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The Ferryman's Songs - Nightmare of RuinsTwilight perpetually ruled over this region of the world.Ashes and dust, fog and shadows.Both light and darkness lingered, intertwining around.A huge but weak red sunwalked in a circle-path around the north. Riev, a young man, saw the vast city, where different kinds of buildings of forgotten eras had their roots in young and acient civilisations ...Humanity has been decimated times ago. And now, beasts and shadow creatures roamed the world, stealing whatever remained unspoiled.This broken city, abandoned and cold, was surrounded by the wasteland. The population of these scary borderlands was hiding, cautious almost paranoid for fear, in concealed corners of the rocky landscape.Riev came from this outside into this 'jungle' of ruins. In his chest, hope battled against fear. 'Will she be here? Something in me says ‚ yes‘. But ... the leaden heaviness of the clouds above, the bitter tears of this world, darkens every prospect, even when it would be reveal a clear goal. I'm tired ...'Silence! Be calm, my boy. Soon. Be patient, Riev!The devastated buildings - intertwined like the plants that fought their way through the cracked ground. The flora thrived between car wrecks, on partly collapsed skyscrapers, around rusty construction machines, and amidst heaps of debris.Riev stepped on a bone, accidentally breaking it under his lace-up boots. 'Oh, sorry! But ...that doesn't hurt you anymore, does it?' Frustrated he kicked away a dusty skull, watching it role regretfully, while lighting a cigarette. 'Fuck!' His eyes traced the evidence of past downfall. He walked deeper into the shadowy city.The young man breathed in the essence of nature's creatures and the ruins. He felt looks and emotions behind them: fear and suspicion, greed, resignation. Hardly a heart flourished in this world.Riev's mood shaped accordingly. Whispers floated in all directions through the mist. Messages emerged through this way of whispering. These words were ancient and sought those to whom they were addressed. Only they could decipher these messages, inscribing their meaning into the fabric of the dream that breathed everywhere there were dreamers.The young man paused. He was longing for a message. He yearned for it.Riev came across more corpses. 'These are Seekers. Their bodies are not yet cold.'People who resembled animals in their way to exist. Through their greedy behavior, a part of their humanity had disappeared in the relentless search, scavenging, stealing, and hoarding. They knew no satisfaction, roamed restlessly far from their original homes, were dirty, sickly, sometimes addicted to anything that numbed their hollowed, screaming hearts. Usually, they only had hiding places where a lot of stuff was hidden. Riev stared open-mouthed at the dead.'These poor souls! They were shot cold-blooded, just for fun, probably,' sighed Riev. The young man continued to sneak, staying alert.Then Riev spotted two Seekers. They were dirty, trembling as he looked at them.'Let us go! Don't hurt us, please!' The couple and he locked eyes, first with her, then with him.'No! No fear! I won't harm you. But, do you happen to know...'A gunshot! The male Seeker was hit in the head, causing him to fall. Riev took cover. The woman tore herself from Riev's hand, with which he tried to pull her behind cover. She ran away screaming blindly. 'Hey, you!' Riev had hidden behind the rusty gondola of a derailed roller coaster.Another shot rang out. She fell too. 'Damn!' He had tried.Projectiles struck behind and beside him, but he had found a position outside the line of fire. He had seen from where the force had hit the male Seeker.When the hail of bullets stopped, he waited, then peered at the attacker with sharpened senses. He spoke: 'Come, 'Tear of Dreamer,' take care of me!' Something inside him moved; his eyes practically glowed turquoise.He closed his eyes, slipping into a light slumber. In it, he explored the surroundings. 'Two hundred meters!' he whispered.The surrounding terrain dissolved.Someone approached him. Veils of mist obscured the view. It was a woman of his age, with wavy brown hair.She tried to smile when she saw him but began to cry. Riev ran towards her. 'It was her! The fog took her away again.'Where can I find you? Glory? Please tell me!' he spoke.Another gunshot pulled him out of the dream. But now he knew his destination was not far. 'Glory... I'm here, on the way to find you!' hoping she heard it.He had to go on. 'She is here in this city. This killer won't let me go further. I'll take him down! Fuck!'He looked at the sniper, without him noticing, into his mind. The presence of the dream was a network of possibilities for Riev.He let a lot of black butterflies flutter towards the shooter. He was scared, twitched and fired a bullet aimlessly. Riev saw his chance. Riev sprinted.He floated through the ruins of city. He saw more Seekers.Not much time had passed; he was close to the sniper's nest.'He can't see me anymore, that coward! I have to stop him! It has to be done.'He looked at his dagger, and climbed the wall.As if out of nowhere, the sniper with an assault rifle stood above him. 'How did you know you sucker... ?!'Riev swung up to a window; a burst from the shooter missed him. He jumped at him, grabbing the rifle but it pointed at his face. The shooter laughed, holding on with his left hand. 'So be it, you ghost!' he loughed ugly, then he slipped and fell about ten meters down. ‚ Luck of arrogance!‘ Riev saw some irony in all the things which hepened here now.The shooter landed on an old car. Riev looked down from above.Then it began to rustle more and more. Voices.Seekers approached from all around. Their looks were angry and hardened.They pounced on the shooter, devouring him as rats would attack a weak bleeding animal.'They are avenging their dead!' Riev jumped down onto a branch that bent downwards and ran on. He wished he hadn't heard the sniper's screams ...After a few minutes of wandering, he heard a voice in his head.'Riev! There's a shaft full of water with a metal cover on it. I'm coming from there, but you have to remove the heavy lid, so I can see how far I still have to dive, to climb out. I am at the spot when the sun shines exactly directly from the south, from where the huge tower reaches into the clouds.'From soul to soul, from heart-to-heart.'Glory, isn't there an easier way for you?''Oh, if there were, I certainly wouldn't choose this tough path. Our lives are not only in our hands. Here, my love, receive this representation of my thoughts!' …'What?'... Wow!' He collapsed and fell unconscious. The path revealed itself to him. On its edge, Glory's personal thoughts flickered.Riev woke up after a few minutes, to travel through a daydream, showing Glory's mental world as a guide.Riev glided through twilight and shadows. The red sun rays were clearly visible even in the ruined city. So was the shadow of the tower.His hidden home lay in the Ocean of Dreams. That's why he had this 'tear of dreamer' as a power. It was also visible on his face below the left eye, where a pattern created by the dream showed a flowing black tear, with details visible only in the turquoise glow of his eyes. ... ... In a temple. 'I have been waiting for this for so long. Finally, I escape these monsters. Riev is waiting.' The young woman emerged from a cocoon that had enclosed and nurtured her for a long time. It had been both a prison and protection for her. Above, they performed a ritual. She was able to access the water shaft that led through the temple's basement. A twist of fate? Who knows? 'Finding Riev and escaping with him on my side will give me strength!' The cocoon had provided for her every need. She took a deep breath and plunged into the shaft, spacious enough to swim underwater. … The water wasn't clean. After all that, she wasn't sure how far she had to dive. But it was worth the risk, as there was no other escape. Otherwise, they would have subjected her to torture, abuse, and mental confusion if she had emerged from the cocoon. Around her was darkness. 'I don't see the exit yet. Is the water too murky?' Restlessness. ... ... Meanwhile, Riev had reached the designated location. With all his strength, he pushed away the cover but feared finding Glory's lifeless body. He saw the red sun exactly halved by the tower in the south. And so: 'Wonderful, ominous! Scary?' observed Glory. Then, the black fog lifted. A man in a white robe, no age, with long silver hair, hummed one of his songs. He had just docked a small ship at a pier. 'I bring him into another reality, her into an alternative part of life. I guide the lost back to their paths, ... and when someone dies, ... who is not allowed to die, I show them the way.' The Ferryman looked at Glory. He raised his hand and approached her. 'Are you Death incarnate?' she wanted to know immediately. He shook his head with a slight smile. 'No, child, I am the Ferryman far in the Ocean of Dream, where the cosmos still slumbers. Those who die cease to exist without much fuss. At the end of time, they will awaken again.' 'Is it beautiful there, ... at the end of time? Are those whom one loved when there was still ... time?' All around, one could see the vast expanse. Stars and planets adorned the sky, colorful nebulae floated in the distance. 'Down here is the primordial essence of all being. The ocean at the world's foundation.' Towers and stairs led far upward, disappearing into the distance. Glory had tears in her eyes. 'What is to happen now?' The Ferryman handed her a beautiful silk cloth. Glory wiped her eyes dry so she could see clearly.The Ferryman pointed diagonally upward. 'Take his hand! Hurry up, child!' A gigantic arm with a strong yet gentle hand reached out to her. Then there was thunder, or at least it sounded like it. It was a familiar voice. Seeing Riev rushing over, I trusted that the two of them would make it. Riev held Glory with one arm, and with the other, he swam through the shaft. He pulled her out of the water. '... Glory, say something! Please!' The boy was working to restart her vital functions. I observed the two closely. She was unconscious, but her heart was pulsating again. Glory opened her eyes. Water came out of her lungs. She took a deep breath, turning to the side. Riev was with her, praying to the Creator while doing everything to help her. 'Thank the Lord!' he gasped as Glory looked at him and smiled with a pale face. Riev held her gently. 'We are safe for now. But we need to leave this city as soon you feel better,' Riev explained calmly, looking deep into his love's eyes and kissing her.It felt strange, at the same time so normal as a rule of the nature of mind and heart. They had married six weeks ago in the Creator's blessing. Shortly after, they set out to explore the myths of their clan, consisting of riddles. But during an ambush, Glory was snatched away from their companionship by a group of strange, frightening men and women, looking too odd to say a word about. They left Riev almost beaten dead, laying on the ground. Now Riev and Glory were One again. Glory hold the silk cloth in her hand. I will take you anywhere, children. Dream in the deep slumber until things happen that you cannot yet imagine!
