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Countdown to Time until the November theme closes!

Thursday, November 29th @ 11:00pm

You can submit 2 entries for our theme -
Technology and/or Explosions
All entries will get a feature journal in early December!

December is Xmas and holiday time!! Please choose what you would like to see as our theme! 

14 deviants said Christmas colours
8 deviants said A white Christmas
8 deviants said Dreams
6 deviants said Christmas decorations
3 deviants said Other suggestions? Comment below
2 deviants said Happy holidays
2 deviants said Party time
1 deviant said Water
No deviants said Friendship
No deviants said Stripes

Group guidelines and Rules for submitting

Due to the increasing number of spammers and bots on DA - Join requests for members will be voted on not auto accepted. I will check your gallery and if you don't have fractals - don't worry about requesting membership - just watch the group instead.

All fractal art will be accepted as long as it fits the rules below, including from programs such as Terragen and Bryce - place them in the 'other' folder until I see if we need new folders :)

We will be doing regular journal features of your work to promote and hopefully will be able to run some contests as well

If you would like to see any new folders opened please send us a note

⦁ Submissions must follow DA policies seen here -…
⦁ Please submit your best work - to the correct folders!
⦁ 3 submissions each day to each folder
⦁ Submit to folder of the program you used - animations and manipulations as well.
⦁ Submissions are NOT auto accepted - we will decide.
⦁ Multiple submissions that are very similar will not be accepted
⦁ Featured folder is not allowed, we will choose work to go there
⦁ No pornographic/nude work or work requiring the mature content filter
⦁ No overtly violent/gruesome work will be accepted
⦁ Journal art features must be promoting other artists, not yourself
⦁ All work/resources submitted must be your own
⦁ Correct acknowledgement must be given for stock used - 'found on google/bing etc' is not good enough
⦁ Anyone found to be submitting stolen art will be removed and reported to DA
⦁ No watermarks or signatures that obscure the image - these will be declined
⦁ No unfinished work/works in progress. We want to see the final art work.
⦁ Treat everyone involved in the group with respect - those who don't will be removed from the group
⦁ We will always give a reason for declining


We will only affiliate with groups that follow similar guidelines to the above


Please submit a journal with the news - there is a folder for that.


This is something I would like to build up and keep up to date so please send me a note if you know of more to add or if a link doesn't work.…
Includes Mandelbulb3D
Incendia Next V1.0.5 new version 21st May 2018!
Apopysis 7X
Ultra Fractal 6 (free version will put watermarks on saved images)
Xaos - not updated anymore but still great.
Fractal Explorer
Chaos Pro
Visions of Chaos
Frax (Apple)
Fractview (Android) (download though Google Shop)…
Includes Fractal Zplot, QuaSZ, Fractal ViZion
Fractal Architect (Apple)
Mandel Machine…
Structure Synth
Kalles Fraktaler

Gallery Folders

Golden Alien by eReSaW
Dunes and Skies by Bulldoggenliebchen
Purplebloom by fractal2cry
Xenogenesis by BoxTail
Daily Deviations
1920x1080 Dimensional Sands WP by Ali Ries 2018 by Casperium
Ticket to Ride by jim373
Iron Works by HalTenny
Slope Gnarly 13 by SiennaBlue
Bipolar Bubble Bipolar linear by Prelkia
Tie Dye by LadyIvyoftheWood
JLF0444 Square Rectangle on Black by jlfractals
All Alone in the Forest by jim373
Chaotica 18-11-18 by wlazy
Maze by carlx
Lost and Found by LukasFractalizator
Rebirth of Senses by PJKfractals
Incendia - all versions
Abstract wall  painting by GLO-HE
Mesh Dh46259 by blenqui
elegant spherical shape by GLO-HE
Hoover by SpartanNinja
2018-09-05 001 by soundlessname
2018-11-17 001 by soundlessname
2018-07-28 006 by soundlessname
2016.07.22.038 by Eternatease
MutaGen7C275209 by blenqui
Veridici mala accipit eo magis illa finesse. by lecristal
Hyperspatial Audio Projection by tshermer
Seeing Through Walls by tshermer
Ultra Fractal
Grub by OttoMagusDigitalArt
Vision of a Peacock before the Mountains of Strife by OttoMagusDigitalArt
Right on track by Jimpan1973
Flying Sheets by OttoMagusDigitalArt
Mayan Temple by TropicalFractals
para mi dulce amiga by ChasMandala
southern comfort by ChasMandala
birdseye by ChasMandala
Other programs
The Golden Bough by GeaAusten
Little Red Rooster ..for Mick Jagger by GeaAusten
We Can See You by bobm
Mean and Nasty - 57 by shooter5154
Previous monthly themes
November theme-Technology and Explosions
Radio Shaque by Geonetique



If your art has been requested and you aren't a member, please consider joining the group - we'd love to have you!!


