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Death Battle Arena: Heihachi,DEATH BATTLE ARENA_________________________________________________________________________________________Name: Heihachi MishimaAge: 75Race: HumanTitle: The King of Iron FistBio: Rising to take the Mishima Zaibatsu corporation from his father, Heihachi tried settling down as a family man, only to be betrayed by his wife Kasumi and choosing to abandon his son Kazuya, after finding him weak. He now stands as the head of the company and, with help from his regular King of Iron Fist Tournaments, has helped it grow as a powerful and influential military power.Costume 1: Standard karate giCostume 2: Shirtless w/hakama and wristbandsCostume 3: Fated Retribution OutfitCostume 4: Young HeihachiCostume 5: Tiger Hunter OutfitVoice Actor: Jamieson PriceSpecial Attacks:-Demon Uppercut: Heihachi rushes forward and throws an uppercut that can send the opponent into the air.*Omen Thunder God Fist: At the cost of some Super Meter, Heihachi will coat his uppercut with blue electricity for a boost in power. He also jumps to gain better effective range, and enabling him to catch opponents out of the air.-Jichinsai: Heihachi raises a leg straight up into the air, then slams the sole of his foot to the ground so hard that the floor cracks. This move can floor the opponent with a proper hit.-Hell Axle: Heihachi jumps deceptively high (enough to clear most projectiles) and throws a kick on his way down. Can be followed up on impact with a spin-kick for extra damage and to push the opponent backward.-Heaven’s Wrath: If Heihachi is attacked by a physical move, he can grab hold of the opponent’s arm or leg, then thrust a kick into their face. This does not negate damage Heihachi might take and requires precision to use.-Flash Punch Combo: Heihachi throws three punches in a fast-paced combo--two high punches and one middle.-Spinning Demon Kick: Heihachi gets down low and spins with his foot outstretched to hit the opponent three times below standard guard.-Demon Breath: Heihachi throws two fists forward. It can hurt point-blank opponents, but any projectile he hits with this will be neutralized. Requires precise timing to use.-Neck Breaker: Command Grab. Heihachi puts the opponent into a headlock, noogies them for humiliation, then snaps their head up with a “crack” before letting them fall to the floor.ThrowsFORWARD: Heihachi seizes the opponent around the middle, then jumps in the air and slams them, headfirst, onto the ground.BACKWARD: Heihachi grabs the opponent by the neck, bends them completely backward, then karate-chops them on the head, flooring them as he retreats.Super Moves:-10 Hit Combo: Heihachi stomps the ground, then advances forward and hits the opponent with ten powerful hits at varying heights, making it difficult to block. He will finish with a headbutt that can wallbounce the opponent with a direct hit. However, if Heihachi misses, he’ll press the attack in one direction and be left vulnerable.-Rage Mode: Heihachi holds up a hand and clenches it into a fist, coating his entire body in violet lightning. In this state, his attacks get a reach boost and inflict electrical damage that has the ability to stun or even slow the opponent with enough hits. Wears off after a few seconds.-Raijin’s Wrath: Heihachi coats himself with lightning and lunges forward with a punch. If he lands, he will stun the opponent, then uppercut them to stagger them. He uppercuts them again, this time launching them into the air. As they fall back down, he charges his fist with lightning and punches them right in the spine, lightning shooting up from their body. He then tosses them into the air and spin-kicks to send them flying away.*Raijin’s Ruination: Available only in Rage Mode, Heihachi will kick the opponent in the midsection. If he hits, the opponent will keel forward and Heihachi will raise a hand and slam it down to karate chop them in the back of the head, the impact creating a crater with the opponent at the center. Heihachi then raises a foot high into the air and slams his sole down onto their back, creating a bolt of lightning on impact that creates an explosion.FATALITIES:-King of Iron Fists: Heihachi cracks his knuckles, then punches the opponent hard in the face, caving in part of their face. He then throws a particularly powerful punch at their chest, shattering their ribs, hitting them again to burst their organs, and one final uppercut to the chest, sends their entire upper body exploding in a disgusting spray of blood, bone fragments, and pieces of organ.