Ash's Kanto Journey My Version Chapter 8Chapter 8: Path of a Pokemon Trainer "Human Speech""Pokemon Speech" 'Telepathy' We joined our heroes as they were on the road heading towards Vermillion City with two badges in hand, the Boulder Badge and Cascade badge, and were having lunch. "Now, we are heading into unknown territory; given that we are past the first two gyms, do you know any others past here?" Ash asked Misty and Brock, who nodded. "I know the Saffron City gym leader, Sabrina, as she has been a good friend of mine and has been getting more with her family. Don't let her appearance fool you. She's getting to make friends well now," Brock said to Ash. "I know two gym leaders. One is a brand new one that was added to the group of Kanto gym leaders; the one we are going to fight is one of them, Lt. Surge," Misty said to Ash, who was surprised by this. "Like Sabrina, who I also have met before, he's a family friend of mine and someone who has toned his battle style ever since your brother has faced him in battle," Misty said. "I'm familiar with Surge as well, as I have seen him in battle, and that's when he started to start showing respect to his challengers, and his Raichu, I've met in the past, he's pretty nice; when it's not battling," Ash said to Misty who nodded. "And the other Misty?" "That would be Janine; she took over for the newest member of the Elite Four of our region," Misty said to the group, who was taken aback. "You mean Koga? I heard that he gave it to her once he accepted that role as his gym was in the middle of nowhere in the forest, nowhere near Fushia city," Brock said to Misty, who nodded. "I met her before her father retired to be a gym leader. She's still new and is worried she won't be able to fill what her father would now. I met her a year ago, and she's still using the same typing that her father uses," Misty said. Ash nodded as he noticed that his Pokemon were done eating, and Riolu and Charmander instantly just went into training with each other. Ash chuckled at this. "You know, since we are on this route, there should be some trainers for you two to start working on with your team," Brock said to Misty and Ash, who turned to him. "I mean, Misty, you are no longer a gym leader, and you are more in the same boat as Ash as a beginner trainer," Brock said to the two, who nodded. "I mean, it's only fair, Ash. We are trainers, and from now on, it's our job to ensure that our Pokemon is in good form," Misty said to Ash, who nodded. "As long as we don't get overconfident by the wins," Ash said to Misty, who nodded as Riolu and Flare heard this and were ready to fight by Ash's side. Ash and Misty had faced a few trainers one at a time. Some were now using some of the new Pokemon and doing well, as Ash was up against a trainer with a Zigzagoon with Riolu, who gave her a good battle minus Riolu having a type advantage. "Now, Iron Tail and Blaze Kick," Ash commanded her, who landed both attacks on the Normal type, knocking it out as the trainer ran over to his Pokemon. This marks five wins for both Ash and Misty. "I must say you trained that Pokemon well-being on your team for a short time," Ash said to the boy, who nodded. "No argument there, Ash. He gave me a good battle, and even being new to battling under you, you battled well," Riolu said to the two. "I must say you both are on another league of trainers, that's for sure," the boy said to Ash and Misty, who nodded as he noticed that Misty had two badges on her bag. "I have taken both of you have two badges, and I'm sure you can take on AJ," the boy said to the two, curious about who he was. "AJ is a trainer who has his gym nearby and has never been defeated; he's strong while showing that he cares about his Pokemon. Maybe you can either beat him or give him a good battle." "Well, we might as well give him a chance to fight us; after all, we are on a role so far, though I wonder how strong you are talking about?" Misty asked everyone, who nodded. "You'll see when you get there. It's over there," the boy pointed in the direction to the west of them as the group went that way. Ash and the others made it to the building with a wooded gate and a sign stating that it wasn't with the Pokemon league; however, the sign showed the wins being 98, losses 0, and ties being 1, to beat 100 trainers to take on the league challenge which surprised the group as that was strong. "Wow, he wasn't kidding about how strong he is just by the sign there, and that's a pretty good goal for a trainer, minus it might tire out the Pokemon," Ash said to Misty and Brock, who nodded. "I make sure that they are taken to the Pokemon Center. Thank you for being so concerned, kid," a voice called out as a boy with greenish-black hair stood up and a shirt with orange and black coloring. "I have taken that you two are here to battle me?" the boy said to the group. "My name is Ash, and these are my friends Misty and Brock. Yeah, Misty and I both want to challenge you just to a friendly fight, that is," Ash said to AJ, who nodded. "Humph, I'll give you two this: you are more different from my last challenger, who tied with me with an arrogant personality," AJ said to Ash and Misty, who nodded. Ash had a feeling who AJ was talking about as they got inside as Butterfrees was coming to get AJ's backpack to take inside the tent. "Wow, they seem well-trained!" Misty said to AJ, who smiled at this. "Thanks, miss, and I will say this: if you want to see the rest, you can after our battle, I'm hoping to make my 100 wins with both of you, but with you two facing against me, of course at the same time," AJ said to Ash and Misty who was taken aback by this. "There are no rules in this gym, and besides, I'm not afraid to face off against more than one trainer, that is," AJ said to Ash and Misty, who sighed and nodded. Ash and Misty were in the trainer's box, and AJ was in the other one on the opposite side of them. "Two-on-one if that is going to be alright with you two," AJ said to Ash and Misty, who nodded as Latias and Latios were beside Brock, as did Flare, as Riolu was beside Ash, wanting to battle in this as she was on a role as she ran out to the battlefield. "Humph, a fighting type I'm familiar with. This Pokemon is not a bad catch; Sandslash, come on out," AJ sent out his Pokemon. "Buizel, come on out," Misty also sent out her Pokemon beside Riolu, as the two were fine battling as allies. "Now, let's get this battle started. Shall we you two start," AJ said to Ash and Misty, who nodded. "Buizel uses Water Gun now," Misty commanded her Pokemon, who fired that attack at the ground type. "Gyro Ball, Sandslash, get in there," AJ commanded his Pokemon, who was in at the water type attack as it didn't look like it was doing much damage to it, which was heading towards Buizel. "Brick Break, Riolu, help Buizel," Ash commanded her, who slammed right into Sandslash with her paw. It was sent to the ground. Buizel was surprised that Sandslash was able to withstand its attack like that. "Not bad, you two. You are showing a much better battle than my last few challenges, but I won't let this get to us. Sandslash uses Sandstorm," AJ commanded his Pokemon, who whirled up a stream of sand as Buizel and Riolu were wondering where Sandslash went. "Calm down, you two, and try to sense where it was," Ash said as they calmed down and tried to sense where it was. Even though Riolu didn't have aura sight working well, it could still help sense something. "Crush Claw now, Sandslash," AJ commanded his Pokemon, who charged at them from the other side of the Sandstorm. "Aqua Jet, Buizel," Misty commanded her Pokemon, who used the move to escape. "Blaze, Kick Riolu, counter it," Ash commanded her, who slammed her legs at Sandslash and caught in mid-air. "Iron Tail now," Ash commanded her, who slammed her tail into the Pokemon as the Pokemon went back into the sand. "I can see why he's won so many battles so far, but we need to get rid of that Sandstorm," Ash thought and remembered what Misty did in their gym battle. "Hey Misty, you think you can use Aqua Jet and Sonic Boom together to get rid of the Sandstorm," Ash asked Misty, who was taken aback. "I never used that like that in a weather condition, Ash, but we can try it," Misty said to Ash, who nodded as she turned to Buizel. "Sonic Boom and Aqua Jet aim it on the ground, Buizel," Misty commanded her Pokemon, who knew what she meant. "Riolu, don't get mad at me if your fur gets wet. That's something I can't handle," Buizel said to Riolu, who nodded and was okay with it. Buizel used the two moves, and her tail was spinning the water all over the battlefield, clearing the Sandstorm. AJ was impressed. "Now's our chance; use Shadow Claw and Brick Break," Ash commanded Riolu, who charged in at Sandslash. "Aqua Jet, now Buizel," Misty commanded her Pokemon, who charged in at the ground type as something was off with this. It seemed like AJ was holding something back, which Flare noticed. "It's a trap. You two get them out of there," Flare said to Ash and Misty, who were surprised as it was too late as the two landed their moves on Sandslash. "Checkmate Counter now, Sandslash," AJ commanded his Pokemon, whose claws glowed and slammed right into the two Pokemon, knocking them out. Ash and Misty were surprised. Sandslash was panting heavily as the wins were at 100. Now AJ cheered upon getting his goal as Ash and Misty ran over to their Pokemon. "You two did well out there; I wasn't expecting Counter to be a move that Sandslash could use in this battle," Ash said to Riolu and Buizel, who nodded and didn't blame the loss at all as AJ walked over with Sandslash. "Well, you two, I must say you have battled much better than any of the other trainers I've faced in the past few weeks, and to think that you managed to get out Counter like that, as you two are showing why you two have gym badges," AJ said to Ash and Misty who sighed and nodded. "Come on, I'm being nice to you two; this win wasn't easy. If it was another move, you two probably won that match," AJ said to Ash and Misty. "Sadly, Riolu only knows moves that Counter can be used against," Ash admitted to AJ, who shrugged and nodded in understanding. "As promised to you two, I will let you see my Pokemon as I will be taking them with me on my journey here in Kanto," AJ said as they went into the tent and noticed how everyone was training while it looked to be harsh they were getting more vital as Latios and Latias were getting angry about it. 'How can you treat your Pokemon like this? You think that this is training. They're being mistreated and all that," Latias said as AJ let her talk as she revealed herself out of invisibility. "And you've seen worse; this is legal standard training from the league as they saw my actions, and I helped them from bad trainers who were even worse, ms. Latias, and I'm sure that your brother is next to you. I heard stories that there's a Latios and Latias in this region, and I wasn't planning on capturing you two given that you are with trainers," AJ said as Latias calmed down. "Stand down, Latias. I hate to say it, girl, but he's right," Brock said to Latias, who calmed down. "These Pokemon aren't injured, nor are they being malnourished. They are well kept from the looks of them, and you saw how Sandslash was in battle," Brock said to Latias, who sighed and nodded as Latios was listening to this, as did Flare, even though she admits that what Brock said was true, and AJ had a point. "You are right, Brock, as I don't starve them or try to make them work for their food as I'm no poacher, as I use them during my battles when Sandslash is hurt or anything. The Butterfree you saw earlier was saved from poachers recently, and Sandslash is my first Pokemon," AJ said to the group. "I have a question: why the 100-win mark isn't extreme even though you earned it now? That must've been rough with the tie against Gary Oak," Ash said to AJ, who nodded. "So you know the boy who tied me, yeah, he was so smug and arrogant that he tied and called it a loss anyway, even when he battled well; while he does show respect to his Pokemon, he wasn't interested in losing or tieing in battle," AJ said to Ash and the others. "I've known Gary for a while, and while he is similar to his older brother, he's more respectful to his rivals nowadays, given that he's seen how losing to a rival can be," Ash said to AJ, who nodded. "As for my goal there, I