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Bayside bird

bayside bird and bayside lyrics
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komKovski's avatar
Amazing. Bayside is one of my favorite bands.
DeletedMessages's avatar
what songs are these lyrics from?
CaitlinxAshley's avatar
i absolutely love bayside!
have a tattoo of the bird.
this is really awesome.
this is amazing.
bayside is my most
favourite band. next
comes h.i.m. :]
my favourite bayside
song would have to be
because it was the first
one i ever heard. :]
i just saw them live in aurora
on the 28 of june.
it was perfect.
i met anthony too :]
he's very adorable.
faille's avatar
Oh wow, this kicks ass.
Awesome job.
rouven187's avatar
awesome work. that's now my wallpaper.
Bee9's avatar
Very coolio! Bayside ROCKS!
lauraisbetterthanyou's avatar
i love bayside, like, whoah. x
i love this. it is so awesome. dude TOMORROW!
Ingenu's avatar
I love this pic/drawing! Something inside me started dancing when I read the line A portrait bruised just like you. It's my favourite song above all...

Amazing drawing! Great work.
strangelittleimp's avatar
I <3 Bayside and seeing Bayside fanart makes me happy. Very simple, yet very cool.
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