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LOVE BY PEPE: A VALENTINE'S SPECIAL The following new special is rated PG+ LSVMild Language, Cartoon Mischief/Rude Humor, Mild Sensuality/Suggestive Themes, Violence,and Some Thematic Elements which not be suitable for younger readers.READERS DISCRETION IS ADVISED! DeviantArt Original SeriesNew Line Television PresentsIn Association With: Creative Arts Studios/4C EntertainmentA Warner Bros. Animation Production(Pepe returns to Warner Bros as a Looney Tune)(he got chased by Melinda Rabbit as few characters doing theirthing with comedy, texting on cellphones, Cheetara speeding up,4 new villains to hurt the Looney Tunes as they got hurt by a anvil,Penelope got jealous as Pitu showing muscles as she scoffs, Leroy drinking coffee got spilled as he screams in agony, Yogi and Boo Booshrugs while nodded) (he got crashed on to the bull's eye logo)(all the characters assembled) (Leanna hugs and kisses him) PEPE: It is too impossible to be attractive. Pepe (TM) Created for DeviantArt by: SHREKRULEZSeries Developed by: NEW LINE PRODUCTIONS,CREATIVE ARTS STUDIOS/4C ENTERTAINMENTand WB ANIMATIONLOVE BY PEPE: A VALENTINE SPECIALOriginal Story by: SHREKRULEZ and JAYFOXFIRETeleplay by: SHREKRULEZ, EKJR and JAYFOXFIREExecutive Story Editors: JOHNSPARTAN1982 and MYSTERYFANBOY718Story Editing by: CREATIVE ARTS STUDIOS and CARTOON HILLS ENTERTAINMENTSupervising Producer: MINERVAMINKProduced and Story Directed by: SHREKRULEZ and MULLAN007February 13th came and it's almost to the most romantic holiday of alltime: VALENTINE'S DAY. All the Looney Tunes are doing their normalthings even our romantic skunk guy: Pepe Le Pew was looking forward to it.PEPE: (Frere Jacques singing) My most favorite holiday in zee whole wide world:VALENTINE'S DAY! Cannot wait to give something for my new Pigeon.Flowers, check. Candy, check. And a special Valentine's Day card for her, TRIPLE CHECK! (giggles) DIRECTOR: Pepe, come here for a minute. PEPE: OUI! COMING, MONSIEUR DIRECTOR! (coming inside) PEPE: Did vous wishing for moi to see moi?DIRECTOR: Oui. I mean, yes.There's a Valentine's Day dance tomorrow. It's called "Hearts With You Dance" and you couple should join.PEPE: Outstanding idea, Mon Director.But what about another toon short?DIRECTOR: It's closed till next week.You need a break from those mousetraps by Jerry again.(his tail got mousetrapped) (he groans)PEPE: Caught by his own trap.(both laughing) (Pepe moans in pain a little) PENELOPE: Hmm.He's going to that dance with her.(photograph of him and her chasing) Sometime soon I will be with mon passion of skunkiness.PITU: Hmm.Wondering what she's been thinking about. I hope it's about moi with mon muscular physic. (flexing his arms out)(CRACK!)BUGS: Don't overstimulating yourself, Pitu.Your body can't withstand from your back. PITU: Point taken. (thuds) (he shrugs in a 4th wall) Away from the Los Angeles Correctional Facility, the most dangerously gorgeous bunny gal named MelindaRabbit is going back to get revenge on Pepe even helping outLeanna, her step sister.(going underground many times as she hits on metal, cactus,construction equipment with a driller as it drilling while spinningeven shouting until she made it to the WB studios)MELINDA: DAMN IT, MAN, GOING UNDERGROUND IS THE DIRTY PITS! Wondering why Bugs never get hurts like that.No matter.Time for revenge of that stinkin' ex-boyfriend. (mousetrap got snapped) MELINDA: I hate you, Jerry.At the Toon Cafe...DOT: Guess what, brothers?I'm getting a date and which date I got? WAKKO: FRANK STALLONE!?!RAY STEVENSON!?! SHIA LEBOUF!?! DOT: Heavens to bit from that paper boy with a paper bag.No offense, Charlie.CHARLIE: I can't stand it. I just can't stand it.YAKKO: Perhaps someone who's remotely attractive from MuuTube's profile.LEMIRE RANDOLPH!?! DOT: Nope, her.MINERVA: Hey, there, my favorite Warner sister of a cutey. Getting ready for our special Valentine dance soon?DOT: Almost. You'll be surprised from unexpecting wondrous outfit I'm gonna wear.See ya, perverts. (both holding hands and wondering off) BOTH: WELL, I'LL BE CONFUSINGLY DISENGAGING MOSCOTS OF THE WB!MICHIGAN: I am and you're driving me crazy, Warners.