wanted to get my Pokemon in top form for the gyms and league, as I knew that we could prove that our Pokemon are the strongest of all Pokemon. As you noticed earlier, Sandslash withstands your Water Gun well; it's cause he can do that without doing the most damage to it. That pool is shallow enough for him not to get hurt but not enough to be damaged, as my parents taught me how to raise these Pokemon," AJ said as he showed a fridge of Pokemon food. "Your parents are Breeders, aren't they, AJ," Brock said to AJ, who nodded. "Yep, the Daycare down the road belongs to them. I got Sandslash from them, but I will admit, I'm still worried about my Pokemon and if they are willing to continue the journey given that I've barely used most of them," AJ said to Ash. Everyone as his Pokemon was looking at him in understanding. Many of them told him they were grateful that he took them in. While they aren't a fan of the training methods, at least he cares for them, which Latios translated to him as AJ was happy to hear this and sighed, thinking that his Pokemon were mad. "Just maybe go easy on how you train me, and not try to force the moves like earlier or use counter early in the battle. We could've won that sooner," Sandslash said to AJ, who nodded. "We may have different goals when it comes to how to raise Pokemon, but you have the same goal when it comes to being a trainer, and our Pokemon still care and follow our goals," Misty said to AJ as Latias and Latios agreed to this as did Ash and Brock as well as AJ. The group was outside the wooded building as AJ packed his Pokemon in their balls, ready to head in the opposite direction. "Well, I'll head to Pewter and then head to Vermillion. If you keep on this road, you'll head towards Vermillion soon enough, though you will pass a Pokemon School nearby as well," AJ said to Ash and the others. Ash looked down, which everyone noticed, but let it be for now. "I'll be in Vermillion not long 'cause I was invited to a tournament over there on the SS. Ann, as it's still taking trainers for a tournament and party there, you guys should get one when you arrive at the Pokemon center if you asked, Nurse Joy," AJ said. "We'll try to ask them, and then we'll hopefully meet you there," Ash said to AJ, who nodded as he left, as did Ash and his friends. "I'm surprised that you handled that well, there Ash, as well as you Latios and Flare," Misty said to Ash, Flare, and her Latios, who turned to her. "Well, I've seen him doing a good job as a trainer. I can tell what Latias said to him is true, but he didn't make an excuse, and you saw how his Pokemon reacted to what he told us," Ash said to Misty. "I think Latias said it herself, and I won't lie, you handled it well as well, as this is what I meant by some Pokemon are picky with their trainers as they have chosen him as their trainer for a reason, and you can tell that they are willing to battle for him, not being wild," Flare said to Ash and the others. 'I wanted to see how his Pokemon reacted to how he was as a trainer, not jumping to conclusions as my sister did back there, and I won't lie, I can see what you all meant by saying that it's different from, say, poachers or bad trainers,' Latios said telepathically. The group understood as Misty looked to Ash, as did Latias. "Say, Ash, you looked down when AJ mentioned the School nearby. Is something wrong?" Misty asked Ash, who turned to her. "I went to that school when I was preparing to be a Pokemon trainer; sadly, their methods are way behind recently in terms of how Pokemon are not even Pokemon outside Kanto," Ash said to Misty, who was taken aback. "It's called the Pokemon Technical Institution," Ash said. "I've heard of that School as well, Ash. I even had a guidebook to it when I was younger, but how outdated can it be?" Misty asked Ash. "Well, they use levels and don't care about Pokemon typings regarding battles. Some of the Pokemon stuff so far back that moves that Spearow, Flare, even Beedril would fly past them," Ash said to Misty, as it sounds like Ash has even more experience with them. "This School is meant to help trainers go past the gyms and straight towards the league if you are high enough grade-wise. My mom pulled me out of there when I started to get bullied by one of the members of the student council." Flare and Riolu were growling upon hearing that, as they knew that Ash had a rough past regarding his older brother's achievements, but someone who bullied him got them angry. Even Flare's tail flame flared from it. Ash sighed as the group noticed that a fog had come in suddenly. "Huh? The weather didn't call for fog. What is going on?" Misty told Ash and the others as they noticed a group of children nearby and what looked like a treadmill. Ash realized what was going on and ran over to them. "Ash," Misty was worried about what was happening as the group ran after him. "I hope this isn't what I think it, is cause I've dealt with this when I went through this when I was at the school," Ash thought to himself as he arrived where the kids were as they were grilling the kid about Pokemon mainly about Pidgey and was showing how far behind the School was compared to what the boy was said. "Come on, you are forcing more questions about the Pokemon that you are making it harder for me to answer the questions," the young boy said to the three other boys who were ready to speed up the treadmill. "Okay, that's enough. Leave the young boy alone; this is the worst type of study and testing someone should do," Ash said to the group, who turned to him as the young boy got off the treadmill. "What's it to you, kid? Mind your own business. This is Pokemon School business, not yours?" One of the bullies said to Ash, who let them talk, not taking any of their taunts or excuses from them. "Hey, doesn't he look familiar?" One of the others said to the others who were questioning who Ash was. "You sure don't remember me, do you, given that you did the same to me a few years back when I started School, or should you let Gisselle know that her personal bully bag is here? She'll know who I'm talking about," Ash said to the group as Flare, Riolu, and the others ran over to Ash and the others as the group noticed Riolu. "Say, what is that Pokemon? And I think that is a makeup Pokemon," one kid said to the group, especially towards Riolu. "This just shows how behind your School is. This is a Fighting type called Riolu, while her species is from Sinnoh. Still, she Originates from her in Kanto in a little-known Kingdom called Cameron. Maybe you've heard about it and the so-called legendary person called Sir Aaron and his Lucario, this is its pre-evolve form," Ash said as the group, who was taken aback as they heard of it, thought it was a rumor as they looked at each other and knew what Ash said is true and left him and the kid alone either to do things on their own or go find their Studen Council member. "Thanks for that. I'm fully aware of the new stuff going when it comes to Pokemon, but as you said, they're so behind the times that they won't listen; by the way, my name is Joe," Joe said to the group, who was curious as Ash knew what he meant. "Never thought I would meet one of the Pokemon that isn't from Kanto here, that is?" "Pleasure to meet you, and I can tell what you are saying just by their response towards Ash and me," Riolu said, puffing her chest out as Ash chuckled. "I'm still new to this place, and while I do know answers, I either get test anxiety or harder questions," Joe said as the group headed towards the School as the fog lifted. "I can relate; their questions were way too hard or past the point that they teach you. It's one of the reasons why I left the School. While I know some stuff, I just froze up, and the quiz was over, or I made mistakes when it comes to battles in the past," Ash said to Joe and the others, who were now grasping the whole situation. "They would flip out when they learn that Pidgey can learn more than the set moves or about the Steel and Dark types," Ash said. "And who is the Gisselle girl? She sounds like she's the type to get what she wants?" Misty asked Ash and Joe. "I can tell them for you, Ash, as I see her more than as a classmate," Joe said to the group. Ash knew what he meant by that. "Gisselle is more than the student body president. She's the top-ranked student of the School as she ranks as a trainer with three gym badges; on top of that, she acts like a know-it-all when it comes to how advanced Pokemon are in terms of levels and how to win battles and how Pokemon are just numbers to her. Most of the School shows it," Joe said. Everyone was surprised and could tell what Ash meant by the way behind the School. "Wow, we don't use levels or treat Pokemon like that as they are our friends, not just someone used to battle. You weren't kidding about the whole this place is behind the times," Misty said to Ash and Joe as Flare and Riolu were not happy to hear how the School sees Pokemon. "Even Professor Oak wanted to teach the school more about the value of Pokemon or help get them in the times, but from what I remember, it's not in the budget as the whole newer Pokemon didn't show up until four years ago," Ash said to the group who looked down as they were interrupted by a female voice called out. "Well, look who came crying back after he failed the School and couldn't take how we run things in this School spreading lies as well. Are we Ash Ketchem?" the group turned to the voice as it was a girl who looked to be important in the School. "Gisselle, so the rest of your lackeys went to find you, huh?" Ash said to her as Riolu and Flare growled at her as she laughed. "Now's not the time, you two. We don't want to get kicked out of here or threatened by the league, as this place has connections to it," Ash said to the two who stopped. "While I do agree that there are more Pokemon that are out there, it's far too complicated to learn about, and you ain't going to convince me, either way, and you are more of a hypocrite than you are calling me about," Gisselle said to Ash. "I don't need to prove anything to you, Gisselle," Ash said to Gisselle, who was taken aback by this. "My Pokemon are my friends, not just someone there to win my battles. If you want to prove otherwise, why don't we battle? I'm not going to stand by and watch you continue your bullying of others and be so far behind that you don't know what you are talking about. I've already been a trainer for more than two months, owning two badges, and already have five Pokemon," Ash said to Gisselle, who was taken aback by how much Ash had had enough of her. "Humph, this is why you will never be better than your brother, Ash," Gisselle said to Ash, who closed his eyes. "What did you do to get those two gym badges, bibe, or get lucky to get them? You should have more Pokemon than that, and from the looks of your Charmander here, it looks like it's still in its beginning stage moves," Gisselle said as Flare was getting mad by this. "Red already had a Charmeleon by this point from what I remember hearing and had almost had 20 Pokemon some trainer. You are a pathetic trainer in the shadows of his brother," Gisselle said, laughing. "Say's Green's little sister," Ash retorted as Gisselle shut up upon hearing that. "What did you say? How did you know that?" Gisselle said to Ash. "Look, I'm not going into family matters; you are becoming less like her. Yes, she was hot, but at least she cared about those she met and her rivals. If you are done with all the talk and no way to back up your statements, we are done here, or you want to battle and show how far you are not only wrong but how behind the School is as outdated as you are," Ash said to Gisselle who glared at him as Flare and Riolu were behind Ash all the way. "Fine, given how your two Pokemon here are willing to fight me, let's make it a 2v2 battle," Gisselle said to Ash, who nodded as both were in the trainer's box on the battlefield in the school room. "I'll start Graveller. Come on out," Gisselle sent out her first Pokemon as Riolu stood before Ash, who nodded. "I'm aware from what the others told me that your Pokemon is a Fighting type, not like that it matters; Graveller uses Earthquake to show them how strong you are," Gisselle commanded her Pokemon, who sent shockwaves on the ground. "Jump out of there, girl, and then use Brick Break and Shadow Claw," Ash commanded, whose two arms