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Time to vote for May!! What will be our theme? 

6 deviants said Pastel colours
3 deviants said Symmetry
2 deviants said Hexagons
2 deviants said Checkerboards
2 deviants said Feelings (You express your choice of feelings)
1 deviant said 2 colours only (You choose)

Countdown to Time until the May theme closes!

Tuesday, May 31st @ 1:00am

You can submit 2 entries for the May theme!
All accepted entries will get a feature journal in early June!

Group guidelines and Rules for submitting

Due to the increasing number of spammers and bots on DA - Join requests for members will be voted on not auto accepted. I will check your gallery and if you don't have fractals - don't worry about requesting membership - just watch the group instead.

All fractal art will be accepted as long as it fits the rules below, including from programs such as Terragen and Bryce - place them in the 'other' folder until I see if we need new folders :)

We will be doing regular journal features of your work to promote and hopefully will be able to run some contests as well

If you would like to see any new folders opened please send us a note

⦁ Submissions must follow DA policies seen here -…
⦁ Please submit your best work - to the correct folders!
⦁ 3 submissions each day to each folder
⦁ Submit to folder of the program you used - animations and manipulations as well.
⦁ Submissions are NOT auto accepted - we will decide.
⦁ Multiple submissions that are very similar will not be accepted
⦁ Featured folder is not allowed, we will choose work to go there
⦁ No pornographic/nude work or work requiring the mature content filter
⦁ No overtly violent/gruesome work will be accepted
⦁ Journal art features must be promoting other artists, not yourself
⦁ All work/resources submitted must be your own
⦁ Correct acknowledgement must be given for stock used - 'found on google/bing etc' is not good enough
⦁ Anyone found to be submitting stolen art will be removed and reported to DA
⦁ No watermarks or signatures that obscure the image - these will be declined
⦁ No unfinished work/works in progress. We want to see the final art work.
⦁ No blurred images that require people to watch you or pay to see them - we can't check if your image is appropriate for this group.
⦁ Treat everyone involved in the group with respect - those who don't will be removed from the group
⦁ We will always give a reason for declining


We will only affiliate with groups that follow similar guidelines to the above


Please submit a journal with the news - there is a folder for that.


This is something I would like to build up and keep up to date so please send me a note if you know of more to add or if a link doesn't work.

New official mb3d site with the latest version of sw by thargor6
Incendia Next V1.0.5 new version 21st May 2018!
Apopysis 7X
Ultra Fractal 6 (free version will put watermarks on saved images)
Xaos - not updated anymore but still great.
Fractal Explorer
Chaos Pro
Visions of Chaos
Frax (Apple)
Fractview (Android) (download though Google Shop)…
Includes Fractal Zplot, QuaSZ, Fractal ViZion
Fractal Architect (Apple)
Mandel Machine…
Structure Synth

new (inspired with structure synth) by kronpano…
Kalles Fraktaler…
Fractal eXtreme…