-Mishima Tradition: Heihachi calls in a helicopter and drags the opponent onto it. It then flies over a conveniently-placed volcano and Heihachi, smiling evilly, hauls his opponent into the crater. The opponent screams the whole way down, catching fire as they get closer. They hit the lava and struggle to "swim" out, their flesh burning down to the bone. The camera then switches to Heihachi, on the now-flying helicopter, watching with a smile as the volcano erupts in the distance.FRIENDSHIP: Build-A-Bear WorkshopHeihachi steps up to a counter with various sewing materials, then cracks his knuckles and sets to work with a threaded needle. A dust cloud forms as he works at breakneck speed, and occasionally, he comes back up and holds up a small article of clothing (little hat, bowtie, vest, etc.). When he finally finishes, he holds up a teddy bear with overalls and a straw hat. He gently squeezes its middle, making it squeak, then nuzzles it with his face. Meanwhile, his pet bear Kuma trundles onto the set, wearing the exact same clothes and looking kind of dejected.Intro: Heihachi is kneeling on the ground, then stands to his full height before raising a foot and stomping it on the ground, fists clenched.Outro: Heihachi flexes his arm, resting the opposite hand on his bicep muscle. He then exits the stance and smiles evilly at the opponent.Intro Quotes: “I’ll snap you like a twig!”“Let me show you the Mishima fighting style.”“I’ll make your death quick!”Outro Quotes: “Come back when you’re ready to fight.”“That felt good. Next!”“You’re not as tough as you talk!”Special Character Intros:(vs. Geese) “If you’re that hungry for pain, Howard, then so be it!”(vs. Akuma) “I’ve not felt this excited in a long time, demon.”(vs. Zangief) “You fight bears? I train them to be warriors!”(vs. Spawn) "Tell me, Spawn, does your soul still burn?"(vs. Link) "We never got to fight last time, boy. Let this be our chance!"(vs. M. Bison) “Mishima Zaibatsu has a proposal, Bison--complete takeover!”(vs. Ryu) “You’ve traveled far just to die, boy!”(vs. Hercule) “Champion of the World? Don’t disappoint!”(vs. Dan Hibiki) “You? A mighty warrior? HA!”(vs. Ken) “I almost hate to kill a family man like you.”(vs. Smokey) “I will bend you to my will, bear! Like so many before!”(vs. Kenshiro) "Hokuto Shinken? Unstoppable? I'd like to see that for myself!"(vs. Jin) “I should hope you’ve grown as a warrior, worthless grandson!”(vs. Might Guy or Rock Lee) “The only gate I will open is the gate to HELL!”Special Character Outros:(vs. Geese) “Hmph. Dead again. Typical of you, Geese Howard.”(vs. Akuma) “My strength is beyond even yours, demon!”(vs. M. Bison) “A strong soul is one thing. A strong body is another!”(vs. Spawn) "Back to Hell with you! And stay there this time!"(vs. Link) "Ha! Looks like your legends were all talk!"(vs. Ryu) “Such weakness. Unfit to even speak to a true Mishima!”(vs. Hercule) “You reigned as champion only because the strong were absent!”(vs. Dan Hibiki) “Once a weakling, ALWAYS a weakling.”(vs. Ken) “Your wife is now a widow, and your son an orphan!”(vs. Jin) “I have no use for weak descendants like you!”(vs. Kenshiro) "So much for 'undefeated'. Hahahaha!"(vs. Weiss) "Once your father's company is mine, my army will be unstoppable!"(vs. Might Guy or Rock Lee) “THAT is the power of a Mishima, beast!”Stage: Mishima DojoTheme Song: Heihachi’s Theme from “Street Fighter X Tekken”_________________________________________________________________________________________Prologue: Heihachi could not believe it. Before, he had met his end at the top of a roaring volcano, yet here he stood alive and in good condition (albeit still old). The Mishima patriarch also heard a voice within telling him to fight for his life if he wanted to keep it. Not wanting to let a good thing go to waste, Heihachi went forth to partake in a new tournament.Rival Cutscene: (At the rim of a volcano, Heihachi stands with his arms folded across his chest. Even as molten rock glows beneath him, he does not flinch or bend a knee. Heihachi is looking past the pit of lava and to the tower in the distance.)Heihachi: So close now… I can almost taste victory at this point. Only ONE obstacle stands between me and ultimate power now.