glowed and slammed right into the rock/ground type who grabbed her to stop her from doing more damage. "Given how fighting types are more reliant on their arms, you might as well give up as I'm about to make it harder for her to fight back," Gisselle said to Ash, not knowing Riolu's moves. Then again, she never faced any of the moves that Riolu knows. "Now, Seismic Toss, and then Rock Throw," Gisselle commanded her Pokemon, who was about to use its moves. "Not so fast. Use Iron Tail before it can use those," Ash commanded her, who slammed her tail right into Graveller. Gisselle was taken aback as it did a lot of damage to it. Riolu got out of its grip and landed in front of Ash. "Given how that move is super effective against Rock-types, you are behind the times, Gisselle. I hope the students are watching cause they are going to see how behind the School is," Ash said to Gisselle, as many of the students were indeed watching this. "Shut up, you are going to regret saying that. Explosion now, Graveller," Gisselle commanded her Pokemon as Ash ran over to Riolu and covered her from the damage. He knew that she wouldn't be able to take it all, showing that Ash cared about his Pokemon as Gisselle, and everyone was surprised by this. Thankfully, Ash wasn't too damaged by this, as Graveller was out cold. "What, why did you do that? It's just a Pokemon. Why are you so protective of it?" Gisselle asked Ash, who brushed himself off. "Cause they are more than just that to me. They're my friends, and you'll never understand that my Pokemon went through more than that, as some were either taken here by Poachers like Team Rocket or wanted to join my team. You want them to battle cause you wanted them to. I'm letting them battle 'cause they wanted to," Ash said to Gisselle, who was listening to this and shutting up. "Now, are we going to continue, or are you going to run away given that you are being shown as the School Bully as you did back when we both went here," Ash said to Gisselle, who humphs. "You have a mouth to think that I see you beneath me because you don't see how things are here. You are so ignorant, and I'll show you how pathetic you are," Gisselle pulled out her Pokeball. "Marowak, come on out," Gisselle sent out her next Pokemon as Ash recognized. "So your Cubone evolved the last time I saw it," Ash said to Gisselle, who nodded as Flare took in place of Riolu as Riolu was beside Ash. "Flare told me she'll handle the next Pokemon. I got my part. Now it's her part," Riolu said to Ash as she was putting her rivalry with Flare behind to help Ash, who nodded. "Alright, Flare, use Flamethrower," Ash commanded her, who fired the attack at Marowak, who spun its club to block it, though it did some damage. "I thought that you would only use Ember by this point. Oh well, Marowak, use Bone Rush," Gisselle commanded her Pokemon, who charged it at Flare. "Dragons Dance and then Dig," Ash commanded her, who sped herself up and jumped underground quickly. "How? What was that move that she used? Not that it matters, use Bubblebeam on the hole," Gisselle fired the attack in the hole where Flare as she got out of the ground before it could hit her. "Dragon Claw now, Flare," Ash commanded her and slammed her claw right into Marowak, who blocked it with its club. "Counter and Bonemerang," Gisselle commanded her Pokemon, who used its club to slam Flare off to the side and tossed its bone at her, hitting her and sending her to Ash's side. "This battle is over," Gisselle said, thinking she'd won, only to see Flare getting up, refusing to back down. "How is that possible? Those were super effective damages. She should've been knocked out given how low of a level she is at this stage," Gisselle said as Flare roared at her, who was startled. "Flare, you okay? Are you sure that you want to continue? I could use Riolu," Ash was interrupted by Flare. "And let her get away with all this. No, thank you, Ash," Flare said, not in an angry tone but in a way to show that she cared for Ash as he was her friend. "This smug princess here needs to learn not to mess with the daughter of Red's Charizard, let alone the younger Brother of Red, Ash, please," Flare said to Ash, glaring at Gisselle as she got up like those attacks were nothing. "How can she still battle like this, such a stubborn Pokemon acting like she's hot? I don't know what she said, but I can tell she's calling me out, like trainer like Pokemon?" Gisselle said as Flare's tail flame burst wildly, catching everyone's attention. She let out a roar and started to glow as everyone was surprised by this. Flare the Charmander was now Flare the Charmeleon as she glared at Gisselle and Marowak. Gisselle was surprised by this as this is different from how evolution should work. "Flare?" Ash said, confused and worried about what would happen now that she evolved. "I'm still in here, Ash. I will not be disobedient towards you as per our agreement; I'm fighting for you, not just our team. Now, let's end this. Look up my moves, Ash," Flare said to Ash, who nodded and noticed that she had learned a new Fire attack on top of Flamethrower. Flare was glowing red as her Blaze ability activated as well. "What's that?" Everyone in the School said out loud. "Shows you how far behind this place is. Her ability, Blaze, increases its fire attacks, as for her new moves. We can combine that; use Flamethrower," Ash commanded her, who fired the attack as Marowak used its bone to deflect it. "Just as I predicted, use, Overheat along with Flamethrower," Ash commanded her, whose flame ignited and sent a much stronger fire attack as it blasted Marowak and sent it towards Gisselle as it held its arm. "Ugh, another move I've never heard of; let's end this Bone Rush," Gisselle commanded her Pokemon, who charged in at Flare. "End this with Dragons Dance and Dragon Claw," Ash commanded her, who charged in at each other and slashed each other as the two were on the other side of their trainers, arms held out as Flare was about to fall which Gisselle was about to celebrate only for Marowak knocked out from the amount of damage that it took as Gisselle ran over to her Pokemon as Flare was panting. Ash ran over to her and petted her head. "You did great out there, girl," Ash said to Flare, who purred from the pet on her horn. "Thanks, Ash, no one messing with our trainer and gets away with it," Flare said to Ash, who nodded as they turned to Gisselle, who now understood that Marowak was more than a Pokemon who had just won battles for her as Ash was about to say something only for a familiar voice called out to them. "What a wonderful battle you two had?" a male voice called out. It was Professor Oak, along with the School's headmaster, who was watching the entire battle. "Professor, what are you doing here?" Ash said as Flare was curious about that as well. "I was asked to come here to help provide the school enough to learn about Pokemon outside this region and improve the school's system, and the headmaster here agreed to it," Oak said to Ash and everyone. "However, we don't appreciate how the students treat others who are trying to learn without all this, and Gisselle, you proved that you are far from our top student. If you are willing to treat people like how you treat your Pokemon, what do you have to say about it?" the headmaster said to Gisselle, who didn't know what to say. "Headmaster, sir, if I may say something," Ash said to the headmaster, who turned to Ash, as did Flare and everyone. "Look, I think she's learned her lesson here that not everyone is going to learn exactly like she did, and I think she needs to go out on her own to see how things are different from what the school is teaching," Ash said to the headmaster who nodded as Ash continues and then turned to Gisselle who was surprised that Ash said that let alone standing up for her. "Don't get me wrong, I don't like how you treated your Pokemon or people like that, but people can change. I left this School cause I wanted to learn things independently, not through virtual tests and stuff as old as Fossil Pokemon. Gisselle, your sister is way better than you are as a trainer, and while I see some progress, I'm not sticking to your level and comparing you to her further," Ash said to Gisselle, who looked down. "Well said, Ash, Gisselle, as of right now, you need to get away from the School and be with your Pokemon. Who knows, you might change, but as of now, this School is well without you as a council member, and we don't want more potential trainers to drop out the cause of bullying. Right now, we are loosening our policies of how to teach our students and all that," the headmaster said to everyone, more importantly towards Gisselle, who nodded and returned Marowak and ran off. Everyone was outside the School as Joe decided to go on his own as a trainer rather than learn from the School as Professor Oak was learning more about Riolu and Latias and Latios as they were a part of Ash and Misty's team, which they allowed even students were amazed by them though Latias was enjoying the attention. "So you are planning on going on your journey as well, huh, Joe?" Ash asked him, who nodded. "Yeah, as of right now, I'm in a position to earn two gym badges and will be heading on my way off toward Vermillion City, but first, I'm going to stand by my Pokemon and learn from them on my ways," Joe said to Ash who nodded. "What about Gisselle?" Misty asked everyone, who shrugged. "Hopefully, she'll learn her lesson and follow what the headmaster said to her cause; I have a feeling we'll see her again," Ash said to Misty, who nodded. "I agree with Ash here, and here's hoping we will run into each other again," Joe told Ash. As he took his leave, Ash turned to Professor Oak, who was finishing up his study on Ash's Pokemon. "You noticed that they are out of their balls and are with them, not with me. If that's okay with you, Professor?" Ash asked Oak, who nodded. "While they are still registered as your Pokemon, they aren't registered for the capture limit from what I've understood. Don't worry, you two. It's not against the rules or will put you in trouble with the league," Oak said to Ash and Misty, who nodded as they had a feeling that was the case. "You still have two more captures before the six Pokemon limit, so no worries, and you can always contact me when you need them," Oak said. As he was wrapping up, he turned to Brock and had a translator device for him. "This is for you, so you won't be out of touch with what is happening." "Thank you, and I appreciate it, though. I am fine with what is being told to me through everyone, but thank you, Professor," Brock said to Oak, who nodded. "So, what are you planning on doing next?" "I'll be staying here for another few days before heading back to the lab to teach the students more about the newer Pokemon and all that and make sure that the school is up to date with all this," Oak said to the group, who nodded. Ash and the others were heading away from the School and waving goodbye to Professor Oak as they headed down the path heading toward Vermillion City. Riolu was now on Ash's shoulders. Flare was too tired to say something, which Riolu noticed. "Given that you are too tall to be on Ash's shoulders, I think I'll be taking my position on his shoulders now, Flare, or do you want to try maybe breaking his arm with your size," Riolu was interrupted by Ash. "I think you made your point with the size and instead not go there with the following part you are going to say, and here I thought you two were getting along," Ash said to Riolu, who shrugged. "While I do agree with the whole size thing, the shoulder is yours per our agreement, but you're going to pay for mentioning my weight there, Riolu," Flare said as she was ready to launch a Flamethrower at her, not caring that Ash was there as Ash sighed as Riolu backed off. "I wished that one of you weren't female so we don't have this issue, but that can't be helped," Ash thought, knowing that if he said that, they would be on him faster than Flare's Flamethrower would reach him. "But, I'm happy to have these two who are willing to fight for me and want to help me reach my goal as a Pokemon master," Ash smiled as Flare noticed and left it be. With the Pokemon School behind the group, our heroes are now setting on their journey towards Vermillion City. What is in store for our heroes as the journey continues? Stay Tuned.
