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Harry Potter bookmark

By Alkanet
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A hand-painted bookmark inspired by Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Featuring Hermione, Harry, Ron, Luna, Neville and Ginny.
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© 2004 - 2021 Alkanet
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why do Ron, Harry, and Hermione have so sirius faces? hahahahaha...
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i will use this :3
Jordyd16's avatar
This is cool! :clap:
frenzy10's avatar
that is really very good. I hope you do more like this!
MIROKU-vs-URYU's avatar
i love this. it looks really good :)
SimbaSpyro's avatar
luna looks like the one in the film! cool!
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LOVELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la:
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Awesome character adaptation :D
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That's beautiful artist. How i love it bookmark!
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omg, i read harry potter and the goblet of fire last years ago with this bookmark! :$
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FANTASTIC. I especially love Luna, she's just like I imagined her! Ginny is a bit hidden :P Hermione is very beatiful too
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Absoloutely ADORE Luna's expression, it's very her :)
pepperfanhpjb3's avatar
wonderful! its amazing that u hand painted this! musta takin you hours!
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:+fav: This is so beautiful! I love it, Luna is spot-on especially! It's stunning. (Ron should have blue eyes - but that's a nitpick, because other than that you drew him perfectly.)
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Thanks! I'm glad you like it ^_^ (and, yes, I know, I wish Rowling hadn't waited until the very last book to mention Ron's eye color...... ¬_¬;)
TwilightLver's avatar
that is so amazing! :D
PisceanChic101's avatar
wow! this is amazing! You really did this traditionally without any tinkering around with it on the computer? Impressive!
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Yes, it's all watercolours. Thanks a lot for your comment *^__^*
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