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So i came across a great way to get the points we needs to random things here.. I will be takin affiliates news as always, to poste here in a blog in exchange of 20:points: per group or artist.
We are a large group so our publicity will help a lot to them, so there you go.. Send  a blog about it, donate 20:points: to me with a note that is about this and i will post the news :D

have fun :wave:

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Rose Divider by Sophibelle

The Mortal Intrusion by Nathan Reese Maher

:iconito-saith-webb: is looking for backers and help to spread the word in his current project!
For thousands of years, the dead have invaded the living. Now its our turn. Play as the Faekin, Magi, Psychics, Were-beasts and more.


FallenAngelGM is holding a crowdfunding campaign on his Ko-Fi page to gather enough funds to produce and publish the first chapter on independent platforms like Webtoons and Tapas!

- You can donate as small as 3$ (USD) to our Ko-Fi page at www.ko-fi.com/redronins
(or even share this link to your friends if they are interested as well.)
- You can also follow the progress of our project at our social media addresses:

HEART OF WILDFIRE: Synopsis and Character ProfilesHEART OF WILDFIRE
20 years ago, a knight named Senthann Kameiyata, also known as the "Blaze Bolt" was known to be one of the finest warriors of Gaelice. Even at a young age, his name was renown throughout the world. He became legend on his greatest and final act of bravery: vanquishing Shadolus, goddess of Chaos, Queen of Calamities and commander of the hellish armies of hell, the Sirken Cross. Since his passing, many tried to become the next "Blaze Bolt."
The Yamarey brothers, Sahn, Tairo and Ryo aim not only to reach the same status as the fallen hero, but to surpass him and become living legends of their own. But their aspirations take an unexpected turn when they stumbled on a mysterious artifact; a flame-shaped medallion called "Heart." Discovering that the medallion is coveted by the newly reformed Sirken Cross, now led by the engimatic "General", the brotherly try embarks on a journey to find the remaining Hearts to put a stop at the ambitions of the infernal forces
Villenueve Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much for announcing :iconliliths-realm: contest!:hug:
siver-buff Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012  Student Digital Artist
It's interesting contest.
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