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ten of swords.

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the darkest hour is just before the dawn.

snow-white, blood-black, beneath the roiling storm,
she falls to her knees at the revelation --
all her wrath, all her courage, her purpose, her duty --
was for nothing.

the Queen's decree falls heavy upon her shoulders,
and she can stand no longer.
sword by heavy sword, they fall firm upon her breast,
the piercing memories of final breaths, frozen in time:
the last moments of life granted in her Mercy.

she bore witness to these last shattered dreams,
and rended them from traitorous bones.
but the treachery was within, a rot under snow,
lost beneath her feet.
lost in their screams.

all she asks now is a moment of her own --
a moment of Mercy --
a moment of rest.


The Ten of Swords: Minor Arcana
A man lies defeated upon the ground, ten swords in his back. A red cloak drapes over his body, a sign of dignity as he leaves this world. Above him hangs a dark and foreboding sky, but in the distance the sun is rising: this card, representing betrayal, treachery, defeat, bitterness and ends, is a blessing in disguise. A great and difficult trial awaits those who receive this card -- but just as one's life appears to be unable to worsen any further, the tides shall turn and the sun shall rise again.


Commission of Legendary Treatling Child of Mercy for prince-corvidae! I loved designing this character so much and am so thrilled that she has such a loving home. This piece felt very meaningful to me and I was so happy to get to paint her for my lovely fiancee! (I also super missed doing tarot style commissions sdhfjg)


Treatlings and Stygians belong to Zoomutt. Character belongs to prince-corvidae.
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EgregorUnioHobbyist General Artist

This is such a elegant design ~ Awesome expression!

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morshcodeStudent General Artist

Really stunning

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prince-corvidaeHobbyist Writer

cries in gay

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Beautiful work.

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ShanyumeHobbyist General Artist

The art and description are both absolutely breathtaking.

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AlkemistryProfessional Digital Artist

Thank you so much, that means a lot to hear! ;;/

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