(Heihachi’s eyes drift to the side just as someone else arrives at the peak of the volcano--a blonde man with a white overcoat and crimson hakama.)Geese: Mishima.Heihachi: (turns to face Geese) Howard. Here to die again?Geese: I was about to ask you the same thing, old man. Was this not where you, yourself, perished?Heihachi: I could ask you the same thing. Shall we see if history will repeat itself?Geese: Yes. (flings off coat) Let’s!(Both lunge, exchanging a series of punches and kicks. Eventually, Heihachi’s fist collides with Geese’s palm.) Geese: HA! Predictable-(Before Geese can finish, Heihachi rams his forehead into his face, causing Geese to stagger. He wipes blood from his nose.)Heihachi: Giving up after a drop of blood?Geese: (cracks knuckles) Hardly.(Both resume their fighting stances just as a surge of lava shoots into the sky, silhouetting both of them before fading to black.)Ending: Victorious over the trials of Death Battle, Heihachi Mishima returned to his world and his old life to celebrate his victory in the best way he knew how. Watching from afar with binoculars, he could only smile at the fate that befell those he had crushed. Geese Howard, his rival in Death Battle, the Mastermind who revived him, and his son and grandson, were all chained to the outside of a rocketship. Mere seconds later, when a timer hit zero, all four of them were launched into space, screaming all the way while Heihachi laughed triumphantly down below.
Death Battle Arena: Geese,DEATH BATTLE ARENA_________________________________________________________________________________________Name: Geese HowardAge: 43Race: HumanTitle: CEO of Howard ConnectionsBio: After the death of his mother, young Geese sought out his father with the intent to kill him and failed at the hands of his younger brother. Desperate to become stronger, he turned to the martial arts, but could not inherit his master’s secrets because of his malicious intent. In his anger, he abandoned his dreams and pursued power, rising through the ranks to become the top crime lord of South Town, USA.Costume 1: Standard AppearanceCostume 2: Gilet SuitCostume 3: Art of Fighting 2 appearanceCostume 4: Fundoshi attireCostume 5: Nightmare GeeseVoice Actor: Richard EpcarSpecial Attacks:-Reppuken: Geese slashes upward, creating a wave of bluish wind that sails across the ground. *Double Reppuken: At the cost of some Super Meter, Geese creates an X-shaped slash that will hit twice when it hits the opponent.-Shippuken: Midair move. Geese fires a sphere of wind energy down at an angle. Dissipates quickly, but is useful for canceling out anti-air projectiles.-Fudoken: Geese performs a powerful palm-strike, which can be aimed high, low, or in the middle. Useful for opening the opponent up for combos.-Chūdan'ateminage: Geese takes a combat stance and, if he’s attacked physically, will grab the opponent by the head and slam them to the ground.-Raimeigōha Nage: If near a floored opponent, Geese lifts the opponent into the air while saying “Stand up!” He will then slam them into the ground, creating a bolt of lightning that strikes as soon as he yells “DIE”, the impact of the lightning sending them flying to a side of the stage.ThrowsFORWARD: Geese grabs the opponent’s face, then slams the back of their head down with enough force to crater the floor.BACKWARD: Geese judo-throws the opponent behind him, then calls own a bolt of lightning to strike them when they hit the ground.Super Moves:-MAX Mode: Only attainable when Geese’s health is below 30%. For the duration of the fight, Geese’s Super Moves will gain a boost in effective range and explosive power. -Raging Storm: Geese slams his palms on the ground and creates a whirlwind of energy in front of him that stretches from the bottom of the stage to the very top, spiraling to hit point-blank or airborne foes. MAX version becomes laced with lightning to increase damage input and it will completely surround Geese, catching opponents directly above him or find a way behind him.-Raigo Reppuken: Geese creates an arching wave of lightning that can hit the opponent multiple times before launching them through the air. MAX version makes the wave taller, wider, and turns the lightning red to signify an increase in power.