(baseball bat on them)MICHIGAN: AND THAT'S THE WHOLE BALL GAME!BOTH WARNERS: Frog's legs for French cuisine. (thuds) Everyone from the Warner Cafe are talking about the Valentine's DayDance even Tom and Jerry been chasing around as Toodles coming throughas they wolf calling as they got mousetrapped from Jerry's leftovertraps. (KASNAP!) (both groans) TOODLES: Boys. No control. BOTH LADIES: We noticed.(all laughing) Joshua Le Pew just wondering off to see Pepe, his step Dad, sohe can getting himself a job because he got expelled from Schoolbecause of stealing.JOSHUA: I wondering where Pepe, my Step Dad, was located.I really wanna see him because I got expelled. MINERVA: Hmm.He's a very attractive young manEven he's good looking from his own standards. DOT: You were fantasizing males many times, huh?Since the cartoon with Newt and Wilford, am I right?MINERVA: Ugh. You noticed.(she smiles and giggling) DOT: Damn, man.JOSHUA: Hey, ladies, can you tell moi where I can find my Step Dad?BOTH: PEPE'S STEP SON: JOSHUA! COME WITH US! JOSHUA: Huh? PEPE: Leanna, maybe we can watch a movie after lunch.There's a romantic comedy I really wanna watch.JOSHUA: Step Dad?PEPE: JOSHUA! How's School?JOSHUA: That's something I wanna tell vous about. I got expelled. PEPE: LE WHAT!?! Let moi guess. Aftermath from zee Christmas heist and losing your academics, right?JOSHUA: Oui.BOTH: Poor vous. (they hugging them for comfort and support)LEANNA: Hmm.I'm thinking of a wonderful idea for vous.Come with moi. A little later....JOSHUA: DAD, I GOT A PART TIME JOB! COORDINATING PRODUCER FOR YOUR OWN CARTOONS! LOLA BUNNY TAUGHT MOI TO DO THOSE KIND OF THINGS!PEPE: WONDERFULLY OUSTANDING, MON SON! Well, I got to do our wonderful date before Valentine's Day.Au revivor. (cellphone shown for texting him later) JOSHUA: LIKEWISE, LOVER BOY! (phone shown and bought) (they waving goodbye) Unfortunately, someone's been following them with weapons to get rid of him for once and for all.MELINDA: There's that son of a bitch.This is my chance. LEANNA: There's a alley across that building.We can take a short cut there.PEPE: Short cuts could be very treacherousbut as your lover, I will protect vous withing mon heart.LEANNA: Merci, lover skunk.(they crossing that pathway until she came as they both gasping) (Melinda growls) LEANNA: STEP SISTER! MELINDA: Good to see you again, Step Sister.Pepe, let go of her. I will kill vous for humiliating moi like zee last time.HYAH! (Pepe moves as she strike with a sword)(gunfire from her silencer pistol) (he tossing the garbage lid as Top Catwas sleeping) TOP CAT: Huh? What the...?PEPE: Pardon moi, Monsieur Top Cat, just borrowing zee lidto put a lid to her. TOP CAT: YIKES! (he ducks and cover) (lid on her face) (Leanna moves swiftly as she grabbing a broomto sweeping her step sister hard) LEANNA: HEY, STEP SIS, MAY I SWEEPING ON YOUR OWN FEET!?! (she tossing at her and got smacked) (thuds) PEPE: MERCI FOR YOUR ASSISTANCE, MADAM! (she smiles and nodded) (Melinda growls as she fights back at her sister)(Pepe is mad till he grabs the rope and wrapping around her)(she fallen) PEPE: YEE-HAW! THIS COWBOY GOT MY CATTLE ALL NICE AND WRAPPED!MELINDA: I'M GONNA GET YOU!FOR EVERYTHING YOU DID TO ME AND WHOLE A LOT MORE!(she moves like a worm while swarming away)LEANNA: Least we got the early worm before morning time came.(both laughing) The next day is Valentine's Day as everyone are gonna get readybut for the 2 lovable couple: Pepe and Leanna wanna get it onbefore the dance starts. (Leanna showing her hot bra as he smiles)(she starts kissing within her mouth to mouthing off)(she puts his hand on her chest) (both snuggling together)PEPE: How vous becoming mostly attractive bunny to be in loved?LEANNA: Because I am still.PEPE: Well, someone else just boggles mon mind before us.Mademoiselle Penelope.LEANNA: Yeah, I noticed.Did she really loves vous during in production of your cartoons?PEPE: Non.She's a actress.She's a very eccentric feline person but just don't wanna be in loved with moi.Nothing's matter anymore.LEANNA: I just want her to be like a sister.Much better like the other one. Valentine's Day should be special not disaster.PEPE: Oui. Let's