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Comics and Literature
Nature Squadron: Fangranger Chapter 14Title: The Big Power SurgeOne day, the Fangrangers were in their classroom doing a test. However, they had to do it in the dark.Sasha: I don't believe that we have to take this test in the dark!Milly: I was really looking forward to watching that documentary today.Ted: Well, how can we watch a documentary if the power is out?And they continued on with their test. Although Lucky was a bit puzzled.Lucky: So what exactly caused the power to go out anyway? It is a sunny day outside today!Becky: Thunder and lightning storms are not the only cause of power outages, Lucky.Denny: Earlier today, every classroom had used an electric pencil sharpener at one time.Bernie: And the classroom at the end of the school had an electric volcano turned on and that apparently used a lot of energy.Ted: Electric volcanoes are that powerful?Bernie: This one was.Sasha: I just hope the power comes back on in enough time for us to watch the documentary. I was looking forward to this all week.Ted: But you heard what Miss Vixey said. The power may not come back on until after school gets out.Sasha: But it could come back on sooner, right?Denny: It could, but it isn't likely. Besides, it's already 2:30, and school gets out at 3:00.Lucky: Wait, how is the clock still working?Becky: It runs on a battery, Lucky!Lucky: Oh yeah! Denny: Well, I've gotten my test done.Bernie: Me, too.Becky: I only have a few things left to write. (Does a few more writes on her paper) Done.Ted and Lucky had gotten their tests finished, too. The rest of the class had also just finished up with their tests, that is except for Sasha and Milly, who were not even halfway through theirs.Milly: Ugh. What is the answer to this question? I have no idea!Sasha: (Looks at Milly's paper) What is the question?Milly: (Points to her place on the paper)Sasha: Oh. I haven't figured that one out either.Ted: Girls, you do know that you aren't allowed to help each other on these tests?Sasha: Yeah. I know.Just then, the lights turned back on.Sasha: Oh! At last! Surely now we can watch that documentary!Miss Vixey was looking at a newspaper (On the front page, it says "Inmates who formerly called themselves Bad Guys have just been released from prison after a year and have turned over a new leaf"). She then put the paper down.Miss Vixey: Class, since school will be out in thirty minutes, we will be watching the documentary tomorrow.Sasha+Milly: Aww!Miss Vixey: For anyone who has finished their tests, bring it up at the front, and then you can go home for the day.Ted went up to the desk and handed his in.Ted: Here you go. (Hands Miss Vixey the paper)(Denny then hands his paper in, then Lucky, then Becky, then Bernie, then the rest of the students)The class had all gone out of the classroom to head home for the day. Miss Vixey saw that Sasha and Milly were still in the class, being puzzled at their tests.Miss Vixey: I see you two are still stumped at your tests as usual.Sasha: Yeah.Milly: It is so hard.Miss Vixey: Well, you do however much more you can figure out until 3:00.Both: Ugh!As the Fangrangers were walking home, they were discussing what happened today.Ted: It is a shame that a power outage had happened.Lucky: Yeah. And poor Sasha and Milly have to stay after school to finish those tests.Denny: Uh, Lucky, they aren't staying after school, they're staying for the rest of the school day. The rest of us got out early because we finished our tests early.Lucky: Oh yeah. Bernie: Denny: Who knew that using so many electronics at one place and one time could cause the power to shut off?Becky: We really shouldn't blame everyone at the school who used an electronic to cause the power to go out for it since how were we all supposed to know how many other electronics were being used?Bernie: I think the biggest issue was that electric volcano. It used up more power than any of the other electronics.Ted: Well, from what I heard, the classroom that used that electric volcano has decided not to use any more electric volcanoes. Just using the normal volcanoes in class from now on.Lucky: Hopefully, something like this doesn't happen again. I really hate power outages. And thunderstorms. Although the past couple of thunderstorms hasn't caused the power to go out, oddly enough.Denny: Perhaps it is because you are just...Lucky!Lucky: Ahaha! I get the joke!Little did the Fangrangers know, they were being watched by a Vermdemic.Vermdemic: Hmmm. So using so much energy can cause power outages, eh? I think that electricity would work out much better for attacks than outages. Although come to think of it, if we could suck up all the electricity in the city, that could cause the power to go out. But who cares? Hahahaha! I'll need to pass this info onto Master Verminator.And he