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DA Starters 298 - JOKAWORKS

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 21, 2019, 6:00 AM

Let's welcome another DA starter! I love deviantART!


Brabham BT 49C N.Piquet by JOKAWORKS

Hi! Please introduce yourself?

Hi, my name is Joe Kader. It took a long way for me to have a stronger focus on my creative capabilities. I was born in 1960 and live in the wider Cologne area, Germany. Growing up in a petrol and diesel environment I became infected early with a high passion for cars, motorbikes and trucks. So, I started to collect photos of cars but as this was challenging for a young boy with nearly no money in the 60´s living on the German countryside (no internet, nearly no TV, only a few magazines) I considered to draw my motor favourites. Some talent came from my mother but she didn´t really make use of it.
Then in the early 70´s my grandfather took me to the “Green Hell” as the Nuerburgring was called. My grandfather knew the Ring since it was opened and could tell a lot of stories about races of the past. I was so fascinated by the colourful cars and bikes, their sound and the speed that being back home I immediately started to customize my small Matchbox or Mattel cars and I did intensify my drawing lessons. Unfortunately, I had a lack of ideas how to translate my passions into a fitting education or job. So, after school I started to work in the financing sector and I am still there. But during all the time I didn´t let my passions go even when available time was tight. In the last years I did recognize that a stronger focus on my passions is healthy for me to achieve a good life balance. I started to do more drawings and paintings and I am still on this track.
Beside of school I have not experienced any training or education in art so far. I am self-taught and achieved my results mostly by try and error and in the last years by tutorials. These tutorials were getting better and better and saved me a numerous hour of frustration. Thanks for all the artists spending time on developing tutorials!

What are your interests?

As explained above I am mostly fascinated by cars, motorbikes and motorsports. But over the time I realized my interest in design, art in general and nature. As I live on the countryside, I am able to enjoy nature every day which is a huge value for me.

How did you find Deviantart and how did you decide on your username?

I can´t clearly recall how I did find Deviantart but I can remember is that I was fascinated by the great artwork of so many artists. So, I did spend a lot of time and visited it regularly. But I thought for a long time that my artwork isn´t good enough to publish it. So, I worked on it to improve to be good enough. One day I did realize that I my learning will not end as I will always look to improve my skills. As this would mean that I will never publish my work I changed my way of thinking. So here I am!
My username is just a combined shortcut of my name combined with a connective word for my activities. More simple than fancy.

Ferrari F2003 GA by JOKAWORKS

How would you describe your art style?

Initially my art style was dominated by the desire to achieve realistic results. That´s also the reason why I do many photographs. Now I am looking for my way to express more than reality meaning I want to express emotions or atmospheres as well. For somebody looking for pure reality like me this is a challenge and so I am working on this matter.

Could you tell us a bit about how you got involved into art and if you have any goals as an artist?

As a young boy I realized that drawing enables me to create a picture of topics, I am interested in. I was not really thinking about art and it took a long time before realizing that I can name my work as artwork. During school the art education didn´t really catch me. I can´t explain why but the projects we did were always somewhat boring and I wasn´t convinced of the art theories around colour and composition. Nowadays I regret this as I realized how important such topics are.
My goal as an artist is simple. I want to build proper skills enabling me to express my ideas and thoughts. And ideally there are other people who like and enjoy me work.
While I am still in a learning mode, I consider to share my so far experiences with other artists who are interested. By supporting others I can give back support I did receive.


Please introduce one or more source(s) of inspiration and motivation (artists, works…) for you.

I fear that there isn´t space enough to give a proper answer here because during the years I have seen and was inspired by numerous sources. I visit an event (not only motorsport events 😊), I read a book, I hear somebody talking about something he experienced, I am in nature ….This variety of sources created a huge backlog of potential artwork in my head and I don´t know whether I will be able to bring all ideas to real artwork. But for sure I will realize some of them.
Beside of these direct sources I would like to mention 2 milestones which impressed me heavily.
In the age of 17 I found a book of Frank Frazetta and I was completely fascinated by his artwork. The ability to create a new worlds and creatures did make a deep impression on me. I am still in love with Fantasy art and would like to try it later.
Only a few years later it was again a book changing my world (hey, remember, there was no internet in these days!). This book showed artwork of Japanese artists mainly airbrushed artwork. Having only a very rough idea about airbrush I flipped through the book open and….wow, I was blown away. This was wonderful and it was pure realism. And there were my loved cars as well! Amongst the various artists in this book it was Hajime Sorayama who presented outstanding artwork. Well, artists should not compare their work with others but I did and was deflated. Now I knew what level of realism was possible and that airbrush is a technique to achieve such results. So I tried it.

We love fun facts - Do you have any for us?

I don´t know whether this is a real funfact but for me it is still unbelievable that I did make a successful career in banking industry which is not reflecting my passion and not known for creativity and flexibility while my real passion is art and motorsport.

Porsche 911 GT1 Evo by JOKAWORKS

What is your least favourite thing to draw and why?

I did realize that I need some kind of a link to the thing to draw. If there is no link I am not really interested and so there is no creative process but only a boring execution of skills. Most likely I will not appreciate my result and will not be proud of it. That´s not what I am looking for. I am aware that as a full-time artist you may be challenged by clients asking for a commission you don´t like and your financial needs on the other hand. I am happy that today I have the comfort I can avoid such situations.

Do you have any skills you are famous/popular for?

As I am not famous or popular yet there is nothing to mention here. But maybe there will be the moment in time where I can give a proper answer.

Porsche 911S rot by JOKAWORKS

Are there any skills you would kill for?

As I am interested in all kind of visual arts I am deeply impressed by digital artist. The range of options in the digital world is awesome and it is so much easier to repair flaws! Building alternative worlds which look real in such superior quality as you can find in digital art is awesome. I have the strong desire to experience digital art in future.

Does your direct environment (family, friends etc.) know about your artistic side?

I didn´t make a big thing about my art so far so that not everybody of my family and friends was aware of my artistic side. That gave me the opportunity during the last months to surprise some of them. Now more of them know about it and they support me strongly.

Would you like to introduce us to one or two idols you have found on DA?

While I can and do enjoy artwork of numerous artists I wouldn´t call them idols. And I feel that there are numerous great artists on DA who still need to be detected by me. So I don´t want to name anybody here.
Furthermore, I have deep respect for everybody who follows a creative path independent from whether I like the result or not.

Mini Cooper by JOKAWORKS

What do you enjoy drawing the most and why?

If I have enough time to draw (which so far was very often a challenge) I enjoy the process of creating something and that I can fully focus on the topic. I love to be in a flow and drawing is a way to get in a flow mode. Furthermore, the final result of the process creates positive emotions in me and I hope that it is able to create such positive emotions with others as well.

Is there anything you’d like to say as we close up?

I would like to motivate everybody to follow his passions. Very often in life you are experiencing situations where other ways seem to be more economic or logic while following your passion seems to be the stormy and risky way. But if you go your way only driven by your brain you will come to the point in your life where your heart and soul is missing something. I made this experience and this isn´t a nice moment. So, trust your passion and trust yourself and live your dreams.

Austin Healey 3000 by JOKAWORKS

Thank you for your time!
I hope you have a lot of fun here!


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