Thu Nov 15, 2018, 11:48 PM
From :iconall-fractal-art:

Welcome to our mid monthly feature journal where we highlight just some of the wonderful fractals and resources we have had in the group over the last month.

Don't forget our theme this month is Technology and/or Explosions - we have only had 9 submissions so far - check the group for how long you have left to submit :) (Smile)

Enjoy the feature, take your time to look - there is LOTS to look at!! :D (Big Grin) I'm afraid we are getting too many now to be able to feature one from everybody who has submitted but if you miss out this time, we will try next time!! We hope you find lots of new favourites and friends!! :D (Big Grin)

Triffic Textures 11 by OttoMagusDigitalArt  Resources Flames by blenqui  MixPal for Windows 32 and 64, and sources by dark-beam

Mineral Gradient Pack 5 by rubydeva  Groovy Grads 8 by OttoMagusDigitalArt

Blue Blood And Bone by shanblue  Lightning Storm by chaoticshifter  2018, 11.11. - International Tongue Twister Day by eReSaW

18-11 Burgundy Flower by Gerda1946  Life Without Art Would Be A Mistake by Romalt

Flash Point by LadyIvyoftheWood  Metaphysics (1920x1080 Wallpaper) by ICFrac  Fireworks440 by scottyjheo

Modern Art by Annie5357  Apophisis859 by Mariagat

four feathers by tsahel   Blow It by carlx  Rise from Agony by PJKfractals

Scrambled Freedom by LukasFractalizator    Ghostwood by ThoughtWeaver
Touch by lewis-skevington  crown of thorns by GLO-HE  Mesh Nu59047 by blenqui

Clockwork Bizzare by SpartanNinja  JWF-18298a by DsyneGrafix

Juiced 'n' Gummy Sea by OttoMagusDigitalArt  Touched by Fire and Stardust by BGai  Rose Hill by OttoMagusDigitalArt

Volare by iside2012  Phenomorph by MomoMondblume

dancing wind by innac  As the wormhole forms by BGai  Random No. 2 - Windows by BWDonald

Cadeau pour un Cher Ami by ChasMandala  2018.011.012.031. by Eternatease

2018-08-05 021 by soundlessname  jwildfire illustration by jhantares  Linear Subflame Quilt by brookville

Dimensionalities by LeaWiggins  Metallic Organic Growth by HalTenny

Gourds from the Planet Zroteb by bobm  Paired by AureliusCat  Regal Bearing by pchelemer 

Roots and Branches 3 by janhein  Qui dare tributum Caesari an non posse cantare. by lecristal

Signe D Egnis by dragnnn  Drama Luminescent by Geonetique  636k11 by AkuraPare

Sweets from Orion by Orange-1  Frame from my latest animation, Looping Rotations. by FractalGods

Are rays fishes by timemit  No Pressure by CO99A5  Prometheus by mehrdadart

The last rest by BoxTail  Paladium - Mountain slopes by KPEKEP

  Alien Cordyceps by hypex2772  Dreamworld by MasterOfAnkh  Alienscape XXIV by banner4

Cohabitation by marijeberting  ChocoDelite by enegurl

Alternative Dimension by batjorge  #000685-4 by niakok01   Strange Surface 2 by IvanDuran9

AboxPlatinum...again... by LaxmiJayaraj  Contraption by Oxnot

MEJ #22 by SiennaBlue  Sea Bees by FarDareisMai  UF Chain Pong 970 by Alena1950

Traffic Light by OttoMagusDigitalArt  UF Chain Pong 976 by Gerda1946

  Tree-Like by Meztli72  Among the stars by Jimpan1973  2018 10 28 by VirusNO1

UF Pong-973 - A bouquet for Halloween by Szellorozsa  Reaching Out by Velvet--Glove

Somewhere in the Cosmos by jim373  UF _Omogayeldra by chetje  Petale de Trandafir by Ampelosa

Autumn at Wonderland Castle by lamblyn  Blurry by renatamag

Running Away by Thelma1  Subconscious 11 by VicEberly  mini 12.1 by waste-and-tragedy

Summer Delight by FlyingMatthew  Living Inside My Head by PrettyJu

Beauty - 122 by shooter5154  the floating visitor III by the-first-seer    FloralFractals Series #696 by Ninja2401

Shell Shapes by GeaAusten  Mean and Nasty - 55 by shooter5154

November Rushes In by 2BORN02B  Parallelogramatic Time Travel by senafoxx

Created by BGai at
More Journal Entries









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