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DnD: Elysia

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Ariane Siderei --
Elysia, a name once promised --

Halfbreed, beastborn, bastard -- countless names whispered in cloak and veil, behind the silken curtains and ivory-inlaid archways of the Palace of Eagles, bastion of human civilization in a collapsing world of the wild.

There was wild blood in her, a stain upon the royal lineage Chosen by the Father of Light. An ambassador of the black-winged, the Ungifted, the crow-kind had sired her, and the Empress, her mother, was silent of the affair, self-isolated in a silver tower, far out of reach. Was she a victim of love? None can say.

The Emperor alone raised Ariane alongside his first and only child, Pius Castus Siderei, Crown-Prince in a society where the rare female Chosen are selected to rule. Pius knew that Ariane was by birthright the true heir, despite the Wildfolk plumage -- and so he worked to keep her in isolation from the world, sheltered in the Palace beyond reach. 

His efforts would fail as Ariane turned her eyes to the sky, desiring to know more about the world locked beyond the City's arcane barrier -- what lies beyond? Would she ever meet the crows who shared her blood, or the other Wildfolk beyond? Why were the Children of Light kept so firmly away from it all?

A fateful encounter with a band of Wildfolk ambassadors, falsely accused of murder, would bring it all to light. Faced with her brother's final plot to dethrone her, she stands up for the Wildfolk and joins them as outcasts - but her mother's tears serve as a reminder to return...someday.

Where shall the fate of Elysia, cast away from her birthright and name, bring her and her companions?


A commission of a dnd character for a new game I'm running with my fiancee prince-corvidae and some pals!! This is a homebrew setting of mine that plays super loose with the rules, and it's been a nice chance to get back into DMing a new group setting. I love this character's design and story so far gosh I just wanna hug her. ;____;///

Character belongs to prince-corvidae!
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She looks beautiful; amazing work. :heart:

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prince-corvidaeHobbyist Writer

Nah, she's die bc Batu will push an ambassador out a window again.