Gallery Folders

Romance by BGai
JWF Flower Sept 2020 by BGai
Golden Alien by eReSaW
Dunes and Skies by Bulldoggenliebchen
Daily Deviations
Dark Is The Night For All by jim373
Eternal by FractalAtlas
Splash by msdte
Ice Cream Swirl by acfranks
WTF Awards
Lucerna Caligo et Umbra by Tate27kh
Sjhbub by fractal2cry
Water Lilies (after Monet) by OttoMagusDigitalArt
Asurf Oktober by Lowpower12
Escutcheon by Spiralchelle
light codes by corvair41
Floral chaos by FractalAtlas
An Untold Mystery by ThoughtWeaver
Frame of mind by dashakern
Chaotica 120522 by wlazy
Now and Forever by dashakern
Missing Fossil by PJKfractals
Incendia - all versions
Crafts-work--with-corals by GLO-HE
Netzball by GLO-HE
Bubble-magic-II by GLO-HE
Cancelled Dreams by carlx
JWildfire 2
Diamond Stripes by MissyGainer
Air Locks by MissyGainer
Let's All Fall In Love With Love by ellorene
Joy of Conscious Grudge by soundlessname
JWildfire FULL
2022-02-11 006 by soundlessname
Sigil Of Protection by GenevieveLaroche
Dimensions by GenevieveLaroche
2022-02-04 014 by soundlessname
Mandelbulb3D 2
Full body scanner by Jat-1
New Earth by acfranks
Eternatease Experiment 460. by Eternatease
0620VF1 Tweak of Lines of Com. by fractalfiend by Antonino1955
Wonderflower by Lowpower12
Where Wizards Dare by carlx
Hexgrid 05132022 by Len1
If Only by Len1
Ultra Fractal 2
Potential Ouroboros by OttoMagusDigitalArt
Xaos Spirals by BGai
Journal Art Features
The Sacred Geometry of Nature by Metafractals
Stock Resources Tutorials
Stained Glass II (With Mini Tutorial) by MissyGainer
Non-Digital Fractals - nature and other art
first pages always are difficult to me by SoulofHerKarma
Other programs
FI GTM960 by FraxialFrenzy
Previous monthly themes
News from other groups
NWDA's Travelers 3d ChallengeNWDA'S "Travelers" Open Now Thru July 6, 2020WWW.NWDACHALLENGE.COM CONTEST RULES & GUIDELINES:Contestants are to create a “Travelers” themed piece of their choosing with the highest level of Photo-realism as their goal. (Open to Interpretation – Real Life, Sci/Fantasy, Anything Goes)The contest is open to any 3d software package1 entry per contestant to be completed by a single artist (No Teams)The final render must be rendered within a single application. Image Size – 0.6MB Min – 8MB MaxRendering layers and composing in 3rd party application(s) is permitted. Approved Post-Work – Sharpening, color/level adjustments, resizing, and other subtle techniques that simulate ‘typical’ lens effects, ex. chromatic aberration, DOF, and lens flare. NWDA has the right to reject any image that is deemed overly ‘enhanced’ by Photoshop or other image editors.Non-Approved Post-Work – Replacing and or adding any element via Photoshop or any image editor. All elements must be rendered within the artist’s chosen application.NWDA reserves the right to question any entries construction and may require the artist to submit the Gathered project before approval. NWDA will reject any entries that do not conform to the above guidelines or images that are deemed ‘incomplete’ by NWDA.Contestants must submit judged entry with raw render output image (Composed layers into a single image, Pre-Postwork).Submitted entries must be submitted by above date and time and include an Image title, Artist name, email, & judged entry with raw output image (ex. Composed layers into a single image, Pre-Postwork) Grand Prizes Totaling Over $8,000 USD1st Place SideFX Houdini, Indie LicenseVue Enterprise & Plant Factory, 1 Year SubscriptionE-ON’s Plant Catalog, 25 render nodes, 1 Year SubscriptionTerragen 4 Professional or $700 voucher for annual maintenance feesQuadSpinner Gaea, Professional, Perpetual LicenseSubstance Designer, Painter, Alchemist & Source w/ 30 Mats per month, 1 year Indie LicenseQuixel Megascan’s 1 Year Personal Subscription – 500 PointsXFrog Plants Vol 1 & 2, 2900 Plants (tgo, obj, vob, & 3ds) 2nd PlaceSideFX Houdini, Indie LicenseVue Professional & Plant Factory, 1 Year SubscriptionTerragen 4 Professional or $500 voucher for annual maintenance feesQuadSpinner Gaea Professional, Perpetual LicenseSubstance Designer, Painter, Alchemist & Source w/ 30 Mats per month, 1 year Indie LicenseQuixel Megascan’s 6 Month Personal Subscription – 250 PointsXFrog Plants Vol 1 & 2, 2900 Plants (tgo, obj, vob, & 3ds)3rd PlaceSideFX Houdini, Indie LicenseVue Creator ‘or’ Plant Catalog, 1 Year SubscriptionTerragen 4 Creative or $350 voucher for annual maintenance feesQuadSpinner Gaea Professional, Perpetual LicenseSubstance Designer, Painter, Alchemist & Source w/ 30 Mats per month, 1 year Indie LicenseQuixel Megascan’s 6 Month Personal – 250 PointsXFrog Plants Winner Choice – Vol 1 or 2 (tgo, obj, vob, & 3ds) Travelers Judges Allan MckayAward-winning VFX Supervisor, Owner Catastrophic FX, VFX Artist Industrial Light + Magic, Blur, Prime Focus, Pixomondo (Bloodshot, The Equalizer, Star Trek Into The Darkness, Transformers Dark Side Of The Moon, 2012, Superman Returns)IMDb ProfileGreg TeegardenSupervisor of VFX Digital Domain (Terminator Dark Fate, Avengers Infinity War, Thor Ragnarok, Oblivion, X-Men First Class, TRON Legacy, The Fifth Element, Vanilla Sky)IMDb ProfileAlex JevonVFX Artist Britannia, The Planets, Teletubbies (Lola Post), Mars (Framestore), The Alienist (Peerless) ( The Bible, Atlantis: End Of The World,  Birth Of A Legend Earth’s Extraordinary Journey, Exodus God and Kings).IMDb Profile
March 2022 Circles
Dewdrops on a Variegated Rose by Ampelosa
April 2022 Water
Currents by Doomus
May Pastel Colours
lichens~Sleeping~Dragon~scales by serasera77



If your art has been requested and you aren't a member, please consider joining the group - we'd love to have you!!







Hi everyone!
Our theme for May is -

Pastel Colours!

As usual, you can submit 2 entries
You must be a member to submit - Otto and I can request to the theme as well.
Entries will close May 31st 6pm my time - check the countdown clock at the group to be sure.
All entries must follow the usual group rules.
There will be a feature journal for all accepted images!
Here's some for your inspiration :D
Evolving Spiral
Close Encounter
Snow Day
Flowers and butterflies ...
Elven Withe
Pastel Colors Spinning
Pastel Pretties
More Journal Entries


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