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Nami by pecojuice
DWOAH: Usopp vs HawkeyeDeadliest warriors of all historyUsopp vs HawkeyeThe finest marksmenUsopp info:Height: 5 foot 9Weight: 144lbsWeapons: Kuro Kabuto Slingshot, Hammer, Caltrops, Dials, Shurikens, Pop Greens Strengths: Is one of the first members of the Straw Hat Pirates and fills the role of the Crews Sniper, Above peak human strength (Managed to draw blood from Kuro, Carried both Luffy and Robin whilst swimming, Stuffed every possession he owned into a huge bag and dragged it out of his home when he first left to become a Pirate), Extreme durability (Survived blows from Fishmen who are naturally ten times stronger than humans, Survived a Lightning Bolt from Enel, Have survived explosion multiple times, Tanked blows from Luffy in their fight), Supersonic speed/Massively hypersonic reactions (Is one of the fastest Straw Hats when it comes to running speed, Can dodge Lightning, Can draw, aim and fire his Slingshot in less than a second), High intelligence (Is a self proclaimed genius and master of trickery), Is considered one of the greatest Snipers in the One Piece universe (Can hit targets from thousands of yards away, Took out two Marine Ships with a single Cannonball, Sniped Marines from a distance outside of their own Rifle range), Has an extreme heat tolerance (Casually walked around an Island that was on fire without being bothered by it), Can extend his range via Observation Haki, Is immune to having his willpower drained thanks to already negative outlook on himself.Weaknesses: Despite his muscular physique Usopp is physically the weakest of the Straw Hats, Is still fairly cowardly despite trying to work on his fears, Works far better as a long range combatant than a close range one, Despite possessing Observation Haki Usopp cannot use it at will with it only activating under times of extreme stress.Clint Barton aka Hawkeye info:Height: 6 foot 3Weight: 230lbsWeapons: Bare Hands, Compound Bow/ArrowsStrengths: Is one of the founding and most underrated members of the Avengers, Extreme physical strength (Through extreme training and conditioning Clint has honed his body to near superhuman levels, His Compound Bow weighs over 50lbs and its drawstring requires 250lbs of force to pull which Clint can do with two fingers, Can lift a car off of himself, Can hold back Captain America, Knocked out Mr Negative with an elbow to the face), Extreme durability (Can tank blows from the likes of Deadpool, Wrecker and Crimson Dynamo, Shrugged off a several storey fall, Was fine after being buried under debris), Above peak human speed/Hypersonic reactions (Can dodge close range gunfire, Can draw, notch and fire Arrows in less than a second), Is the greatest Marksman of the Marvel universe and possesses nigh perfect aim (Can notch up to 9 Arrows at once and hit all of his targets at the same time, Can fire Arrows in such a way that they ricochet off of walls, Can throw random objects with near as much skill as Bullseye, Can land perfect bullseyes without looking, Managed to fire an Arrow laced with Gamma Radiation suppressant into the back of Hulk’s throat), Possesses dozens of different kinds of Arrows for any combat situation e.g. Sonic, Cryo, Explosive, Adamantium etc.Weaknesses: Is near completely deaf after destroying his ears via close range Sonic Arrow forcing him to rely on hearing aids that Tony Stark made for him, Suffers from an inferiority complex thanks to being the ‘weakest’ of the Avengers.Battle begin!“STOP! THIEF!”.As the Archery contest judge shouted after the Pirate Usopp ran full pelt away with the contests trophy, for all extents and purposes he had won the contest fair and square under his guise as the Sogeking but upon being asked to unmask when he went to claim his prize he had panicked not wanting anyone to recognise him from his wanted posters prompting him to just grab the trophy and run.“Go away! I won this fair and square!” the Pirate Sniper shouted back over his shoulder as he ran through the corridors of the contest building before crashing through the door leading to the stairway to the building's roof.Upon reaching the roof Usopp ran towards the edge so he could jump to the next building when an Arrow struck the roof by his foot, making him stumble as the Arrow then burst releasing a net that wrapped around Usopp forcing him to drop the trophy.“Nice try pal but you’re not going anywhere” Hawkeye spoke as he then hopped down from a higher roof, casually crouching down to pick up the trophy as Usopp struggled against his bindings “real shame you couldn’t just follow the rules, you’re a real crackshot, almost as good as me I might add, I was thinking of joining the contest myself but that would almost be like cheating, but enough of me yammering, just sit tight and the cops will come to pick you up soon”.“Like hell they will!” Usopp snapped back as he suddenly broke free from the net, panting as he had used his full strength just to free himself as the net weighed easily over 100lbs, only for his eyes to widen and his jaw to drop in comedic shock as he realised that he had thrown off his Sogeking costume as well revealing his face to the purple clad Archer.Catching the mask as it fell Hawkeye took a moment to look between it and Usopp’s face “so the nose isn’t fake?”