-Deadly Rave: Geese lunges forward and if he connects, he will unleash a 17-hit combo of fast and strong punches and kicks. He will finish by gathering electrical energy in his arms and thrust them forward, creating an explosion that blasts the energy backward. MAX version has a greater reach, has Geese use stronger and more vicious attacks, and the final explosion sends them back farther.FATALITIES:-Die Forever: Geese grabs the opponent around the face, then squeezes until their cheekbones crack and their jaw dislocates, hanging loosely by their hinges. He then slams the back of the opponent’s head down on the ground, further damaging their head and causing their eyes to roll up in their sockets. He then charges his fist with lightning and swings down, creating an arch of lightning that splatters their head on impact (even when his fist misses).-Power of Gaea: Geese grabs the opponent by the neck, then channels as much energy as he can into his fist. The opponent spasms violently as electrical energy surges through their body, then they go limp as it’s revealed their neck’s flesh has been burned away to no more than their spine, which Geese is holding onto. Geese then raises his foot and thrusts it into the opponent’s midsection, sending their body flying back while their severed head remains in his grip.FRIENDSHIP: Fatal FallAfter flexing his exposed muscles for a bit, the camera zooms out to reveal Geese on top of a ridiculous high-dive. When he walks towards the end for a dive, the wet surface causes him to slip and comically flail around until he falls backwards from the diving platform. The camera then switches to a bird's eye perspective as he falls down towards the pool while screaming his head off. He disappears under the water below with a “splash”, then resurfaces with a goose-shaped inner tube around his middle, and starts splashing around like a kid.Intro: Geese stands with his back to the camera, then turns and flings off his coat before beckoning to the camera.Outro: Geese props his foot on the downed opponent, then smiles evilly down on them as he rests an arm on his knee.Intro Quotes: “I will stain my hands...with your blood!”“I’ll show you what it means to cross Geese Howard.”“You will die before I let you win.”Outro Quotes: “How does it feel to be ruled by absolute power?”“Is every opponent I fight going to be so weak?”“That was quite the warmup. Time for the next fight.”Special Character Intros:(vs. Heihachi) “Mishima! The world is too big for you to control!”(vs. Akuma) “Your aura… You really are a monster, aren’t you?”(vs. Mai) “Bogard’s little lady… This shall be amusing.”(vs. M. Bison) “Negotiations have failed, Bison. Bloodshed will settle this!”(vs. Ryu) “The Wandering Warrior. This will be your last fight!”(vs. Nightmare) "Your nightmare begins!"(vs. Dan Hibiki) “Ha! I eat losers like you for breakfast.”(vs. Terry) “It is time to even up our counts, Bogard.”(vs. Jin) “The old fool’s flesh and blood? I will enjoy this.”(vs. Daredevil) "I'll make you wish you were fighting the Kingpin!"Special Character Outros:(vs. Heihachi) “Leave the world to me. You can just die.”(vs. Akuma) “Looks like your days of raging are over, demon.”(vs. Mai) “Tell the Bogards that Geese is here to stay!”(vs. M. Bison) “One leader is enough. Now die.”(vs. Ryu or Ken) “That was the legendary assassin’s fist? Pathetic.”(vs. Dan Hibiki) “You believe you’re strong? How delusional of you.”(vs. Terry) “Looks like this ‘wolf’ is a toothless, mangy mutt!”(vs. Jin) “I expected more from the grandson of Mishima.”(vs. Daredevil) "Tell Fisk that Hell's Kitchen is now Howard territory."Stage: Howard EstateTheme Song: “Howard Estate 2nd” from Tekken 7_________________________________________________________________________________________Prologue: When portals appeared all across South Town, it earned the attention of Howard Connections. Their shady head, Geese Howard, gained significant interest in these portals. Not only could investigating-and possibly destroying-them give him a bolster in power, it could let him strengthen his hold on the criminal underworld. Geese set forth into the nearest portal, eager to rise to whole new levels of glory.Rival Cutscene:(At the foot of an active volcano, Geese looks up at the insidious clouds licked by surges of liquid fire. With a grunt, he sets forth.)Geese: This is but one obstacle. It cannot stop me!