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All-About-Canines Submitting and Group Rules


Please read everything you see below before submitting any art into the gallery, or your artwork will be declined!

:bulletred:What is NOT accepted::bulletred:

-Hyenas art (while they may look like canines they are not, nor are they related to them).

-Taxidermy, Skull, Bones, ect

- Humans with canine ears or tails

- Extreme sexually suggestive art

- Blurry photos or poorly done photo-manipulations

- Unfinished drawings or drawings done on line paper

- Anti-canine art


- Colored bases

:bulletgreen:What IS accepted::bulletgreen:

- Traditional and Digital Art

-Crafts (ex. plushies, sculptures, fusuits, ect.)


- -Photography and photo-manipulations

- Anthro and non- anthro canine art

- Fantasy or canine created species

- Hybrids as long as they still resemble a canine in some way

- Fanart (Wolf's Rain characters, Okami, Charlie Barkin, Balto, Arcanine, ect)

- Animations

-Tutorials and Canine anatomical studies

:bulletblue: Submission limit:
Members are allowed one deviation per week.

Quality control:

We are going to be a tad more strict when choosing which deviations to allow in this group, so please don't think that it's anything personal if we decline your submission request. I repeat, it's nothing personal. We just want to keep this gallery enjoyable for the members and non members to view.

Standard Group Rules:

Theft is by no means tolerated in this group, and will result in an instant removal and being banned from the group.

Please do not spam the front page with advertisement regarding commissions, contest, raffles, ect- These comments will be hidden or flagged as spam.

Please do not ask to be a contributor, we don't want nor need any. Thanks.

Please submit your art in correct folders; If you are unsure which folder your submission belongs in, please feel free to note the group and ask.

Please direct all questions, problems or concerns you may have through notes.

We here at All-About-Canines do not tolerate the disrespect of any group admin or group members. If we receive any notifications/complaints from other group members and if you are identified as a member of this group then you will be removed and blocked from this group permanently. So please be respectful.

- Thank you,
Your all-about-canines admins


Gallery Folders

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Reference Sheets
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Traditional Art
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Fan Art
Survivors: Storm by Suomen-Ukonilma
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Please make sure to drop by and visit our favorites for more awesome canine art!

Fox+Wolf Glomp by Emotikonz:iconpawbanner::iconpawbanner::iconpawbanner::iconpawbanner::iconpawbanner: Fox+Wolf Glomp by Emotikonz


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Welcome to All-About-Canines, the group that tailors to all your canine loving needs! Everyone is welcome to join, we do however ask that take the time to read over our rules before joining and or submitting art to the group. We hope you enjoy your stay!






I wanted to update this journal/blog once again due to the recent influx of hyena art being submitted to this group once again. While hyena may look like canines appearance-wise, and even act like them they are actually not even related to canines; they are actually more closely related to felines and viverrids but are still considered their own species known as Hyaenidae (which is made up of Spotted, Brown, Striped, and Aardwolves).  If you love hyenas though I defiantly recommend doing some research on them as they are such amazingly unique creatures!

Here is a very good informational journal regarding the 4 different types of hyena's: Hyena SpeciesHyaenidae is a family of feliform carnivoran mammals. Hyenas evolved from a small, civet-like ancestor during the Miocene period, later diversifying into two types- the "dog-like" hyenas and the "bone-crushing" hyenas. Hyenas are often considered canine-like in appearance, a result of convergent evolution. They have short back legs and sloped backs. Most species have a long mane of fur that runs down their back. Today, there are only four extant species of hyenas:
Spotted Hyena (Crocuta crocuta)
The spotted hyena is the largest of the four extant hyena species, native to sub-Saharan Africa. Spotted hyenas are intelligent animals with complex, matriarchal social structures resembling those of cercopithecine primates. Contrary to popular belief, the spotted hyena is a hunter, not a scavenger, and have the stamina to chase prey over long distances. They are known for their powerful bite force and the "laughing" sound they make when distressed.
also here's a good informational tutorial comparing the differences between a hyena and a gray wolf! Spotted Hyena Studies / Tutorial by kenket

To those who love hyenas here are some groups I highly recommend checking out!
:iconhyenalovers: :iconafricanvalley: :iconhyenaclub: :iconhyena-fans: :iconhyenaartists: :iconwelovehyenas:

And a group for hyena photography

There are also many wonderful animal based groups here on DeviantArt that you all should check out as well! ^^

Anywoof, I truly hope this journal/blog helped clear some things up, and also helps give more information about this amazing animal!
More Journal Entries


We here at All-About-Canines would love to be your affiliate, but before you send those affiliation requests please take the time to review what we look for in groups we do affiliate with.

- Group must be animal related in some way.

- Group must have at least 30 or more active members.

- We ask all our affiliate groups to please not contact us to advertise your contests/competitions/etc. This also means no comments on our groups front page advertising contests/competitions/ect. I'm truly sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thanks for reading, and we look forward to affiliate with you!




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Sled Dog Study by purstotahti Farm Dog Walk Study by purstotahti
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