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Deviation Actions

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Hey My Peoples!! :D lol

This Fall I decided to feature artwork from two deviants I watch (with their permission) in my family's little business newsletter that gets sent out to all of our customers, friends, and potential customers.

After it turned out looking pretty decent and after hearing about critiques I've been writing in my latest journals, my mother suggested I combine my addiction to dA w/my need for content in the newsletter.

It'd be an opportunity to get your art seen and possibly get more people willing to look at your gallery and prints tab. I will need more art in the future and need to have it tailored to a certain theme which I may post in my upcoming journals and possibly in this group. If your art is called for and used a PDF of the newsletter will be sent to your email at your request- (please be sure to send a note with your name, email, and/or website address so our readers can contact you if you wish).

Marketing & Art Director For Davis HVAC Services


I'm writing our company's Winter Newsletter (ThermoNews) and I need Winter themed art to use in it. If you have something I can use please comment and post a link to the image.
Thank you! ^^
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You know, my Father used to work in that line of buisness, and I remember his boss asking me to do some winter themed artwork for their heating units. I'll see if I can dig up some of my old sketches and see what I can find =).