ask her to join with us.LEANNA: Sounds good.PENELOPE: LE WHAT!?! (she fallen)BOTH: HUH!?! PENELOPE: Sorry.I was spying on you both because I'm worried.Didn't mean to interfering your relationship.I'm sorry.PEPE: It's all right. Practically hilarious from zee tumbling down like that.PENELOPE: (mad) Really?PEPE: We're Looney Tunes, you know.PENELOPE: (smiles) We always are.LEANNA: Please, join us.PENELOPE: Sure. Not the third wheel thing only in friendship.BOTH: Oui. (all laughing) (dance music plays as everyone are dancing)(the Warners embarrassing Dot many times as Minerva giggles)(Leroy and Cheetara dancing) (Bugs and Lola are doing the bunny hop dance) TAZ: Taz loves Valentines.Me thinks refreshments to get. (he spins and bumping people even Boo Boo Bear) TAZ: Sorry, Boo Boo.BOO BOO: It's okay.Besides I rather sitting down because I don't have a date.Even I looked like a kid but I'm not. I'm a teen. TAZ: Taz understands. You'll get one soon, you'll see, Boo Boo.(he spins back) BOO BOO: I hope so, too.(Yogi and Cindy sadden for Boo Boo) DROOPY: Hello, all of you Valentine Lovers you.YOGI: Perfect timing as usual.CINDY: We're not doing entertaining anyone today because of this day.But for Boo Boo's....I'm not sure.YOGI: Minerva's been taken, Lola's been taken even Leanna been taken.I'm all out of options. CINDY: Someday he'll find someone.You'll be sure of it.DROOPY: Your rumpus is showing.BOTH WARNERS: GOOD NIGHT, EVERYBODY! (Cindy growls as he smiling nervously) (he walks away) (Tom and Jerry about to ask Toodles with flowers and candy butrejection by a mousetrap) (all laughing) BOTH ROADRUNNER AND WILE E.: (sign) BETTER US THAN THEM! (Tom and Jerry mad at them) DAFFY: Least I got my Hot Bod ducky gal to be with me.MELISSA: Think again, duck lips. (mousetrapping his beak) Get a different date elsewhere. I'm leaving you. DAFFY: This is despicable. (all laughing) BUGS: Love quarry will be acceptable in Valentine's Daffiness. (both giggling) LOLA: Least both ladies are enjoying Pepe's company. Sounds like the 80's sitcom show reference. (shrugs) (one individual came unnoticed as Boo Boo seeing her) BOO BOO: WOW! WHAT A WOMAN! MELINDA: Now, to eliminate that pesky ex-boyfriendand so called ex-sister. Huh?BOO BOO: Hey, my name is Boo Boo and you're very attractive bunny gal.(got his cellphone) Did you have a cellphone number?Wanna text me or anything you wanna talk about?MELINDA: Is he serious? Come on, kid, I got some work to do and...WHAT THE HELL!?! BOO BOO: Please, I got to impress my best friend there.Only for one day. That's all. MELINDA: Hmm. Okay, kid, let's dance.(he smiles and they start dancing) (Tom and Jerry sighs for a lost sweetheart as Toodles even her friendMaryweather) (they dancing until Pepe and Leanna show the show inthe middle of the dancing ring) (Melinda getting closer to hurt them bothby a flamethrower, mousetraps, portable hole, TNT stickand a glue gun) (she got stick, boom, snapped, burnt and went down)SKIPPY: That attractive bunny gal went down the hole.SLAPPY: Pointless charade since the 1990's, huh, folks?But that's comedy.SKIPPY: And how. (winks) PEPE: Wait a minute. LEANNA: Is that....MELINDA: YES, SISTER, IT IS I, MELINDA RABBIT,GONNA TERMINATING YOU BOTH FOR THE LAST TIME! (all gasping and getting mad at her while surrounding) MELINDA: OUT OF MY WAY! LEROY: Melinda, you were my best friend even thoughyou're working with a jackass. However, he'll never loved you because some birdy told meabout him. MELINDA: What do you mean about that? TWEETY: Follow me on Tweety. (winks for a joke) But seriously, Shamus been confessing to another hot girl.(cellphone shown) SHAMUS: That hussy tramp of a rabbit never my type.Only you I loved and it's much better than her. You're my Valentine. REGINA: (woodpecker woman) Yeah, that stupid bunny gal willnever be with you, darling. Only me.