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Custom Solscian: Prince of the Sun

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This legendary custom is finally complete, after a long time in the making!! Thank you so much Rare-Imaging for your patience and kindness during our interactions and for your feedback as I worked on him for you!! I had a lot of fun coming up with the appearance and complexity of the Solcian royalty that would distinguish them from the other classes of the species.

Ae-ra will be making more appearances in the future as well...but the nature of those appearances is to be announced at some point in the future. <3

Royal Feather Mutation 

- About the Solscian -

The Shattered Pearl 

On the edges of the aether sky lies a hidden pearl, forgotten by all but  those who sought to seal it away. Λείπω, they called it -- a reminder that it was a place better left forgotten. Abandoned to time and neglect. Once the Sisters, Agna and Omia made this place their final battlefield -- forever leaving the jagged scars of their feud across its landscape. Massive crystal formations mark where their corpses now are rumored to lay -- their essences sickening all who are cursed to remain. 

Beloved of the Sun and Her Daughter, are the Solscian. 

Humanoid but crafted in the image of phoenixes, they believe they are descended from the divine line of Sol -- Goddess of Sun and all that is beauty. Legend says that in Sol’s sorrow for being unable to conceive after the birth of the Daughter, creatures of both wings and scales were swayed by her shining tears. They offered their spirits to the goddess and from them, she created the Solscian so that her Daughter would never be alone. 

Sol decreed that they would be a united flock, each and every member working to better the fledgling empire. And so, they were divided into two categories and five classes. Seven in total, a number blessed by divinity. 

The Dawn were born of the male sex, decorated in colorful plumage and shining scales -- created to entertain, protect, and decorate the goddess’ great halls. 

The Meridian were born of the female sex, their dull colors and simple elegence meant to help the Daughter shine. They sang for her, wrote for her, and for the empire -- they ruled. 

To please her children, Sol allowed them to switch between these roles -- a process that took seven months to complete. 

Then she gathered up her flock, carefully placing them into ranks based on their individual talents. Each rank was blessed with certain traits, to make them apparent in the births of future fledglings. 

First came The Reflection.

They were the closest to The Daughter in divinity and thus chosen to rule. The first of them would become the Empress, an immortal Meridian who would arise from her tomb in times of dire means to help the future Queens maintain the empire. 

Each was marked with impossibly long tail feathers and the most delicate of wings -- a reminder to the rest of the flock of their pricelessness. And one present from the Daughter, a special symbol on each of their halos. 

Royal Feather Mutation

- About Ae-ra Seo Yeon -

Born the only child of the Dawn among the Empress's issue, the prince was cherished and trained from youth in the arts of beauty and grace - calligraphy, poetics, art, performance and singing the most sacred songs of their people. His sisters, the elder Queen and two youngers, always cared for and spoiled their brother. The elder of his two younger sisters bears the mark of the Beloved - and is set upon her coming-of-age day into adulthood to give her life for the safety of the Shattered Pearl.

Ae-ra, meanwhile, can be found attending the royal family's ceremonial events, serving as accessory and entertainment at the sides of his sisters and mother. When not engaging in such events he may be found lounging about the palace and enjoying its many comforts. The time is coming soon for the Empress to find him a match among the noblewomen of the Solcian empire, but that day seems like a point in such a distant future...

Ae-ra belongs to Rare-Imaging, please do not use or redistribute this image without permission!
The Solscian belong to prince-corvidae and Alkemistry.

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my beautiful child >.< he was well worth the wait. Definitely probably my new favourite child (sorryoz)

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Woaaaaaah!! So so good ;_; aaaaaaa

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ooooo Its so beautiful!

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AH your work always has such a light and floaty quality to it I love seeing it so much

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Excellent work.

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Out of this world work Kem <333 what a hecking LOVELY DESIGN

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WOAH. now thats an OC.

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