.Drawing his Kabuto Slingshot at Hawkeye’s slight Usopp drew a Pop Green and fired it at Hawkeye’s feet, the Archer looking down in confusion for a second as a small Plant sprouted from the ground “ok, so you’re a Thief and a gardener?” he commented before jumping as the Plant suddenly burst open revealing a Wolf-like Creature made out of vegetation, the Avenger back flipping out of the way as the Wolf snapped at him landing deftly on his feet and drawing his Bow before quickly firing off an Arrow through the Wolf’s chest to destroy it in less than three seconds.As his first Pop Green was destroyed Usopp rapid fired three more around the Avenger causing massive Venus Flytraps to burst from the seeds around Hawkeye, the Archer springing up as they lunged at him, causing one of them to bite the second whilst he rebounded off of the third to jump up into the air whilst noticing three Arrows, firing them in quick succession sending an Arrow through each Plant’s ‘head’ to dispatch them as quickly as he did the Wolf. Rolling as he landed Hawkeye then began to rapid fire Arrows at Usopp forcing him to dart around, crying out as he narrowly dodged every Arrow that just barely grazed his skin before the Avenger noticed a different kind of Arrow, the head glowing a pale blue which he then fired at Usopp’s feet, the Arrow exploding upon contact with the roof sending a wave of Ice upwards to encase the Pirate up to the waist to pin him in place “AH! COLD! So cold…” Usopp shivered as he pulled out his Hammer and started to wildly smack at the Ice.Grunting over and over as he gradually broke away the the Ice that trapped his lower body Usopp then cried out as he accidentally deflected one of Hawkeye’s Arrows with a wild off swing with his Hammer, the Archer then following up with an Explosive Arrow which he fired directly into the Ice to which it promptly exploded, shattering the Ice and sending Usopp screaming into the air.Flailing wildly in the air Usopp reached into his pockets to drop several dozen Caltrops down upon Hawkeye, forcing the Avenger to lower his Bow and shield his eyes as the sharp little floor Traps rained down upon him, the Pirate then righting himself in the air and drawing his Slingshot to take aim with it, firing a regular shot down upon Hawkeye striking him right between them eyes to knock him down as the Avenger was sent reeling from the hit.Grimacing as his vision swam from the hit and blood began to pour down his face Hawkeye ripped off his mask and wiped the blood away from his eyes before notching another Arrow, drawing the Bow String further back this time to fire the Arrow with more force and speed aiming straight for Usopp’s head only for the Pirate to suddenly pull out what looked like a large Snail Shell/Sea Conch from his bag and hold it out in front of him, the Arrow striking the Impact Dial and immediately losing all of its momentum to fall uselessly to the ground.As Hawkeye started momentarily in shock at his fallen Arrow Usopp responded by quickly throwing a Shuriken to distract the Archer as he ran towards him, the Pirate slamming his Impact Dial against Hawkeye’s chest before activating it sending the impact force of the Arrow the Avenger had shot straight into his chest, knocking Hawkeye off of his feet as several of his ribs cracked from the force of impact.As Hawkeye reeled from the strong blow to his chest Usopp redrew his Hammer clutching the handle with both hands as he put his full strength into swinging it at the Avenger’s head, crying out with a battle cry as he did so only to flinch hard as his Hammer suddenly stopped, his arms shaving and ‘wibbling’ as he realised that Hawkeye had stopped his Hammer swing by simply raising his hand to catch the Weapon.Laughing nervously Usopp then cried out as Hawkeye effortlessly wrenched the Hammer from the Pirate’s grasp and followed it up by swinging his Bow like a Melee Weapon at Usopp’s face, knocking several teeth out of his mouth before he struck him again and again, the sheer weight of his Bow adding to the force of the blows as he savagely beat it against Usopp’s face and body until it was a barely recognisable mess, his features swollen and bruised as the Avenger then swung the Bow in an uppercut like fashion to send Usopp sailing into the air again.As he spun in the air Usopp fought through the pain and ringing in his head to draw his Kabuto Slingshot again, pulling out one of his most powerful Stars and loading it as he then aimed down with his unswollen eye at Hawkeye “Fire Bird Star!” he proclaimed before firing, the Star exploding and igniting mid air to take the form of a screaming Phoenix as it shot towards Hawkeye who was notching another Arrow.This Arrow was different from the others though, its head shining in Adamantium coating granting it unnatural sharpness as Hawkeye fired upwards towards his target, the Arrow cutting through the air like a hot Knife through butter as it then shot through the Fire Bird, dispelling and snuffing it out as it cut through the Star before meeting its intended target.As the Arrow struck him right between the eyes Usopp didn’t have chance to utter a single sound, going completely silent as the Adamantium Arrow cut through the front of his skull and flew straight out the back of it in a clean head shot, sending the Pirate’s body falling silently to the rooftops below with a sickening ‘splat!’.Sighing as he then rested a hand on his chest to nurse his cracked ribs Hawkeye shouldered his Bow “should have just followed the rules buddy”.Winner: HawkeyeI wonder if this will get as much shit as Green Arrow vs Hawkeye did.Anyway, why does Hawkeye beat Usopp?Well despite what everyone thinks of Hawkeye he is far from pathetic and he sure as hell isn’t a weak link in the Avengers having earned his mantle of ‘the world's greatest Marksman’ many a time over, with some of his more casual shots far exceeding the range of Usopp’s greatest shots.Along with his greater skill of marksmanship Hawkeye’s greater strength and outright close combat skill gave him the edge to deal with Usopp’s greater speed and arguably greater durability to grant him the victory in this match up.