(Melinda crying in tears) (beep) SLYVESTOR: Land sakes, woman, that donkey's heap will neverloved you. Only his ugliness' expression. (all laughing) LEANNA: Working with him ain't worth it, doesn't it? MELINDA: It's not. (in tears)PEPE: Relationships could be difficult if vous choose the right one.PENELOPE: Been there, done that.LEANNA: Will you be my sister or be a nothing? (all looking at her sadden to smiling) MELINDA: TO HELL WITH THAT JACKASS IDIOT! (hugs her sister) I am so sorry for everything, everyone.Can I be with vous? ALL: OUI! PENELOPE: Welcome back, Looney Tune Family Member.MELINDA: And Boo Boo, I'm yours forever. (kissing on the lips) BOTH YOGI AND CINDY: YOU GO, BOO BOO! DROOPY: You know what? I'm jolly. Pip, pip.(all laughing) (all dancing) CHEETARA: Thank Thundera everything's swell on Valentine's Day.Even she got hard times but damn glad it's all over.LEROY: Indeed.We got the best family for Valentine's this year. Like a gift.CHEETARA: Speaking of gift....LEROY: Here. CHEETARA: Here. (they kissing) PEPE: We loved Valentine's Day, don't vous? ALL: HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY, EVERYONE! (snapped by Jerry's mousetrap on Droopy's foot) DROOPY: Ouch.(all laughing) PEPE: Love hurts, huh? (winks) LE END! a.k.a. THAT'S ALL, FOLKS! (for now)See you next time on PEPE! Series Producers:SHREKRULEZ, ALANSTARWARSFAN and JOHNSPARTAN1982Series Writers: SHREKRULEZ, ALANSTARWARSFAN, JOHNSPARTAN1982,IVANG, JAYFOXFIRE and MYSTERYFANBOY317Head Writer and Story Department: SHREKRULEZSupervising Producer: IVANGCoordinating Producer: MINERVAMINKDevelopment Coordination: SHREKRULEZIVANGandALANSTARWARSFANProduction Estimator: EKJRAdditional Story Editing by: IVANGExecutive Creative Consultant: SHREKRULEZFor Creative Studios Creative and Story Consultants:JOHNSPARTAN1982 and JEH517Creative Director:ALANSTARWARSFANExecutive Script Consultants:JOHNSPRATAN1982JAYFOXFIREandEKJRCo-Executive Script Consultant:ALANSTARWARSFANSeries Coordinators:SHREKRULEZJOHNSPARTAN1982andJAYFOXFIREStory Coordination/Supervisors: IVANGMINERVAMINKandMYSTERYFANBOY718Technical Story Coordinator: MINERVAMINKUnit Production Manager: EKJR Additional Dialogue/Script Concepts:ALANSTARWARSFANandIVANGWriting Supervision/Coordinator:SHREKRULEZRewrite Supervision:JAYFOXFIREandIVANGRewrite Coordination:JOHNSPARTAN1982Script Editors:MINERVAMINKand JAYFOXFIREScript Settings/Supervision:ALANSTARWARSFANandIVANGDialogue Coordination/Supervision:JAYFOXFIREand MINERVAMINK Asst. Dialogue Coordination/Supervision:JOHNSPARTAN1982Continuity Scripts:MINERVAMINKSHREKRULEZALANSTARWARSFANMYSTERYFANBOY718IVANGandJAYFOXFIRE Director of Special Projects:PENELOPEPUSSYCATCOMMCo-Production Management:SONICFIGHTERProduction Coordinators: JAYFOXFIRE, MINERVAMINK, BIMBETTESKUNK, EKJR, IVANG andPENELOPEPUSSYCATCOMMAsst. Production Coordinators:MATTHEWTEHSKUNKand TALON-THE-CYBERFOXProduction Runners:SHREKRULEZ and ALANSTARWARSFANEntertainment Editors:JAYFOXFIRE, MINERVAMINK and BIMBETTESKUNKPre-Production Editors:FROSTTHEFORBIDDEN and BECENTERPRISESAdditional Production Coordinator:JOHNSPARTAN1982Executive Assistants:SONICFIGHTERand EKJRPost Production Coordinators:JAYFOXFIREandMINERVAMINKPost Production Services by: NEW TOWN ENTERTAINMENT and CREATIVE ARTSStory Establishments: SHREKRULEZ and ALANSTARWARSFANTechnical Coordination: IVANG and JOHNSPARTAN1982Pre-Production Coordinator: SHREKRULEZAsst. Pre-Production Coordinator: IVANGAdditional Director of Special Projects: JAYFOXFIRE Coordinating Supervisors: SHREKRULEZ and ALANSTARWARSFANProduction Administration: SHREKRULEZ and ALANSTARWARSFANProduction Supporters:JOHNSPARTAN1982IVANG EKJRJAYFOXFIREandMINERVAMINKFOR CREATIVE ARTS STUDIOS/4C ENTERTAINMENT:CEO and President: SHREKRULEZV.P. of Story Production: ALANSTARWARSFANStory Establishments: SHREKRULEZProduction Director: JOHNSPARTAN1982Executive Consultant: IVANGPublic Relations: EKJRSupport Associate: MINERVAMINKDirector of Story Production: PENELOPEPUSSYCATCOMMAssociate Producer: JEH517Special thanks to:CHUCK JONESTOM RUEGGERSTEVEN SPIELBERGAMBLIN ENTERTAINMENTDC COMICSWRITERS AND ARTISTS OF WARNER BROS. ANIMATION andTED WOLFProducer for Creative Arts Studios/4C Entertainment: MINERVAMINK Executive in Charge of Story Production: IVANGExecutive Producers: SHREKRULEZALANSTARWARSFANandJOHNSPARTAN1982Executive Producer/Creative Consultant: JOAOPPEREIRAUSThe characters and the events in the fan fic are fictional.Any similarities of the characters during actual events in the livingor dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.Ownership of the copyrights of cartoons and motion pictures arestrictly prohibited. Any material been reproduction, duplicated evendistributed will result in the criminal prosecution as well ascivil liabilities.Pepe Le Pew/Looney Tunes/Tiny Toon Adventures TM/(C) by: Warner Bros. Entertainment, Co.and Amblin Entertainment, Inc. THUNDERCATS TM/(C) by Warner Bros. Entertainment and Ted WolfTom, Jerry and Droopy TM/(C) by: Turner Entertainment, Co.Yogi Bear and characters are TM/(C) by: Hanna Barbera ProductionsSeries (C) 2022 by: NEW LINE PRODUCTIONS, WARNER BROS. ANIMATION &CREATIVE ARTS STUDIOS/4C ENTERTAINMENTAll Rights Reserved....
Lullaby 4 - A World is falling'Sunlight flooded a forest, I stood at its edge.Across from me stood a boy with golden curls. Nicklas an old friend of mine.'Are we both still here just to say goodbye to life?' I asked the boy, who looked at me peacefully. 'We are not dead, my friend. You must always go on in the direction where the sun rises, the one that shines brightest – first thing in the morning, day after day. Then soon you will be with Glory and reunited with those who have become dear to you. Imagine it always and just go on! Leave the past behind!' 'What are you going to do, Nicklas? 'I have a path, too. But it leads in a different direction. I will want for nothing, just as you will want for nothing. This is our redemption from … Nachtgard.'The mild light made us both have tears shimmering in our eyes. 'Will we meet again one day?' 'Yes, of course!' replied the wise, old 'child'.We both wore robes of noble appearance. 'So long, then!' 'Farewell!'I was so free, felt alive. It was the last one moment after a nightmare we were caught in and escaped anyway at the end. 'There ends an era. But what happened then has completely slipped my mind. There sat opposite him, that young-looking sage from whom he had just said goodbye. 'You only wanted to find HER then. Everything that was important to you, you saw from the perspective of a love affair with Glory. And she's here, … in Lullaby.' 'How is it that you're here? And where are we here, anyway, how did I get here.' 'I tracked you down hours ago in my new airship and took you with me. You were distraught, a nervous wreck.''Yeah, … I didn't get a friendly welcome. This is a place of shadows and nightmares.''It wasn't always so, friend. Lullaby was originally the dream of a group of visionaries who sacrificed themselves to grow a safe world, away from all danger, by striving together. I have lived here since then. That is why I have been calling out to the vastness to bring you to this place, since I realized that peace was dissolving. This world is dominated by 'life essence thieves'. We must intervene, restore the power of life for all people, back to the sweet dream of origin.' 'You want me to save a world, dark, it tried to kill and enslave me in three days?! Why would I do that? How could I do this?''Really, Riev? I'm not worth it to you? Why do you think Glory is here? And why are the enemies such massive action against you? You were expected to be here by life itself. To the enemies of freedom, this is instinctively anathema.'Nicklas pulled on a pipe, offered Riev tea. 'I'm sorry. I just wish for an existence with Glory, at peace,''Perhaps that can be here one day.' after repair what's broken, defeat what's hostile. I once was one of the creators of this place. Is this a reason for you?'Riev stared.'Yes, brother, I will.''Thanks!''But something is in my mind. I have a heavy burden on my 'shoulders', I have been robbed of my purity and my dignity by this domineering woman. I feel humiliated, and I fear that I have betrayed Glory. Do you understand my pain?' 'Of course. But while you were visioning, I saw a splinter of your mind – through your eyes. She has controlled you trough dark forces, but the love for Glory and everyone you know as a friend is incomparably stronger. The love we human beings can and do feel makes us personalities with heart. Love is our link to something unspeakably great.' 'You saw what I experienced?' 'I'll tell you what happened?' he began. 