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Legendary Custom: The Lord of Fortune

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© 2020 Alkemistry
A legendary Paragon Aetherling custom, with three forms for Rare-Imaging! Thank you so much Rare for being eager to take on this custom after the chargeback issue happened - I was really proud of this design and it would have caused a lot of pain to see it unwanted or go to waste. 

I enjoyed the opportunity to complete the custom to the new customer's details and for the chance to re-include a lot of the original markings I'd concepted!! 

The Lord of Fortune will be featured in the future endeavors we are undertaking with the Aetherion universe, but the nature of the feature will be revealed at that time. This was originally a part of the custom's offer to the original client but I am so happy to know that the new customer is excited to be a part of this project further!

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The Lord of Fortune

The universal command of fate, power, and luck rests in the delicate crystalline claws of the Lord of Fortune, Shaa'Rinel. His domain grants him mastery over a potent gift that can change the life of any mortal creature - but like all things in life, what is given must be taken from elsewhere, and thus his gifts come at a price. But Shaa'Rinel is master of bargains and is always willing to cut a deal for the right offer. When a deal is made, Shaa'Rinel gifts the recipient with a single enchanted shard from his elaborate drapings. This shard serves as a constant reminder of the boon given - and the eventual repayment expected. The shards may be worn as jewelry to grant the good fortunes desired, but should Shaa'Rinel be betrayed, the coin transforms into an impaling spike of crystal to inflict constant aching pain.

A daimonic disguise is Shaa'Rinel's preferred method of travel; in this form he takes the guise of a sovereign daimon servant paying penance for a debt unpaid. The crystal spike impaling his ribs and broken halo are but warning signs to anyone brave - or foolish - enough to think they can play games with Fortune.

Shards Shards Shards 


Elements: Void {Primary}, Air {Secondary}, Aether {Tertiary} [Legendary]
EssenceFortune { Essence Mastery } [Paragon]
Rarity: Voidal Legendary Voidstar Voidstar Voidstar Voidstar Voidstar 

Body Type: Drake [Voidal, VP 1]
Body Mod: Blessing of the Air Primals [Full Feathered Wings x4, Legendary]
Power: Protean [Full Species Transformation (Sovereign Daimon), Legendary]
Void Element [Voidal]
Tertiary Element [Legendary]
Crystal Levitation [Legendary]
Essence Mastery [Paragon] - this aetherling is the only Paragon with this essence.
Body Mod: Teeny Wings {5 AP}
Extra Large Ears {2 AP}
Cascading Tail {5 AP}
Crystal Shape: Astraea + Arcana {2 + 4 AP}
Razor Talons {1 VP}
Eyes: Luminous Aether + Sanguine {1 AP + 1 VP}
Aura: Ritual + True Voidal {VP 3 + 3}

Aetherlings belong to Alkemistry and prince-corvidae. This character belongs to Rare-Imaging, please do not use or redistribute this image without permission!
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SketchMonster1Professional Digital Artist
Phenomenal design and color technique. Sensational work. Come take a look at my page.
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NegatableProfessional Digital Artist

What a dream lad! I love the colors and overall design;;;;

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Hap-pyProfessional Digital Artist

SO DAMN GOOD X//d what a great design kem!

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This is really awesome. :la:

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BanefulnessHobbyist Digital Artist

Absolutely stunning, you just get better and better and better. Huge grats to Rare-imaging! What a fancy paragon!

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ToshifulHobbyist Digital Artist

Wowwwwwww, completely gorgeous!

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My new glorious boi.

hes so amazing and so beautiful

^.^ look forward to developing him hehe

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