right, everyone! I apologize for the wait, but in honor of Sailor Moon Eternal coming to Netflix in June, I'm now hosting my contest! I know I posted a poll a while later, trying to decide which guardian would be the subject for this contest, but now, I've decided to nix that. All of the Guardians are free for you to draw. That being said, here are the rules for this contest!RULESWhen it comes to the gender of the fusion, you're free to draw them however, but female is usually preferred. When it comes to the fusion's clothes/armor, some skin showing is allowed, but keep it PG-13. I would like your entries to be in color and full body from head to toe.When it comes to names, the first obviously has to be Sailor, but for the second part, go nuts! But make sure it's meaningful and matches the fusion. For example, say if the fusion has colors are brown "Sailor Chocolate" would be appropriate. And before you get any bright ideas, no cussing names either. For design, since it's a fusion, you're free to do as you like, but try to have some characteristics of the fusion components. For example, their eyes, hair, armor, sailor uniform, etc. I've provided images at the bottom of the journal. Use them well.For the number of entries, the magic number is four. No more, no less. Also, only one entry per category. Anyone can enter in this contest. From here on Deviantart to different platforms. In fact, you're welcome to share this contest on to Discord, Twitter, or any other place if you like. For all entries, you can send me them by commenting on a journal I posted (HERE) Make sure the image is big enough for everyone to see. We have to see every bit of what you did. ^^ Try to keep it in the Sailor Moon style as best you can. Either Crystal or the original will be fine. Those who want to take part, please either comment of fav this journal, or send me a note or chat. If you do any of the above, I will assume that you're taking part. There will be four winners for each Guardian fusion category. Those fusions being Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus. Whoever has the best drawing will have the honor of picking their own prize, and it's first come first served. Once the prize is picked, you can't pick it again. The Prizes will include the followingPRIZES 30 USD,A free Commission from LittlemarshmallowCat(Click the picture to see profile),A free Commission from Nenril-Tf as long as it's Sailor Moon themed(Click the picture to see profile),A free commission from mysterygal111(Click the picture to see profile),1000 points and a Diamond Badge,The contest will go on until August 7th 11:59 pm Pacific Time until otherwise.I'm looking forward to seeing what you guys will draw. I posted references to my OC Solaris aka Harusuke Tsukino below and the other Sailor Guardians in case you need to see them. There's also a couple of pictures on my gallery too. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask me! I don't own Sailor Moon or her characters and Harusuke is an OC made by me!Until then, good luck to everyone, and may the best design win!REFERENCES ,

Mature Content

Full Mature Content

Mature Content

unwrap me by heyyoukittychu
Mature Content 2

Mature Content

21.6-9~It's Alright, They're Just Chaotic Neutral by EyesofthePotato
Draw Again: Tor by MissMonie
Mixed Media
Horse Racing Flyer by n2n44
Original Characters
Shu-2 [Genshin OC] by mojicat19913
Columbia Records Building LXI by AdaEtahCinatas
Photo Manipulation
My Dreams Are Left To Live Through You by AdaEtahCinatas
Raiders of the Lost Ark stamp by NickFan0402
The initiation by Godzilla2137
Traditional Art
Pride 2021 by Zitruseis
Tutorial de Neon by Drakenalia

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Edit: Thanks to the kindness of Inspirelirium I figured out where to go to allow in submissions. Check out their videos on working with Eclipse.
Hello everyone, Monie here with an announcement. As all of you are aware, Eclipse is here and it has some issues. A lot of issues. I don't know how I figured out how to access some of the group submissions yesterday, but I did. I can't seem to find that same page again, if someone who knows can help me I will love you forever.
I had to go through the admin log on the group's main page to allow the current 24 deviations admittance. There's not even a place on the main panel for groups anymore. Which is beyond idiotic. I'm not opening the folders because as a few of you have shown already, some members don't pay attention where they put their work. So no. I'm not having a mess to deal with later when dA gets some of its self together and updates this steaming heap of an update.
If the old guides are still in place, submissions don't expire here for a month. I don't intend to take that long to get to everything, but I am the ONLY active admin for AIP right now and likely for the foreseeable future as my co-founder is strongly considering moving more to another site. So i ask of you all to be patient. I don't see the submissions like I did and it's taking extra effort to get to them. Group isn't dead, just having hiccups. Bare with me. That's all I ask as your founder is that you accept it may be slow for a time and to please, PLEASE submit to the correct folders because dA in its wisdom removed the more descriptive categories.
If you like this update, I'm not going to wish ill on you. I so far hate it. It's making things harder in so many areas.
So, as your founder, I ask you to please be patient with me. We get over a hundred submissions, near two hundred sometimes, in a week. I'm the only one here, and dA has made it harder. So please. Be patient.
Keep staying healthy and safe. With all my love,
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