'When this woman began to seduce you, the 'games' you both played … were relatively harmless, she had you in her power, manipulated your will. But she could only completely subdue you when you arrived at a … 'special' moment. Then, when you would have given her everything, through a desire not to want to miss her again, you understand?' 'I don't really know. It's awful. How … how did it go on?' 'It never came to this 'connection'. You stole your will back and put you both into a slumber from which you were supposed to awaken earlier than she did, which is what happened.'Riev saw it briefly in front of him.He blew out air and wiped his forehead.'You don't need to know more, trust me. You weren't yourself about a few of your interactions with her. You don't need to know, trust me. It ended soon enough.' Riev grew quiet, thoughtful. 'It would have changed everything, wouldn't it!' 'Well, yes: … there's a tremendous power that comes from sexual dominance and immorality. Unfortunately, here in Lullaby, rather than doing things through Love. Perversions of all kinds cause suffering. They blunt people. Do you believe if there is no exception on any level of this city? Nowhere.’They looked at the city Lullaby through a window of the 'Dream Ocean'.You and Glory still have something special ahead of you, even if she has temporarily forgotten … you by now.' 'She has no memories about me?' 'This will show the true face of her feelings. Her ordeal has its justification. 'Has she feelings for another man?''After all, you have mastered your test, so she will.''YES, BUT I ALMOST … didn't. I must do something!' 'Everything will fall into place when we start doing what is right. Riev!' 'Help me or not, but I must first get to her!' 'STOP! Don't act out of fear, selfishness, or impatience!'Nicklas suddenly radiated tremendous power.'She has to find out who she is, who you are, who you both are together in her way. Don't take that away from her, otherwise you will regret it one day. TRUST HER!' 'I don't want her to be in someone else's arms. There is no love without fighting for it. I know that very well.' Riev told Nicklas:'You trust me! I'll look for her and see what will be necessary.' Nicklas sighed and opened the entry hatch. Rievs hair swirled in the wind as he finally jumped out of the flying vehicle.The jump of destiny. An hour later: Riev was roaming around. He kept feeling through the dream ocean to see if he could sense where she lived. This collective of dreams, imagination, desires, fears, daydreams, the potential for far more, received one in a variety of ways. What did one feel?What did one do and experience? Memories.The mind and preferences.The will of a person.The mental part that one was not consciously aware of. The dream ocean was not to be explored. It said a lot about real life as well as about alternative realities. The border between myths and what happened became thin, images showed their meaning. Above it, however, stood the Light and its 'High Order', if one chose it, and was ready for the full reality that transcended all else, one found in it the final way back home.There one no longer needed to dream. Everything there was already the fulfillment of longing. But much was to happen before that, a long time was to pass. It was far away. Riev sensed something.'It's very high up. I guess it's meant to be. I'm the hero, must go beyond the world!'He thought about what gave him the right to think that way about himself until now. 'Not much …. If I had that confidence, I would be ready to face the challenges Nicklas mentioned. However, I need to get clarity on this matter of the heart. Please understand me. I long for tenderness and love.' Then something wrapped around Rievs neck and jerked him to the ground. He jumped up and saw something coming towards him.A smash with a fist.He was hit hard, staggered back, then immediately braced himself. The mechanical tentacle pulled at him, but Riev knew how to slip out of it.People nearby clustered at a safe distance, watching what was happening. A video channel, on the Internet of this world, also showed it.Someone commented. 'FUCK! Is this 'War Dog'? Wow! And his new assistant 33C, who is also known as a great Guard. But this guy screwed up not long time ago in the lowest, dirty level of Lullaby. Both are about to catch a 'Dream Stalker'. Such a wimp! But a danger. How many points that will bring them. Apparently, a new 'Stalker' appeared three days ago. What the heck … What you see here is filmed now 'live' with a mobile phone! Go destroy the parasites, guys!'