A Promise Kept Ash's Johto Journey Chapter 75Chapter 75: Trusts and Answers"Human Speech""Pokemon Speech " It was the day after the events of the fourth Island with Charizard, Pidgeot, and Dragonair. Charizard was recovering from his injuries but still was out for a while as Clair Dragonite, Blaze, Charizard's middle sister who belongs to Ash's Cousin Michael, and Ash's Dragonair were in the room cause they were family to Ash's Charizard and heard about what had happened to him. " Any word from mom or dad to know if they heard about what had happened? " Dragonair asked her sisters and cousin, who shook their heads. Dragonair looked down as Clair's Dragonite patted her head and turned to her oldest sister. " Don't worry, sis, and they'll probably show up. If not, at least the league will learn about this, as this has gotten too far when it comes to Damien, Pidgeot filled us in on what happened, and I don't blame my twin for what happened nor you should blame your eldest brother cause of it either he wanted to protect you, but had no choice, " Clair's Dragonite said to Dragonair who nodded as she looks at her brother who was resting as Joy came in as the group turned to her. "I contacted Champion Lance, and he plans to send your parents here. They will be here in a couple of days to check on the situation and make sure that Charizard gets well. I do appreciate you all taking your time to visit him as a family to him," Joy said to the group, who nodded as Blaze was more cousin to them but still family, knowing that some response for this is a thing as Dragonair noticed that Pidgeot wasn't with the group. "Pidgeot is with her, brother, as your trainer is planning some preparations for his travels to his flock back in Kanto." Meanwhile, with Ash and the others, Ash was talking with Daniel and Pidgeotto. Slowbro's psychic capabilities were back online for them to understand Pokemon, as Ash's match wouldn't be until later in the day as the tournament heard what happened last night. "So you think I should send it to Professor Oaks place even though I'm not from Pallet Town or started there?" Daniel said as Ash nodded. "This gives him more time with them, and I can ask Professor Oak to send Noctowl to get him, given how far Fearow's flock is from Pallet town," Ash said to Daniel, who nodded. " Given that the flock is closer to Viridian City and my family's flock is near Pallet Town, that would work," Daniels Pidgeotto said to Ash and Daniel, who nodded. " Are you sure that the council will listen to you or give you a chance to speak about our relationship with each other? I mean, I don't remember much of our family's flock, given that most of them are either new or I haven't seen in a while? " Pidgeot said to Pidgeotto, who nodded and was confident as Daniel and Ash contacted Professor Oak. " I'm planning on visiting Fearow's flock first as I'm planning on staying with him first and then talking with them with Fearow by my side. As for the council, we do have more connections than you think, sis," Daniel's Pidgeotto said to Pidgeot, who was curious about what he meant. " As you know, you aren't the only Pidgeot in the group. Well, he's family to us as well, " Daniel's Pidgeotto said to Pidgeot, who now understood where he was going. " That would be my father. Seems like he's still with the flock even after my mom and I left, " Casey's Pidgeotto said, trotting her way over to the two. Pidgeot was surprised as Daniel's Pidgeotto nodded. " I didn't know that he was family to us, given that he confirmed my relationship to the flock. I have taken that he was also part of Dad's flock the longest?" Pidgeot said to both members of her flock, who nodded. " He's more a family friend, as mentioned earlier. Cousin here is tied to us through her mother and is still a member no matter what. As for her father, he was originally dad's second in command before he was passed over for our previous flock leader. I'll talk about that the next time we meet as now's not the time to talk about it, but let's say that there's a reason why many of the flocks are spaced out in Viridian Forest," Daniel's Pidgeotto as Pidgeot nodded respectfully and thought of something. " And what does your Godfather have to do with this? I know he is trying to maintain peace between flocks by visiting and discussing how to make the merger work without prying it. Does Fearow have something that you aren't letting on? I mean, we should stop hiding things, bro?" Pidgeot said to Daniel's Pidgeotto, who sighed. " The other is connections that Fearow has to the flying type hierarchy through Skarmory, " Daniel's Pidgeotto said as Pidgeot was surprised that Fearow has high connections. However, she needed to be made aware of the current leader's family in the hierarchy. " You might not know this, but our family is ranked 2 in the hierarchy as dad refused to be ranked one cause he didn't want that burden to affect us, but let's just say it's a champion's Pokemon, and his daughter is the tie that Fearow has? " Daniel's Pidgeotto said as Pidgeot looked down, it made sense why her father was well known by many, but was curious as to who this champion's daughter was. Casey's Pidgeotto has a surprised look on her face. "Mary? Fearow has ties to Mary? Do you mean "that," Mary? Cousin, are you sure? " Casey's Pidgeotto said to her cousin, who nodded as Pidgeot turned to her, confused. "Mary is known as the one who keeps in contact with other flocks and ensures that flock leaders don't try to do something that might cost them their status. From what I heard, she's also a flock leader somewhere in Johto," Casey's Pidgeotto said to Pidgeot, filling her in on who she was. " I thought that was a rumor from the flock, so she is a real thing, huh? But I still don't understand. What does Mary have to do with Skarmory? What's their relationship with each other? " Pidgeot asked her brother, who sighed and looked down. " It's cause Skarmory's relationship with Mary is the same relationship I have with Fearow. Mary is Skarmory's godmother, a family friend of hers as well as to our family, and Skarmory's mother's apprentice when Skarmory's mother was flock leader, " Daniel's Pidgeotto said to Pidgeot, who was surprised by this. " And she's only been flock leader as long as you have Pidgeot, with only three months under her wing longer than you have, and she's only 20 years old. " " And I thought I was young when I became flock leader, and she's not that much younger than Dad or Fearow by three years. Maybe we'll run into her here in Johto if allowed?" Pidgeot asked her brother, who nodded as Ash was finished talking to Professor Oak. "Thanks for understanding, Professor Oak, and we'll send him over soon enough," Ash said to Professor Oak, who nodded as Ash and Daniel turned to the group. "Professor Oak agreed to let you be transferred to his lab so you can spend time over there, and Noctowl agreed to take you there," Ash said as Daniel's Pidgeotto nodded. " Thanks, Ash. I appreciate the help there. I can see why Fearow was willing to listen to you in the first place," Daniel's Pidgeotto said to Ash, who nodded and turned to his sister. " You sure you don't want to come with me to the flock, sis? I'm sure that you need some time away from all this? " " No, I still got some training to do once Charizard gets healed, and I think being there would make things worse for you even with proof ," Pidgeot said to her brother, who nodded in understanding as they both looked a missing patch of feathers on their wings when Nurse Joy took to get their feathers tested. "I'll be staying on the island for a while after the Whirl Cup is over so that you will have time to yourself at the flock boy, so no worries about me leaving if I lose any point in the tournament," Daniel said to his Pokemon, who nodded. " Well, see you around, little sis, and good seeing you again, " Daniel's Pidgeotto said to his sister, who nodded. " I can see why you picked Daniel as your trainer. He knows your needs and respects how a trainer is as well. Take care and tell the flock I said hi," Pidgeot said as Daniel's Pidgeotto nodded as Daniel returned him to his ball. And sent him off to Professor Oaks's lab. "You are free to spend time with Charizard, Pidgeot, as Nurse Joy gave you the go-ahead to do so, given that you were there for him, and I'm sure you will be able to watch my battle today as well. Just keep an eye on him, just in case," Ash said to Pidgeot, who nodded and left to be with Charizard. Daniel walked off to the stadium to get ready for his match today. Ash sighed as he knew that it was just a typical day now for a tournament and up against Sissy today. The tournament was going on as almost everyone had their matches aside from Ash and Misty's match as many trainers were OK with this given that it was announced what had happened that night or some of them saw what led to Lugia helping them and couldn't argue with the reason behind it as Ash was waiting for his match in the locker room as his and Misty's match were the last two of the day as Sissy walks over to Ash. "Is everything OK with your Pokemon, Ash? We all heard what happened to your Pokemon during the tournament," Sissy said to Ash, who nodded. "Yeah, according to Nurse Joy, we were lucky to get to them before things got worse. Sadly, it was at the cost of Charizard's wing. Luckily, it wasn't permanently broken," Ash said to Sissy, who nodded and understood about Ash's situation with Damien. "I understand, Ash. I would've asked for our match to be tomorrow if your Pokemon needed rest or you needed an extra rest," Sissy said to Ash as she knew that things weren't right if the match was uneven between the two of them. Ash smiled and nodded. "Thanks, Sissy, but I got enough sleep last night, so we should be able to get this battle today, and no worries, I wished you the best of luck in the battle today," Ash said to Sissy while offering a handshake which she smiled and accepted it. "Will both our two combatants come out to the battlefield for today's battle," The announcer said, indicating it was time for Ash and Sissy's battle as both Ash and Sissy left and headed in the opposite direction of each other to their retrospective sides of the battlefield. The T.V. was on in the medical room where Charizard, his siblings, Blaze, and Pidgeot watched today's matches. They knew that Ash's match was next. The sight of the water battlefield didn't affect Charizard as he wasn't taking part in