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DnD: Vhaer Dravenar



Another D&D portrait!! This kid is one of my DM made NPCs joining my lovely partner and friend in their Waterdeep adventures…>:]c 

Vhaer is the twin brother of Inyxra Dravenar (@vespernovae’s kid!), and was chosen to be sacrificed in a dark ritual to the Spider Queen, Lolth -- the twins rebelled by running away from the Underdark to find purpose on the surface, but found that life as a so-called creature of the shadows isn’t too easy above ground either. Living in Waterdeep’s most run-down district, Vhaer works hard to make ends meet and helps to support Inyxra’s magical education by working as a mercenary and smuggler. He partakes in illegal pit fights by night, making a habit out of hiding his ‘extra funds’ (and his cuts and bruises) to avoid worrying his sister. He dreams of joining Bregan D’aerthe, a notorious faction of renegade Drow mercenaries and spies.

He would never admit it, but he also totally crushes on Miir, a rather unusual noble girl who befriended Inyxra. ;) (I’ll be posting her soon, she belongs to prince-corvidae!!)

I have some other DnD character portraits here, check em out! Thinking about opening D&D commissions in this style sometime soon!

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Looks gorgeous :love: and I love the backstory to :)