hurried back to inform Verminator about what he discovered. In Verminator's lair, Verminator was playing cards with Decepto and Fangulee.Decepto: Do you have any sixes, Fangulee?Fangulee: Go fish!Decepto: (Grabs a card and puts it in his group of cards)Fangulee: Verminator, do you have any aces?Verminator: No I do not!Fangulee: Uh...Don't you have something to say for that?Verminator: What else is there to say besides that I don't have it?Decepto: You're supposed to say "Go fish!" Whenever you don't have the card that somebody asked you for, you say "Go fish!"Verminator: Ugh! Fine! Go fish. Fangulee: (Picks up a card)Verminator: And be sure that you have plenty to appease Sheba this time.Decepto: Not that kind of fishing, Verminator! It's just what you say!Verminator: UGH! This game is so frustrating! I just wish I knew what monster to send out to fight the Fangrangers!Then, Sheba arrived with the Vermdemic.Sheba: Guys, stop your game! This Vermdemic has something important to say!Verminator: It better be important because I've just lost my patience with this pathetic game! I keep forgetting what to say anytime I don't have the card somebody asked me for.Sheba: Well, you are going to like what he has to say.Vermdemic: Earlier today, the Fangrangers' school had a power outage and I had heard that it happened because they used up so much electricity at one time, that it caused the outage. I think that if a monster has that much energy inside of him, he might be able to beat the Fangrangers very easily.Verminator: I like the sound of that. Decepto, create a monster that can drain electricity.Decepto: Will do. I suppose this game ended in a draw.Fangulee: That makes no sense since I have more cards than you do. A draw is when we end with the same amount of cards.Decepto: Doh!Verminator: It looks like I am not the only one who is frustrated today!Decepto got up and went to work. He opened up his chest of old things and pulled out a beat-up elephant doll. Then he began his spell.Decepto: Cheeky Treeky Tee! Give me a monster that drains electricity!And soon an electricity-themed elephant monster was created.Electriphant: (Trumpets) Where can I find some electricity to suck up and used for attacks?Decepto: There is plenty in the city! Go suck it up and use it to fight the Fangrangers!Electriphant: You don't have to tell me twice! (Trumpets and walks out)Over at Bernie's house, she was getting ready to watch a movie with her family.Mr. Owlson: Bernie, do you have the popcorn ready?Bernie: I'm getting to it, Dad.Mrs. Owlson: Oh, Bernie, I was going to ask you this when you got home today, but I forgot. Uh, how was that documentary at school today?Bernie: Oh. We didn't get to watch it today.Mr. Owlson: You didn't? How come?Bernie: There was a power outage at the school today.Mrs. Owlson: A power outage? But the power didn't go out at our house today.Bernie: It was just at the school. One of the other classrooms was using an electric volcano, and that used up a lot of electricity.Mr. Owlson: An electric volcano? I don't think I've ever seen one of those before.Bernie: I didn't get to see it since it was in a different classroom from ours. We'll be watching the documentary tomorrow.Mrs. Owlson: What did you do instead of watching the documentary?Bernie: We did a test. Most of us got ours done before the school day was over. So most of us got to leave home early.Mrs. Owlson: Oh. So that's why you arrived home early today.Bernie got the popcorn ready and put it in the microwave. Outside, Electriphant began draining the electricity from the power line in Bernie's neighborhood.Electriphant: OK. Time to begin draining the power from this place. (Begins sucking up the electricity)In Bernie's house, she began to notice that the lights were flickering.Bernie: Ugh! That better be my imagination! Mrs. Owlson: What is your imagination, sweetie?Bernie: It looks like the lights are...(The lights then shut off completely) Never mind! It wasn't my imagination! But I wish that it was!Mr. Owlson: Did you perhaps blow a fuse, Bernie?Bernie: I don't think so. I'll go check the fuse. Lucky for us, we're owls, who don't need flashlights to see in the dark.Bernie headed to the basement door and headed on downstairs. Once she was downstairs, she checked the fuse box. She tried flipping the switch. She waited a few minutes before flipping the switch back. Just as she was about to, she got a call from Swiftpaw.Bernie: What's the matter, Swiftpaw?Swiftpaw's Voice: Bernie, have you lost power?Bernie: Well, I haven't transformed since the last battle which was a week ago, so I wouldn't know if I lost my powers and Fang Pink.Swiftpaw's Voice: No! I meant power at your house!Bernie: Oh that! Yeah! I did lose power at my house!Swiftpaw's Voice: Well, you aren't alone.Bernie: I'm not?Swiftpaw's Voice: Nope. I've noticed power going out all