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Here are the rules:
1. Anyone can join.
2. Art must be put in the right folder.
3. If you don't like it, don't comment.(I will not have disrespect in this group. People draw and write what THEY like in THEIR style)

Folder Submittion:
"Feature" Folder - This folder is for others and ends pictures. If there isn't another folder for it, the image goes there.

"TV" Folder - This is where pictures related to animes, cartoons, anything related to TV shows go.

"Movie" Folder - This folder is where pictures dealing with Disney, Warner Brothers, M.G.M., Universal, or any other film studio stuff go. If it is movie related, it goes here.

"Comics and Manga" Folder - In this folder, short or long comics, comic pages can be submitted. Manga pages that have been colored. That's what goes here.

"Liturature, Poems, Songs" Folder - As the title implies. This folder holds stories of writing, poetry, song lyrics and/or point commission prices.

"Nudity" Folder - This folder is for characters that are naked. Whether they are topless, bottomless, fully naked. It goes here. Nip slips, x-ray things like that too. This is where they go.

"Photos" Folder - Title says it all.

"Furry People" Folder - This is for pictures of hybrids of people and animals. Example, Vixen pictures would go here.

"Crossover" Folder - This is for pictures that are crossovers of comic book characters, TV shows, movies, stuff like that.

"OC Own Characters" Folder - This is for characters the artists created. They go here.

"Short Videos, Interactive Games" Folder - This is for short GIFs and interactive flash games people have made here.

"Heroes and Villians" Folder - This is the folder for comic book superheroes, heroines and villains.

"Video Game/Board Game Characters" Folder - The title says it all. It is for game characters.

If there is a folder you feel that needs to be made, talk with me, okay? Have a nice day, and enjoy submitting:).


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Okay, I've been trying to get use to this Eclipse Deviantart and I'm not having fun anymore. Just to fav a picture I have to go through a multi set process. Going through my watch is a beyond a pain. Managing my groups are no longer fun. I'm NOT shutting down the group, I will however be putting a hold on all submissions. I hope DA gets back to the old ways or has another complete reset.
Take care everyone.
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[OPEN] ADOPT Auction 02 - Miss Katya by MyaTerak ❤️ 

SB:     50 USD
MI:       5 USD
AB:   120 USD
AB2: 250 (Full body nude + Lineart to color)

Auction link:…

[OPEN] ADOPT Auction 02 - Miss Katya by MyaTerak by MyaTerak  

💎 Commission information ->

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Hello, can you help me with a commission for a dentist?
I am opening commissions to raise funds and pay for a gingivitis treatment
My prices, portfolio, and contact information are here:
Comission Open Help Me Pay Formy Dental Treatment  by Turronsitadeamor  
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• I can draw : OC & fanart, furry, D&D, anime or westernstyle or semirealism, Y/Y/H, portrait from photos...
Just ask : many thinks are posssible!
• Time : illustration take me one to four weeks to do.
• Price : depend of complexity and specification of your commission.

Why ask me for your commission?
Because Mokolat Illustration is 8 year of artworks for peoples who want their characters, stories, portraits comes to 2D life!

Effie Sinclair by Mokolat-Illustr Shots - Fiego by Mokolat-Illustr Clement and the fox by Mokolat-Illustr Happy Birthday Sexy Trash! by Mokolat Zep The Tiefling by Mokolat-Illustr

Do not hesitate to share if you like or know somebody who could be interested!
Good visit on my galeries!
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