(Reaching the rocky walls, he starts climbing with profound determination and inhuman speed. When he reaches the top, he sees a figure gazing upon the fiery pit--an old man who has lost none of his strength. Geese’s face twists into an evil grin.)Geese: Mishima.Heihachi: (turns to face Geese) Howard. Here to die again?Geese: I was about to ask you the same thing, old man. Was this not where you, yourself, perished?Heihachi: I could ask you the same thing. Shall we see if history will repeat itself?Geese: Yes. (flings off coat) Let’s!(Both lunge, exchanging a series of punches and kicks. Eventually, Heihachi’s fist collides with Geese’s palm.) Geese: HA! Predictable-(Before Geese can finish, Heihachi rams his forehead into his face, causing Geese to stagger. He wipes blood from his nose.)Heihachi: Giving up after a drop of blood?Geese: (cracks knuckles) Hardly.(Both resume their fighting stances just as a surge of lava shoots into the sky, silhouetting both of them before fading to black.)Ending: Holding the Mastermind of Death Battle in a deathgrip at the peak of his own tower, Geese reveled at the sight. Too often, he had fallen from such heights. Now it was his turn. With a laugh, he cast the Mastermind off the ledge, watching him fall to his doom. He could see how his foe, Heihachi, could enjoy this. With that sole obstacle out of the way, Geese’s return to power-and means of expanding his criminal empire-was inevitable...
Chapter IV: AwakeningOnce upon a distant moon of a long lost world, Samuel Taylor acknowledged his twin sibling Trinity as she appeared slightly unnerved. "Is something the matter sister? Why don't you sit and tell me what's troubling you?""I've often pondered what it'll be like once we're finally free from the veil," Trinity answered as she sat down beside him."Much the same as it was, I suppose.""What I'm trying to say is that everybody back home expects us to accomplish this task successfully despite the dangers that lay ahead. Even though they've entrusted us with their most powerful weapons, their hopes and dreams; for better or for worse the future depends on us now. However, I still have my doubts about what the outcome will be. What if we fail to win the war and they decide to blame us, or people who look like us? What if we lose?""Human beings have always feared those whom they perceive as different. Though we've all made mistakes in the past, a small act of kindness now and again can pave the way towards greater understanding. Upon finally waking up to this absolute fact, every forward motion will bring us closer together. Perhaps, it's time we had faith in each other to do the right thing for once. After all, I still believe in you Trinity despite your many many flaws.""Well, I'm going to forgive you for that underhanded comment, because we both know it isn't true. I'm the one who inherited all the looks in the family, just like mom used to say.""She never said that. Did she? Regardless, the way she explained it to me was that by the time you were born there just wasn't any wisdom left for you, and that's why I'm far more thoughtful.""Keep dreaming kiddo and maybe someday it'll be true.""It is. After all, she was probably the most honest out of all of us. Even when father and I would get into one of our heated arguments she'd tell us just how it was, no strings attached. Now that they're gone those disputes seem so distant. So welcome, almost like whatever we had fought over meant little to begin with.""I miss them.""As do I."Not long after they'd concluded their current discourse did the celestial object upon which they both stood begin to experience a most unusual spike in seismic activity."That's odd," Samuel said as he proceeded forward with is arm outstretched, "I'm sensing a disturbance in the magnetic polarity of the system.""What the hell's that supposed to mean? Can't you speak any English?""Something's incoming."Due to the massive influx of blood energy displaced during the previous cosmic anomaly, a tear in space time suddenly gave way before them and did thus transport Hallie Kazan to their current location; so that she may assuredly guide their way out of the veil. She then embraced her true friends with glee, after they'd unfortunately been separated for the sake of the mission, but having never forgotten the invisible bond they each felt for one another."I watched as it tore Kane apart," Hallie