over the city and the others have all told me that they lost power at their houses, too.Bernie: So it wasn't a fuse. I'll hurry over straight away.And Bernie teleported away and soon appeared in the tree base where the others were waiting.Bernie: Ah good. It is nice and bright in here.Acornio: That's what happens when you are inside a glow tree.Bernie: A glow tree? I never knew that this was what kind of tree this was.Ted: Up until we arrived here tonight, we didn't know that, either.Swiftpaw: They are quite rare trees. Hardly anyone knows that those exist. Not even Verminator knows there are glow trees. And lucky for us, it would not matter for the scheme he is trying tonight.Swiftpaw then showed them the image of Electriphant using his trunk to suck up electricity.Lucky: Whoa! I don't think I've ever seen anything suck up electricity like that.Denny: It mustn't be a pleasant experience! Electricity can hurt if it is touched. Even kill you if there is enough of it.Swiftpaw: I am thinking that this monster, known as Electriphant, must be made up of very thick skin inside and out for him to be able to withstand the electricity.Becky: How will we be able to fight him at this time of night with all the power going out?Swiftpaw: That is a good question.Then, Acornio went over to a box and pulled out some glow sticks.Acornio: I think I have the solution. (Snaps a red glow stick and makes it into a ring large enough to fit around Ted's head) Use these on your heads. They should be light enough for you. (Makes one for Denny, this one is blue) Electriphant can't suck up the energy from these glow sticks.Becky: And why is that?Acornio: (Makes a white glow stick ring from Becky) Because these glow sticks are not glowing from electricity either. (Places the glow stick ring around Becky's head)Lucky: I think I'm going to like these glow stick rings. (Accepts his, which is green)Bernie: I don't need a glow stick ring. I can see very well in the dark.Acornio: I know that, Bernie. I wasn't going to get a glow stick ring for you. Owls don't need light to guide them in the dark.Ted: Well, I think we're all good now. Let's head out and put a stop to that electricity-draining elephant!All: Nature Fang Change! (They transform into their ranger suits, and then head on out)Electriphant was in the park where the lights at the park were still lit. Electriphant began to drain the energy from the light poles around the park. He drained each pole one by one.Electriphant: I am feeling really powered now. It is a shame I have to wait until the morning to go after the Fangrangers. They are probably asleep right now. Or, I could just go to their houses and attack them, then.Just then, the Fangrangers arrived in the park.Bernie: Or, we'll just attack you right here and right now!Lucky: Never heard anyone say that sentence with the word, "and" before.Electriphant: Hey, I really like your glow stick rings. But why isn't Pinkie wearing one?Bernie: I don't need one to see in the dark. I can see well in the dark without one.Electriphant: I think I'll take the electricity out of them as well.And he tried to do this, only for the Fangrangers to just stand there as he wasn't able to suck up any power from their rings.Electriphant: What? How come I couldn't suck up the energy from your glow rings.Denny: The glow rings are not glowing from electricity! It's from a different sort of substance.Electriphant: Vermdemics! (The Vermdemics appeared) Go after them!And the Vermdemics charged towards the Fangrangers. Fighting the Vermdemics was easier than usual.Vermdemic 1: Where are they? (Gets hit by Lucky) Who's there? (Sees the glowing green ring) Ah! I'm being attacked by a floating green ring!Vermdemic 2: And I'm being chased by a floating blue one!Vermdemic 3: And a white one is chasing me!Vermdemic 4: I think this red one is the most frightening! Vermdemic 1: And this one is hitting me without actually touching me somehow!Vermdemic 2: Same here! (Gets hit by Bernie) And I just got hit from a different direction!Ted: These Vermdemics are easier to fight in the dark than they are during the day!Denny: Yeah! I think this is a lot more fun when they can't see us!Vermdemic 3: I can't see the Fangrangers, but I can hear them! (Gets knocked to the ground)Electriphant: These Vermdemics are useless! I'll just have to strike at the Fangrangers myself! (Fires an electric strike at Ted, but hits a Vermdemic instead)Vermdemic 4: AAAAH!Ted: Whoa! That was quite a close one!He then attempted to hit Becky but hit another Vermdemic instead.Becky: Barely got out of that one!He kept on firing at the Fangrangers but always ended up hitting a Vermdemic instead.Electriphant: They just won't stand still! But then he noticed the glowing rings around the Fangrangers' heads. This gave him an idea.Electriphant: I may not be able to drain the power from your