this battlefield, though Dragonair wished she would take part in this, but it had to be a water type of sorts to take part in this tournament. "Now, for the second to last match of the tournament before the main tournament, as many of you know that there was an incident last night, so we gave the time for our contestants to either rest up, as well as their Pokemon so with that said here are our combatants," the announcer said as Ash and Sissy arrived out of the stadium entrance and to their battlefield as Ash was introduced anyway though everyone knew who he was and who was the one who had Pokemon injured. "Now, for his next opponent, she's the first member of the Orange crew who is known to have control of the water of the battlefield and is known to be one of the stronger members of the Orange crew, the Miken Island gym leader, Sissy," the announcer said as Sissy arrives at the battlefield trainers box as Ash was ready to face off against her as Misty was in the audience with Brock as the remaining combatants were watching in the stands. "Now, remember this is up to a 2v2 battle, so will both combatants release their first Pokemon? Let's get this battle started, shall we?" "Kingdra, come on out," Sissy sent out her first Pokemon Ash realized that her Seadra evolved and was ready to fight against Ash as Ash pulled out his first Pokeball. "OK, Kingler, come on out," Ash sent out his first Pokemon, who was ready to battle as well. "Kingler vs. Kingdra, let the battle begin," the ref announced as both Ash and Sissy were ready to battle. "Ash, no matter who wins today's battle, let's give it our best, so let's get going, Kingdra. Use Dragons Dance and then Hydro Pump," Sissy commanded her Pokemon, who fired the attack at Kingler. "Mud Shot now, Kingler, and then use Bubble Beam," Ash commanded his Pokemon, who fired the attacks at Kingdra. The attack clashed, and the Bubble Beam hit Kingdra. "Aurora Beam, now Kingdra, and then use Double Edge," Sissy commanded her Pokemon, who fired the attack at Kingler, who was blasted by the ice-type attack as Kingdra, who was coming at the crab Pokemon at a fast pace and slammed at Kingler hard. "Knock Off Attack and Crabhammer now, Kingler," Ash commanded his Pokemon, who slammed his pincher, the big one, on Kingdra, sending it to the other side of the water battlefield hard as Kingler was panting from that attack from those two attacks. "Hyper Beam, now," Ash and Sissy both commanded their Pokemon, who fired the attack at each other it caused an explosion as both Pokemon were still standing and tired from all these attacks. "Dragons Dance and then use Double Edge now, Kindgra," Sissy commanded her Pokemon, who charged in at Kingler. "Crabhammer and Knock Off now, Kingler," Ash commanded his Pokemon, who was waiting for the Water/Dragon Pokemon. He managed to reach him as the two Pokemon clashed, causing an enormous explosion and knocking each other out. Both Ash and Sissy were surprised by the fact that the two were knocked out. "Both Kingler and Kingdra are unable to battle the match is tied as both trainers are down to their last Pokemon in the tournament," the ref announced as both Sissy and Ash returned their Pokemon to their balls and praised them as Sissy turned to Ash. "Well, Ash, I was hoping that this battle would last longer than this, but you are showing why you won the Orange League, but you know what my last Pokemon is, and we aren't going to let you win this time," Sissy said to Ash who nodded as Sissy pulled out her Pokeball. "Blastoise, come on out," Sissy sent out her last Pokemon. "Well, this ought to be good as it's the same as last time we battled," Ash said, pulling out his last Pokeball. "Lapras, come on out," Ash sent out his last Pokemon as the two Pokemon recognized each other and knew that this battle would be much different from their wave race back in the Orange Islands. "We have to be careful that Blastoise might know Mirror Coat as the last time I faced one, that was a move, so we need to fight without that being the case," Ash thought as Lapras turned to Ash, showing that she was OK with whatever Ash has planned as Ash nodded. "Alright, Lapras, use Thunderbolt," Ash commanded her, who launched the attack at Blastoise. "Hydro Pump, now Blastoise and the Skull Bash," Sissy commanded her Pokemon, who blasted the electric attack and then charged at Lapras via the water showing that it's gotten faster than their last fight. "Use Hydro Pump, Lapras," Ash commanded her, who launched the attack at Blastoise, who was charging through the water-type attack and slammed right into Lapras. "Hydro Cannon now, Blastoise," Sissy commanded her Pokemon, who fired the attack as Ash realized what that move was about and decided to end this now. "Use Hydro Pump Lapras as well as Thunderbolt," Ash commanded her, who fired the attack as both of the attacks landed and caused an explosion. Ash and Sissy were covering their faces as everyone was on the edge of their seats, even Charizard and his family at the hospital, as the smoke cleared. They revealed that both Pokemon were standing and panting as Blastoise couldn't take it anymore and fainted. Ash and Sissy were surprised. "Blastoise is unable to battle; Lapras wins, moving on to the main tournament of the Whirl Cup. Is Ash Ketchem from Pallet Town," the ref announced as Ash sat down and sighed. Sissy returned her Pokemon as Lapras swam over to Ash and nuzzled him which Ash chuckled. "You did great out there, Lapras, for your second battle since you joined the team," Ash said to her, who nodded. " Anytime, Ash, I'm not going to let the team down, that's for sure," Lapras said to Ash, who nodded as he returned her to her ball. "There will be a 30-minute break, and then the final match of the second bracket of the Whirl Cup between Misty and Sakura will begin," the announcer said to the group. Misty sighed, got up, and headed to the locker room to wait for her battle as she ran into Ash heading her way to it. "You look more nervous than before, Misty?" Ash said to Misty, who nodded. "I mean, it's one of my best friends that I'm facing against, and I was hoping to face her later, but I'll make due for this battle," Misty said to Ash, who nodded. "Just have fun, and you knew that this would happen; sooner or later, we've known that would happen since the beginning of the tournament," Ash said as Misty nodded as Ash walked towards the stands. In the locker room, Misty was waiting for her turn to battle as Sakura walked over to her. "Oh, hey, Sakura, I'm sure your team is ready for today's match?" Misty said to her, who nodded. "Look, Misty, no matter who wins this battle, we are still friends. That's the point of these types of tournaments. I'm still planning on staying in the Islands when this match ends, not to mention the tournament, so no worries. I will be heading to Cianwood City a little later on, so yeah, I'm sure that you are worried about how this outcome will be?" Sakura said to Misty, who nodded. "As I said, we're still friends no matter what, so let's give it our all," Sakura told Misty, about to say something only to hear the announcer call out for the two to come to the battlefield. "Well, that's our cue; best of luck to you, Sakura, and yeah, we are still friends no matter what," Misty said, offering a handshake to Sakura, who nodded as the two left the locker room and to the battlefield. "Now, for the last match of the Whirl Cup, these two have shown how well they've been in this tournament, but this battle will determine who will make it through to the next round," the announcer said as Sakura and Misty walked out as they were being introduced. "Reminder that this battle will be, at maximum, a 2v2 battle, and given that both trainers have two Pokemon, will both trainers let out their two Pokemon, and we will begin this last match," the announcer said as both Misty and Sakura pulled out their Pokeballs. "Vaporeon, take the stage," Sakura sent her sister water-type Eeveelution. "Kingdra, come on out," Misty sent out her water/dragon type Pokemon as both Pokemon were ready to face off against each other. "Kingdra vs. Vaporeon, let the battle begin," the ref said as Misty and Sakura were ready to go. Ash sat beside Brock in the stands. "Kingdra, use Hydro Pump, now," Misty commanded her Pokemon, who fired the attack at the water Pokemon. "Use Curse and then Hidden Power, Vaporeon," Sakura commanded her Pokemon, who used a move that didn't look anything threatening minus the name and fired the Hidden Power, which looked to be an electric type version, at Kingdra. "Dodge it with Dragons Dance and then use Return attack, Kingdra," Misty commanded her Pokemon, who charged in at Vaporeon, who was doing nothing as Sakura smiled at this. "What's Sakura up to? She used a move I've never heard of, yet it's doing nothing so far?" Misty thought. "Curse again and then use Batton Pass Vaporeon," Sakura said as her Pokemon used it again. Then it instantly returned to its ball, which made Misty and everyone surprised as Lanturn hit the field. The Return attack slammed into the Pokemon, only to not do much damage. "Use Return now, Lanturn," Sakura said as her Pokemon slammed into Kingdra hard, sending it to the water. Sakura smiled, giggling. "How, what just happened," Misty said as Kingdra rose in the water, not letting that attack take it out that easily as the Pokemon in the hospital was watching this. " Sakura is showing why she made it this far with that combo, cause Batton Pass will transfer those stat raising from Curse as it works two ways depending on what Pokemon used it, " Clair's Dragonite said to her family, who were watching this. " Your friend Misty must do more than that if she wants to win ." "Sakura is showing why her siblings are widely known to be strategic in battle, and what we are seeing is a strong combo from the Curse Strategy as it raises the Pokemon Attack and Defenses at the cost of its speed. So, what is Misty going to do now," the announcer said as Misty could see why Sakura was calm about battling her in today's match. "Now, use Thunderbolt Lanturn," Sakura commanded her Pokemon, who launched the attack at Kingdra. "Ice Beam and Octozooka Kingdra," Misty commanded her Pokemon, who fired the attack at the electric attack as it clashed with the attack. "Now use Hydro Pump," Misty commanded her Pokemon, who fired the attack at Lanturn, blasting him hard and to Sakura. "Psybeam and Thunderbolt," Sakura commanded her