Lullaby 3 - Abused, Degraded, FoughtSome of those were able to travel in dreams, were empathic and were children in a collective, called ‘Dream Ocean’.A lucid dream-vision of Riev.There was a pregnant castle with a magnificent garden under the glimmers of colors from the expanses.Groves, fountains, flowers, far more.It seemed like that all was in the wonder world out there.But when he passed one of the lanterns, he saw a pale boy, grown fused with this light source. From him ran cables, which apparently supplied the lantern with electricity.Shock.When he tried to address the lethargic kid, a whip cracked painful against his face. One moment.The child crumbled to dust … .. .'Farewell, little one!’A woman in a leather battle suit and high-heeled boots strode directly toward Riev. Her yellow eyes alone caught one.'They look familiar’, he thought.‘All right!He reached out his right hand and grasped a sword that flew to him.'How far are we going to go, lady?' 'First I'm going to 'play' with you, and then comes the part you won't enjoy anymore. This realm is closed to you! Or … submit to me as my toy! Then you get to live.''NO!' In the background, he saw another woman with long wavy hair and a beautiful face dressed elegant, wearing a corset. She seemed oblivious to this, pausing in stasis.Riev suddenly felt something.It sensed like a beginning of an awakening of a secret, old and bright, emanating from that woman back there.The one facing him, he probably had to defeat to find out more. The whip twitched like flashes again and again, but Riev did not let his weapon be snatched from his hand, nor she was able to hit him again.He cut off a piece of the leathery weapon with a sword stroke. This fury now also drew a sword, then a second, and floated toward Riev.The blades met, as did their direct gazes. Both were obsessed in battle furry.Quickly trading blows, she pushed Riev back.He looked to the young woman behind. Then his enemy scratched him over the left eye with a silver fingernail and laughed out loud.Riev countered, with a jump kick to her face, sending her tumbling.Then the 'Dreamer' dissolved.‘NO, I MUST see her …!’ He awoke and grabbed his left eye first.'Blood from the eyebrow!'The interrogation of the guardLullaby had an elite unit, the 'Guards', to fight those who found a way into Lullaby. Since this required diving into the Dream Ocean, they called the intruders 'Dream Stalkers'. They hunted them relentlessly and with a cornucopia of hatred because a Dream Stalker brought hidden powers to usurp whatever he or her want. So, it was said. Why else would you voluntarily go to this bizarre nest, damn it, if you had no valid reason?!'Headquarters of the Guardian Elite Unit: The Guard who fought against the Dream Stalker in Episode 1 must answer their Questions.Cigarette smoke was in the air.Cold. 'Guardian 33C, how would you describe the course of events of the FAILURE to arrest the Dream Stalker we managed to track down, from your point of view?' The heavy Guard, with half bald head, stood in front of three men who towered over him – the Triumvirate.A lamp blinded him. 'It was unexpectedly difficult to arrest him, so I wanted to knock him out, sir, but he stirred up the crowd. It was suddenly all so chaotic.' 'So, you couldn't placate these ‘fellow’ citizens from poor backgrounds, 33C?! Couldn't you make them understand the danger of this enemy? Were there any injured, … besides you 33?'Laughter was heard.The Guard looked around, unsettled. 'The Dream Stalker has used dark forces. The mob has turned into giant … well, … rats, sir.'33C was sweating.For a moment it became quite loud.'Silence!' shouted a servant of the 'Triumvirate', stopping the jeering laughter in the audience, of the interrogation, though he did not do it for the interrogated. 