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Need a place to submit fanart? This is your group!
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Aug 14, 2012


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Shiro, Deadman Wonderland by BornInWar Shiro, Deadman Wonderland :iconborninwar:BornInWar 13 0 MAKA ALBARN | GENDERSWAP by luciapatate MAKA ALBARN | GENDERSWAP :iconluciapatate:luciapatate 19 1 DEATH THE KID | SOUL EATER by luciapatate DEATH THE KID | SOUL EATER :iconluciapatate:luciapatate 49 7
Winner from a contest in Mellotopia

:iconshengkaiwang: won first place with 30 minutes before midnight (For Mick and Mail)It's the first time that I write something like that! I hope you like it and leave comments!! ^^ This is for the Mello's new year contest on Mello Topia!
                                 30 minutes before midnight
30 minutes to cry out your name,
I hope that you are feeling ashame...
30 minutes to forgive you,
Do you think of me, too?...
25 minutes to turn off the tele,
I know you hate me,
25 minutes to eat a piece of chocolate,
Bitter and  acid as my fate.
20 minutes to make up my mind,
I walk down hoping to find,
20 minutes to realized,
How I want to see you surprised.
15 minutes to cry,
Burning tears into my eyes,
15 minutes to look at the time,
Breaking your heart was a crime...
10 minutes to climb the stairs,
I drawn a deep breath of cold air...,
10 minutes to be scared,
Maybe you forget all we shared...
5 minutes to hear something,
A soft voice singing,

Other written pieces by ShengkaiWang
Your hearts were beating fast,
You were looking at me at last,
Please hold on my friends,
Don't tell me that it's how it ends!
There is crimson on the walls,
This is how the hero falls,
This is how a nation dies,
I can't stand all those lies.
You will be mad at me,
I know it, I see...
Maybe you will hurt me,
But I swear, I'll set you free.
There is crimson on the walls,
This is how the hero falls,
This is how a nation dies,
I can't stend all those lies.
Close your eyes,
It's okay to cry,
Remember about the moon,
We will get out really soon.
There is crimson on the walls,
This is how the hero falls,
This is how a nation dies,
I can't stend all those lies.
I am the one who shall die,
I am the one who shall lie,
I am the one who shall cry,
I am the one who say goodbye...
Hold my hand and hold it tight,
It's time to hold on and fight...
LoreleyElle avait les cheveux noirs comme l'ébène et le regard des jeunes âmes n'ayant pas connu l'amour. Je le sentais courir le long de mon corps s'attardant sur mes yeux. Parcourut de frissons et les joues rougies, je marchais dans les couloirs regardant mes pieds. J'entendais les rires de mon meilleur ami, sa main sur mon épaule. Je ne pouvais pas ressentir, je ne devais pas. Les vents de mélancolie qui tourbillonnait autour de moi, me donnait l'impression de n'être qu'une petite flamme chancelante, frêle et délicate. Je ne l'étais pas... tout du moins je ne le montrais pas.
_ Allez Lys'! Faut qu'on aille répéter mec!, me lança Cas tout en me donnant un coup de coude dans les côtes.
_ Oui oui... pars devant, je... je dois aller voir quelques choses à la bibliothèque, un ouvrage que je dois compulser pour le cours d'histoire...
Castiel me regarda d'un air désolé:
_ Tu ne peux
ChinaXReader You are back in town...Yao was sitting under a tree, your tree. The place where  first met, the place where you said goodbye to eachother some years ago. It was a while sins you have seen his smiling face...
He looked up at you, his eyes wide open, he wasn't expecting you.
"_______, w-what are you doing here-aru?"
He was blushing, he was so cute. The last time you've been together he had swear he would never talk to you again, never come here again. But, as you knew, Yao was too sentimental to respect that promise. You sat down, close to him, smelling his soft and sweet tea fragrance. An other thing that you missed...
"You are back in town?", he asked looking away and playing nervously with his sleeves.
"I never leaved..."
"Really? I thought you wanted to go to... Paris-aru?"
You smiled, feeling the jealousy in his voice. He didn't like France, as much he was hiding from Russia. A heavy silence. You had to tell him, it was this day or never.
"Yao... I..."
He looked up at you, some anger in his

Drawings by ShengkaiWang
Yao Wang 001 by ShengkaiWang Until the day I die - Mello by ShengkaiWang Feliciano vargas by ShengkaiWang

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