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If the "Submit Here" folder becomes full, send a note to FreeingMyAngelWings

Other shit you should know:

3 submissions per week


Hello everyone,

As a co-founder of this group...I am also in charge of the folder management. Over the past few months, I have noticed that some rules are going unnoticed, and it is starting to get annoying to correct the mistakes that are being done. Now, I know that everyone is human and we all make mistakes....but these are repetitive offenders, and the rules are CLEARLY posted. I know not everyone reads the journals or the main page when they submit, but this would help everyone out if you would.

So----as for the rules:

1) Submissions-3/week

2) SUBMIT TO THE SUBMIT HERE FOLDER. I can't tell you how important this is. Because we scaled down to 1 folder, it makes things easier when I have to re-make a folder. When you do not send it there and not pay attention, it goes to the featured folder. The featured folder is NOT the folder you submit to.

---If you do submit to the featured folder, I will allow a 1 time courtesy and not do any action. IF YOU DO SUBMIT TO THE FEATURED FOLDER MORE THAN ONCE, I WILL HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO BAN YOU FROM THE GROUP. I am getting tired of repetitive people doing the same things over and over again. I will be keeping track of the offenders who do post to the featured folder. The rules are posted where you need to submit to on the main page. If you have a question, please contact me and we will discuss this matter.  

3) If the SUBMIT HERE folder is full, please contact me about it. Do not clutter the main page with "folder is full" comments. Those comments are for you all to post your personal comments about commissions, being friends, etc. Nobody can see those comments if it is filled with the "folder is full" comments. We admins don't look at the main page often, so it would be difficult for us to see them. Also, it is posted on the main page who to go to if the folders are full....which is me. ^^;

So these are the rules. Please follow these rules. I don't want to ban anybody from the group, but if the rules are repetitively broken....then I have no choice. Have a good day!
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Herllo, pinktranquility,
the submission folder seems to be full, and I cannot post anywhere else, could you please refresh, tysm!
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Commission open and do check out my youtube channel where i post my painting process video

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my new oc -Lucas,click for animation version ^33^
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Hello, I opened a commission.

(Digital Commission) - OPEN!!Hello all !! I open commission for bust shot, half body, and full body digital drawingPayments using PayPalWhat I draw:- anime-styled characters- full-color charactersWhat I don't draw:- NSFW- Meccha- Furries (but kemono mimis are okay)- Fetish related artworks, and generally offensive artworks - Yaoi --COMMISSION RULES--- Payment method: using PayPal only- After you place an order, you'll receive a sketch in advance so I can still change something if you want it to be different. - The payments are done after you're happy with the sketch. - The price doesn't include the PayPal fee, so please remember to pay this as well!  - PLEASE SELECT: No shipping address needed. - - Please don't add any words that suggest the money is for a commission, e.g. no 'commission', 'adopt', 'drawing', etc. Just your DeviantArt name is fine. --ARTWORK RULES--- I will work on the commission as soon as the order is placed  - I own the artwork and can post it to DA and any other site. -  You may not resell my artwork, use it commercially, or for promotion of a commercial project.- You may not remove my signature from commissions.- There's an added fee for More specific and complicated backgrounds, also for extra characters as well. I'll decide on how much extra fee is needed. - If you are not satisfied with the piece I will not give refunds or redo the piece. However, if I have missed minor details that have already been agreed to, and you would like me to add them in, if possible without ruining the piece I will add them in -- COMISSION TYPES-- (please note me if you want) - BUST SHOT ($15 EACH DRAWING) - HALF BODY ($20 EACH DRAWING) - FULL BODY ($25 EACH DRAWING)-- HOW TO ORDER-- Fill in the following form in a note: Kind of commission Character names and information (please include links to reference sheets/pictures already existing/other information) 3. Pose/facial expression information. 4. Background information (Simple backgrounds) --Thank you for reading-- Sieg by Nii-juuAnderzen  

Platinum by Nii-juuAnderzen   Closure by Nii-juuAnderzen
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Watch me to get watched too

Auction ends in 22h! SB: 3.5$ Have a look please and like in the linked source. Thank you! :*
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