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Aetherlings: Species Guide Released!!



Teeny Tiny Crystal Nonsense! 

Aetherlings: Species Guide

 Teeny Tiny Crystal Nonsense! 

The Species Guide is finally here!! I've been working on it for a long time (like.....a long time) but all of the non-legendary features, lore and traits are listed here for future use! Legendary traits and lore about Paragon and Homunculus aetherlings will be coming in a future update, but for now, I'm excited to share this guide with everyone!!

In the near future, all aetherling entries in the masterlist will be updated to match this guide and all aetherling owners will get a special choice to make about their designs going forward! <3

Check out the guide here:



In addition, the Book of Lore is being updated, but the first main page of it (World of the Aetherion) is ready to go! Following this guide, I will be working on updating the Sylori guide with new traits and lore we've been developing! Thank you all so much for your support with the species and I'm excited to put these traits into action soon!

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Will the website come back or is it gone forever?