'Rats? Sure? What stopped you from subduing the rats, you've had a good training as a 'guardian', a dozen giant rodents can't be a problem, 33C, can it?'The Triumvirate of Guardians smirked. Clouds of smoke drifted through the glow of the lamp. The Guard shivered. 'I'm sorry, sir, but …' 'You're sorry then? Why didn't you say so in the first place? Then, of course, your cowardly, resigned flight is excused! Best we raise your rank, or do you want to switch places with me right now?! BRING US THE 'DREAM STALKER’, otherwise I'll throw you into the Labyrinth myself, I swear 33! 'No, no, … I mean, yes sir, I'll hunt him down.' 'Wait 33C, we are all … 'Friends' within the Guardians – Unit. I want to apologize: 'I'm sorry ladies and gentlemen that this incompetent guard has put them all in danger. That's all! 33C was contrite.The direct superior came to him and gave him instructions:'Arm yourself, put on a fresh pair of underpants and inform Guard ‘War-Dog’, preferably himself, that he is now your reinforcement, …. I mean superior. Report to him. Until the case is solved, you are a recruit! Dismissed!' 'But… Yes, yes sir.' 33C made his way out of the hearing room with his eyes downcast. Exposed to ridicule, his life was now a disgrace. 'T … The labyrinth …' he muttered with a pale face. Then 33C took a big gulp from his flask and took a breath.'I'm going to BREAK the diabolical 'Dream Stalker'!' Somewhere in LullabyHe was flung out of his dream after the fight and had blood on his left eyebrow.Then he saw that he was naked.He was about to get up when he noticed that he had been handcuffed. 'Where the fuck am I?!'He remembered just that he talked to a young woman in the Tavern ‘Mild’.Another glance showed him this woman in black lingerie. It shook him, a burning sensation in the solar plexus made him waver.There was little light, he did not see her face.Certain parts of his body ached. With a sudden burst of strength, he wrenched the cuffs in two, dressed, and fled the room, ignoring much of what he saw in the shadows. Riev was in a dark place surrounded by the Dream Ocean. He hurried across a narrow bridge, broke through a wall, and fell deep.He landed on both legs in the lowest levels of 'Lullaby'.'All the way down, like your desire tells you. Isn't it?''Who says so?!'Uncertainty.He ran down a winding road.Tormentors, with 'vicious mirrors' follow him.Fear.'Look at me as I instruct you!' He saw himself in front of a young woman.'The one from the tavern?!''FUCK! She was playing with me!'Humiliation.'You want me to make the decisions for you? Then trust me blindly!' 'No, shut your mouth, I don't want that!’ he hissed bitterly.Panic.His face contorted in disgust with himself.Rain began to fall. 'Bow to me!' a voice commanded again.'No fuck yourself!'Anger.He still had the taste of that woman in his mouth, spat on the ground, slithered briefly, sprinted on.Horror.'Until I allow you to stop, ha, ha if you manage to stop, ha, ha!''You'll get that back! Hate.After a few meters, he fell to his knees, vomited, and hid his face with both hands.He shed tears like the clouds between the buildings of the complex.Guilt.'Damn, NO!'He cried bitterly.'Is shame, guilt, and disgrace my end?'Fall.But what could wash him clean?What could he do now, to take this disgrace from himself?'I gave myself up to her. Where was my dignity, my integrity, where was my power, my Life?!'Remorse.Then the outline of the woman who had just stood there in the background of the fight in the dream vision caught his eye. 'Purity flowed from her.'In his memories she fit into a 'puzzle', her aura became visible. Insight. 'That was my, … love! From Nachtgard!'Glimmer of hope.He clutched his heart, sinking completely into himself.A Seed. There was a sudden rattling, hissing, something approaching fast.A spotlight shone on Riev. There was a circle to break through in his mind.The hovering vehicle paused at about ten feet.Riev stared at it.A ramp extended to the ground.'No, not the guards!'He tried in vain to get up.Steam came out of the engine.It smelled like machine oil.Someone was coming out of it. A scolding voice. ? End: Lullaby Episode 3: Abused, Degraded, Fought,
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