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Astronomy Tower

No, I haven't been able to draw new fanarts yet v_v
But since everyone seems to be in the Harry Potter mood again, I felt like uploading some of my old illustrations.
This is one was a commission, but it's one of my favorite pics ~ Harry, Ron and Hermione watching the stars from the Astronomy Tower.
Painted with watercolors (most of it, at least).
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I love your Harry Potter fanarts.
I have found them on a seach via google a few years ago and they are amazing.

A friend told me about this deviantart-user named alkanet and he told me to browse the gallery.
I saw this picture and have recognized it immediatly.

It´s really nice to see this fanarts again. ♥
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Thank you so much *^_^* I'm happy that you like my art, glad that you found my gallery :heart:
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OH MY GOD THIS TAKES ME BACK aaaaaaa I saw this YEARS ago and YOU my lovely person is one of the reasons why I continued drawing aaaahhh thank you for the inspiration to trigger such a fun lifestyle of art! ;w;/ I couldn't have progressed here without you!
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Thank you very much *^_^*
It makes me so happy to know that my art inspired someone :heart:
I'm honored!
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I love this! Would you consider being the astronomy teacher for #Hogwarts-Magic?
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Está genial, creo que me gustan más que los de las películas, son monísimos todos :D
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Muchísimas gracias ^_^ empecé a dibujar fanart de HP antes de salir las pelis y siempre intento ser fiel a mi imagen mental de cuando leí los libros
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This is amazing watercolor work! I don't usually see watercolors done like this, but it looks so nice!
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Thank you!! *^_^* I like to say I have my own, weird way of using watercolors... with very thick paint etc, but I'm glad you like it
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It's very unique, I've never seen anything like it!
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The sky is just wonderful...
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Thank you! *^_^*
I used a toothbrush dipped in liquid acrylic paint to make the stars. It was fun.
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This is so good!
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Whoa, the sky looks amazing!
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I've loevd this picture since forever! XD
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Simply amazing!
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which of the books does this take place?
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Another great Harry POtter painting! Yay!!
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i really like this pic ^^ i've never seen one on the astronomy tower, and i really like the settin. only, ron's eyes aren't looking where he's pointing, which is a little odd. but anyway, it's going in my faves!!
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Simplemente fascinante. Este dibujo es un gran trabajo :D Y el color del cielo es impresionante, adoro como pintas
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