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hello all, so I updated the amount our members can submit daily from 10 down to 5 per folder a day...

as the group is getting larger and my work schedule is getting too busy to check and juggle the flow of 100s n hundreds of submissions.

Also non-members and affiliate group members will only be able to submit to the Stock photos and Photography.
Muture art from non-members will need a vote in (to gauge if bulk of that is coming from outside with the old free-for-all submissions - I would like this group to have a variety of different art forms coming in)

Thank you for understanding.
Hey there art lovers and art creators :wave:

:new: April 8th 2018

With the group growing in size, nearly 800 members! And only 2  admins at the moment. We are looking for a couple of admins to help out with voting on submissions and basic correspondence to help streamline the art flow into the group.

Please let me know if you are interested :)

~~~~~~   ~~~~~~  ~~~~~~    ~~~~~~    

:sun: One small thing about submissions, please try to only submit each of your art piece only ONCE.

We understand sometimes laptops or mobile devices double-click and ect and that's okay.
Try to only re-submit the same image if an admin instructs you to

Please do NOT unload the same 15-30+ images on the daily or bi-daily in hopes to get them approved faster. We accept the 'oldest' submissions first, like  example a post submitted to the group on April 2nd will be accepted before a post from  April 8th ect.

We appreciate your patience  and understanding while we are understaffed and looking for new people to help the group.

Just remember to always be polite and friendly to everyone in the group no matter what their skill level or where they are coming from :happybounce:

Thanks for your time! :la:
Hello everyone.

:new: 5-August-2017 - 

Due to overwhelming notifications of approving art by non-members and my busy work/life schedual, I have had to make the decision to make members art is automatically added (as long as the folder isn't full) and limit what can be submited from any roaming Deviant [that isn't a member]. 
As there are hundresss of things pending aproval every day and it takes a couple of hours to respond to all, and mention if need to be re-submitted to a different folder and/or re-submit it myself and I'm finding at this point, I don't have the spare time to keep up - and I also don't have the permission to invite more admins.

Sorry for any inconvience. If/when I get some more (constant) free time on my hands I might open it back up for anyone to submit.  

Please try to submit to the correct folders, and if the folders are full or you are not sure where something should be submitted please don't hessitate to drop me ( DreamDrifter91  ) or the group  a note/comment. :) 

 28- April- 2017 -
I noticed some of the folders have are close to filling up and with the unlimited submissions they will fill up again pretty quickly so I've added some extra and some new folders for you to submit into :) 

 I have addded a new Digital folder as the previous two are completely full and spilling into every other folder...
I will also be opening up new folders for "photo manipulations" "Fan art" "Anime" "Sketches and scraps"  "Mature" and some extra "traditional art"    

Please try to submit to the correct folders, and if the folders are full or you are not sure where something should be submitted please don't hessitate to drop me ( DreamDrifter91  ) or the group  a note/comment. :) 
16-June-2014 -
 I have added a "Show off your best work" folder. Submit art you have made that you are most happy with / proud of / pieces that mean a lot to you. We'd love to see!

Remember to keep checking out other members art and supporting each other

Happy submitting!!

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Hello! Welcome to All Art Welcome! :la:

This is a group that is for everyone and all of their different art!
It's supposed to be welcoming you along with your special artistic abilities, whether it be digital, traditional, photography, ANYTHING!
I highly encourage everyone to join, and support it with a helping hand to make it into a real loving group for everyone!
Invite your friends too, help us get more members and make it more alive!

THE GOAL OF THIS GROUP: To welcome everyone's unique artwork and appreciate it as well. :) I know people don't comment on the art they view on here often, but let's make the goal of this community to communicate with each other! If you view someone's art in this group, compliment it! Find one thing you like about it and let them know! I'm sure the artist will appreciate it, and it'll help the community grow and build friendships! YEUH! ;)

Thanks for stopping by! :heart:

icon made by the UBER FABULOUSSSSSSS hello-mango

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