Pokemon, who fired the attack at Kingdra. "Dive underwater now before it can hit you with Dragons Dance," Misty commanded her Pokemon, who dives underwater. "Oh, no, you don't, Misty. Use Confuse Ray on the water, Lanturn," Sakura commanded her Pokemon. Misty was surprised as it covered the entire water battlefield and hit Kingdra. Kingdra was confused and shaky, moving side to side as Sakura smirked. "And I call that Checkmate; use Ice Beam and Psybeam," Sakura commanded her Pokemon, who fired the attack. "Kingdra, we're not going to let this get to use. Please snap out of it and then use Hydro Pump and Octozooka," Misty commanded her Pokemon, who snapped out of it and fired the attack just before the two attacks got to him. Sakura was surprised he escaped that confusion as fast as the moves clashed. "Now, use Return attack," Misty and Sakura commanded their Pokemon, who charged in at each other and slammed into each other headwise, sending both of them to the walls and knocking both out. "Both Pokemon were unable to battle. The match will be down to the last Pokemon on both sides," the ref announced as Sakura and Misty returned their Pokemon to their balls. "I must say, Misty, your bond with your Pokemon is strong, that's for sure if you were able to get out of my combo like that, even matching blow for blow, but I won't let you get a win against me that easily, Vaporeon come on out," Sakura sent out her last Pokemon. "Croconaw, come on out," Misty sent out her last Pokemon, who was ready to fight this battle. Vaporeon showed that it still had plenty of energy to fight against this Pokemon as Croconaw was doing a little dance she was known for. "Let's go use Surf attack, Croconaw," Misty commanded her Pokemon, who let out a tidal wave towards Vaporeon. "Dodge it and then use Acid Armor Vaporeon," Sakura commanded her Pokemon, who jumped in the water and disappeared. Misty groaned as Croconaw looked around for where it went. "Curse and then Shadow Ball, Vaporeon," Sakura commanded her Pokemon, who jumped behind Croconaw and slammed the Shadow Ball right into Croconaw. Given that it was known as a Physical attack, it did some good damage to her as Vaporeon went back into the water and went invisible. "Ugh, this is what I was hoping wouldn't happen and hoping to face Lanturn as her last Pokemon, Sakura. You are showing why you have made it as far as you did on your journey," Misty thought as Croconaw resurfaced from the water. Misty knew that Sakura would try this again, but spotting where Vaporeon was at was difficult. " Misty, keep calm. She's somewhere on the battlefield. This is your specialty; try to help us sense where she's at, " Crocnaw said to Misty, who was taken aback by this as Croconaw had faith in Misty's battle capabilities. Misty closed her eyes, as did Croconaw. "Ice Beam, now Vaporeon," Sakura commanded her Pokemon, who fired the attack at Croconaw in another battlefield direction. "Slash now, and then use Hydro Pump, Croconaw," Misty commanded her Pokemon, who slashed the ice-type attack and used Hydro Pump in the direction of the Ice Beam, hitting Vaporeon before it could get out of the way and sliding on the platform near Sakura. "Not bad, Misty, but I won't let you go that easily. Curse and then Acid Armor," Sakura said as she jumped in the water. While using the two moves, Misty noticed something in the water when it was moving as it was heading toward Croconaw. "That's it. It seems like Vaporeon isn't completely invisible while using Acid Armor in the water or hasn't mastered it," Misty thought as Croconaw noticed as well. "Surf on the water, get her out of it," Misty commanded her Pokemon, who used the attack, and the tidal wave slammed right into Vaporeon cause Curse made it slower, so it was harder to get out of the way and knock it out of the water. "End this use, Slash," Misty commanded her Pokemon, who was in the air after the Surf attack. "Shadow Ball and Ice Beam," Sakura commanded her Pokemon, who fired the attacks at the water starter as they clashed with the Slash attack. Croconaw was coming down towards the water-type Eeveelution and slashed the water Pokemon and sent her to the wall, knocking it out. "Vaporeon," Sakura said, surprised that it was knocked out as Croconaw was panting hard. "Vaporeon is unable to battle. Croconaw wins. Moving on to the main tournament is Misty Waterflower from Cerulean City," the ref announced as Misty sighed and was happy that she won. Croconaw was too tired to dance but puffed her chest as Misty chuckled at this. Sakura returned her Pokemon to its ball and smiled that she battled her friend in this tournament. She saw Misty smile at her, and both nodded. "Now, with today's matches over, we now have our trainers for the main tournament, and here they are," the announcer said as Ash and Misty turned to the scoreboard, which had brackets in the top and bottom parts. It revealed the trainers Ash was in the top Bracket, and Misty was in the bottom Bracket. It revealed that Ash was against his uncle and Misty was against Ash's cousin in their first-round Bracket of the tournament, but that wasn't the only thing that was in their brackets. Ash's Bracket had the following trainers: his uncle David, Casey, Katie, Morrison, Pryce, and Regie in his Bracket. Misty's Bracket had Ash's cousins Michael, Clair, Cynthia, Drew, Daniel Gary, and Paul in the Bracket; however, the way the Bracket was placed, Gary and Paul were going to face each other in that match to reach the semi-finals of their Bracket. "There will be a day off tomorrow so everyone can get some rest and let their Pokemon get some time to get better as we are in the part of the tournament that will be a maximum of three Pokemon for the trainers, so we will see you then ladies and gentlemen," the announcer said to the audience as everyone left as Misty and Sakura left to the Pokemon center. Ash checked on how Charizard was doing as he got his Pokemon healed. He saw Charizard's siblings and cousin there, and Pidgeotthey let him in. "How are you doing Charizard?" Ash asked him, who sighed. " A lot better than yesterday, but I'm nowhere near ready to get out of here and train again, and my parents are coming here soon. It is a bit embarrassing, " Ash's Charizard said to Ash, who was confused about why he saw it as embarrassing. " It's more of his pride that our parents are showing up the cause of the family matter that is going on with my twin brother, Ash ," Clairs Dragonite said to Ash, who now understood what was happening. "You think your parents aren't confident that you will be able to handle your older brother or Damien?" Ash said to his fire starter, who felt stung by that but knew Ash was right. "Maybe that might not be the case, Charizard. You didn't know that Damien showed up," Ash said to Charizard, who nodded. " This whole mess is caused by our family issues with siblings, and I felt betrayed by Dragonite while I was sleeping. He promised me that he would keep our family out of this, yet he brought Damien to where we were, and " Ash's Charizard was interrupted by Clair's Dragonite. " And you don't think he had a choice, little brother? " Clair's Dragonite said to her brother, who turned to her. " We are all aware of what Damien did to you and the Pokemon that Damien abandoned. Not to mention, this is what Damien wants you to do: blame others and let your guard down. My twin wouldn't have done this if it was someone else. Think about it. Dragonair told me that he was the one who told you all about those herbs, Charizard, and knowing him, he had no choice but to get involved in this, " Clair's Dragonite said to her injured brother, showing why she's the oldest of his siblings. " And how do you think he discovered that sis was a wild Pokemon? Think about it, and Dragonite brought Damien to us, " Charizard said. No one had any answers, as Ash remembers something. "Gengar," Ash said aloud as the group turned to him. "Remember he had a Gengar the last time we saw Damien. He must've been spying on us through that Pokemon, as it's known for being in the shadows. Damien has been one step ahead of us lately and learned about his disbard as a trainer until the league; think about it, Charizard," Ash said to Charizard, who looked down as Charizard sighed. " I know who he is, of all mons, " Charizard said as Ash turned to him. " He's Damien's second capture and one of his most sinister Pokemon on his team, always trying to make sure that we are loyal to Damien. He is the most ruthless Pokemon on his team, not to mention he is the one who Dragonite and I won't bother trying to argue with either. If he is the one who brought to our attention who Dragonair is being a wild Pokemon, then we need to do something about it, " Charizard said as he noticed something coming behind Ash. " Move now, everyone ," Charizard said as he fired a Flamethrower at the shadow to reveal that it was a Gengar, the same one. " Humph, it seems like you were good at spotting me. Even with a damaged wing, you still have a spark in you, " Gengar said as Charizard and everyone were about to battle him. " Humph, I'll leave you be. My job here is to spy on you by Scar to mess with your mind to think that your brother is the one who betrayed you. Yes, he did, but I was the one who did the real work, " Gengar said as he laughed and made his way out before everyone could attack him. "Get back here," Ash said to Gengar, only for Clair's Dragonite to hold Ash back, shaking her head, showing that it was not worth it as Ash backed off. " Oh, don't worry about me showing up. I've seen enough here to know that Damien is right not to fear you or your Pokemon, as I'm sick of the moping here and the goodie-goodie vibe. Next time we meet, you will lose to us, so savor this as we will decimate you in battle, " Gengar laughed as he left the area. Everyone sighed as Charizard groaned as that attack caused a pull on his wing that was injured. Ash ran over to him, as did Dragonair and Pidgeot, and Joy walked in to tend to him. "I warned you not to use your attacks while injured?" Joy said to Charizard as she was tending to his wing. "It's not his fault as one of Damien's Pokemon showed up a Gengar," Ash said to Joy, who was understanding as she wrapped up Charizard's wing and sighed. "Of all mons to be here, I'm fully aware of his Gengar and many Pokemon that the rangers have mentally broken cause of him; how he managed to slip past our security is still alluded to me," Joy