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C - Peanut Batch 6 by Isi-Daddy
CM 32 - Meteorstom by KamiraExp-Commission
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DWOAH: Gilthunder vs Luck VoltiaDeadliest warriors of all historyGilthunder vs Luck VoltiaStrike like Lightning!Gilthunder info:Height: 6 foot 1Weight: 163lbsWeapons: Broadsword, ElectrokinesisStrengths: Is a Holy Knight and once enemy of the Seven Deadly Sins Gilthunder then proceeded to become one of their staunch allies, Immense physical strength (Is one of the strongest humans in the Seven Deadly Sins series, Can harm the likes of Diane via his physical strength alone, Can destroy the likes of Grey Demons with ease), Superhuman durability (Can survive attacks from base Meliodas, Survived attacks from Demon Hendrickson, Walked off being thrown miles by Diane and crashing into a building hard enough to destroy the entire structure, No selled his ultimate attack being Full Countered back at him), Massively hypersonic speeds (Can match base Meliodas in speed, Can effortlessly dodge Lightning), Superhuman stamina (Went from an extended battle against Meliodas to overwhelming a weakened Hendrickson without resting in between), Is a master Swordsman, Is Electrokinetic, Is considered to be one of the greatest Holy Knights.Weaknesses: Despite his immense power Gilthunder is still mortal, Despite being resistant to Electricity he isn’t completely immune to it.Luck Voltia info:Height: 5 foot 4Weight: 120lbsWeapons: Grimoire, Lightning MagicStrengths: Can easily be considered to be one of the most powerful members of the Black Bulls, Immense physical strength (Whilst roughly higher than peak human naturally Luck can greatly enhance his physical power by covering himself in his Lightning Magic, Can match Asta in physical strength, Can be compared to Leopold and Noelle), Superhuman durability (Can increase his durability by covering himself in Lightning Magic, Survived several attacks from casual Vetto, Survived hits from Black Asta, Survived attacks from Svenkin), FTL speeds (Is one of the fastest characters in the Black Clover universe, Can further increase his speed by covering himself in Lightning Magic), Is a master of Lightning Magic, Has technically over 500 years experience thanks to the Elf Rufel possessing him.Weaknesses: Suffers from a split personality and an insatiable hunger to battle strong opponents leading him to regularly leave himself open to attack to gauge an opponent's power.Battle begin!KRAACCKKKKOOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!The deafening sound of thunder echoed through the sky as two Lightning clad Warriors slammed into each other mid air, Gilthunder’s electrically infused Broadsword clashing with Luck’s Thunder God Gloves as their impact forced them both apart.“Iron Hammer of the Thunder Emperor!” the Holy Knight barked as he aimed his Sword forward, casting a massive bolt of Lightning from it to which Luck narrowly evaded, turning as he side stepped to watch the bolt arc through the air before it tore through the ground upon impact.“Haha! Yes! More of that! This is getting fun!!!” the Mage outright cackled as he cast Thunder God Boots upon himself, casing his lower legs in Lightning before rushing at Gilthunder with blistering speeds, leaving arcs of electricity behind with every step that further tore up the ground as he lunged at Gilthunder with a flurry of punches and kicks forcing the Royal Knight to defend himself with a Pure of the Thunder Emperor attack, his Broadsword reflecting each punch and kick before he reposted the Mage away and raised his Sword high calling another huge bolt of Lightning down from the sky directly onto Luck.“Thunder God Armour!!!” Luck’s battle cry came over the sound of the striking Lightning as the Mage emerged near unharmed from the attack, his body now glowing and crackling with electricity and his grin even wider and even more manic having seemingly enjoyed the hit.Kicking off from the ground with enough force to create a small crater beneath him as he surged at Gilthunder, striking him repeatedly with a flurry of punches, each impact sounding like deafening thunder as each hit got faster and faster, the electricity covering his Fists sparking and crackling with every hit until he landed one last punch that sent Gilthunder flying back hundreds of yards, the Holy