glowing rings, but they do help me in another way! (Fires an electric attack and hits Lucky)Lucky: AAAH! (Falls to the ground)Others: Lucky!Lucky: Ooh! That hurt!Electriphant: They tell me where you all are! (Fires an electric strike at Denny)Denny: AAAH! he got me, too!Electriphant: (Fires an electric strike at Becky)Becky: AAAH!Electriphant: (Fires an electric strike at Ted)Ted: AAAH!Electriphant: Now to find the pink one. Now, where is that darn pink one? Oh, wait, Fang Pink doesn't have one!Bernie's Voice: You got that right! Bernie then jumped in from behind Electriphant and had her foot push him to the ground.Electriphant: Ugh! How can I get Fang Pink if I can't even see her?Bernie: (In thoughts) I think I'll have fun with this guy. Hey, that gives me an idea.Bernie hurried over to the other Fangrangers as they were getting up from the ground and recovering from their attacks.Lucky: Electriphant is really having a hard time finding you, Bernie.Bernie: Yeah. I guess I'm lucky to be an owl! But I just have an idea!Denny: What is that, Bernie?Bernie whispered her idea to the other Fangrangers.Bernie: And while you get it, I'll distract Electriphant and have him fire his electric attacks all around, missing me.Becky: Good plan, Bernie!Ted: Let's get to it, guys. Bernie can handle this monster until we get back!Lucky: Good luck, Bernie.Bernie: Thanks. And then Bernie resumed her playing around with Electriphant while the other four rangers hurried away.Bernie: (Flies to the top of a tree) Hey, Electriphant! Up here!Electriphant: (Fires an electric attack at the tree, but Bernie moves out of the way)Bernie: Missed me!Electriphant: (Fires another electric strike where he heard Bernie but missed again) ERGH!Bernie: (Flies over to the statue) I've right here now!Electriphant: (Fires another electric strike at the statue, Bernie moves, but the statue lit up)Bernie: Wow! That's really cool!Electriphant: I can't believe I missed her again! And where did the others go? I bet they're all hiding around here! (Begins firing electric attacks all around the park)Bernie: Huh, I wasn't expecting him to do that, but this is even better than just messing around with him. Hmmm. I think I'll have some fun with this.Bernie flew directly above Electriphant.Bernie: Hey, Electriphant, all the other Fangrangers are hiding! You won't be able to find them unless you can see their glowing rings.Electriphant: Glowing rings, huh? That is a good point. I'll go and find them and deal with you later!And Electriphant looked all around the park. Meanwhile, the rest of the Fangrangers had arrived at the river and had buckets in their hands.Ted: Here we are at the river.Denny: Quite a fine river I will say. Kind of wish I could just watch the river all day.Lucky: But its night time.Denny: I mean when it is daytime, Lucky.Becky: Let's just get the buckets filled with water and hurry back.Ted: Of course. Bernie won't be able to keep Electriphant distracted forever. Ted got water into his buckets, then Denny got water into his buckets, then Lucky got water in his buckets, and then Becky got water in hers.Lucky: Well, we have our water ready.Ted: I think to make this extra sweet, we should enter the park from different corners of the park and splash the water at Electriphant at once.Lucky: I'll let Bernie know that we're on our way back and tell her to give us the signal to splash the water on Electriphant.Lucky turned on his communicator to contact Bernie.(Cuts to Bernie, flying in the air watching Electriphant walking around)Electriphant: Come out come out wherever you are! (Fires an electric attack in the hopes of hitting a Fangranger)Bernie: (Gets the call from Lucky) What is it?(A split-screen shows both Bernie and Lucky)Lucky: Bernie, Lucky here!Bernie: How is it coming along, Lucky?Lucky: We've got the water just like you said. We're going to be coming in from four directions. Be sure that Electriphant is in the center of the park. Then when we're all there, give us the signal to splash at him.Bernie: Will do. See you in a moment. (Turns the communicator off) Hey, Electriphant, if you want all the Fangrangers, they're going to be at the statue at the center of the park.Electriphant: Oh really? Then I'll have them this time!And Electriphant hurried to the park statue which was located at the center of the park. From the other corners of the park, each of the other Fangrangers were carrying their buckets of water. Becky was coming from the south, Lucky was coming from the north, Denny was coming from the west, and Ted was coming from the east. Bernie could see them all coming in. Soon, they all arrived at the center of the park where Electriphant was.Electriphant: Where are those blasted Fangrangers?Bernie: Alright, guys! Now!At that moment, Ted, Denny, Lucky, and Becky all splashed their water buckets all over Electriphant.Electriphant: AAAH! (Starts to spark up, then a blast was heard and he fell down on his back) Ugh... Bernie then flew down to the ground.Ted: Good work, Bernie.Bernie: Me? But I just gave you the signal. You did the actual work.Lucky: But we couldn't have done it without you.Then, Fangulee appeared.Fangulee: This elephant isn't finished yet, Fangrangers! Fly my pretties! (Signals his bats to enlarge Electriphant)The bats flew to Electriphant and used their eye beams to enlarge Electriphant.Electriphant: This will make things much more fun!Fangrangers: Whoa!Ted: We'll need to call for the Nature Fang Beasts!The Nature Fang Beasts arrived with the Fangrangers getting on board and then initiating the combination into NatureFangOh!Electriphant: Oh boy! A giant robot! That will have plenty of energy for me to drain!(Cuts to the cockpit)Bernie: I'm afraid he's right! I think we should give this elephant another splashing of water!Denny: But how can we do that?Bernie: I think I've got an idea. Let's grab him by the trunk first.Ted: Alright! After the trunk!NatureFangOh walked towards Electriphant as Electriphant got his trunk ready to drain NatureFangOh's energy. But just as he was about to suck up NatureFangOh's power...Ted: Now!NatureFangOh: (Grabs the trunk)Electriphant: (Speaks in a higher-pitch voice than before) Hey! What's the big idea?Lucky: He sounds funnier with that voice!Becky: He'll be having the last laugh! Right, Ted?Ted: Right, Becky! Now let's give this elephant a good swing!NatureFangOh swung Electriphant all around and around.Bernie: Now! Into the ocean!Then, NatureFangOh let Electriphant go and he flew into the lake!Electriphant: AAAH! (Begins to spark some more) Not more water! (Sparks again) This is not good for me!NatureFangOh then arrived at the beach where Electriphant was at.Bernie: I know of something else that won't be good for you.The Nature Fang Owl then detached from NatureFangOh's back and landed in its arms, then aimed at Electriphant!Bernie: Nature Fang Owl...All: Blast!NatureFangOh: (Blasts Electriphant)Electriphant: This elephant has really blown over! (Blows up)When Electriphant blew up, the power began to return. The lights in the city were coming back.Lucky: Guys, look. The power is coming back on.Bernie: That goodness. I better head back home. I'm sure my parents will wonder what is taking me so long.Later, at Bernie's house, Bernie arrived back from the basement.Mr. Owlson: So what took you so long, Bernie?Bernie: I was trying to set and reset the fuse a couple of times, then it finally worked.Mrs. Owlson: Bernie, if it didn't work the first couple of times, it might have been because the power had gone out in the city.Bernie: Oh. Hehe. I guess I was being silly with that fuse. So, are we still on for this movie?Mr. Owlson: Yep. We can finally check it out.Mr. Owlson inserted the DVD, and then he, his wife, and his daughter sat down on the couch to enjoy the movie. (Transitions to Bernie in the classroom the next day) The next day, they were finally able to watch the documentary in the classroom.Ted: It's a good thing the power came back on after that blackout last night.Lucky: Yeah. First, our school lost power, then the whole city had.Milly: I heard that a monster was responsible for the power outage last night.Sasha: But thankfully, the Fangrangers were there to beat those monsters as they always do.Becky: I thought there was only one monster attacking last night.Denny: What is interesting is that I saw some glowing floating rings around where the fight was taking place.Sasha: What would glowing rings be doing?Lucky: Maybe the Fangrangers were using them to light their way since they couldn't see in the dark without all those lights.Bernie: Although I could only see a red one, a blue one, a green one, and a white one. But not a pink one. Maybe Fang Pink didn't need one.Milly: And why ever not?Bernie: Maybe she can see well in the dark without one.Lucky: Maybe. Ted: So, how soon did you get out of school yesterday, Milly and Sasha?Milly: Right when school got out.Sasha: We each got a D-.Becky: It was that hard for you?Sasha+Milly: Denny: Hopefully you'll do better next time we take a test.I am very happy that those Fangrangers managed to defeat Electriphant when they did. I would hate for Electriphant to go around and begin to drain the energy from the rest of the world. It would be a lot worst than that time a friend of mine was responsible for causing the entire world to black out just from plugging in some Christmas lights. But at least that was easily fixable by just unplugging the lights. This was a much harder case. But at least it is solved now.(Cuts to a scene of some robbers getting into the roof of a bank as a gold-colored figure looking similar to the Fangrangers was watching them)To be continued...
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