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All-Acrylic-Paint Group is devoted only to ACRYLIC paintings.
Anyone who loves acrylics and/or creating art with acrylics (or those who just like viewing/watching acrylic works) are welcome!

This group accepts all categories.
We are one of the only groups in dA who also accept paintings that
include mature content, only if the artwork coincides with dA rules, and have the mature content label/warning on them.

Please make sure to read gallery folder and submission guidelines (see below) BEFORE submitting

:bulletred: SUBMISSION RULES: :bulletred:

1.Please don't submit badly cropped pieces, poor resolution or poor quality pieces.

:pointr: The painting may be beautiful, but if it is poorly cropped or it can not be seen properly, we cannot accept it. So please make sure to crop the picture carefully, and ensure the picture is clear.

2. Strictly NO stencil works or line art

3. Submit only those deviations you consider finished. (No WIP's, unless into WIP folder)

4. No digital art or digitally-edited pictures.

:pointr: However, the image may be cropped digitally, and edited (strictly lighting only) to look similar the original. NO additional colouring or added backgrounds is permitted.

5. Submit only your best paintings.

6. Don't submit memes.

:bulletred: Please check that you are submitting your painting in the correct folder. When you send it to the wrong folder, it is very likely that the work will not be accepted.

:bulletred: Members can submit 2 deviations/per week (needs 1 vote)


:skull: Admins reserve the right to move or delete submissions if they appear to be in the wrong place or violate any rules! :skull:

If you have any guestions, please feel free to ask.

Folder & Submission Guidelines

:bulletred: Abstract:…

:bulletred: Animals and Creatures:
e.g. animals, lizards, fish, snakes, bugs, dinosaurs, birds etc.

:bulletred: Cities, villages, architecture:
e.g. city, villages, houses, buildings etc.

:bulletred: Conceptual:
e.g. Of, relating to, or based on mental concepts.

:bulletred: Fantasy:
e.g. dragons, minotaurs, pegasus, unicorns, fairies, orcs, trolls etc.

:bulletred: Fan Art:
Any characters from anime, manga, books, tv, movies etc.
e.g. Donald Duck, Super Man, Super Mario, Naruto, Little Red Riding-Hood, Robin Hood, Moomin etc.

:bulletred: Horror:
e.g. Blood, scary things, violence, gore etc.

:bulletred: Mature content:
Erotic, romance, sexual, perverts, dirty.
-NOTE: We are one of the only groups in dA who also accept paintings that
include mature content, only if the artwork coincides with dA rules, and have the mature content label/warning on them

:bulletred: Miscellaneous:
If your painting is not suitable for any of the already existing folders, please submit it into this folder.

:bulletred: Nature:
e.g. trees, landscapes, sky, flowers, water, oceans etc.

:bulletred: People and Portraits:
People, humans etc..

:bulletred: Politics and Propaganda:
Affairs of taking a position, Protest etc.

:bulletred: Scifi:
robots, cyborgs, space, astronaut, ufo, aliens etc.

:bulletred: Still life and objects:
e.g. Vegetables, fruits, beverages, berries, mushrooms, cars, bikes, keys, furniture, belongings, toys, ornaments, clothes, shoes, tableware etc.

:bulletred: Surreal:…

:bulletred: Tutorials and Anatomy studies:
For any tutorials regarding acrylics (techniques etc), or studies with acrylics.

:bulletred: WIPs and Help Suggestions:
For WIPs that you would like help or suggestions on.



Gallery Folders

Pearl and Pomegranate by EvaGataArtist
The Places We Will Go by Gast4-Torwa
Le Giffre by krisbuzy
Jon Snow Game of Thrones Acrylic Painting by Gothscifigirl
Painting Title: MYSTICAL TREE LADY by lifegotcreative
First signs of life on Earth at the beginning of.. by GerardoGomez

Mature Content

Dikke Dikke Dik by JensBK
Rive de la Vie by MidnightTiger8140
Animals and creatures
Christmas tree glass ball with squerrel by lovebiser
Wild Thing - Acrylic Painting by ooBLACKNIGHTINGALEoo
The Ceryneian Hind. by Adonis2k17
Snowy Owl by ActionMarc
Cities, villages, architecture
Summer Garden by MirielVinya
Mission and 9th Street, San Francisco, California by GerardoGomez
Around the streets of Santa Tecla by GerardoGomez
Marc Marquez by JosefVonDoom
Stuck by SiminaArt
Assemblage by nyxhypnos
Syrian fathers run from their homes by nyxhypnos
Woman With Run In Her Stocking and Teddy Bear by emcorpus
Curious Clique by EquusTenebriss
Romeo Rose by EquusTenebriss
Granny Gala by EquusTenebriss
Cock Of The Rock by EquusTenebriss
Fan Art
Deadliest of the Species by ArtNinjaTX
Kylo Ren by JTRIII
Darth Maul by JTRIII
Elven Kiss by LilidraArt
The body by rollarius55
Captain Spaulding (2017) by Nicholas-Chamberlain
Boo To You Too by WowLovely88
Black Eye by Highway99
Mature content
Acrylic Figure Painting by SettomBOCKsARTs

Mature Content

Rising female power by rollarius55

Mature Content

An invitation for the wood of no return by rollarius55

Mature Content

A secret sign by rollarius55
Room with paintings and guitars by GerardoGomez
Colorful Air by Aerohana
Rags Bus by NewAgeTraveller
Starting Ornaments by WowLovely88
Nature and Landscapes
Aiguille d argentiere by krisbuzy
People and Portraits
....vers l'infini et au-dela`! by Adonis2k17
Politics and Propaganda
US food by jessienovak98
Inferno by Fisktoffla
Still life and objects
Perked coffee, painting, and lunch by steverino365
Hallway by SiminaArt
Tutorials and Anatomy study

Mature Content

Model study 3 by Fisktoffla
WIPs and Help Suggestions
Sneak Peek: Laughing Buddha Painting by ewmh1


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