Knight slamming into a small mountain in the near distance with enough force that he cratered the side of it and sent a huge crack travelling up it essentially splitting the mountain in two from base to peak.As the mountain fell into two parts Gilthunder forced himself out of the rubble, his Armour heavily dented and sparking whilst what visible skin he had was now bruised and burned, the Holy Knight in shock at the Mages sheer power as he clutched at his chest, the powerful shock to the chest having caused heart palpitations making each heartbeat near laboured and painful.Despite this though he pushed through the pain to ready his Sword again “Heavy Armour of the Thunder Emperor” he uttered to coat himself in a layer of electricity to mirror Luck’s, the Holy Knight then waiting as the Mage shot towards him again, waiting for the perfect moment as Luck reeled his Fist back again “EMBRACE OF THE THUNDER GOD!!!”.With the roar of his attack the electricity coating his body jumped off of Gilthunder to latch onto Luck before starting to electrocute him, sending sparks and jolts of Lightning everywhere as he then raised his Sword to the sky again “Pursuit of the Lightning Beast!”.With that three bolts of Lightning shot down from the sky, taking the forms of Predatory Beasts that lunged onto Luck and started to furiously bite and claw at him as Gilthunder charged his body with electricity again “Thunderclap Strike!” he shouted as he surged toward, stabbing his Greatsword to Luck’s chest before making it explode with a surge of Lightning that completely enveloped Luck, the sound of the Lightning strike muffling any scream he might have let out.Moments later Gilthunder gasped in shock as Luck’s hand suddenly emerged from the attack to grab his Broadsword and with a simple twist snapped it in two “Ultimate Lightning Magic: Lightning Battle Fiend!” Luck then declared as he essentially swatted the Lightning from Gilthunder’s attack away, revealing that he had now taken on the look of a strange electrical Elf/Imp-like Creature.With his eyes and grin even wider and more manic now Luck went on the attack again, speed blitzing around Gilthunder in a way that made afterimages of himself, the grass and dirt beneath them burning away from his sheer speed as Gilthunder desperately looked around in every direction, clutching at the broken bottom half of his Sword still ready to find and defend himself.That was until Luck struck however, a crushing knee to the Holy Knight’s stomach sending Gilthunder off of his feet before the Mage struck him like a Lightning strike from all angles countless times, causing him to rise higher and higher into the air before Luck then grabbed him by the face and surged near all of his Magic through the Holy Knight in one final Lightning Blast attack.With that the entire area went white as Gilthunders scream was quickly overwhelmed by a deafening roar of thunder, the light slowly dying away to reveal only Luck left standing, his attack having utterly overwhelmed and destroyed Gilthunder to the point that only ashes remained.“Heh, that was fun” the Mage beamed as his Battle Fiend form dissipated revealing his true form “Magna’s not going to believe this”.Winner: Luck VoltiaANd in a battle as quick as a Lightning strike the Seven Deadly Sins win streak is ended.So why does Luck beat Gilthunder?Well despite Gilthunder’s superior age and military experience he simply pales in comparison to Luck in every single category save for maybe raw strength, to the point that this battle could be considered almost unfair in some circumstances.With that considered Luck takes this victory faster than a Lightning strike.
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Leo by izzym19


Tyranor [OC] by GreySketches
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Summer #2 by GreySketches


Tyranor [OC] by GreySketches Tyranor [OC] :icongreysketches:GreySketches 101 17 Eowyn [OC] by GreySketches Eowyn [OC] :icongreysketches:GreySketches 80 2 Amber #01 [OC] by GreySketches Amber #01 [OC] :icongreysketches:GreySketches 125 10 Summer #2 by GreySketches
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Into the Woods #1 Wood Nymph :icongreysketches:GreySketches 135 19
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After Battle [COLOR] :icongreysketches:GreySketches 77 18
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