informed them whilst recalling her inexplicable exploits, "Almost like a piece of him was stolen and replaced with something else. I'm not quite sure what it was, but it looked like a, like a-""Snake," Trinity interjected."Yes. Like a snake. How did you know?""We've seen them as well. They're everywhere, and they seem to be informed of our mission. It's like they've been watching us, waiting for their opportunity to, intervene.""Well, whatever it is it has the ability to corrupt an artificial object from outside of the veil. To make an unreal person very much so, seemingly out of nowhere.""That's not possible," Samuel said, "As far as we know nothing is capable of wielding such immense power, not even the lance cosmic could accomplish such a unfathomably hazardous feat. One doesn't mess with the natural order of things Hallie, you can't imagine the chaos that'll transpire should your assessment prove to be accurate.""I just hope that I'm wrong, for all our sakes," she said."What do you mean?""I'm saying that in coming here to begin with and messing with the natural order of things, as you put it. We've inadvertently impacted forces far beyond our control. That in unison with the retribution we seek, and the war we've ceaselessly perpetuated, perhaps somethings decided to strike back. After all, for every action taken there's an equal or opposite reaction, therefore by attempting to find a deterrent for conflict in the first place we've inadvertently caused it somehow. For once great power is achieved there's always consequences, always a price.""If that is indeed the case then a deal has been struck without our knowledge," Samuel replied, "There's no going back now."Without warning, a thunderous crash suddenly echoed throughout the heavens as the very ground beneath their feet began to rumble and crack. The cosmos then shifted before them as they ultimately fell into the abyss, wherein they all witnessed the red eclipse in despair, after having been cast back into the dystopian world which they were most familiar yet equally distressed thereof.

Mature Content

Azure Lane: Pride of the Royal Navy Page 3 by Foxgearstudios
Space Crimes-Distress Signal from Saidee (2 of 3) by Slofkosky
Demon Hunters Chapter 7 Page 31-32 by dhmanga186
Demon Hunters Chapter 7 Page 29-30 by dhmanga186
Orange Tulips. Collage #12 by 3u3a
Purple Lavender. Collage #13 by 3u3a
Blue Pansies. Collage #15 by 3u3a
Black Feather. Collage #14 by 3u3a
Beware of IchitariMachitoFirstly, I found out IchitariMachito is trying to get rid all of the OCs that I gifted to them through a friend's warning. They've blocked me and my 2 other friends who also have the same situation as me, so we cannot check their toyhouse at the moment. They never said to us about these characters trade that we gifted.Secondly, they used to harass me and my friends very badly, I suggest you should stay away from this person because they are only friendly at first. If you have any disagreement with them, they will talk behind your back literally. Not only that, but IchitariMachito also conveys wrong information to anyone doesn't know what was ACTUALLY happening, so DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING THEY SAID when you encounter them!!! They are trying to play victim.Thirdly, they have a lot of history of owed commissions and owed arts. If anyone used to work with them and not yet receiving anything, it is not because they are busy, they are lazy (always plays game, watches movies, gives excuses for being stress, blames things/people that make them stress...).Finally, we heard they will abandon their old accounts and move to another (including Toyhouse, Deviantart, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Discord). Most probably moved to new accounts with different names. These are all of the information we know. If you find their new accounts, please let us know asap!UPDATES: (I forgot, sorry)- Please DO NOT HARASS THEM!!- IchitariMachito avoids all the problems they caused because they blame us for everything even though they are the one who truly cause those problems first.- They owed me 230$ and haven't returned yet and refuse to return.Please share this to your friends, anyone you know about this person. Thank you so much.Social media Discord: Madamude#4187 More info can be found here:

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