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All About Us!~

Hello! Welcome to All-Fandoms-United! This group is your home for any and all things fandom related! Whether that be fan flics, fan comics, fan art, anything! And don't worry! This group doesn't exclude anything! We welcome fan art of all sorts as well as non fandom related art! Such as your own personal characters (such as furries or your own species) this group is your home for everything! Our focus is to bring together people from the community to share in their love for their fandoms! Starting from Sonic, Mario, Pokemon, Anime, MLP and so much more! Anything and everything is accepted here! So kick back, relax, and enjoy the group! All are welcome! And please, if there is no folder for a fandom or theme that is not already in existence let me (the founder) know and I will make a folder! ^^

Rules and other info~
-You needn't ask to join! Just go ahead and press the join button!

-Please submit art in the appropriate folder!

-only art that belongs to you is allowed, art that was made/commissioned by another artist and then re-submitted to your page is not allowed here since it is not yours.

-doll makers are not allowed

-Featured folder submissions: if you have a piece that you believe is worthy of the featured folder you may ask to have it submitted there, otherwise do not automatically submit to the featured folded, thanks~

-Do not submit to the featured folder if you think there is no other place to send your art, if you do it will likely be declined, instead ask if there is a better option or if a folder can be made to suit the theme of your artwork.

-Feel free to ask if you have any questions!

-No hate art is allowed here. This is a community for all to enjoy and I will not have any art that directly insults or goes against another fandom, etc.

-All are welcome, if your a fan of anything or just looking for a place to submit your art this is the place!

-If you have any suggestions to making this group better, more open, etc please don't hesitate to ask and or let me know! ^^

Gallery Folders

Eddsworld by RGR98
Sass by CourtneyCat101
Rouge The Maid [SpeedPaint] by CuteyTCat
Internal Flames by CourtneyCat101
Hero by Diamond-waterfalls
Dance with me? by Diamond-waterfalls
Tikal by Diamond-waterfalls
Clarity by Diamond-waterfalls
Sonic FC OC
Skoll Lupin by TwistedLunar
Lucy's Secret (Fake Screenshot) by FloofPuppy
Can I nom your hair? by FloofPuppy
PC Boxing Queen by CourtneyCat101
Percy Peesh by Blossom-fur7
C:Vani and Mitch by Blossom-fur7
SSJ Goku!  by XDiamondShadeX
AT: Manette by Blossom-fur7
Fan Art Mashup Challenge: Spell gone wrong by MiiSkatMaia
Kids Again by Azwix
Kisses by Azwix
Back In Bussiness by CourtneyCat101
Hungry for souls by TwistedLunar
Singe Flare Enhanced by TwistedLunar
(CE): .::PIushiie::. by maxridefan123
Just Dance by CourtneyCat101
The Walking Dead
:GIFT: Animation Practice- Chewy Da Turtle by SkywaySky
Butter Fly vs. Fruit Fly (AC #135) by PolymerWantACracker
Oleniha by MeLoDyClerenes
Jeannette The Giraffe by MeLoDyClerenes
Tv shows, Cartoons and Movies
The Cat-Astrophe by VirlandoPF
Deadly Queen by EHBTheKomata
Petunia by RGR98
C: Paragamel by Blossom-fur7
Your creations
Moonshifter by TwistedLunar
:MallowCats: Shrimpy by DU4L1TY
Fanning the Flames by Cosmic-Corruption
What's going on? by VirlandoPF
Pirate Adopts Auction 1/2 OPEN by SkywaySky
Teen's Play Issue 2 Page 02 by LiyuConberma
Adventure Time
Future Babies by TimesUpize
Adventure Time FC OC
Angelica - Ref [2016] by TimesUpize
RAINBOW ROAD by BabaKinkin
Zeraora Costume Pikachu by TwistedLunar
Crossovers and cosplays
Coco's Book of Life~ by Blossom-fur7
Love on the battlefront by FloofPuppy
:Stamp: Mystic Messenger by DU4L1TY
Legend of Zelda
Rainstorm Horse Surfin by BabaKinkin
Gifs and animations
+ 1/2 Merry Christmas 2017+ by Niitre
gray and tobin fight while kliff poses being usele by shintarouee
Warrior Cats
hawkfrost by shintarouee
Homestuck Calendar 2018 Dave by BabaKinkin
Other Video Game Characters, Series
uvu by Pame87erizaneko
Five Nights at Freddy's Gang by RGR98
Entering the Subway by TwistedLunar


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your home for everything art!
Founded 3 Years ago
Oct 12, 2015


Group Focus
Everything Art

116 Members
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4,871 Pageviews
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Please stop submitting your work to the featured folder, if you feel there is no appropriate location for your artwork please ask me to make a folder for it.

Submissions to the featured folder will only be accepted if one of the following applies:
-your artwork is stunning and I'd be stupid to decline
-you've been a loyal member of the group for a long time and submit regularly
-you ask me if it would be ok to submit there and first show me what you'd like to submit
-you don't sent all your work to the featured folder and only ask very rarely

The featured folder is not for every piece of work you like, it is for the work that deserves more recognition as it had lots of effort into it and turned out really well, to me I feel it is also a reward for people who have been loyal to the group for a long time to have their work placed in the featured folder, but also with the same rules applying where it has to be a piece you are proud of and not an all the time thing.
I don't want to sound mean for saying this but it just tends to get annoying when I have to constantly decline artworks and repeat the same 'send to a categorized folder plz' drama over and over.

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TwistedLunar Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Question: Can I submit Splatoon things here too? It's only OCs of mine that I created and I don't see a folder for em. ;-;
(1 Reply)
TheCrimsonVariant Featured By Owner Edited Sep 27, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Organized, aren't ya? I'm gonna have to do some reading first. It seems
that the featured folder is only for the best. Stings a little...
I'm often told to put my works there in many other groups. *Sigh.*

Alright. Thanks for the invite.

Also, the gallery seems to be missing from the front page. That was
the second thing I expected to see, aside from the rules and regulations.
I'll find my way around, no worries.
SkinnyGreenKiller Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
"your creations" is that where we'd submit original species characters? If not, i have no idea then.
(1 Reply)
GravitatingEnigma Featured By Owner May 2, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
you guys should make a folder for Legend of Zelda ;_;
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Audrix98 Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2016
Thanks for the invite! :)
(2 Replies)
SkullzArt Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Can we make a stamp folder?
(1 Reply)
maxridefan123 Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
-loves how theres a walking dead folder-
(2 Replies)
SkullzArt Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
swooces in and comments
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