said to Ash. " He must've gotten to my shadow during that fight yesterday to ensure that Damien kept an eye on me, " Charizard said as Ash relayed this to Joy, who looked down as Ash sighed. "Now we have to watch for more of Damien Pokemon. We don't know what is left on his team?" Ash said to everyone as Charizard sighed. " Dragonite, Gengar, Gyarados, Victribell, Magmar, Golem, and Pidgeot, " Charizard said as the group turned to him. "Those are what's left, and they aren't the types to be dis-swayed from his team. They are the most loyal and ruthless Pokemon he has compared to the rest ," Charizard said to Ash. "That Bellsprout that he caught that leads to you being released," Ash said as Charizard nodded. " The same one, indeed. He saw his potential and kept it around, knowing it would be useful to his cause, " Charizard said to Ash. Ash knew what he was up against, as Charizard passed out earlier. Everyone was worried about Charizard's state of mind and state of health now that Gengar had done some damage to him mentally. With everyone now through the Whirl Cup, things are getting worse for our heroes as the state of Charizard has worsened since he left the fourth Island. What is in store for our heroes as Damien is still out there as the Whirl Cup continues? Meanwhile, in Kanto, Daniels Pidgeotto was now back at his flock with Skarmory and Fearow as Pidgeotto was getting answers from his flock now that he could talk to his council on his flock . " You know why I'm here? Tell me, why hide the truth about my sister being our current flock leader, uncle, and the rest of the council? Daniel's Pidgeotto told his father's counsel, who turned to each other. " You know that this isn't what my father wanted when he left the flock to me, let alone what Pidgeot wanted? " The council was about to say something, but Pidgeot, who was the main member of the council and Uncle of Ash's Pidgoet and Daniel's Pidgeotto, interrupted them as most of them were thinking of excuses. " Enough. We all agreed to tell them the truth when the day was right, " Pidgeot said to the group and turned to his nephews, Fearow and Skarmory. " I agree we should've told you the truth from the beginning, and I agree that this isn't what your father wanted, but after the former flock leader was banished from our flock after what he did to try to take over the other flocks, we had no choice, but to keep it quiet, from you two until we know for sure that she was your sister, and by the time we found out, we had an agreement with Fearow here, " Pidgeot said to Pidgeotto as Fearow stood in next to his Godson. " We agreed when we found out that your sister was indeed a member of your family that we would tell you two the truth when her trainer came back to get her, but you blew up and flew the coop before that could come out, " Fearow said to Pidgeotto who looked down. " And you didn't think my sister wouldn't have wanted to see her older brother again or know he was alright. This whole mess with me being at her throat and anger issues could've been avoided if you told us the truth sooner or later, " Daniel's Pidgeotto said, showing his wing that was missing feathers, showing how far they were willing to find the truth as everyone sighed. " I don't want this whole merger to be a thing as long as we are still hiding secrets from each other and not what Mary's family had in mind when that rule was placed." " I agree with Pidgeotto here, and while I don't know what my godmother was planning with that idea, this whole thing is only causing more conflict, and as a member of your leader's team, I know that she would've wanted the truth about her and Pidgeotto here, she's really hated the fact that she was being treated as the culprit of what happened to Pidgeotto losing his flock leader status and now it feels like you just didn't want the truth to come out, " Skarmory said to the council who looked down as Fearow held his wing in front of her. " That's enough, dear. You made your point clear, and we can talk to her when she visits in the coming days, but right now, I agree we need to make things right with each other, " Fearow said to Pidgeot, who nodded. " We need a new council once the flock merges, and I think this will be made of our leaders, along with Pidgeotto and Skarmory. " Many members protested, but only Pidgeot stopped them. " Enough. I agree with Fearow's assessment and proposal and look at our decision here and how it's going," Pidgeot said to the council, who shut up. " Need I remind you that Fearow was placed as our leader's son's caretaker for a reason, and how is it going? Being at each other's throats, pitting family against each other, a loss of a flock leader, and almost losing a treaty, that was a thing since the flock started, " Pidgeot said as the council members looked down and turned to Fearow, who nodded. " I helped this flock in the past with your previous flock leader when he went rogue, and I've been very lenient with you all. I agreed to this merger cause I wanted our flocks to be at peace, not to mention working with my former friend's flock. We need not be at each other anymore to keep this peace. I came here to propose the idea of a new council and let my Godson here talk and confront the truth, not to cause more issues, and you know that," Fearow said, putting his talon down as the group nodded. "T his meeting is over as of right now, we agree. Pidgeot returns from her journey in Johto, and we will disband the council for a new one. It's the only way to stop this issue, not just for our flock's sake but for the younglings so they can do what they want. If they want to be with trainers, it can be in a safe place, " Pidgeot said to the group, who nodded. " I'll leave this to you, Fearow. We need this merger to work peacefully and nephew, " Pidgeot said to Pidgeotto, who looked at him. " Whatever you think might help make you happy, I want you to know that we meant no harm in this. Can you forgive us, " Pidgeot said as Pidgeotto nodded and sighed. " I forgive you, Uncle, but the council, I don't forgive. I'm staying with Fearow's flock as you got your way. I'm a member of his flock until this merger hits, so I hope you are all happy, " Dainel's Pidgeotto said to the group, who looked down as he turned to Fearow. " I'm done here. We can leave. " " You're wrong about one thing, nephew, " Pidgeot said to Pidgeotto, who turned to him after sighing. " You are still a member of this flock and our family. No matter what, I can see you. Becoming a human-trained Pokemon helped you become more mature, just like your father, " Pidgeot said to Daniel's Pidgeotto, who nodded. " I'll visit the flock during my time here, but with Fearow only, but when I leave for my trainer, the next time you will see me is when the merger happens, and I'm a Pidgeot, so see you all around and thank you for listening to me," Pidgeotto said to his uncle and council who nodded as he took off with Fearow and Skarmory. During the flight, Fearow turned to his Godson. " I must say you handled it much better back there than you think, Pidgeotto, " Fearow said to Pidgeotto, who nodded and looked down. " I did it cause your father asked me to look after you two, and I wanted, as you can tell, we had no idea how you two would react to it, hence why I told you not to look too much into this cause we wanted you to either find it out yourselves or as mentioned before when Ash came back for your sister," Fearow said as Pidgeotto nodded. " I won't push it further, but you are your father's son back there, and I can tell that something on your mind? " " I'm now worried about what happened yesterday. As you know, there was an attack that involved my sister and Ash's Charizard. There's a lot of things that I don't know, but that trainer looks familiar to me, " Daniel's Pidgeotto said to his Godfather, who knew what he was talking about. " Let's just say he has something to do with your former flock leader. That's all I can say according to what my scouts told me, but right now, we won't delve into it ," Fearow said to Pidgeotto, who sighed and was tired from all that talking and flying as they neared Fearow's flock. Stay Tuned.
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Contest Announcement!

The studio's next project is an anthology of short stories set in Morgulia and so we thought we would do something extra special. From today through Sunday November 19th, I will be running a Morgulia short story contest. Up to 7 winners will be chosen and winners will have their stories published, with page length, setting, and tone editing done by myself, in the anthology with full credit and perpetual royalties so long as we continue to publish it.

All entries must be posted with the keyword #Morgulia , submitted to either myself or the Featured folder in the Morgulia fangroup here on DeviantArt, be grim fantasy horror stories, and have the main character or character's that the story focuses on be from one of the following factions (links for more in depth descriptions):

The Dobrinian Order; duty bound but uncaring and coldly stoic militant order upholding humanity's position of strength within Morgulia no matter the cost: Dobrinian Order Concept

The Tanizi Troupes; barely tolerated traveling entertainers and occasional thieves bearing a dark history and ancient curse: Tanizi Troupe Concept

The Manhunters; Ruthless men and women who specialize in tracking down and returning with anyone with a price on their heads, whether dead or alive: Manhunters Concept

The Mircalac; Vampires as corrupt and decadent as the are beguiling and dangerous who seek to make Morgulia their plaything once more: Mircalac Concept

The Zana Courts; bizarre and dangerous spirits from outside ordered reality that take on strange humanoid forms for their own unknowable purposes: Zana Courts Concept

The Cult of Gurath; peasant followers of a dark entity inhabiting the mountain woods of Morgulia and granted vitality at the cost of sacrifice: Cult of Gurath Concept

The Cobolani Clans; degenerate and cannibalistic fishers and ferrymen who have struck an unthinkable bargain with aquatic entities resulting in mutations: Cobolani Clans Concept

Finally, for those needing a refresher on Morgulia itself, more general information can be found here: What is Cursed Lands: Morgulia?

Good luck; I look forward to seeing what horrors you all unleash!

- Shawn, Horizon Point Studios
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